Zoo Edition!!!


We're going to the zoo! We're going to the zoo!! It took me forever to convince Edward to take me. But here we are packed into Edward's Volvo; me, Edward, Alice, Jasper (cause Alice dragged him), Emmett, and Rosalie (Cause Emmett dragged her). And I'm really squished. Me, Alice, Emmett, and Jasper are in the back Rose took the front seat. "OWWWWW!!!!" Alice just stepped on my foot. "Sorry, I'm sorry, don't kill me with you hyperness!" Alice begged. "Oh, I'm not the hyper one today." I assured her. "Then who is?" She asked. "THIS SHIT IS BABANAS B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" Edward screamed. "Oh."


"I love this song!" I yelled. "Edward, hunny, there isn't any music playing." My Bella said from the backseat. "Really?" I asked I genially thought I herd music playing. "Really." Alice said. "I wasn't talking to you Miss Priss." I snapped. "Emmett's a teddy bear!" I said. "Am not I'm an irritable grizzly!" Emmett said. "Are not you're a teddy bear!" Soon the whole car had joined in calling him a teddy bear even Rose. That's what he gets for force feeding my sugar cubes!


How the hell did Edward get so hyper? I can't even calm him down that must mean… "ARG Emmett how could you!" I yelled "Huh?" he said. "You force fed Edward sugar cubes!" I accused. "Maybe..." Emmett said. "You know the effect sugar has on vampires, I thought there was something fishy about how Edward let us go to the zoo!" "He he I can um explain."


"Emmett you did what!" I yelled "I um don't hurt me!" Emmett begged. "You are so kicked out of our room!" I said. He knows never to feed a vampire sugar but he does it anyway. Why? Why me? There should be a husband EBay I could sell Emmett and get a normal husband. Why couldn't I have saved someone like Jasper or Edward at least they are normal well as normal as a vampire can be… "Were here!" Bella said.


"Wow! Now I understand why Bella is so addicted to sugar it makes you all happy and there is awesome music playing in your head!" Edward said. Maybe I shouldn't have force fed him sugar he's starting to get on my nerves. "Lets go see the mountain lions, Bella." Edward said. "Ok" Bella agreed. Phew at least he's out of our hair. "Rose want to go see the bears?" I asked "No I am not speaking to you starting now!" Rose said. Aw man!


I am so going to kill Jasper when we get home I just found out he was toying with our emotions again. He made Emmett feel mischievous so he made Edward eat sugar. "You are so dead and your kicked out of the room too!" I said. "NOOO!!!" Jasper said. "Well Jasper you want to move into the garage?" Emmett asked. "Yummy in my tummy!" Edward said. Oh no! That can't be good. "Um…guys I think we should go!"