Mario was having a celebration at his house for finally reaching the one hundredth chapter. Whatever that meant, anyway.

"It's the one hundredth chapter! Isn't this great?" Mario exclaimed with great jot as he raised his cup.

Bowser, Bowser Jr., Waluigi, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Birdo, the only five characters being there, looked at each other and then back at Mario. Silence.

"Yeah, as great as being stuck to a skunk with no memory of anything." Bowser remarked as he looked at some of the magazines Mario had.

Mario glanced angrily at Bowser as he placed his hands on his hips. "What does that mean?"

"It means I don't want to be stuck with you, you idiot plumber!" Bowser snapped back as he tossed a magazine at Mario's head.

Waluigi sighed as he sat down in front of Mario's pink piano. "Agh... why were we invited again?"

Bowser Jr. scratched the back of his head as he looked down, closing his eyes. "I think it's because we feel sorry for Mario so we had to keep him some company."

Sonic nodded in agreement, having gotten his fifth glass of water. "Well, that's the only reason I came. I'd never be caught dead hanging out with Lardio."

"Shut up, Sonic! You-a stupid-a hedgehog!" Mario shouted angrily as he shook his fist at Sonic.

Sonic scoffed as he pointed back at Mario, telling Waluigi and Bowser Jr., "See what I mean?"

Mario sighed as he sat down on his red sofa, putting his right hand on his face. "Mamma mia... why is it that the people I'm indifferent towards are here, but the guys I actually like aren't?"

Birdo tried her best to comfort Mario, not really knowing what to say. "Well... um..." She coughed nervously, patting Mario on the head. "Maybe we should just celebrate this moment."

Mario glanced up at Birdo,m and he sighed, looking back at the room. "You know what, you're right. I just need to be confident with what we have and... uh..." He slapped his forehead as he groaned. "Oh for God's sakes, I forgot what I was talking about!"

"Your 100th celebration," Dry Bowser clarified as he carried in a giant strawberry flavored birthday cake.

"Oh good, my order came in!" Mario happily chimed as he pushed Dry Bowser to the side, causing the skeletal reptile to turn into a pile of bones as the red capped plumber rubbed his hands together, ready to have some cake...

...if it didn't explode on him and the others. Mario popped out of the cake mess, glancing around in disappointment, only to be greeted by Princess Daisy's big butt farting in his face, the red haired tomboy princess having hid in the cake as a surprise. And yes, she was wearing brown stained fart filled yellow jeans, because what would this story be in the greens without Princess Daisy farting in tight jeans?

"By the way, all these stinky butt bombs of mine came from those burritos I found, y'know, IN THE BATHROOM!" Daisy laughed as her brassy tuba like pooting toots became deeper pitched with each fart, making Mario the subject of her bassy and wet pants pooping flatulence.