Author's note: This is just how I feel about this guy at my school. I like him so much but I feel like he'll never see me no matter what I do. He's got so many other people who are better, prettier, and smarter than me after him. I put it in Orihime's POV. She loves Ichigo and he wont even look her way. Hope this helps you ichirukias to see why I love this pairing so much.

Disclaimer: Don't own any of the rights.

There he was again. He was just so… beautiful? No you can't call a man beautiful. Handsome didn't seem like enough to describe how gorgeous he was in my eyes but, it'd have to do. I could write a whole book about how great he was.

My knight in shining armor, yet not mine. I couldn't touch him.

My handsome prince. Yet, he wouldn't kiss me to wake me from my nightmares.

So, if he wouldn't save me.. Why did I love him you ask? Well, he made me feel safe and I know that we could work together. He wouldn't even look my way, he was always looking at her.

What guy wouldn't want her though? She was strong, beautiful and smart. Every guys dream.

"Good morning!" My best friend said. I just smiled and asked how her weekend was. She went into a rant about heaven knows what? I was interested elsewhere.

In my fantasies, he'd sweep me off my friend, kiss me and tell me he loved me. Then, we'd marry and take me to or honeymoon sweet. All night, he'd whisper sweet nothings and keep me safe in his arms like towers. He wouldn't let anything get me, but.. These were just my dreams, fiction.

Sometimes, I thought I'd caught him staring. Out of the corner of his eye, he'd sneak glances. But there's no way he'd be looking at me. I wasn't exceptionally pretty or great.

I was ordinary, unexceptional. Even if I was unexceptional and knew he would never be with me, it hurt to think of him with another woman. I could only hope that fate would get terribly confused and twine our fates together. That by some miracle, he'd see me as I see him.

"See you tomorrow students, have a great night!" The teacher told us. My best friend and I walked home. She always walked with me.

As soon as I got home, I mindlessly did my homework, grabbed a quart or ice cream, and began to stare out the window. When did it start to rain? I strongly disliked rain. I made you want to cry.

How come, he was all that I could think about anymore? Before I knew it, I was exhausted so, I passed out on the couch. At least I could be with him in my dreams..

A/N: Sorry, this is kind of depressing. It's supposed to be that dark side of Orihime in some ways. But, if you like someone and you feel like you'll never be good enough no matter how hard you try.. This is how you'd be too.

Anyways, I could continue this, but it's meant to be a one-shot. 5 reviews and I'll continue it.