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Awakened Dead







The Holidays that used to be around the corner were now in full-blown motion. It was Christmas Eve at the Higurashi Shrine and Kagome was not in the best of moods. Ever since that night, the evening of the releasing spell and frightening battle with Naraku, Inuyasha has been gone. Though he had promised not to leave her, she completely understood why he was obligated to leave. His brother had demanded it in order to protect him. Given that Inuyasha didn't have the charm needed to hide his demonic features, he could potentially draw some unwanted attention from some nosy humans.

So says his brother.

Sesshoumaru-sama said that his company was always under great scrutiny since he owned such a powerful empire. If Inuyasha wanted any part in having any sort of future involving his half brother, then he had no choice but to leave and undergo intense training in the new technologies of the present. He would also need to have a specifically engineered charm to hide his demonic features and the Tessaiga from human eyes. At this point in time with all the spontaneous appearances of demons in the area, Sesshoumaru-sama did not wish to separate the Tessaiga from Inuyasha in case it was needed for a quick extermination.

So all in all, Inuyasha's been gone for a while now for a crash course in technology and such.

'It's been so depressing without him around…' Kagome thought with a small sigh.

Oh, and the best part was that no one had really won the bet. Sesshoumaru-sama hadn't fought Inuyasha, and said hanyou wasn't here with her due to a simple rational conversation. There had been a bit of a quarrel between the boys, an exchange of pretty foul words and a couple evil glares, but no violence and no simple 'Hello I'm glad you're alive'. It was a verbal argument in which as a result no one won in the bet. They had both been wrong. Both lost.

And now she was here, in her house, sitting in her room while staring outside her window at the falling snow. She had a warm cup of hot chocolate in her hands and was taking gradual sips to warm up. She had just come in a little while ago from shovelling a good portion of the shrine grounds. And let me tell you, doing that was not a walk in the park! At least Souta had lent a hand along with Miroku-san and Sango-san for a little bit. But they had only done a small portion before being obligated to leave to go back to their families.

'Maybe I should go downstairs and help Mama with some Christmas treats.' She thought, stifling a yawn.

Well, decorating cookies with family sure beat being alone on Christmas Eve moping in your room.

'But…' She suddenly glowered at her mug, swishing the contents around. 'Is it so much to ask for Inuyasha to be here? I admit I miss him much more than I thought I would. Plus I miss being able to summon him with just the smallest thought. I wish that still worked so I could haul his sorry butt back here for Christmas.' She puffed out her cheeks in annoyance. "Stupid Sesshoumaru and his stupid stupid demonic strength to take away my boyfriend."

Wait, Inuyasha was her boyfriend wasn't he?

Or mate?


No they definitely weren't mates yet, but Inuyasha seemed to think that they were meant to be. Which she really didn't want to argue against. They had this weird connection that she had never experienced with anyone. And anyways they both had powers and could see the dead so who could be more perfect for her? Oh and those adorable ears…

"Argh! That's it, no more sulking!" Kagome stood up abruptly, spilling some of her hot chocolate on her pj pants. "I'm going to go downstairs and help mama with the baking!" She eyed her pants and sighed lightly. "That is, after I change my pants."


… Well so much for helping.

After being shooed out of the kitchen by her mother, Kagome had grumpily decided to sit on the couch and watch her younger brother play his video games. Slowly, her eyes had started to droop, the girl beginning to feel her muscles relax and mould into the couch. When had she gotten so tired? If it weren't for her mom insisting that she didn't need help cleaning up after cookie decorating, the girl would be awake. She really didn't want to fall asleep. Cause then… It would be Christmas, without Inuyasha.

Sango-san and Miroku-san were bound to be excited. They had told her earlier about their plans to attend each other's celebrations since Sango's family preferred festivities on the Eve and Miroku's family did so on the day.

As the flashes of Souta's video games shot past her vision, Kagome had begun to internally sigh again. She was bored, tired and depressed. Turning her head so that she could look up at their tree, she had begun to wish upon the star that sat above it.

'I want him here. I miss him so much… Inuyasha.'

The first time they had met, he had been so rude and frightening. To think that they had grown so close in such a small period of time still baffled her. But hey, when it comes to love, it does tend to blindside you, right?

"Hey sis, do you want to play a game with me? I can change the settings to multi player or something." Souta asked suddenly.

Kagome had taken note that the screen had big letters saying 'pause' on it.

"No, it's okay. I'm too sleepy to play. I bet you'd kick my butt."

"I always kick your butt at this." He taunted with a similar grin to that of Inuyasha's.

That put her into an even deeper state of depression. 'Why does it have to be Christmas? I'd rather go through exam week again just to lose track of time and occupy my brain with facts rather than thoughts of him.' She thought, smiling lightly at her brother. "That's not going to work on me squirt." She let out a big yawn, indicating just how tired she was.

"Fine fine." She heard her brother mumbled, the game resuming on the TV.

As she closed her eyes, she vaguely felt a tug of a demonic presence. Half hoping that it was her hanyou answering her call, she felt herself smile in her sleep. 'But I bet Sesshoumaru-sama wouldn't let him come. He's too much of a grouch.'

"Oi sis, look outside!"

'Shut up Souta… Too loud.' Kagome mentally replied back, feeling herself drift further and further into the dark abyss.

"Nee-san it's In—"

She mumbled something incoherent under her breath, turning onto her side and nuzzling her face into the cushion. Oh yeah, she was definitely dead to the world now.

That's why she didn't hear the front door open.

Or her mother greeting someone with delight and allowing him in.

Or even her little brothers squeals of excitement.

She hadn't heard any of it. However she did hear one thing. A voice that was so close to her ear, she could feel the person's hot breath. She could smell the fresh scent of the winters cold on him and felt a soft touch to her cheek.

"You know I didn't come all this way just to watch you sleep. Although with you being so defenceless like this, I might just have to take advantage of it before you wake up."

Every time..!

"I wouldn't mind either. After all, you are mine."

Of all the damn things he could've said. He just had to go down that road again. Didn't he? He just loves his ridiculous taunts and incredibly perverted—

She had turned herself onto her back and laced her voice with a feral growl. "You insufferable son of a—Mmmph Mhiift!" He would interrupt her rant with a kiss... Which simply meant that this was no dream or a hallucination. She could actually feel the press of his lips against hers, and sweetness behind the simple kiss.

He had torn himself away from her, a large grin smugly placed on his face. "I missed you too wench."

Kagome blinked open her blue eyes slowly, now almost thinking that she was in a dream after all. The person who sounded so much like the Inuyasha she knew looked different to her. He had the most beautiful purple eyes, and long black hair that could rival hers. He looked like the Inuyasha she had encountered when she had hurt him during one of her fits.

"You look confused." Inuyasha furrowed his brows.

Kagome stared at him blankly, trying to understand why he looked human (she had just woken up after all..). Slowly she lifted both her hands and then had burrowed them into the boys black hair messily. "But…" She began in a small voice. "Where are your dog ears?" She questioned without thinking.

Again there was a moment of silence.

He stared at her, blinking a few times before speaking in pure amusement.

"Huh, your mother really wasn't kidding when she said you were tired." Inuyasha finally replied after a long pause, snatching the girls hands out from his hair and lowering them back to her sides. "Wench I'm wearing a charm. Remember? C'mon, wake up already and start using that brain of yours. You couldn't have possibly fried it that much during your school exam things, right?"

A charm?

"Wait." Kagome sat up, feeling a bit light headed at first, but then shaking it off. "Are you telling me I'm not dreaming? This is real?" She found that he was kneeling on the carpet next to the couch, wearing very modern clothing that suited him well. His cheeks were also still a bit pink from the cold weather and his hair did look a bit tousled.

"This is as real as it gets. And you had better be counting your freaking lucky stars that your senile grandfather didn't hear you ask where my dog ears were wench." He huffed, standing up to stretch.

"Inu-onii-san! Are you going to be staying! Huh?" Souta came rushing into the living room excitedly followed by his mom.

"Oh yes, we would be happy to have you." She added with a warm smile. "It's been so long since we've seen you, and Kagome has been sulking quite a bit lately."

"Is that so?" Inuyasha smirked knowingly. "Well I don't mind staying for a while. But just in case, I think I should warn you that there is a very likely chance that my arrogant brother is going to be stopping by with his wife tomorrow to attempt to drag me back. So you might have to put up with him too."

"Good. We have quite a bit of food anyways. The more guests the least leftovers." She kept her smile. Now turning to Souta she had ushered for him to follow her out. "Come on dear, it's time for bed."

Obviously the boy wasn't going to go to bed without putting up a bit of a pout, but had nonetheless left with his mother upstairs. The only people left were now a dumbfounded Kagome and a more than pleased Inuyasha.

"C'mon Kagome, I think its time for bed too. You look exhausted." The hanyou bent down and picked the girl up off the couch with ease. "What did ya do today? Fight an army or somethin?" He mumbled softly, carrying her carefully up the stairs of the house, not caring if some of the lights were left on. He could always go back later to turn 'em off anyways.

"I really did miss you." Kagome mumbled, fighting back a yawn. "Are you going to take off your charm when we go to bed? I miss you dog ears." She giggled a bit, almost feeling him rolling his eyes.

He had walked right into her room, gently placing her down onto her bed with a grunt. "Sure if it means I get to stay with you tonight. Not that you have much of a choice in the matter." He chuckled softly at her raised brow and smiled. He then buried one of his hands into the neck of his shirt, pulling out what looked like a normal leather necklace with a small gem on it. He tugged it over his head, which then made his appearance drastically change into that of a half demon with the Tessaiga safely strapped to his left hip. Now he really was back.

Just as she remembered him.

With the exception of looking dashing in his modern jeans and button down shirt.

"Ya know, the only thing this charm won't hide are these damn beads of subjugation of yours. Looks like your enchantment is much more powerful." He feigned complaining, actually having grown fond of the necklace and its meaning.

"Just take off your shirt and come to bed. I'm sleepy and unfortunately clearly deprived of your presence." Kagome ordered, pulling back her bed sheets and fluffing her pillows.

Hell he didn't need to be told twice.

Kagome watched him switch out the lights and yank of his shirt in record timing. An amusing sight since she had not once seen him take off his clothing. 'Very nice.' She internally complemented him on his chiselled features. She grudgingly tore her eyes away due to the burning feeling on her cheeks, deciding instead to crawl under her warm blankets.

There was a distinct snort of laughter from her silvery friend who then said. "I saw that. Don't think you can hide those kinds of looks from me K'gome." He shot her a wide cocky smile as he joined her under the sheets and tucked them both in. "No need to be embarrassed. I know I'm incredibly good looking, hell even sexy—"

"Oh please, stop now before you really start to ruin this moment."

"I ain't ruining anything. I'm in fact adding to the atmos—"

"Uh huh, sure."

"You smell nice, have I told you that yet?"

"Wh-what—H-hey don't change the subject—" Kagome shivered when his nose had descended to the crook of her neck, feeling him nuzzle her as he inhaled her smell. Oh gosh what was he doing to her? And now she was feeling his lips as he nibbled at her skin and then spread butterfly kisses along her neck.

"Even if we were separated for just six days, it felt like months since I had the privilege of smelling something as good as you. Damn that Sesshoumaru for taking me away." Inuyasha grumbled against her skin. "I'm not letting him do it again. Though seeing my father's fortress was refreshing, I'd rather have him just finish his stupid training with me here." He wrapped his strong arms around her little waist, practically crushing Kagome to his body.

"Well he does have a new building now. He really could just set up here and you guys can keep doing whatever it is you're doing here in Tokyo." Kagome gave him a peck on his chest. "I think that he really needs to consider doing that unless he really wants to pick a fight with me."

Inuyasha chuckled against her, purring in approval. "I'd like to see that. But he definitely won't be thinking of staying anywhere for a long period of time with Rin in her condition—"

"Wait, what condition? Is she alright?" Kagome asked worriedly.

"Don't worry, she's fine. She's just pregnant for the first time—"

"Haven't they been together for centuries? And now she's pregnant?" Kagome asked in confusion.

"Yeah, as it turns out the prick wasn't fond of the idea of having half breeds for pups. Rin had slowly been turning him around on the topic. I like to think that since I've been revived that he's happy to have a family now that they have an uncle who's a half demon to relate to." He shrugged. "I don't know, my brother's weird."

Kagome softly snorted against him. "Enough talking. We can continue this conversation in the morning."

"Alright." The hanyou purred in agreement, rubbing small circles into his girlfriends back. "Out of curiosity, you are willing to be my mate right?" He whispered softly, feeling a little more frightened about the answer than he should be.

"Obviously. You do know that I most likely can't live without you." Kagome slurred a bit against him, feeling sleep rapidly take her over. "Igm ign lufvs wih ouuh." She snuggled against her protector, sighing lightly as she fell into the depths of sleep.

Inuyasha rested his head onto the girls' pillow, letting out a breath of relief. This all still seemed too surreal for him. Too perfect to have happened to a half breed mutt like him. And yet here he was, with the most beautiful and fiery woman he had ever met. He wouldn't change anything about this. 'Just wait till we really mate. Things are bound to be more interesting when we develop a stronger bond.'

'That ass-wipe Sesshoumaru is gunna hafta deal with me staying here from now on. 'Cause there's no way I'd let anything happen to this girl. No, my soon to be mate.'

"Heh." He breathed into Kagome's inky black tresses. "Pleasant dreams."









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