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A/N: Inspired by fanfiction story Thirteen Times, authored by SnowShadowuser. Yes, the story was and Inuyasha fict and based on Bloody Mary. It's really good you should read it. Anyways on with my story inspired by the one I just mentioned! I hope you all enjoy it!

Awakened Dead

Chapter 1. Halloween Night

"…And when she got home, there was a hook hanging on the handle of her car!" Kagome chuckled darkly, scaring the other girls out of their wits. Though her best friend Sango was not fazed by this, nor was the dramatic lighting of the flashlight doing anything for her. It all seemed too cheesy in her perspective, but at least the other girls were frightened. Honestly though, anything could spook those girls.. Yuka, Eri and Ayumi were a bunch of chickens to begin with.

"How about we move onto another story Kagome-chan." Sango suggested, filing her nails in boredom.

All five of the girls were currently squeezed into Kagome's room on her floor. They all had pillows in their grasp, and the lights were all out safe for the flashlight that was being passed around. None of the girls knew of any scary stories besides Kagome and at times Sango. Usually the original stories would be repeated, such as the hook man legend, the headless horseman tale, the bloody Mary story..

"Speaking of which…" Kagome mumbled to herself, "I know a new story! It's been passed down in our family for generations." She announced proudly.

"S-so that me-means it's… true?" Ayumi whimpered, hugging her pillow tighter.

"One hundred percent true." Kagome confirmed, finally earning Sango's interest since she had put down the nail file. "The story begins in the Sengoku Jidai, five hundred years ago if you don't know the time period.." She cleared her throat, "There once lived a half demon boy that was half dog demon and half human. He was never liked and preferred to be left alone by everyone.

"He had stumbled into a village one day in hopes of finding a necklace that was rumoured to have special powers. During his search he had fallen in love with a woman and forgotten about his quest. No one knows exactly what caused it, but the hanyou had sudden lost his mind during one night when the moon was full. He had slaughtered everyone in the village. Slitting their throats, ripping open their stomachs, tearing them apart limb from limb. He was wild with hatred and fury. Then when he was done, had moved on to the next village to kill all that carried a heartbeat.

"In the second village he had only managed to slay half of the population before a powerful demon and a priestess stopped him. He had been sealed away in his father's sword, destined to be in solitude for all of eternity." Kagome spoke, "A sword that was passed down in the miko's family for generations, until it fell into the hands of the Higurashi's." She grinned at the pale faces. "And I know how to break the spell." She taunted.

Yuka gasped, trying to breathe properly, "I..I—You—K-Kagome are not allowed to do what I think your are suggesting.." She tried to growl.


"Oh please, as if it's true. Look, that legend is over five hundred years old. Obviously parts of it changed over the years and someone decided to turn it into a scary story. I bet the real story is that a couple fell in love, that their love was forbidden but they ran away together living happily ever after, or some junk like that." Sango said boredly, "Honestly, it's probably not true."

"Yeah, you're probably right Sango-chan. But I am curious, do you have the sword Kagome?" Eri questioned after having calmed down.

"Somewhere in storage yes. Get this, I forgot to say that the night he lost his mind, was during All Hallows Eve, or rather Halloween." Kagome added.

"That's tomorrow." Yuka murmured.

"How are you supposed to break the spell Kagome?" Sango asked out of curiosity.

The blue eyed teenager thought for a moment, "I think you need one candle, and the sword.. Oh and the style is sort of like the bloody Mary story. You have to stand in front of the mirror with the sword in your hands and chant Tess….Tess…" She struggled to remember the word but shrugged it off, "Well the name of the sword thirteen times, raising it slowly until it's above your head and at the same time raising your voice while chanting until you scream it when the sword is above your head."

"And then…?" Sango raised her brow, clearly not convinced.

"I don't know." Kagome said blankly.

Sango snorted, "Bogus.. As if something like that would resurrect a murdering hanyou, of all things.." She laughed.

The three other girls laughed, leaving Kagome to sigh in annoyance. Her grandfather had told her that story when she was a child, and since he had bad memory… He ended up re-telling the story over the years again and again like it was a new tale.

Soon, Kagome had turned on her room lights, half blinding the girls for a moment. "I'll go look for snacks, you girls keep talking okay?" She announced cheerily, leaving them to their talk.

The house was quiet that night, only the giggles of her friends could be heard throughout the home if she chose to leave the door open, which she did. It was unnerving walking around the old home when no one but she and her friends were in it. Pouting lightly, Kagome had trudged down the stairs to go search in the kitchen for snacks. Personally, she believed the story her gramps told her. He may be an old coot, but he knew his legends fairly well.

'Then why don't you prove to them it isn't bogus?' Piped a mental voice.

"Because if it is real, then I could be doing something stupid.." She murmured back, reaching into the kitchen cupboard for some low fat potato chips. She snatched two bags and some diet sodas, determined to walk back to her room, but her feet just wouldn't move. She couldn't really bring herself to move in that direction.

Sighing, she placed the snacks on the counter and walked towards the front door. Surely just a peek into the old shrine storage room would be alright and just enough to quench her curiosity. She had only recently learned how to break the spell, but had cast the thought away when her gramps had made her promise not to do such a foolish thing while he was around. Otherwise, she'd be on shrine cleaning duty until she left for college.

'But he isn't here, he's gone visiting his old friend outside of town..' She thought, putting on her shoes and leaving the home quietly. The girls wouldn't notice her missing for a while once they got onto the topic of boys. They had much to talk about when it came to that since Sango had an admirer, 'Miroku no doubt,' and the other girl were all fighting over Hojo who just so happened to be crushing on her, 'My luck sucks.'

By the time she arrived at the storage room, she was freezing and mentally kicking herself for not putting a jacket on top of her PJs before leaving. She had been able to open up the room without a problem, coughing a bit due to the dust that had collected since last spring. 'This place needs to be cleaned again, it smells way too moldy..' She entered cautiously, sneezing a few times while shuffling through old objects.

She had finally come across an old long box with several sutras glued on it. The lid clearly read "Tessaiga," And Kagome knew this was it. She sniffled and coughed, grabbing the box and quickly exiting the room. 'I knew it was a Tess something. Ah! Fresh air!' She mentally cheered, breathing in happily. She had slammed the door shut and jogged back to her house with the item in tow.

Upon entering the house she was greeted by nothingness and sighed in relief. She could clearly hear Sango sputtering upstairs and knew that Ayumi must have brought up the Miroku subject.

"That pervert! He doesn't know the meaning of love! Only lust!"

Kagome chuckled, yup it was definitely the Miroku subject. She had carefully placed the box on the dining room table, examining it cautiously. Maybe now wasn't the best time to open it, but she was just so.. She wasn't even supposed to take it out of storage anyways, but it was just there! Maybe a peek couldn't hurt. She heard that the Tessaiga was a powerful blade that could kill a hundred demons in one stroke…

'The sutras are powerful, something Gramps could have never done.' She thought to herself. She knew that her Grandpa believed he had power, but truthfully it must have skipped his generation since Kagome was the one with it. She could sense auras without a problem and could perform a sealing spell in her sleep. Ask her to use a bow though and you've got a problem. She couldn't shoot an arrow if her life depended on it. Besides that, she could pretty much do some of your basic priestess things and mentally decided that she didn't need to know how to use a weapon during this day and age. It's not like back in the Sengoku Jidai where demons would simply come at you from nowhere.

'Demon's hardly exist anymore anyways. So really, what's the point in knowing how to use something as ancient as a bow and arrow?' Kagome mentally scoffed as she removed all the sutras from the box and set them aside for good measure. When she put the box back, she didn't want her grandfather knowing she took it out so keeping the sutras was a good thing.

Her heart was pounding in her ears when she finally got the courage to open the box. Her finger's wrapped around the long lid and she began to lift it gently.

"Kagome? What are you doing?"

Kagome squeaked, placing her hands behind her back nervously. Sango stood in the doorway of the kitchen, staring at her curiously, "I was—um well—the snacks—and uh.."

Sango smirked, "Judging by the way your acting, I'm thinking that the box there has something awesome in it, like that sword you were mentioning earlier?"

Curse her for being so observant, "No.." Her eyes stared holes into Kagome's head, "Okay it is! I just wanted to see it.."

"Cool, how about we open it and see how good it looks? I'm sure the years have done some damage to it." Sango piped excitedly.

Kagome had turned back to the box, "But I thought you didn't believe in the legend."

"I don't, but that doesn't mean that the sword isn't real. Besides, I think we should scare the others."

"Feeling bitter about a certain male?" Kagome mused.

"Be quiet! Let's just open the box okay?"

"Eager are we?" Kagome grinned, lifting the lid slowly off of the box. Though Sango couldn't feel it, there was a heavy aura spilling from the blade. Not quite dark, but not pure either, just a demonic aura. It was all in tact, they gathered that the handle was meant to have torn material wrapping it, the hilt seemed a bit wobbly, and the blade itself was covered by a long, smooth, black scabbard.

"Amazing." Sango whispered in awe, "It's so.. so old.. but there isn't any dust on it or any scratches on the sheathe.

Kagome carefully lifted the weapon out of the case, her face in total awe. She had carefully gripped the handle and squeezed it, pulling out the Tessaiga smoothly to further inspect it.

"Too bad the blade is so scratched up, it looks like it couldn't cut paper, wet." Sango chuckled lightly. "Anyways, Put that thing away, I'll get the chips and you grab the sodas."

Kagome shook herself from her daze and nodded, putting the sword back in the scabbard. She had tossed the box in the cellar and left the Tessaiga leaning against the cellar wall before leaving to rejoin the girls.

They had stayed up half the night just spewing stuff ranging from boys to the bitchiest girls in school. Eventually they had fallen asleep and woken up on a cloudy Saturday morning. They were exhausted and had slept in fairly late until they couldn't sleep any longer. Yuka needed to go do some last minute Halloween shopping for candies and Eri needed to decorate her house for the evening. Ayumi didn't have anything to do really but she didn't fail to mention that there was a party that they absolutely needed to go to that night.

Of course, it was a Halloween party at Hojo's house and anything that had boobs, butts, and legs were allowed to go. Miroku was even attending, which had notably made Sango excited, (though she thoroughly explained that she really liked Halloween and was excited to just dance with hot guys.. not Miroku.. Like that's true..).

Eventually, all the girls had left to do their own thing, but not before they had a huge breakfast that left Kagome with a stack full of dishes to do after they left. 'How convenient for them..' Kagome thought bitterly as she began to scrub the plates. During the whole time she and her friends were in the kitchen, Kagome could easily notice the aura slipping out of the cellar like crazy but had decided to ignore it. She continued to do so until she was finished in the kitchen and had gone up to shower and get herself cleaned up.

There were no phone calls from her friends, no homework to be done, and Kagome had to deal with the aura pouring sword that she still resisted to grab from the cellar. She had glared at the clock on top of the tv, reading three o'clock.

'It's just a sword.' The little voice at the back of her head taunted, 'Just a little old spell.' It continued.

'Ya, that could either blow up in my face and not work, or that could end up killing me if I unleash some evil creature.' Kagome mentally reasoned.

'What could a half demon do to an all powerful priestess?'

"I never said I was a priestess. I have some spiritual powers, that's all." Kagome mumbled out loud.

'It's just a sword, an old chant.. what could happen?'

"Nothing will happen because I won't let it." Kagome growled. But as she said this, she was clearly walking to the cellar. Subconsciously, she was dying to try out the spell while gramps wasn't around. But her conscious would never let her do that. She knew it was wrong and she couldn't do it!

So then why was she in her washroom, a candle lit, and her lights off? What was troubling her was the fact that she clearly did not remember doing all this, but here she was, prepared to break some five-century-old seal with some pathetic chanting and a vanilla scented candle.

Oh yeah, she was good.

"I can't believe this.." 'But I mean, it couldn't hurt, right? This is just some silly story and I could prove to Sango that it really is as bogus as she says.' She thought, having made her decision. It's not like she was signing away her life or anything. Just, playing with some powerful forces, if they truly did exist anyway..

"Tessaiga, Tessaiga." She began in a whisper, keeping her eye's closed in concentration. "Tessaiga Tessaiga, Tessaiga Tessaiga," She chanted slightly louder. She continued on, raising the sword slowly, her eye's staying closed during the ceremony. Naturally, since she kept her eyes firmly shut, she failed to notice the flashes of amber and red eyes in the mirror. Instead, she continued the breaking-of-the-spell chant while raising the old blade until it reached just above her head and she screamed its name out to the world.


Everything seemed to have happened at once. The pressure in the already tiny room had shifted, the mirror had cracked, and the candle was inexplicably blown out. The washroom was beyond scary in the dark, especially when Kagome could clearly hear someone chuckling in her ears.

With a screech, she briskly made an exit, slamming open the door and running out into the living room with the Tessaiga in tow. The chuckling never ceased though, and it felt like it was circling her in amusement until it had suddenly stopped.

The house was quiet once again, an odd and tense kind of silence she disliked. Not waiting for another moment to pass, she had gone straight to the phone and dialled the first number that came to mind. "S-Sango? … No I'm fine! Really! L-listen, how about we hang out for a bit? You got called into work? … Can I come too? Of course I love children! … Right! Yes, see you then!" She hung up the phone just as the lights began to flicker.

What had she done?

Clearly she had let something out.

And obviously she was being too much of a chicken to face it now when it was daylight out. Imagine how bad it would be when nighttime rolled around? Even if mister poltergeist were to turn off the lights now, at least there was some light from the outdoors that kept her relatively comfortable. 'No, instead I made plans to go help Sango-chan at her pumpkin farm job to baby sit kids. By the time I get back, it's gunna be dark..'

She had turned sharply, thinking she heard footsteps behind herself. There was no one there, though the lights never stopped flickering and in her grasp she still had a firm hold on the cursed sword. Realising this, she had dropped it as if it burned her hands, having sworn she felt it pulse like the blood in her veins. "Eeek!" She gasped and stepped back.

Her conscious, after taking such a long break, had finally kicked back into gear and was sounding the alarm for her to wake up and leave the house. The place was dangerous and she needed to go to safety. 'But I can't just leave and never come back! I also can't leave this for my mom to find! Let alone Gramps!'

"I'm…" Kagome mumbled so quietly, backing up until she fell back onto the couch. "I can't.." She tried to speak again.

She took in a deep breath, and calmed herself. Her once liquid blue eye's turned to stone as she began to lose her temper. It's funny how it really didn't take much to get her angry, but maybe the poltergeist was just having that kind of affect on her. "Oi!" She called out harshly, the lights ceasing their flickering upon hearing her booming tone, "Quit playing around! You.. You stupid ghost thing! Now either I'm hallucinating, or I really did set some sort of thing free! Ei-either way, I'm not scared! And I want you to stop, you jerk!"

The chuckling began again, until a taunting voice surrounded her. A surprisingly deep, velvety, taunting voice, "I don't take orders from bitchs, I give 'em."

Kagome gasped, growing furious, "Who are you calling a bitch you jerk!"

"Heh, you're looking pretty dumb there Kikyo. What's the matter, thought that I would forgive you so soon?" He growled out.

Originally, she was speechless. But soon, she had regained her bearings and snapped back, "Whom are you calling Kikyo? And what are you talking about you idiot? My name is not Kikyo it's Kagome. Ka-go-me!"

There was silence, for a moment, she thought she had scared him away. That is until she heard him snort, "If you're not Kikyo then why do you smell—" Again there was silence, a pause that was very unnerving to her. "You're not her… You smell… Keh! I hate your scent you stupid human! And Kikyo was definitely cuter, yeah much cuter than you."

Kagome's face had grown red with fury and she stood from the couch, her fists bawled. "Why you insensitive, annoying, ungrateful pig! I'm not speaking to you! I'm going out!"

"Oh no you aren't, you try to leave and I'll make mince meat out of you." Threatened the voice.

By now Kagome was too angry to even consider the threat from the poltergeist, "Oooh, a scary voice is going to try to hurt me." Kagome taunted, walking over to the door. Once her hand was on the knob, a hand with terribly sharp claws had swiped at her body.

Passing right through it.

It was the most terrible chill Kagome had ever felt in her life. And when she had turned around, she had almost reconsidered leaving when her eyes had set themselves on a prize. The one who was throwing the insults, annoying her, and scaring the daylights out of her was standing right there. He was a boy clad in red hakamas and haorie, rough hands with claws, barefoot, and the most gorgeous face of all. He looked like a god to her, a sculpture of David. His jaw was set in clear annoyance, his eye's, though slightly frightening, were molten gold surrounded by blood red, his hair longer than even hers, and of course the prize earlier mentioned just sitting at the top of his head.

Dog ears.

Dog ears!

Though, he seemed mighty angry that he couldn't touch her, and she didn't even flinch as he tried to claw at her again, she couldn't help but sigh cutely. "Are those.. Can I..?"

The frightening gaze he was giving her had died down, the red fading to white. He had no idea what she was gaping about until he noticed her eyes staring above his face and had growled. "Fuck you!" He barked, dematerializing in a huff.

Kagome's sudden anger had come back ten fold and she had shrilly shouted, "You could have just said no!" Before opening the door and slamming it shut behind herself.

She had arrived at the pumpkin farm forty-five minutes later, still muttering to herself how rude and insensitive her new houseguest was. She had taken the bus to get there and had received various odd looks but had completely ignored them. Upon seeing Sango, her sudden anger had totally vanished and had been replaced with happiness. Though she adored her best friend to death, she really couldn't bring herself to share the event that had happened only and hour before. She wouldn't believe her, Kagome mentally reasoned out, and she didn't know if everyone could see him or not. So in the mean time, it would be kept a secret.

The noises of excited children had snapped her out of her daze and the rest of the afternoon had been spent playing games, eating pumpkin donuts, and going on haystack rides. They even got their faces painted along with the children. One individual had captured Kagome's attention and they had been inseparable since.

His name was Shippou, and he delighted in playing tricks on others. Though oddly enough, he would always hesitate when leaving the barn they were in to go outside. He didn't seem to like the outdoors too much, but his mood had changed as soon as he had befriended Kagome. She had thought of him as the sweetest boy, and loved his little tricks, much to Sango's annoyance. Most of his pranks would be played on the poor woman, but Kagome had smoothed everything out between the two before anything could get serious.

Kagome had eventually begun to notice the sun's decent on the horizon and had to unfortunately leave. The children were beginning to go home to their parents anyways so there wasn't much of a problem.

"We will be seeing each other at the party, won't we?" Sango asked.

"Oh, yes of course! I have a costume and everything."

"Good, me too. I'll see you then." Sango smiled warmly, "Oh wait, I wanted to ask why you sounded so freaked out earlier. Did something happen?"

Kagome had wanted to blurt out to her that yes, something had. But she thought against it, "Nope, I had just spotted a really gross spider and Buyo, being the fat ass he is, had chased after it and eaten it.. It was gross." Kagome wrinkled her nose in disgust. Really, where were these awful lies coming from? Could she be anymore obvious?

"Oh, okay. You're right, that is gross. Anyways, see you soon!" Sango waved goodbye, and walked back into the barn.

Kagome had sighed in relief and sagged a bit before turning around to head towards the bus stop. Again, when she had gotten on and shown her pass, she had received many odd looks. What, a teenager couldn't have a black cat painted on her face now? Jeez, all these people were too uptight..

The sun was just beginning to turn the skies into reddish orange hues, and the first tick-or-treaters were just arriving at the shrine. Kagome had walked up the steps with them, telling them she was the owner and she would give them extra candy for having the courage to actually walk up all these steps.

When she got to the back of the shrine, into her home she had grabbed the pack of candies and ripped it open, pouring the contents into a bowl. She walked over to them and held out the bowl, "Well miss princess and mister pirate, you two can take a hand full of candy from this bowl."

The small children had stared at each other and without a second thought had grabbed big handfuls of candy and left with just as big smiles on their faces. Kagome had closed the door and went to her room to search for her costume. The teen had changed into a purple witches outfit with the hat and all, placing small amounts of violet makeup on her face.

For a few minutes, she had forgotten that she had a new guest and had just changed without closing her room door. When she heard him chuckling a little later while she was pulling out a fold out chair, she had jumped a bit. 'Right, there's a five century old poltergeist in my home.'

"You know," His velvety voice began in amusement, "You should really close your door if you plan on stripping naked, unless of course you like it when people watch you take your clothes off." His voice rang around her, causing her to turn crimson in embarrassment.

"Y-you pervert!" She had grabbed the bowl of candies and left the house. The shrine grounds were much too large for people to cross to get to her house, so every year, a member of her family would sit a little bit away from the shrine steps with the treats. This way, they could still join in on the festivities. They're also known for hosting haunted houses the weekend before Halloween, something her mother and gramps loved to do every year.

Unfolding her chair, Kagome had sat down and set the bowl next to her. She had also placed a blanket on her legs and sighed. 'Now I wait..'

"What in the hells are you doing you stupid human?" The boy had materialized next to her and stared at the woman.

Kagome had turned her blue orbs to his amber ones, staring daggers into them.

"Don't you know what night it is? You shouldn't be out right now." He said seriously.

She fidgeted and growled, "I don't need some rude ghost telling me I'm stupid, or what night it is. It's Halloween genius, and I'm giving treats to the kids. Besides, as long as I'm dressed up, and all the jack-o-lanterns around me are lit, nothing bad will happen." She said in a matter of fact tone.

"Keh! You're dumber than I took ya for wench! I thought priestesses were supposed to be intelligent, clearly you're no miko." The boy remarked.

Kagome's just fading blush had returned, her face now livid, "Why you insufferable mongrel! I'm going to—"

"Ano.. Maybe we should have just skipped this place Hiro-kun. This Lady is—" A little girl whispered to her friend.

Kagome silenced herself and turned to the kids, "O-oh! Sorry, I didn't see you there. No don't worry, since I have nothing better to do I've been rehearsing for this play at my school…" Seriously, where were the lies coming from? 'Even more important, these guys obviously can't see the ghost, which means only I can. Great..' Kagome thought to herself, giving the children their candies.

The hanyou snorted, "What the hell is a sk-ool play? Some sort of witches spell?"

Kagome sighed and stared at him as if he were hyped up on Scooby snacks, "No, school is a place where we go to learn things. Jeez, you really aren't from here.." Kagome muttered.

"Keh! Screw you!" He was just beginning to dematerialize when she had stopped him.

"Wait! What's your name anyways?" Kagome questioned quickly.

He had blinked and solidified his form, "Why should I tell you?"

Truthfully, if it weren't for the fact that his body was glowing slightly, she would have believed he were alive. But since no one else could see him but her, it was obvious now that he was dead. And a really big jerk…

"Because I want to at least know the name of the fool whose haunting me."

"I ain't any fool you wench! And my name isn't any of your business." He barked.

She turned away from him in a huff, "You're a jerk."


"Well, just a few more hours then I can be set free of you."

"Keh—Wait, what? What did you say wench?"

She growled, "My name is Kagome! Ka-go-me! And I said, I'm going to be set free of you. As in, I'm leaving as soon as the trick-or-treaters stop coming by. I got invited to a party tonight, and I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Who said anything about me not being able to step off these stupid shrine grounds?" He chucked darkly.

She froze, unable to speak. When more children had reached the top of the steps completely out of breath, she had to force a smile before handing them candy. When they left, she had turned to him and glared, hard.

If looks could kill, he would have died over and over again.

"You wouldn't dare…"

"Keh! You're the only one who can see me, so why not?"

She had ignored him the rest of the night.

Eventually, he had dematerialized and left in a huff, his eyes crimson and his face weirdly tattooed with purple stripes. When no more children came, she had gone back to the house. She had freshened up and left for the party, but not before putting out all of the candles around the shrine. She really didn't need the shrine to burn down while her family was away.

She was surprised by the amount of teens that had actually shown up to the place. She had spotted Sango not a moment after entering the booming house, and they had teamed up to find the rest of the girls.

"Look, there's Miroku! No doubt he's flirting with that girl." Kagome pointed out.

Sango growled and glared above the heads until she found him. She had dressed as a red gothic faerie, and a sexy one at that. Kagome had to do everything to keep from laughing as she watched her best friend mull her way through the crowds to reach a very dead Miroku.

"Kagome!" A girl squeaked.

She knew the voice to belong to Ayumi, and had smiled, waving her over. "You look amazing Ayu!" She complimented on her 'sexy nurse' costume, "I would have never guessed you were coming as someone.. so overused."

Ayumi blushed and coughed, "Well it was the only semi decent costume left." She giggled a bit, "But I managed to hook up with someone. He's getting me punch right now." She squealed.

Kagome giggled, "I'm happy for you!" Then she was lost to the crowd, blending in with all the other dancers. It wasn't until a slow song came on that she had realized she was thirsty and went searching for a drink. She hadn't even noticed all the Halloween decorations until now with the fake web and the balloons. She had found the refreshment table and dumped some juice in a cup. She brought it to her lips, then sniffed it cautiously, 'Ugh, of course it's spiked. Who wouldn't spike the punch these days?' She thought, deciding to grab a can of soda instead.

"Excuse me, but a fine lady such as yourself should be out there dancing. Not hanging around the punch table." A voice purred.

Kagome had stiffened and turned, 'He's..'

"My name's Bankotsu, and I was wondering if you'd like to dance?" He questioned, quirking an eyebrow.

Kagome had blushed deeply, "S-sure! I'd love to." She agreed, taking his hand hesitantly as he led her to the dance floor. He was beyond handsome and she couldn't help but sigh at his beauty, though there was one other that was even more gorgeous, but he was nothing more than a jerk. Not to mention she didn't even know his name.

"I'm Kagome by the way." She introduced meekly as they swayed together.

"Well Kagome, I'm glad you accepted my offer. I've been very curious about you, you know.." Earning yet another blush from her, "And I was wondering if you'd like to be my companion for the rest of the night?"

"Seriously? But I'm sure there are plenty of other girls you want to dance with."

"No, they want to dance with me but the feeling is one sided. I only want to be with you tonight." He purred, his dark blue eye's mesmerizing her own bright blue orbs. He had long black tresses of hair pulled back into a long braid, and a marking on his forehead. She had gathered that it was part of his costume, which was some sort of warrior like thing.

Time itself seemed to be slowing down as she stared at him, starry eyed. Though, she had snapped out of her daze when the lights in the room began to flicker slightly, and not due to effect. She had shivered a bit, something that had not gone unnoticed by her partner. He had brought her in closer to him, until their gazes were no longer met and his head sat atop hers.

The song had ended softly, and the booming of loud rock music had resumed. A fuming Sango had separated her from her partner forcefully, the priestess shooting Bankotsu an apologetic look before letting herself be dragged away. They ended up in the nearest washroom, Sango having slammed the door shut to help lessen her anger.

"That.. that…"

"Did you dance together?"

"…Yes, but he made a grab for my butt more times than I can count!" She growled, "That pervert is gunna end up dead very soon.." She spat, bawling her hands into fists.

Kagome burst into giggles, "If you want him to stop, then I suggest you make him listen the hard way." She said intuitively, almost grinning at the dark plan that she was concocting.

"I thought I was already going about it that way," Sango asked in confusion, tilting her head to the side slightly.

"No, you were using brute force. But that isn't working, so we're going to play dirty and make him jealous to stop his hentai ways." She finally did grin and it was beyond a mischievous grin.

"Women, they never change. Always playing dirty," Growled an all too familiar voice.

Kagome turned sharply to the bathroom mirror and gasped. 'It's the jerk of a ghost..'

"Kagome-chan? What are you looking at? You're makeup's fine." Sango reassured her, "So let's go now before that hentai asks all the women to bare him children."

Kagome nodded, "Of course Sango-chan." She stuck her tongue out at the mirror and turned away, following Sango out of the washroom.


Again, later on that night Kagome found herself dancing with the boy from before, Bankotsu. And again, the lights flickered. She had also been keeping an eye out on Sango and her progress with Miroku. The plan seemed to be going fairly well since he was shooting glares at the male currently dancing with her best friend.

"Mind if I cut in?"

Kagome blinked out of her daze, turning to find Hojo-kun standing next to her and her dance partner. She half wanted him to leave her alone, but knew that thinking such an awful thought just wasn't very nice. Even if she disliked him, he never did do anything bad to her to make her want to be mean to him.

"You know, I don't mind, do you Kagome?" The black haired man asked.

'Of course you don't, you're just the perfect gentleman…' Kagome mentally blurted, forcing a bright, fake smile to her face. "Not at all, I'll save the whole next dance for you though." Kagome promised, even risking a wink towards him as Hojo continued the dance with her.

"So you purposely have males fighting over you too? What are you, a whore?" Barked a voice much louder than Hojo's, right next to her.

She ignored him and tried her best to tune into Hojo, what was he saying anyways? Something about a project? Ah yes, a math project, oh wait now he's talking about the party... "Oh, it's great Hojo-kun! I hope you don't have too much of a mess to clean in the morning."

"Nothing I can't handle I'm sure." He brushed off.

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that.." The lights flickered a little more.

"Stop it," Kagome hissed under her breath to the invisible male.

"Did you say something Higurashi-san?" Hojo asked dumbly.


"Why should I? I'm a ghost, a vengeful spirit! I can do whatever the hell I want!"

"Not tonight," Kagome growled back, smiling brightly at Hojo as he kept going on about school again. Was this all he could think of was school? He was honestly beginning to bore her to death with his constant chatter about projects and going on about some intellectual extra curricular courses. What her friends saw in him was beyond her.

"Oh yea? Like I'm gunna listen to a pathetic human wench!" He hissed just as sparks were beginning to fly out from the speakers. With the combined flickering lights and sparks, it appeared to be seen like an electrical short happening. Except that no one was coming to notice any of this since they were either to into the party or just plain wasted.

What could she do? Honestly, her options weren't really all that great especially with Hojo-kun dancing with her right now. The only thing she could do, and dreaded to do was out of the question. Then again, the only sacrifice would be tonight.. She could deal with it, right?

The dance just ended, and Kagome had laughed lightly with Hojo, waving goodbye before booking it to the washroom. As she did so, she had made sure to stay out of Bankotsu's line of sight while she slipped by everyone until she had the door firmly closed behind her and locked. Crossing her arms and turning over to the mirror she spoke, "We'll make a deal."

The lights in the home had stopped flickering, including those in the washroom. She figured that the sparks had ceased from the speakers as well. So she continued to glare at her reflection in the mirror and waited for him to come.

"Heh like what..?" He had materialized right next to her, making her jump slightly.

"We go home now so you don't torture anyone anymore," She spoke steadily, eying him darkly.

"That sounds good to me—"

"In return," Kagome cut him off, "I want to know the name of the annoying dog eared boy."

He stared at her in bewilderment. Seriously, this is all she wanted from him? After all the trouble he was causing, she just wanted to know his name? His freaking five-century-old name that his mother had given him when he was born? "Feh, my name is Inuyasha, wench."

"Inuyasha? That's a really old name," She admitted, smiling a bit. "Well, let's go then."

She was honestly not kidding about the whole leaving-the-party-in-exchange-for-your-name thing. She had kept her side of the bargain, but not without telling Sango she wasn't feeling well. She even found Bankotsu, and much to the poltergeists disgust, had kissed him on the cheek as an apology for not being able to dance later. And soon enough, the young girl found herself walking home in the dark with a glowing hanyou next to her.

Hojo didn't really live too far away, so Kagome didn't mind the walk. However it was rather chilly, but she ignored it. The moon tonight was almost full which also gave Kagome the creeps, but what made her nearly squeal in fright was the fact that more people had suddenly shown up in the streets. Several actually were just walking what looked like aimlessly in the streets.

She wouldn't have given another thought about them, and would have just continued to walk. Except that everyone of the new comers were, well.


They all had a glow surrounding their being and she knew, that much like her poltergeist friend, they were dead.

Why not? It was the night of the dead, and so far no one seemed to notice her. Though her new friend didn't seem at ease. He wouldn't stop growling and glaring around at all the ghosts, silently ushering Kagome to move her puny human legs faster to the shrine grounds. She honestly couldn't see the problem, because it wasn't like they knew she could see them. On top of that none of them could touch her, so she had no problems really.

That is until a very sad looking businessman had shifted his gaze to her, and not just in her general direction. His eyes were actually connected to hers, and in a split second, that's all it took for the rest of the wandering souls to all look at her. She found herself thinking that she wasn't so invisible after all before she heard Inuyasha yell for her to run.

Kagome didn't need to be told twice since they were all coming to her pretty quickly, 'And here I just jinxed myself. Stupid.. I should have never even thought about these stupid spirits! No, I should have never freed Inuyasha is more like it.' Kagome thought to herself as she ran down the street at a speed that would impress even the track team. She knew that it was all pure adrenalin and she could care less if her pathetic witch hat had been now rolling in the streets. What killed her most were these stupid heels! And her pantyhose were totally ripped beyond any form of repair.

From what she could tell, she had arrived on the shrine grounds in record timing and the spirits that were seemingly following her, with great difficulty due to a certain hanyou, weren't able to come onto her property. Well, that wasn't entirely true. They could come onto her property but they're spirits would then just dematerialize. It was weird, like they weren't allowed to come any further.

She didn't really want to stick around to find out why this was happening, so she had just continued her way across the shrine grounds until she passed everything and gotten to the safety of her home. The black haired girl had yanked the door open and slammed it shut, locking it, though it wouldn't due much good against spirits..

"Damn it wench, you sure do know how to get 'em goin'. Those idiot's were a lot harder than I thought to ward off," Cursed a familiar voice from the shadows.

Kagome huffed and switched on the lights, illuminating him, "Stop calling me that!"

"Keh! If I were you, I'd be puttin' salt around your room. Just a word of advice, and a safety precaution," He muttered.

"Salt?" She had thrown off her heels and walked over to the kitchen, switching the lights on and searching through the cupboards for the substance. She had found a box of salt and looked at it then back at the irritated ghost, "What will this do?"

He huffed and walked to her, glaring at her before looking over the box, "Sea salt? Good, you have the best kind. C'mon, turn out all the lights, 'cause we're not coming back down here until the sun rises." With that said, he had dematerialized.

Kagome just blinked, and shaking her head she had moved to turn out the lights and go up to her room. She figured he was there and she was oddly getting used to his presence in her home. As soon as she closed the door she was met by a very irritated hanyou that seemed to have a problem with his foot twitching.

"Took ya long enough you stupid girl! Now starts pourin' the salt before they figure out a way in here!" He barked.

She squeaked, "Wh-what? I thought they couldn't come here! The shrine was stopping them!"

"Ya well, your house is at the back of the shrine and technically not part of it! As soon as they figure that out, they're gunna come crawling in the back way!" He snapped back.

Squeaking again she had begun to pour salt along the edges of her room, past her door, her closet, and around her desk to her window and back along the wall of her bed. When she was done her new roommate seemed a little bit at ease and had sat down. "Did I do it right?"

"Yeah, ya did it right. They aren't able to get in here now, and by dawn they'll be gone again for a year." He grunted.

"Oh, so this keeps them out?" Kagome motioned to the salt and earned a nod. "Well, if you don't mind, do you think you could um, leave?"

He raised a dark brow in question, giving her an are-you-stupid look, "I can't."

"Why not!"

"Because I'm locked in here thanks to the damn salt!"

"Why didn't you say so before? I'll just take some away and you can run along—"

"No way. I'm your plan B in case these guys are actually able to break through the barrier. They seem way too desperate not to try it."

Kagome pinched the bridge of her nose as she sat down onto her soft bed. Obviously ignoring him wouldn't work, so she would have to deal with this sexy ghost. 'Whoa, he isn't… I mean he's hot in a dead looking way, but no way is he sexy. Even with his long silver hair, his adorable dog ears, molten eyes and perfect body. He must have some killer abs and—Okay! Focus! He's a poltergeist, not a piece of meat!'

"I'll turn around if you want to change out of those clothes." He muttered, turning around awkwardly and closing his eyes.

She was fairly surprised and touched by his act, and didn't waste time to change into her PJs. She knew not brushing her teeth before bed was bad, but she could skip a night, and then she had crawled into bed. Inuyasha, she noticed, had relocated to sitting against her bed, his ears twitched a bit and he growled at times.

He could hear them, smell them slightly, and it disturbed him. These spirits were idiots for mulling her all at once. Of course she wouldn't be able to help 'em all at once, 'She's only a human girl.' He thought, 'A pathetic human girl.' His demonic features were once again acting up as his agitation grew. His eyes were changing colours and his markings returning, so he hid himself slightly with his long locks.

"Why were they after me?"

"You could see them."


"Ain't it obvious? They haven't been seen by anyone in years wench, of course they'd go after the first human able to see 'em."

"But why me? And I've never been able to see ghosts until.. well, you."

"Just shut up and go to bed."

"But, what if they—"

"There's no one comin' in here any time soon. You've got them locked out and me in here protecting you. So just shut up and lemme do my job." He gently growled, effectively shutting her up for her to sleep.

That was as much as a promise as she could get out of him that night.

Which wasn't entirely bad.

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