Sakura: YAY! Another OneShot!!
Roxas: Whoopee...
Sakura: (glares) I almost NEVER put you in anything...well, give or take a couple of times...BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!! Jeez, you're just like Riku...
Riku: (shouting) WHAT ABOUT ME??
Roxas and Sakura: Nothing...

Disclaimer: If I owned Kingdom Hearts, you really think I'd be sitting here writing this stuff? The answer to that children, is no. I'd be too busy rolling in all the money I'd made. Which I'm not. (sigh) You get the picture...

The everlasting setting sun glinted off the clock tower overlooking the quiet setting of Twilight Town. Olette sighed gloomily, looking wistfully at her Sea Salt ice cream bar, melting due to the sun's hot rays. "Olette? Are you..okay?"

"Huh?" The fifteen year old green eyed girl looked up at the aforementioned person that had just spoken to her, and she smiled slightly when she caught sight of familiar blue orbs. "Oh, hey...Roxas." Olette bit her lip hesitantly—had he heard the slight hesitation in her voice when she said his name?

"You hesitated. Come on, Lette. You can tell me what's wrong. We are best friends." Olette smiled at the use of his nickname for her.

"It's just, I don't know, Roxas. I just get the feeling that Hayner was right. I feel like...we won't be together forever."

"That's all?" Roxas let out a laugh. "Olette, the only thing that's ending is summer. We'll still be together, promise!"

Olette bit her lip again, and mentally chastised herself for that annoying bad habit. "There's something else..." Roxas sat down next to her on the ledge of the clock tower, his face wearing a mask of concern. "Olette, please tell me the truth, what's bothering you?"

"I just get this feeling—you're going to leave soon. And I won't ever see you again." Roxas jerked back, surprised. "What?" Suddenly, Olette's head was buried in Roxas's shoulder, and her arms were wrapped around him protectively. "Please don't go! I couldn't imagine what life would be like without you here..." After a few moments of stunned silence from the blond-headed boy, Roxas's arms wrapped around Olette, one hand stroking her hair.

"I promise. I'll always be with you. Even though you won't really see me..." Olette lifted her head up to stare into Roxas's eyes, tilting her head to the side in response. "Huh? Where'd that come from?" Roxas smiled, holding Olette close to him again.

"Don't know. Something that just popped into my mind. Hmm. You forgot about your ice cream." Olette turned, noticing a sticky mass of blue liquid beginning to drip off the ledge of the clock tower. She turned back to Roxas, an angelic smile on her face.

"Oh, that? That's nowhere near important as you. Besides, it's your turn to buy me another one." Roxas was shocked at Olette's ability to say something so passionate and then follow it up with a joke about ice cream. It was just one of those things that Roxas loved about her. He glared at her playfully.

"Is not!"

Olette glared back. "Is too!" She was just about to make another complaint when Roxas brought his lips to hers in a hesitant yet sweet kiss. When he drew back, Olette was stunned into silence. "Still want that ice cream?" he whispered.