Lamb's POV

In the Training Center Effie takes me to my room. It's far bigger then the room in the train, and it has many gadgets all over the room. Even the shower has a great variety of buttons in it. Once I'd stepped out of the shower onto a mat, heaters dried me off quickly.

I looked at my long brown/ blond hair and brushed all of the knots out and tied it back. The dresser also has its own buttons as I press a few looking for clothes of my taste. I get a maroon t-shirt and some black shorts on and lay on the huge bed for a while staring at the ceiling.

Effie soon returns calling me for dinner and I follow her there to walk in and see our stylists, Katniss, Peeta, and Seth waiting for us.

I sit beside Seth and we're served wine by a tall woman in a tunic. I take a glass and take a few sips of the bitter drink, loving the drink instantly. At the corner of my eye I see Seth sniff some and take a small sip to then put it back down, obviously he hated it.

We're served some type of vegetable soup first, followed by the main course which was some type of green noodles with cheese on it.

After, Peeta speaks, "Tomorrow meet both of us for breakfast so that we can talk about how we want to you play the game and then you'll begin your first training session," he explained, "Now get some rest and let the old people talk," he shooed us away.

Seth and I both stood and left to return to our rooms. Then I thought to myself that this could be a good chance to talk with Seth, but I look at him to see he's exhausted from today's events so I go against it and walk ahead of him to my own room.

I crawled into the huge bed and immediately fell asleep from the amount of food served to me and today's earlier events. Early the next morning I walk into the shower and punch a few buttons, getting the water really cold to wake me up and hurry out to find clothes that are set out for me, tight black pants, a long sleeved blue shirt, and black shoes.

After I'm dressed I walk down to the dining hall to see a table of many breakfast dishes and serve myself eggs, sausage, and orange juice. Katniss, Peeta, and Seth arrive later and say good morning to me as they sit down.

I'm nervous about the training; we'll only have three days until the game begins, "So for the training do either one of you want private training from either one of us?" Peeta asked.

"Only if you don't want the other to know if you have any special skills," Katniss explained.

"No," we both answer.

Peeta picks up a cane that I now notice and nods, "So give us an idea about what you can do, I know you both may be good with a bow and arrow and possibly a knife but what else?"

"I can't do very much besides that," Seth explains.

"Same here," Lamb added.

"Well make sure that you don't do any of your special skills in the group training, learn things you don't know, throw a spear, use traps, camouflage, and anything else you don't know," Peeta explains to us and then stands leaning on his cane. (omg like House!)

"Meet Effie at the elevator at ten," Katniss tells us and then leaves with Peeta.

"Want to hang out?" I ask Seth.

"Yeah," he replies and we walk to my own room. I look on my bed to see my necklace there. I run over to it and pick it up to put it back around my neck.

We talked mainly about District 12 mostly and the other tributes. Once it's ten we walk to the elevator to see Effie there, "Let's go," she says happily and we take the elevator to the bottom floor. I look around the training center and notice that all the tributes are in a tense circle with their District number on their back as someone pins a number 12 to my back I look at all the others again.

A tall woman named Atala explains to us that we can move freely from station to station, but if we're in a combat station we're not allowed to fight with other tributes. Instead an assistant will spar with us.

She lets us go and like Peeta says we both stay away from the bows and knives and instead go to the camouflage section where there are no tributes.

I looked away for a second during the middle of it to see the Career tributes throwing spears and handling other giant weapons, throwing them at targets and getting bulls eyes.

Career tributes are usually from District 1 and 2, because of the wealth in both districts. They've usually been trained since they were young for the games, and they usually are one of the winners.

Then I see the girl from District 10 working with traps, "She's got to have some special skill," I think to myself and return to my work.

As we finish up with the camouflage section we decide to walk over to the traps and learn simple ones that are for small animals and harder ones for larger prey.

I can't keep my eyes off the tributes from District 10 and notice the boy from District 10 leans over beside his fellow tribute and whispers something into her ear. She looks up from tying a knot and looks at both me and Seth, scanning us probably to think of a way to kill us in the arena, but she shrugs and goes back to work.

The next day of training goes by quickly and we learn more things that could keep us alive for a while in the games.

Later while we continue to train Peacekeepers come in with purple robes on and watch us all carefully.

We later learn that during breakfast and dinner is the only time we eat with our mentor, but during lunch we're told to eat with the other tributes. There are carts of different foods, and we watch as the Career tributes crowd around it to show their superiority, while some other tributes just sit by themselves quietly.

One day as we sit quietly talking with one another, the tributes from District 10 come and sit across from us.

The boy lifts his head and looks at Seth, both of them make eye contact until the gray eyed boy glares at him, "What?" he growled harshly.

Seth's eyes widen, "Nothing."

"Fang, stop it," the brunette girl hissed, taking a sip of water.

Fang continues to glare at Seth for a while until he bites into a piece of bread.

Nothing else is said through the rest of the meal, but I take a few peaks at them to get a closer look. Both of them look really skinny as if they hadn't been fed in their own district. They both could be good allies in the arena, but you'd have to constantly watch your back constantly to not get stabbed in the back.

That's all that happens through the rest of the lunch. We quickly disposed of our dishes and walk out of the room quickly to avoid both tributes from District 10.

"That wasn't too bad," I sighed in relief as we were on our way back to train.

"That guy looked as if he was going to kill me!" Seth exclaimed.

I lightly punched his arm, "Stop being a baby."

Seth rolled his eyes, "It's kinda hard when people our age may kill us."

We were the first ones back for training so we went to a fire starting section and began there.


Later that evening we sat with our mentors for dinner, "You realize, that the interviews are soon, right?" Peeta asked.

I rolled my eyes at the thought of being put in yet another dress and having to have a man ask me pointless questions. Seth smirked, "Lamb in a dress again, that's going to be weird. She's already had to wear one and a skirt for the Reaping."

Peeta stared at Seth confused, "What?"

Seth sighed, "Lamb doesn't usually wear dresses or skirts unless it's the Reaping."

My ears got hot at Seth's words and kicked his leg repeatedly, to make him shut up, "You can stop kicking me now," Seth explained, rubbing his now sore leg.

I growled at him and jumped out of my chair away from the dining room. I heard footsteps behind me and looked back to see Seth following behind me. As I reached my room I slammed the door in his face and locked it.

"Hey!" he called, slamming on the door.

"Go away!" I growled and walked to my own bed to get some sleep and clear my mind.


The next day we were having private sessions with the Gamekeepers. Seth and I sit quietly as they call a boy from District 11 in. I'm still mad at Seth as we wait, "Lamb?" he tried to get my attention.

"I'm sorry," he apologized.

"Whatever," I growled, not forgiving him, and someone came to get me.

On the way there I thought about what I could do for the Gamekeepers. If I did well I could get a fairly high score.

As I stood with the Gamekeepers sitting at a table as they ate food. I picked up a few knives and threw them at a target. I peeked over to see if they were watching, but only one was watching, not really that interested as he ate his poultry.

I growled at their ignorance and before I knew it I grabbed a nearby knife, throwing it at one of the keepers, nicking his ear.

I stood frozen in place once I realized what I'd done, as I waited to see if they would call guards to kill me. The Gamekeeker I'd shot at, pulled the knife out of the wall and walked toward me. I stared up at him nervously as I waited to get stabbed in the gut for my insubordination.

Instead he put the knife back on the table and smiled, "Nice job," he smirked, "You may leave now."

I stared at the man in shock, but left the room quickly. As I reached my room I noticed the brunette girl from District 10 waiting for me outside my room.

"What are you doing here?" I asked and looked around for any guards.

"I need to talk with you privately," she explained and opened the door to my room, walking in. I followed behind her and closed the door behind me.

She looked around my room and sat on my bed, "What do you want?" I asked.

"An alliance," she explained.

I thought about the idea of us being in an alliance and answered hesitantly, "Why me?"

The shorter haired brunette girl shrugged, "I guess because of everyone else you seem to be someone I could stand and you're skilled. So do you want to make an alliance with me and my fellow tribute or not?" she asked.

I looked at the girl in front of me. She was taking a big risk with this decision to have a complete stranger in an alliance with her, but so was I, "Sure."

The other girl stood and walked over to me, holding out a hand, "My name is Kira," she introduced herself.

I hesitated for a second, but grabbed her hand in agreement, "I'm Lamb."

"Is the boy with you on your side? If so he can join us too," Kira explained as she pulled her hand away.

I thought for a second about what Seth might have said if he was here and nodded, "Yeah, he'll join us," I replied.

Kira smirked, "Good, I should go now before the Gamekeepers come. Goodbye Lamb," she said in farewell and walked out the door quickly.

I cocked my head at what had actually just happened. Having Kira as an ally might have just been either the greatest choice I'd ever made or the worst, which could cost me my life.

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