Thank You

Shaka of Virgo couldn't concentrate meditating. He then decided to sleep. He moved his body to the left, to the right, to the ceiling, but still he couldn't sleep easily as usual.

"Aaaaargh!" he yelled and woke up in frustration.

Really…what kind of person who didn't twitch even a little when listening to the words from such letter? Had Camus really lost his heart?

But at least just show little sign that he appreciated the letter! Shaka didn't see it—he didn't see Camus was affected even a little by the letter…yeah, the letter given by his best friend and disciple.

"I have to meet him," said Shaka. He got down from his bed and wore his tunic in hurry. "I will never sleep until I get some explanation about why he can be such senseless person."

Meanwhile, in Scorpion temple, Milo had already laid his back on his bed. He was so tired…he'd helped Camus washing the dishes and he'd never thought that washing dishes could almost take all his energy. Well…finishing specters were more exciting than doing that housewife thing (five needles for the specters and done).

Milo still opened his marvelous blue eyes though. He stared at the ceilings. He thought about his best friend, who looked more silent than usual in his birthday party. Well…in fact he even looked like an uninvited guest in his own birthday. Probably no one realized that, but Milo could see the difference between yesterday-Camus and today-Camus. Yes, until this time it was only Milo who could looked through Camus' eyes. He knew him so well.

Milo then thought about the letter he had written with Hyoga. He didn't expect Camus to be affected by the letter as Shaka and Mu did. In contrast, he felt glad Camus didn't talk about it at all. He knew well that it wasn't because Camus didn't appreciate the letter, but it was all about his inability to express his thankfulness. Milo himself probably would do the same way if it was him who received such letter.

Milo moved his body to the left. It wasn't a perfect birthday gift, after all. But he hoped, with the letter, Camus could understand that he and Hyoga maybe couldn't give the thing he wanted most.

Milo's attention was shifted some minutes later to a golden-haired man who passed his temple. The man seemed didn't care about anything surrounds him, maybe even if there were ten Hades who blocked his steps.

"Shaka, where are you going?" Milo asked puzzlingly.

"To Camus," Shaka answered, not focused on Milo at all.

"Camus? What for?"

"I left my meditation book," answered Shaka as he passed the Scorpion's exit.

Milo got more baffled. He was sure Shaka didn't bring any book in Camus' party. He decided to follow the Buddha then after hurrily wearing his t-shirt above his singlet. "Hey, wait! Shaka!"

Shaka didn't listen. He kept passing the other temples without looking everywhere (of course…he closed his eyes, after all…). He had to ignore Milo and ask Camus, otherwise he couldn't sleep peacefully tonight or even the other nights.

"Wait, Shaka," Milo had been by his side right now. "What'll you do with Camus?" he asked anxiously. Last time Milo saw Shaka like this was when he was on the way to threaten Aphrodite with his Ten Buo Huo Rin (for offering him many kinds of hair conditioners).

"I have something to ask. Why? It is not only you who have privilege to visit him in the late hours," said Shaka impatiently.

"Why's everybody always gossiping me visiting Camus' temple in the late hours?!" snarled Milo. "I never visit him in the late hours!"


"Please Shaka, tell me…what'll you do? You won't kill him, will you?"

"Why is everybody always thinking that I desire to kill all the people that I want to meet?!"

"Well…because…," Milo coughed. "It's been your custom…"


Shaka and Milo finally arrived outside Aquarius temple.

"You don't need to enter with me, Milo," said Shaka flatly. "This is male-business."

"Wh…I'm a man too!"

"Really? It is so shocking."

"Shaka!" Milo glared at the Buddha. Shaka ignored him, then stepped forward in dignity, entering Aquarius temple.

Milo decided to ignore Shaka's request. He followed Shaka entering Camus' temple then. Well…the consequence was maybe Shaka would send him to his six worlds…but he could think about it later. Camus' safety was more important right now.

"Camus of Aquarius," Shaka called. There was no answer. Probably Camus had slept. Who cared then…? He had to wake him up, or he would seal his five senses.

"Shaka, let's go, maybe he's slept now," Milo whispered, but Shaka's voice in contrast got louder.

"Water Carrier Aquarius Camus," Shaka called again. "The Magician of Water and Ice, Ganymede's Incarnation, or whatever your names are…I want to talk to you."

As they walked through the temple, they could hear someone was speaking. The sound was coming from the exit of the temple. Shaka and Milo stepped forward to the sound, which was getting clearer.

"…you left this mobile-phone in my temple, Hyoga."

Shaka and Milo arrived at the exit. They saw Camus stood in the terrace, but Camus didn't saw them as he stood with his back on them (and bizarrely he seemed couldn't feel their cosmos as well). Camus spoke to someone (must be Hyoga) with a mobile-phone, and Milo recognized the phone as Hyoga's.

"Well…no…tomorrow I'll go to France, the Pope asks me too. Hmm…well, I'll entrust this phone to Milo then. You're not objected, are you?"

Silent for a moment, then Camus spoke again.

"Okay…bye…um, wait, wait a minute, Hyoga. Hyoga? Are you still there?"

Silent in brief moment, then Camus spoke. "Thanks for the letter. Did you write it with Milo?"

Silent for a moment…

"Yes, of course I like it," said Camus. It was obvious from his voice that he was smiling. "Shaka read it for me and he looked touched…not everyday you can see him like that."

Milo glanced at Shaka, expected him would snap the phone from Camus and throw it away. But Shaka looked silent and thoughtful.

"Hmm…yeah…," said Camus. "I can understand that…"

Then silent for a long time. Camus kept listening to the phone, but after five minutes, he took the phone away from his ear…

…and there was sob.

Camus was crying.

Aquarius Camus, the unbreakable glacier…he was sobbing.

Milo felt like his heart was stabbed…that was the first time he watched his best friend crying, and he couldn't manage it. It was far more hurting than seeing him crying in his dream. Seeing Camus in such state made his eyes somehow got wet also.

Beside Milo, Shaka was still standing serenely.

"Yes…I'm still here. I'm sorry," Camus soon placed the phone to his ear again after he succeeded controlling his voice. But Milo knew that his tears kept falling, though he couldn't see it.

And they did…

Camus, not realizing that two men were standing behind him, let his tears fell to his cheek, to his chin, touching his neck. He couldn't help it…when listening how sincere Hyoga revealed his feeling in the phone, and mentioned the number of tears he had to shed when writing the letter…he couldn't help himself to cry also. In fact he was so touched by the letter, but he chose not to show his feeling to anyone, to Shaka, Mu, and even to Milo and Hyoga. As usual, he was just pretending to be below absolute zero. But in fact he was probably warmer than anyone else could be.

"It's the best gift I've ever got," Camus said, still controlling his voice, though his lips were shaking a bit. "I don't want anything from you…I just need you to be here…"

Behind Camus, Shaka turned around. His long-blond-hair rippled gently as he walked peacefully to the entrance of Aquarius temple.

He smiled.

It was all enough for him.

Milo stayed on his place a little longer, then decided to leave also. As he walked slowly to the entrance, he still could hear the last words from Camus, which finally made Milo dropping the tears that he had restrained.

"Thank you for being my disciple, Hyoga…

"And thanks to Milo for being my best friend for so long—"

Camus' voice broke, and he sobbed once more.

"Thank you…"

The End

NB: The Magician of Water and Ice is Philip Ho's epithet for Camus in his fanfic

A/N: Thanks for reading :D