On Board!

He gave a small snort of satisfaction reviewing his conversation with the Captain in his mind. Smithson felt that they would be making landfall in a day or two and then, finally, they would be free of this wretched floating plank. He swore to himself "Never again!"

Ah well, at least until they returned home. But more importantly they would be returning with his printing press and to the new house. A ripple of amusement ran through him, "so not only a landowner and farmer, but a printer and a rebel to boot". His level of satisfaction raised another notch at the thought of home. The tenants will have completed the road to the new house by the time of their return.

Then the thought of seeing Jenny and Ian and the children deepened his satisfaction another level and his anticipation of that reunion ran through him like a shiver. Poor wee Ian could barely keep himself still, his anticipation and excitement at the thought of his reunion with his family a tangible thing.

He opened the door of their cabin to find his wife asleep. She had insisted that they bring their own bedding, as well as quilts and pillows and upon arriving on board had stripped the bunks in their cabin of the provided pallets and taken them up on deck and beat them mercilessly, much to the amusement of the crew. She had placed them on the floor and added their own feather pallets on top to make a cozy bed for the two of them. He caught a whiff of the hyssop that she had spread about to keep the cockroaches out of their cabin, but the candle she had left burning was the more effective deterrent of keeping the bloody wee beasties at bay.

His wife lay on her side with her back to the door in one of her favorite sleeping positions, one of his for that matter, as it allowed for a wonderful access. He smiled to see that she had, as usual, kicked off the covers and her shift was wrapped up about her waist, she was a messy sleeper, much to his delight. Her curls lay across his pillow and her lower leg was stretched out straight while her upper leg was bent at the knee with her foot resting on her lower knee. She had one hand tucked under her cheek and her other arm ran down her side to rest on the curve of her hip with the tips of her fingers resting on that other sweet round cheek. He quietly slipped out of his clothes and knelt beside her taking another long moment to look at her realizing that her beauty almost took his breath away.

I slowly came awake to a warm body snugged up behind me and two very large, very warm hands caressing my bottom. He "hmmmed" a compliment and slipped his arm under my head as his other hand came around and his hands met on my breasts, one in each hand. Then he, with thoroughness and sweet skill, brought my nipples to aching hardness with his thumbs. I shivered as a small moan escaped my lips. He responded with a deep chuckle of satisfaction.

He had slipped the heavy warm heat of himself between my thighs and was gently rocking back and forth and I shivered again as the friction of him caused a warm slippery response from my body. "Please" I murmured and he chuckled again and responded with a long slow caress down my belly to the point of my own heat. Then he was inside me and the rocking became much more specific and intense and left me gasping as our heat joined and we became one. I cried out and heard his low moan of satisfaction and completion and slipped back into sleep with him still held safely within me.