Happy Birthday HiN4cH4n! This two-shot is for you!


Chapter 1

Hyuuga Hinata was a nervous girl, everyone knew that. Or rather, it was not that she was nervous, but she was shy, which had an air of nervousness to it. Days like today would make her especially shy AND nervous. Why was today so special? Well for one thing, it was her birthday. But that normally did not make her nervous since when she did have a birthday, it was always with family and other Hyuuga members. Now this leads us to the real reason why she was nervous. This birthday wasn't going to be celebrated with other Hyuuga, but with her friends. This too isn't a big cause of nervousness for the young princess. Now you're asking, what IS making her so nervous? Well, it's not a thing, but a person… a person named Uzumaki Naruto. How did Uzumaki Naruto get invited into one of the most prestigious clans in all of Konoha? Well, let's find out shall we?

1 week before birthday

Hinata stood in front of her father's study room door, fixing herself up and zipping up her jacket so that nothing could be shown. The girl had quite a bust, which was envied by girls who had the imagination to figure out what was beneath that jacket and caused many a nosebleed among the perverted male population (meaning any male over 14 that saw her).

Raising a fist, she gently rapped her knuckles against the wooden door, and waited for a response. A surprisingly gentle "come in" was heard from the other side of the door. Following the orders, she opened the door and bowed before walking to face her father.

"Good evening Father, what is it that you wanted to see me for?" Said the confident Hyuuga Heiress. Ever since Naruto's leave, the young princess strove to be more confident. She was willing to go all the way, even if it killed her. Seeing that she was alive, it looks like she made her goal.

"Hinata, please sit down." Her father said sternly, though, with a subtle, soft undertone. Hinata caught onto this and wondered what was up. Normally, her father was stern even if it meant having to die because of it.

So, she bent down on one of the Tatami mats into a Seiza position, facing her father who too had adopted the same pose as her. After a moment of silence, Hiashi finally spoke up.

"Hinata, Next Saturday is your birthday." Hiashi stated, to which Hinata merely looked on, trying not to show her confusion. They both knew it was her birthday after all, so why mention it? So either he had something really important to say, or he was going to do something outrageous.

"So, as a present to you for becoming a fully matured woman and having become a worthy master of the Gentle Fist style, I will allow you to invite your friends over. I will even allow you to be alone with your friends since I am confident that you are responsible enough not to do anything that would shame the Hyuuga name." Hiashi paused for a moment, looking at her daughter with semi-curious eyes. Continuing, he said, "I also already took the opportunity to send an invitation to everyone you have ever associated with."

Hinata sat there, an unreadable expression across her pristine face. However, if one was perceptive enough, one could've noticed the slight widening of Hinata's eyes in what could only be assumed as shock and surprise. Though, these words were a mere understatement as to what she was really feeling. Her mind, still in shock, finally heard the rest of what Hiash had said.

Finally breaking her stoic face, she blurted out what was on her mind. "EVERYONE?!" Hinata yelled out, but quickly closed her mouth shut, hoping that she didn't just ruin what had been laid out for her.

To her surprise, Hiashi merely quirked an eyebrow before replying, "Yes, everyone Hinata. Even that dreadful Uzumaki boy." Hiashi's face distorted into a grimace at the mere mention of the blonde's name, but if Hinata saw good in the boy, then she must be right because like her mother, Hinata seemed to have an ability that far surpassed that of the Hyuuga's Byakuugan. It was the ability to perceive people for what and who they really are. Hiashi began reminiscing about the time he had spent with his wife. He had been even colder than he was now, even a little bit sadistic. Then he met his wife, but he didn't change much even while he dated her. However, it seemed that she could see his true heart, better than he could see it himself. Eventually, he showed his calmer, gentler side to her. All along, she had been right about him. It frustrated him to no end that she was right, but it didn't matter… not anymore.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard his daughter blurt out once again. "Naruto is not bad! He's just…" Hinata stopped and mentally scolded herself. Any more of these out-of-turn rants and she would be in serious trouble. Or that's what she thought.

'He's not bad?' Hiashi pondered this for a moment. With a deep sigh, he replied, "Maybe… Maybe you're right Hinata."

Hiashi noted her reaction, a slight ripple in her eye. Though Hinata's face was for the moment, as stoic as his, the eyes do not lie for they are the window to the soul. What he read in her eyes was confusion, severe confusion. Hiashi almost felt like smiling. Almost.

"Well, that is all I have to say. You may leave now Hinata. May you bring honor to the Hyuuga clan." Hiashi said, before getting up. With a slight bow, he turned and left towards the training area, to meditate and gather his thoughts.

Hinata on the other hand, was in the same position and had not moved a muscle. She couldn't, because after all, those past few minutes caused her the greatest shock and confusion she had ever experienced in her life.

Hinata (Present Time)

Hinata looked around. She still couldn't believe it. All of her friends were here, celebrating her birthday. Even the ever brooding Uchiha Sasuke was here. Her lips formed a small frown. Though she did not hate Sasuke, she did hate the fact that he tried to kill her beloved Naruto-kun. That itself would be unforgivable but, since Naruto saw Sasuke as the brother he never had, she couldn't stay made at Sasuke. Still...

"Hey Hinata! Great party." Hinata immediately recognized the voice and gasped, before turning around to see a grinning Naruto. Immediately all the right reactions took place. First she blushed. Then her heart began beating rapidly. Then she started lacking breath. Then, a wonderful feeling of butterflies and nervousness in her stomach. Yup… all the right reactions of love one would say.

"I didn't think the Hyuugas even knew the meaning of a party, no offense Hinata." Naruto said as he looked around. Indeed, it seemed that the Hyuugas did know something about partying as portrayed by the merriment in the room. Sakura was off, still flirting with Sasuke. It didn't bother Naruto much anymore, if at all. He had known this would happen. Suddenly, a gleaming, small, silver bowl crossed his vision.

"N-None taken Naru-" Hinata began, but was cut off.

"Is that ramen?!" Naruto said pointing to one of the servers, who seemed to be carrying a bowl that emanated a smell he had always come to know as ramen, the food of the gods.

"Y-Yea, it is N-Naruto-kun. I made sure t-that everyone ate food that they l-liked." Hinata proceeded to sit down in one of the chairs, feeling too faint to keep on standing. After all, she actually held a conversation with Naruto without fainting.

Naruto looked at the ramen for a moment, then at Hinata who seemed to be ill. For a split-second, he debated on whether he should make sure Hinata was alright, or get some ramen. The choice was obvious.

"I'll be right back." Naruto said before leaving to find one of the waiters.

As Naruto walked off, he failed to see the slightly saddened look that adorned Hinata's face. She sighed in disappointment, though she told herself that she should've expected this. Though Naruto had acknowledged her as a friend, he wouldn't go to simple lengths such as caring for one's health, even if he did have a tendency to try and sacrifice his life for people he cared about. Hinata let out another resigned sigh before she felt a hand tap her shoulder.

Looking up, she saw Naruto looking at her. Something about the way he was looking at her suddenly made her happy and nervous at the same time. Not that she wasn't already nervous. Snapping out of her delusions, she noticed that Naruto was offering her a cup of water.

"Heh, you should drink some water." He said as Hinata took the cup of water from his hands, albeit, nervously, "I remember sometimes that Sakura would get something called 'dehydrated', or that's what Kakashi told me. He said the only way to cure it was to drink water. You looked like Sakura just now so I figured you had 'dehydrated'." Naruto grinned goofily, a hidden sign of nervousness, as Hinata just looked at him with a funny look.

"T-Thank you N-Naruto-kun…" Hinata said, her heart feeling even as if it had left her body and gone up to heaven.

Naruto looked at Hinata for a moment, pausing lightly at the sensation the seemed to be running throughout his body. "Y-Your welcome." Naruto stuttered. Turning around, he went to get some ramen, all the while wondering why he had stuttered… and whey he felt good and yet, so embarrassed?

Hinata looked at the cup which to her was no ordinary cup. No, this was a cup that represented Naruto's care and attention for her, even if it was just being friendly. Something caught her eye as she looked at the water. It was a reflection of her; only, she was smiling like a silly goofball, and blushing to add to that.

"You look happy Hinata-chan." Looking up, she noticed Ten-Ten standing there, with a knowing look on her face.

"It's b-because everyone is h-here and having a good time." Hinata replied, hoping that her secret wasn't out.

To her shock, Ten-Ten laughed. "You don't expect me to believe that do you? Everyone could be gone and you'd still be happy as long as Naruto was here."

Hinata blushed a furious crimson red and, stuttering, she tried denying Ten-Ten's bold accusation (which were true). "A-Ah-Ah…umm…" Something said the she couldn't deny it even if it caused her death.

To her embarrassment, Ten-Ten laughed again, who knew full well what Hinata's reactions meant. "Hinata, you're a silly person. Only a blind fool, or in this case, Naruto, would not be able to see that you're head over heels in love with him." Once again, Ten-Ten laughed as Hinata's mouth was wide open in shock. And here Hinata thought that she had kept her feelings a secret.

Ten-Ten smiled and, after patting Hinata's head, left to talk to said object of Hinata's affection. Of course, Hinata did not know this, otherwise she would've asked what Ten-Ten wanted with Naruto. So Hinata just sat there, still holding her cup that she treasured dearly. She was a bit thirsty though, so she drank the water inside, slowly, trying to see if she could taste the scent of Naruto.

"You're really enjoying that water aren't you Hinata?" Hinata choked on the water momentarily, before looking at the smiling visage of Ino.

"W-What do y-you m-mean?" Hinata said, fidgeting slightly due to the increased nervousness she was feeling.

Ino giggled as she shook her head, her blonde hair swaying with the movement. "Well, when I saw Naruto giving the water to you, you looked so lovestruck! I mean, there were practically little pink hearts in your eyes Hinata!" Ino smiled as Hinata became more and more flustered by the truthful accusations. A redder and redder face accompanied the frustration as well.

"I-I-I mean, well i-it was, u-uhh." Hinata hung her head down, hoping that her long hair would cover her face from the overly happy Ino.

Ino looked at a frustrated Hinata and for some reason, became a little envious of her. Ino thought that it could be possible for Naruto to return Hinata's love because unlike Sasuke, Naruto wasn't a cold, unfeeling bastard as much as Ino hated to admit. Reaching out and patting her head, Ino spoke softly, "Hey Hinata, don't worry too much. Naruto may be an idiot, but he's not emotionally blind. Talk to him, I'm sure it'll turn out for the best." With that being said, Ino walked away, actually feeling really good about helping Hinata.

Hinata just sat there, her head still hanging. But the she began to think, all the time Naruto was gone, what had she been trying to do? She had been trying to improve her confidence, not to be weak. But it seemed that no matter how hard she tried, Naruto would forever be her greatest source of strength, but also her greatest weakness.

With a hardened resolve, she got up from her chair to go and prepare herself before going to meet said ramen-lover.

Naruto (walking down one of the hallways)

"Shoot… now where did that guy say the bathroom was?" Naruto paused for a moment, finger on chin, trying to remember the servant's words, "Did he say, left, straight, right, left? Or was it left, left, straight, right? Or right, left…oh ramen! Where the heck am I?" Naruto let out a defeated sigh as he hung his head, slumping his body forward slightly. Looking up once again, he figured he might as well keep searching, he might get lucky.

Somehow, he managed to find a flight of stairs. With nature now beginning a more insistent call, he hurried upstairs to see if there was a bathroom. Once upstairs, he looked down the hallway and saw many doors to the right of him while on the left side, there was a rail with a view of the floor below. Naruto not really caring about the view, decided to check each door. The first one was closed, the second one was closed, and so were the third and fourth. Nearly at the edge of peeing his pants, Naruto desperately hoped that the next door would his salvation.

And it turned out to be unlocked. Thank the Kami of ramen, Naruto nearly broke the door upon opening it due to the rush he was in. Looking around, he vaguely noticed that it was a room of some sort, but not really caring about that at the moment, he continued looking for the toilet. Looking to the right, he opened the door immediately upon seeing it. He let out a sigh of relief, it was a bathroom in all its glory, but he wasn't relieved just yet. Closing his door, he proceeded about his business.


Hinata walked down one of the many corridors, confident that she'd be able to pull it off. But the more she thought of it, the more it made her nervous, and the more it made her want to go back to the party. But no! If she didn't do this, she would never be able overcome her shyness of facing Naruto!

Walking up a flight of stairs, she continued down the hallway and opened the second to last door of the hallway. Entering her room, she noted a familiar scent in her room. It almost smelled like Naruto. Shaking her head at the silly notion, she discarded the thought. After all, Naruto didn't know where her room was, and why would he be there even if he did know the location of her room? Besides the only way Naruto could've been in her room was if Hinata had finally snapped and forcefully dragged Naruto into her room, tied him up, and… Whoa! What was Hinata thinking?

For a moment, she looked out the window that sat a few feet above the head of her bed, trying to get rid of the embarrassing thought out of her mind. Then, she contemplated on what dress to wear for her beloved Naruto. But then a thought crossed her mind, did Naruto like girls with dresses? Biting her lip, she hoped that he did or else all these preparations would be all for naught.

Going to her closet, she opened it and immediately blushed. There, right in front of her, was a scarlet red dress that Ino had given her in case Hinata had ever needed to seduce someone, as Ino had put it. It lacked sleeves and straps, which Ino told her was perfect since guys were turned on by girls who showed their necks. Then there was the front, which seemed to hug her breasts, accentuating her bust, and showing a decent amount of cleavage as well. Ino had told her that if this failed, showing a bit of cleavage would surely catch a guy's attention. No doubt whatsoever. Finally, there was the lower half of the dress. It was very revealing, leaving very little to the imagination. The back rand down all the way to her heels, but the front barely covered her front. It might as well have been a small cloth covering her since the front part only reached down to the middle of her thighs. And as if it wasn't short enough and revealing enough, there was a slit on each side which, at the right angle, would let the seer know if the girl in the dress was wearing panties or not. Ino had graciously advised her on going with the 'no panties' idea to which Hinata merely passed, her brain not being to wrap around the idea of not wearing panties. Well, it wasn't the idea of wearing the dress so much as Naruto seeing her in that dress… then him getting turned on, dragging her into his room and… oh my!

Blushing, she decided to try it on. Besides, it's not like anyone was going to see her in it. She was in her room and everyone else was too busy enjoying the party. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a little bell rang, telling her that this was a bad idea. But she ignored, squishing out the feeling of uncertainty with seemingly solid logic. After all, this was for Naruto, not her. Well, maybe not this particular dress, but she was still doing it for Naruto. So slipping off her thick coat, she began her disrobing process by quickly shedding her mesh undershirt and her pants.


"Ahh… that felt good!" Naruto thought, finally feeling satisfied after relieving himself. Then a curious thought entered his mind. "I wonder, why is that people say that they need to go the bathroom 'badly' when after you pee, you feel good?" Naruto thought about that for a moment, then shrugged before finishing his toilet time. After flushing the toilet, he went to wash his hands.


Hinata heard the sound of a toilet flushing coming from behind her bathroom door. Puzzled, she wondered why there would be anyone in her room. Maybe one of the maids were cleaning up inside, but needed a break. This is what Hinata figured. A thought occurred to her, maybe she could ask the maid if the dress looked good on her? So, she stood there, waiting for the door to open. The sound of someone washing their hands was heard, then a squeak of the faucet being closed. The door unlocked and the knob twisted, the door slowly opened…