Lamb laid awake in her bed in the middle of the night beside her sleeping sister Remy and a small black cat at the foot of the bed. On the other side of their small house lay her father quietly sleeping. In a couple of hours both would have to wake and get ready for work. Father would get ready to work in the mines while she would prepare to get dinner for her family.

Her mother had died years ago from a sickness with medicine they couldn't afford, so she died weeks later with her family beside her. Now it was Remy who took mom's job once she had left. She cleaned clothes and the house, cooked the food that was brought home, and looked after both Lamb and her father.

As the hours passed, Lamb rose with her father and they prepared for their work, "Have a good day," he said as he kissed Lamb gently on the head and walked out into the early morning.

Lamb grabbed her coat and her bow and quiver, walking out after leaving a note for Remy when she awoke. She walked out of the Seam into the woods where she met her hunting partner Seth waiting for her in the small cave they used to split their earnings.

"Hey Lamb Chop," he said in a hushed tone keeping quiet to not scare prey that may be nearby.

"Stop calling me that," she hissed back at him.

Since they were little Seth and Lamb had disliked one another. They both hunted for their families separately until they decided that both of their earnings together were enough to feed their families if they split it equally.

"So today's the reaping," he said and both gazed into space thinking about the dreadful day, "I hope you get picked," he smirked.

Every year there was a reaping for all twelve districts. One boy and one girl tribute would be picked to be a part of the Huger Games. A live show all around Panem where all twenty-four tributes fought to the death until the last one was standing.

Once you're twelve years old you're eligible for the games until you're nineteen. If you're twelve your name is put in once, but as you get older your name is added one more each year.

Unless you're poor then you can have your name put in even more for tesserae. Each tesserae is worth a meager year supply of grain or oil for one person. So this year Lamb's name would be put in fifteen times while Seth's was put in twenty-two times.

Lamb rolled her eyes and stood, "Let's get moving," she sighed, standing and left the cave.

Seth followed behind but then went in another direction from the brunette. Lamb walked quietly through the woods, barely making a sound as she moved through the brush. Hunting in the woods always had been illegal, but the Peacekeepers were just as hungry as they were so they let them hunt without doing a thing.

As their morning passed Lamb returned to the cave with a few squirrels and a rabbit, then she waited for Seth to arrive. All three looked good to trade at the Hob. Seth returns with fish and a grin on his face, "Looks like I won today."

"Let's go," Lamb rolled her eyes, picking up the game and they both walked back to the Seam where the Hob lay. The Hob was the main place that you could trade and get other things for a fairly good deal.

Both walked through the Hob and traded their earnings for many different things, Lamb had gotten a fresh loaf of bread from the baker for a squirrel and left the rest of the meat with the butcher for it to be butchered.

"Lamb Chop!" Seth called for her as he ran up behind her, "Wear something nice for tonight," he purred nipping on her ear.

"Ass," she cursed, punching him in the chest, knocking the wind out of him.

"See you later sweetheart," he said as she walked away with her family's dinner in hand.

Lamb walked into back home after getting the meat to be greeted by Remy, "What'd you get today?" she asked.

"Meat and fresh bread," Lamb replied, holding them both up.

Remy took the food and cooked it over a small fire then gave both of them a small piece of meat and a slice of bread, leaving some for dad when he came home. She moved to put what was left of the bread away, then they both sat at the table and ate quietly as they stared into space.

As Lamb finished her small meal she walked over to the dresser, pulling out a white blouse and a black skirt. Although it was only a reaping you were expected to dress nicely for it.

Remy finished soon after and walked over to the dresser, getting out an old blue dress that had belonged to their mother.

"Remy?" Lamb called for her sister. Who stared at her curiously.


"Promise you won't volunteer if they pick me," she asked her sister.

Remy frowned at her sister's request, but nodded, "I promise."

They both sat on the bed as their father returned and ate his own dinner then they left to the square where the reaping would begin soon.

Lamb and her sister walked to their age groups looking up at the stage where two glass balls stood with all of the children's names were held, one for the boys and the other for the girls.

Also on the stage were four seats, for the mayor, Effie Trinket, and their to be mentors for the games.

Usually there was supposed to only be one person to teach them but during the seventy fourth Hunger Games both tributes from District 12 had won the games, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. That was thirteen years ago, since then no one from District 12 had won.

"Hey Lamb Chop, I'm glad you wore something nice for me," Seth said from the seventeen year olds group.

"Shut up," Lamb growled at him, still keeping her eyes on the stage.

The mayor stood and talked for awhile, then the last winners spoke a few words, and finally Effie Trinket stood to begin the moment everyone had been waiting for. She moved to the girl ball first, digging deeply inside of it, pulling out a name, "Lamb Freewing," she spoke loudly.

Lamb's eyes widened as her name was spoken, and everyone became silent as she walked up onto the stage.

"There you are!" the woman said happily, "Now would anyone like to volunteer?" she asked in her Capitol accent.

Lamb searched for her sister in the eighteen year old group to see Remy stare up at her pleadingly. She shook her head at her older sibling, and moved her gaze to any boy in the groups that could be the other tribute. Her eyes stopped on Seth who looked up at her sadly, "Looks like you got your wish," she thought to herself.

"Looks like no one," Effie said aloud and moved to the boy's ball in her high heels. She reached inside of it and pulled out another random paper, "Seth Skullking," she announced, making Lamb stiffen at the sound of the boy's name.

Seth walked up onto the stage quietly, Effie asked for volunteers, having no one speak. Not even his older brother, who stayed silent with the other eighteen year olds.

Lamb looked toward the boy beside her with his jet black hair and the once shining blue eyes that were now dull.

"Happy Huger Games!" Effie Trinket began happily, "And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Effie finally sits when the mayor gets up speaks into the mic about the dreary Treaty of Treason. Once he finishes he asks both Lamb and Seth to shake hands.

Lamb's POV

As we both shake hands Seth's feels cold and clammy and I look into his eyes seeing pain in them. By the way he looks at me I can tell all those things he called me were never true. We bring our hands to our sides as they play the anthem.

Once it finishes we are pulled away by the Peacekeepers to the Justice Building where I was to stay in a room where family and friends would come in and say farewell to me. My father and Remy came in first. Remy hugged me goodbye while my father encouraged me to win, "I know you can use your smarts to win this," he said proudly and hugged me goodbye.

After my family left I didn't expect anymore people until Seth's father came in. He had long black hair tied in the back and blue eyes with a piece of paper in hand, "My boy asked me to give this to you," he said handing me the paper, and scanned me, "By the looks of you, you could beat my boy any day."

I unfolded the paper to see a note written in Seth's hand writing.

Lamb Chop,

I guess my wish came true, huh. I hope my pop didn't scare you coming in. Not that you'd be afraid. I'm sorry; I never meant all that crap I've been saying for years. I actually kinda like you. What I'm saying is that…

But then the rest of the note is scribbled out and at the bottom is his name. I look up and his dad just burps. He pats me on the head before leaving a silver chain with a star carved out of wood on it, "Will you wear this in the arena as your token to remind you of home?" he asked and reached for the doorknob.

I nod at him, "Yes," I reply and put it around my neck.

"Good, it's from lover boy. He's been wanting to give it to you for awhile," he said then left the room.

What! Seth wanted to give it to me? Why? And what did he mean in that note? So many questions that couldn't be answered till I met Seth again, but when would that be?

The Peacekeepers take me to the train station that will take me to the Capitol. There reporters greet me with questions and I conceal my emotions as they take pictures and film us as we are prepared to leave. Seth stands close by still with sadness on his face as they take pictures. If I could get through the crowding reporters I'd try to talk to him about the note and the necklace.

He looks toward me longing in his baby blue eyes. I show him the necklace and smile at him. I can see him blush a little as he turns his head away, embarrassed.

They finally let us leave and the train takes off from the station to the Capitol. It will take us almost a day to get to the Capitol. The tribute train is actually really nice. We have our own room with a dresser full of fresh clothes. I'm supposed to be prepared for dinner in an hour so I take off my blouse and skirt and take a nice hot shower. As I finish the shower I walk to the dresser pulling out slightly baggy black pants and a long sleeved black shirt.

I slipped on my black shoes and lay on my bed looking at the necklace. The star feels smooth between my fingers and the chain looks quite expensive. How could Seth have gotten it?

Effie Trinket comes to my room to get me for dinner and stares at me in slight disgust, "Are you really wearing that?" she asked.

I look at my clothes, they look okay to me so I just ignore her comment and followed her to the dining room. As we arrive Seth is sitting at the table with Katniss and Peeta sitting across from him. I take a seat beside Seth as Effie sits beside Katniss.

Both mentors look kind of old but I do respect them from what I've heard from their time in the game. Katniss has olive skin with dark black hair tied back in a braid while Peeta looks strong with his muscles, blue eyes, and blond hair.

The food is served to us in courses first with a pea soup then some type of Capitol salad. As the main course is reached I look at the meat I've been served and it looks unfamiliar to me. I take a little piece off and chew on it, "What is this?" I ask.

"It's lamb," Peeta replies and then the next thing I do is sadly look at the meat and force myself to eat it. Both Seth and I aren't used to such rich food so by the time we're done with the main course I feel kind of sick. When the fruit and cheese comes I eat a few pieces until a slice of chocolate cake is given to each of us.

Next they move us to a room where we watch all of the reapings over Panem. I only notice the kids that could be a challenge for me, like a well muscled boy from District 1, a fierce short haired brunette girl from District 10, a swift blond boy from District 5. I also notice kids that are quite harmless like a small twelve year old boy from District 9 that's looks as if he wouldn't even hurt a fly.

Last they show District 12 as Seth and I stand on the stage, both of us quiet. We shake hands then the anthem plays ending and the program ends.

"It's going to be quite a game," I think to myself

I notice that both Katniss and Peeta are talking in hushed voices. Are they talking about us, or the game? I doubt they're talking about us. We haven't even showed them anything.

Soon they pull away from one another and stand, "You two should get to bed," Katniss began.

"Tomorrow will be a big day," Peeta continued and Seth left immediately, running back to his room. I sat in the chair still as I realized that talking with Seth probably wasn't going to happen tonight.

Getting up from my seat I walk out of the room and walk to my own room where I climb into the bed, curling up in a ball and I lay wide awake. Soon I realize that it will be a very long night.

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