A/N: Here it is, the second and final chapter of Prom. I may make this a series of oneshots, even get into other pairings.

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Every girl has a dream about what their Prom will be like, a fancy dress, beautiful corsage and most importantly Prince Charming as their date. Elestra never liked Cinderella, so Prince Charming didn't quite do it for her. Her favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast, and that is what she wanted. A gruff and ugly beast with a heart of gold is what she wanted. Some one who she could have an intelligent conversation with, and read by the fire with. Now, if only she could find him, it would be a perfect Prom.

The car ride to Prom was awkward, very awkward. Normally when Flauvic and Elestra were around each other they had no problems communicating effectively. Their dislike for each other was well known throughout the school. A few verbal lashings had been delivered in classes when opinions and sensibilities were offended. This was something new and foreign. 'So, this was what it was like hundreds of years ago when arranged couples would meet for the first time', Elestra thought.

Looking over at Flauvic she looked for flaws, anything that would make all this less surreal. Ha! There it was his cuff had come unlinked. "Your cuff is come unlinked."

"Excuse me?"

"Your cuff is undone."

Raising an eyebrow at his "date" Flauvic fixed the cuff and reached into his pocket.

"I suppose you'll want your corsage."

"Thank you. Listen, all we have to do is act indifferent to each other and your family will bugger off, right?"

"Yes, as you so eloquently put it."

"See that right there is why they are doing this to you. If you act like I mean nothing to you then they will leave us both alone."

"And what if I don't. What if I act like I am madly in love with you. Then they will not hesitate to separate us."

"Don't be ridiculous. Neither of us are good enough actors."

"Still it's a guaranteed way out. One night for a life of freedom."

"Fine. One night and then on school on Monday we go back to the norm."

"Naturally I ignore you, and you do whatever it is you do."

"Charming Flauvic, really charming."

The limousine stopped soon after this, and Flauvic opened the door for Elestra.


Looking back at him Elestra watched him looking down at her. He was looking at her like she was the star and the moons. 'Wow', she thought, 'he's good, almost real'. She smiled up at him and accepted his hand. Handing their tickets to the doorman Flauvic escorted Elestra into the building.

"I'll meet you at the table. I should go to the powder room."

"Of course, Princess."

With a cloyingly sweet smile Elestra walked away from Flauvic and into the ladies room. Checking in the mirror she applied a little more gloss, like the makeup artist had told her to. Smoothing out her skirt she exited the bathroom and when to find her date. Flauvic was sitting at a table with Tara and Kitten with their respective dates.

"Ellie, you look so nice. Like a real girl."

"Thank you Tara you look so thin."


"Really, really. And Kitten, you look marvelous in that pink silk."

"Thanks, Ellie. Blue seems to be your color. Your eyes have seemed to come alive.

"She does look ravishing, doesn't she." Flauvic was doing that freaky doting thing again. His golden eyes were glinting as they looked at her. Kitten and Tara were looking between them with twin expressions of shock. Before they could recover Flauvic led Elestra out onto the dance floor.

"Was that really necessary."

"No, but it was fun."

"Flauvic they are going to tell their parents, who will tell my parents."

"Who will tell my parents. This is what we're working towards right? If you stand like that while we dance no one will believe we like each other."

" My mom is not going to be happy."

"Meliara will cope, it's for your safety."

"Why do you call her that? No one else does."

"It irks her. Now lets dance."

How do you document that exact moment where a spark turns into a flame. As the evening wore on, Flauvic and Elestra started to enjoy themselves. A little conscious effort on both their parts had turned the evening into an enjoyable event. When they prepared to go home Flauvic walked into the coat room to get Elestra's cloak, while she was left with Tara and Kitten.

"You know Ellie, it's funny. Your father asked us to watch you with Flauvic, he was nervous about you two. But tonight, you were so nice to each other. Like you were in love."

Elestra looked at Tara, who just smile slyly and nodded towards Flauvic before leaving with her date. Flauvic settled Elestra's coat onto her shoulder's and was surprised when she didn't react.

"What did she say?"


"We'd best go, our father will have my head if we are late."

When they arrived at Elestra's apartment Flauvic opened the door for her again.

"You don't have to do that."

"I don't mind."

"Thank you for the evening, Flauvic."

"What's wrong?"


"Please, you lack of acting skill are rather obvious Princess."

"Why do you call me that? To mock me? Because I am not pretty or witty enough for you?"


"Then why?"

"What is your problem?"

"You are my problem. One minute you are the jerk I know, and the next your like a different person. Tara thinks we are in love and so does half the school. You can afford social mockery, but I can barely get by being the funny one."

"What would you have me do?"

"I don't know. I am sorry for yelling at you. Way to end the night, eh?"

Without warning Flauvic leaned down and pecked Elestra on the mouth.

"At least it ended on an up note. I'll eat lunch with you at school on Monday, and we will figure out what to do about our families." Getting into the limousine Flauvic left her standing on the door to her apartment housing looking very dazed. As he drove away Flauvic called his contacts in Canada, it seemed that he would not be escaping any time soon.