Ok all, you probably will be able to tell that I did NOT write this last chapter. A very dear girl by the username of Jareau-Freak-Forever-101 agreed to finish this story for me. I'm sorry I was not able to complete it myself, but I hope you all enjoy this.

When backup arrived way too late then they should have, Munch told them what
happened while Fin sat in the back of the ambulance as they fixed his jaw.

Don had called Olivia and Eliot too tell them what happened and too get there
immediately. So they did.

When they got there El went too get out but Olivia didn't she was scared,
she knew it was her fault for putting her colleagues into danger and she
didn't know how too make it right.

"Olivia Benson, they are not mad at you if that's what your thinking
about" El said, its like he read her mind.

"I know, it just seems like its my fault some how" She whispered.

"Well its not ok, now come see them to get reassurance" El said, walking
around to open her door for her.

But as he passed the front of the car, he glanced at the crowd and noticed
the one and only Jimmy Somers standing there keeping a close eye on Olivia in
the car. El didn't want too spook Olivia any more then she was and just
carried on doing what he was doing but every now and then, glancing over too

"Liv, why don't you go see Fin while I go talk too Munch and Cragen" El
said, giving her a huge hug before she nodded and walked over to the

"Guys, He's here, in the crowd" El said, nodding his head to were Jimmy
Somers was standing.

"He is, well move in and surround him, but do it calmly we don't want too
freak Olivia out" Munch said, looking at Olivia too make sure she wasn't

"Lets go" Elliot said, quickly glancing over at Olivia to see if she was

The 3 men went different ways and Jimmy Somers had no idea what they were
doing but he had a feeling that it wasn't good so he began too back up, and
then he darted off with Elliot, Munch and Don on his tail, Olivia had her back
turned to this and did not see but Fin did but just kept her talking.


"Jimmy Somers, Freeze" Cragen yelled.

"Ok, I give up" Jimmy said putting his hands above his head and turning

Elliot walked over too him and arrested him, read him his rights and put him
in the back of the awaiting police car just outside of the alley way that
Jimmy lead them too.


When they arrived back at the original spot where they were, Elliot walked
over to Olivia, turned her too face him and said "Liv, He's gone we got
him, you don't need to worry about him any longer"!

Olivia stood there astonished at what her partner just told her.

"He Is, Jimmy is in custody, We have him" Olivia said her face beginning
to lighten happily for the first time in awhile.
"Yes Liv we have him" El said, just as he said that, Eliot grabbed
Olivia's waist pulled her close and laid a long, sweet and passionate kiss
upon her lips, and for the first time EVER, Olivia Benson truly felt LOVED as
well as SAFE!

The End

Alright, there you go. I'm truly sorry if you didn't enjoy but Jareau-Freak-Forever-101 worked hard on this. Plus she's written more stories than I have so the girl has more experience :) Thanks again!