Law and Sex – Olivia Benson "Snacking in Bed"

By Nicolas

Genre: Smut

Series: SVU

Author's note: newest series of short stories featuring various Law and Order detectives in sexual situations. These stories are meant for adults only. There will be no specific warnings. Censored Version


Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want. ~Gael Greene


"I'm not sure if I want to nibble on this olive or on your clit."

Olivia smiled and took the olive from Mike's hand. She rubbed the black olive against her clit. "Oh, that's cold too."

She then put it inside Mike's open mouth.

"Mmm, that's delicious. See, why didn't I think of that?"

Olivia wiggled her eyebrows. She was naked in the middle of Mike Logan's bed. A bowl of black olives on her tummy, and other snacks were beside her. It was a strange but comfortable place to be for her.

"Can I have some of this…?" Mike asked before lowering his mouth onto her breast. He suckled her hard and she arched her back.

Olivia grabbed an olive and bit into it. Her eyes were half closed from pleasure and exhaustion. That morning she was up early making some fresh chocolate chip cookies to bring to Elliot's house. Kathy and Elliot had invited her over to Thanksgiving dinner. It was going to be an early meal; so she skipped breakfast and lunch. Elliot's blue eyes glistened with unshed tears as he informed her that they were taking a plate to Kathleen. Kathleen was serving six months in the mental facility. Visitors were welcomed on Thanksgiving and Kathleen had given her family the go-ahead to see her. The whole family was going including little Eli.

Mike was rubbing her clit and sucking her tit. Olivia was groaning as she felt her body ride the wave of the incoming orgasm. This was crazy wasn't it? If you would have asked Olivia Benson three months ago that she would have a new lover sharing her bed; she would have called you crazy. Breaking up with Kurt and her sexual assault at Sealview left her wanting peace and quiet. And then she met Det. Mike Logan at Elliot's house. Handsome, older and he was absolutely selfless in bed. "I'm coming. Mike you're making me cum so good…"

Mike watched her body get flush and her rubbed her fat clit faster and faster. "That's it beautiful – come for me."

Olivia was shaking her head.

What started as a crazy sexual fling from being punch drunk; had now turned into a four and half week secret affair. The sex was good. She had forgotten how comfortable she could be with her body in the past few years. Her lovers recently were not chosen for pleasure but for quick convenience. This was so different. This was so very good. "Mike…!"

Mike watched her cum. There was no doubt; for a 40 year old woman she was beautiful.

She opened her eyes. Mike was smiling down at her. "Well, what about you? Do you want something from me?"

Olivia actually considered sucking his cock. When they started making love she confided in him what happened to Sealview; she felt compelled to do it. He was pleasing her orally and she wasn't reciprocating. Det. Logan held her tight and told her never to feel that she had to do anything she didn't want to do. But tonight was different. She was actually thinking about it.

"I got something from you. I got to make you cum. That's what I wanted." Mike said gently and then kissed her.

Olivia wasn't sure how long this was going to last; but she was definitely enjoying the moment. There was no doubt that she and Mike had a lot in common. A holiday like today was proof of their common denominator.

Neither of them really had any family. They were like orphans. They both shared the same father figure in Captain Cragen. And that was why he was the sole keeper of their secret relationship. And the captain wasn't very keen on it. He didn't want the two people he cared like children to end up hating each other. The fact that Elliot was being kept in the dark about it; made him very uncomfortable.

"You have a strange look in your eyes. Is everything ok?" Mike slowly stroked her hip until he reached up toward her beautiful breast. Her curves drove him crazy with lust. Everything about Olivia was so female.

"I'm sorry. But, I was thinking about Elliot." Olivia said and took tiny piece of cheese. She popped it in her mouth and followed it with a tiny cracker. "He asked me today if I had seen you; and I lied to him. I don't like lying to my partner. It feels wrong."

Mike was wearing plaid flannel PJ bottoms that hung were low on his hips. He also sported a New York Giants Super Bowl t-shirt he had gotten for $10 bucks on the street corner soon after their winning game against the Patriots. "Does he tell you everything?"

Olivia rolled her eyes. She got the small bowl off her belly and suddenly sat up. "Are you kidding me? It's easier to pull one of his fucking wisdom teeth than get anything from Elliot Stabler. The only emotion he wears on his sleeve is his rage. Besides that; he's a god damn mystery to me after 10 years. How can I confide in him about our relationship when he won't tell me why he's against it? What the hell does he think I won't be able to handle? You're not a child molester or rapist.1"

"And I'm handsome and I used to be a great detective. I have a bit of a temper but I've never abused a woman or a child. My temper is mostly even keel these days. It comes with aging. The same will happen to Elliot you know. But, things are different for guys. You should know that Olivia. Men have a hard time expressing themselves." Mike kissed her before getting off the bed. He started to take some of the small bowls of food.

As he headed toward the kitchen; he heard Olivia's footsteps behind him.

She was wearing his flannel top. But it was unbutton. Her beautiful breasts and bald pussy were visible for him to enjoy. Her long legs in sling back heels.

"God you look beautiful." Mike shook his head. He couldn't believe his god damn Irish luck. His old dead partner would have approved of Olivia immediately. Setting the dishes in the sink and after wiping his hands – he grabbed her. In her heels she was almost six feet tall.

"I still have the munchies." Mike whispered in her ear.

"What do you want now…?"

"You…" And then he pushed his fingers in her hair. Kissing her hard on the mouth; crushing their lips together. He pushed his tongue inside happy to meet hers. And then he grabbed her ass with a hand that slowly moved down her body.

Olivia moaned. She could feel Mike's manhood against her belly. Her body reacted immediately. She was getting so wet. Pulling away to take in some oxygen; she looked into Mike's green eyes. "How well do you know Elliot that he doesn't want me to see you? I get the feeling there's something you and he aren't telling me. Unless…."

"Unless what Liv…?"

"It's possible that Elliot found out that you were interested in men? And with that kiss you gave him at the party; it probably confirmed it to him. Elliot wouldn't feel happy or comfortable knowing that I was dating someone bisexual. Kathy says that Elliot isn't prudish but I don't see him being that open-minded. He's old school. He wants men and women to grow up, get married and have kids. Anything else he considers outside the norm. He means well; he is worried I will get hurt." Olivia snuggled into Mike's arms.

Mike heard Olivia's theory and smiled. But there was no doubt that Elliot kept many secrets from Olivia. And it definitely wasn't up to him to say anything. He wasn't sure how Olivia would take it if she knew he slept with Elliot.(1)

"Olivia – why are we still talking about Elliot?" Mike reached behind Olivia. "Let's get back to what we were doing."

Mike pushed a finger into her wet opening. Bald and inviting to the touch, Mike pushed it deep inside of her. Slowly he fingered her. He could hear her tiny gasps.


"Shhh, enjoy it Liv, let me have that sweet body. You are so moist and tight to the touch… That's it baby; spread your legs apart a bit. Give me full access…" Mike plunged his finger deep inside. He could feel her cervix with his finger tip.

"Fuck me Mike…" Olivia whispered to him; as she put her arms around his neck.

"I want something better…" Mike pulled his finger out of her and immediately placed it inside his mouth. He licked and sucked her juices clean off. Grinning he grabbed her arm and then in a fireman's hold took her back into the bedroom.

He dropped her on the bed. The flannel shirt open and her heels still on. Olivia rubbed her pussy and flung her legs open.

Mike immediately got between those long legs. He used his thumbs to pry her pussy lips wide open. Her pinkness exposed and glistening. Mike licked slowly. "I can eat you all night. Who needs turkey when you have this served on Thanksgiving?"

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