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Sasuke's P.O.V

The night was falling once again, getting icier and icier outside. I stood in the spotlight, shining down from the moon, trying to decide between staying here the night or catching him while he was sleeping. I chose the latter. Grabbing the small pack I'd carried along with me, I hurried off to fill my canteen with water and continue my mission. I saw some fish and a sharp stick, so I grabbed it and snagged two or three trout fish for later meals. Shoving everything in my pack, I stood straight and ran off into the brush, hoping he was out of this forest so it'd make it easier. As I ran, I finally popped my way out of the forest and knelt down in the grass, a smile plastered on my face. I'd finally made it out of the forest, which meant Naruto was somewhere in plain sight! I wanted to scream for him, but I was scared that maybe the reason I wasn't finding him was because he was running from my voice. Maybe he didn't want me going after him after all? But, he was going to have to suffer.

Naruto's P.O.V

I sat back and found a few dead leaves and dry branches to get a fire going. It was colder than my jacket could fight against, so I waited for the fire to acknowledge the oxygen and grow. I felt my fingers and my nose icing over, my toes, too. Maybe I should have decided against wearing my ninja sandals. Carefully, I lay my jacket over my feet, pulling my knees up to my chest so I could manage hunching over and hiding my hands under the warmth as well. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep, the fire burning beside me so I didn't freeze over night. I'd buried as much of me as my jacket could cover, underneath the warmth, everything else went straight towards the fire.

"Naruto, dobe, what are you doing? That's not even remotely close to how you do it!" Sasuke shouted at me. We were twelve, just beginning our new squads, and he was lecturing me on how to climb a tree. Supposedly, this was chakra training, also supposedly, it'd help us in the future. I can tell you something is a bunch of crap. Something inside me tells me we won't be using any tree climbing at all. "Fine, teme, you show me." He rolled his eyes and muttered something inaudible to himself, then launched himself up the tree like some kind of tree squirrel. Seeing as how Sakura had hearts in her eyes, he smirked and flipped off, landing on the ground beside me. "Oh, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura squealed. "That was so amazing! No one can ever be like you, Sasuke-kun!" Grumbling, I attempted his move, sliding all the way down the tree at only a few kilometers. "Oh, nice...Naruto..." Sakura said, grabbing Sasuke's arm and dragging him away to talk to him in private. I was a failure to them.

I opened my eyes quickly. The fire was gone, and it was even colder! My cheeks were even icier than any other part of my body was, I was crying, and my jacket was on me now. I also had some type of blanket.

Sasuke's P.O.V

As I ran, I smelled smoke. "Naruto..." I whispered, smirking, and sped up. Though I was panting, I was extremely eager to get to my Naruto. When I saw him, he was curled in a ball, shivering. His jacket sleeve was in the fire, burning, and the fire was letting off a horrible scent. I rushed over and patted out the fire with my own jacket, then put his jacket on him and covering him up with my own. Once I figured he was all warm, I was planning on waiting until he woke up. My eyes were drooping, but I didn't want to go to sleep, so I leaned against a tree, knees up my chest, shivering and watching him sleep.

Finally, he opened his eyes, looking shocked that the fire was gone and he was all warm and 'cozy' as he would say.

"Sasuke-kun?" He whispered when he saw me, and I just smirked. "Hn?"

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