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Setting: Almost a year after Hades


Snow fell gently from the very wide sky of Siberia. The land was filled with tranquility, serenity. All the things there seemed moving very slowly, the winter's breeze, the shadows, the fogs…and a handsome man with long dark blue hair and thick fringe who walked confusedly above the slipping wide ice. He wondered why he was here in his best friend's hometown. Soon his heart began to leap when he saw a figure with long turquoise-hair wearing fur-coat in the middle of the land. Milo had been already too familiar with the figure that he could tell who he was, though he was in the distance, and though he only could see his back.

"Camus?" he called, his voice was echoing, hitting the glacier's surface. His call was not replied, probably the winds were not willing to bring it to Camus' presence.

So Milo stepped fast forward, was about to greet Camus with his usual wide smile.

"Hi, Fridge, wha r ya doin' here?" Milo asked as he got near to Camus. To his shock, Camus did not reply his greet. Milo's shock became bigger when he saw how pale his best friend's handsome face was.

"Hey, everything's alright?" asked Milo as he grabbed Camus' shoulders.

Camus smiled slightly.

"Thank you," Camus said, tears fell from his deep blue eyes.

"Wha d' you say?" asked Milo. He suddenly felt an extreme anxiety. Camus' voice was not cold and stern as usual, it was full of sadness, and it was very abnormal for Camus to speak in such tone. "Wha r you talkin' about? Why are you crying?"

Camus did not answer. He merely closed his eyes and shed more tears.

"Camus?!" Milo shouted.

To his horror, Camus' tears became red in color, and bloods were running out of his nose, and his ears, and his mouth also.


The Aquarius Saint finally fell in Milo's arms. Milo, who couldn't feel any sign of heartbeats, kept shaking his friend's body. "HEY, WAKE UP! CAMUS!"


"Wake up…"

"Milo, open your eyes."

"Camus…don't leave…please…don't leave me…"

"Milo, you're dreaming. Milo!"

"Camus!" Milo finally opened his eyes. He breathed so fast, made a sudden seat position on his bed, and his eyes swept wildly to his surroundings. It needed several minutes until he realized that he had been only dreaming. He saw Aiolos and Dohko sat on the both sides of his bed, looked definitely worried.

"Relax. You were only dreaming," said Aiolos, circling his hand to Milo's shoulder.

Milo still panted; sweats dropped from his forehead and his naked arms. "Why are you guys here?" he asked.

"We heard you screamed and yelled something," Dohko answered. "About ice."

"I did?"

Aiolos nodded, looked paler than usual.

Milo tried to remember his dream. Wind…snowflakes…ice-land…Siberia...Camus…

Camus with bloods.

"Camus!" he gasped. "Is he alright?!"

"He's fine, he's in Aquarius temple," replied Dohko.

"He is sleeping, Milo," Aiolos added.

"Really? I'll check then," Milo then ran in hurry to his friend's temple, didn't care about Aiolos and Dohko's calls. He kept running…running so fast, passing Sagittarius and Capricorn temples, passing Shura who slept peacefully in his bed…then he stopped after passing through Aquarius' entrance. There he was…Camus, slept peacefully as Shura on his bed. Milo was afraid, very frightened when he stepped to Camus, afraid there might be any bloods…afraid that Camus would never wake up.

"Hey, Camus, wake up!" he demanded, shaking Camus' body. "Wake up! Can't you hear me? Camus!" he unconsciously slapped Camus' face, made the Aquarius Saint directly opened his eyes. "What the…you!" he snarled at Milo with his half-opened eyes. "How dare you punch me in my sleep!"

Milo took a very deep breath, felt extremely relieved. His body became relax. He then took a place beside his best friend, and laid his body there.

"What r you doin here in my temple?" asked Camus, still angry. "Don't you have your own bed?"

"I had bad dream," Milo said. His eyes closed.

Camus, on the contrary, grinned a bit. "You had a bad dream then you decided to sleep with me? How old are you anyway?"

"Twenty one, a 'lil bit older than you. Just shut up and let me sleep here."

Camus felt puzzled by his friend's action. He definitely could tell that there was something wrong with Milo, but he didn't want to disturb Milo, who had closed his eyes. Besides he himself were still very sleepy. So he decided to delay his question and continued sleeping. "Fine. But don't sleep here too often next time. Last time we both slept in the same room, Shion interrogated us so bad about whether there's something wrong with us or not," growled Camus coldly as he placed himself in more comfortable position.

"Whatever," said Milo. He turned his head, and saw Camus had closed his eyes again.

He kept gazing at his best friend until the morning came.