Being in high school is hard. Especially when you have a secret but you can always depend on your bestfriends to be there for you. It's even better when you all share the same secret. Add cars, money, popularity, fist fights, alcohol, and sexually driven teens...well that's just a disaster waiting to happen.

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Chapter 1

"What does it matter?"

"It doesn't. I was just wondering…"

"Well, you wouldn't be wondering if it didn't matter. Meems… Do you still have feelings for him?"

Mimi Tachikawa sat still. A chill had crept up her back at the words her best friend spoke. Her caramel colored eyes seemed to go opaque.

"Hello… Mimi… You there?" Sora Takenouchi waved her hand back and forth in front of her best friend's face. She snapped her fingers impatiently.

"Huh? Did you say something Sor?" Mimi was thinking, and thinking hard about him.

"OMG! Never mind, I am going home. Just think about what I said before… 'Kay… see you tomorrow at school." And with that Sora rushed to Mimi's front door and left.

Tomorrow was the first day of their senior year in high school. The two best friends had just spent an hour discussing their expectations for the new year. It didn't seem possible to Sora back then, in the Digital World, that Mimi would become her best friend because they were polar opposites. And what was even less believable was that Mimi would be in love with him! Sure, they all had thought she would be either the calming factor in one of the guy's anger or the confidence booster to another. Still those assumptions were wrong. Of course, the only ones who knew that were Sora and Mimi.

Sora had just walked into her apartment when her cell phone blared to life. Cause we are living in a material world, and I am a Material Girl. You know that we are liv-

"Speak," Sora already knew who it was so she didn't waste her manners.

"Rude much." A musical voice snorted. "Sora I think that you were wrong. I'm just confused and I'm nervous 'bout school. Gosh, I haven't even picked out a back-to-school outfit yet. And what are you-"

"What are you talking about? Back-to-school outfit? Meems, are you okay? Because the last time I checked we wear uniforms. Ya know, the ugly green ones with orange ties. It doesn't leave very many options." She winced as she looked toward her closet.

"Not anymore my beautiful bestie! When was the last time you checked your mail? The newsletter from the school came two weeks ago and it said that the school lifted the necessity of uniforms for juniors and seniors. A privilege, they had called it. Ha! It's about time, though, since I'm really sick of those damn…" Mimi spoke, but was cut short by Sora.

"Mimi, when did you say it came?"

"Umm... If memory serves my gorgeous head right… two weeks ago. Didn't you get one? I was super excited but I just forgot about it till now. Sora? Hello? Why are you so quiet?" Mimi waited, listening, but there was nothing. She checked to make sure the line was still connected, and saw that it was. Then she heard the yelling.

"I'm not a damn little kid anymore! What?! Did you want me to look like a complete idiot walking onto campus wearing that while everybody was dressed normally? Honestly I think you really are trying to ruin my life!" Then a door slammed and a scraping sound was heard as Sora picked up the phone.

"Sora, are you okay?" Mimi listened to Sora's shallow breathing, trying to think of how to comfort her best friend.

"I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Is that okay?" Sora waited, hoping that Mimi wouldn't deny her sanctuary.

"Your bed is already made sister!" Mimi sighed.

"Thank Meems."

"No prob. See ya!"

Sora grabbed her soccer bag, which was already supplied with all her necessities for moments just like this one. She slapped on her dark sunglasses and pulled her keys off her dresser as she walked out of her room. She locked the door behind her and went to the front door. Her mother was standing in her way.

"Sora, please. I'm not your enemy I just don't think you need to be-" her mother started.

"I don't need to be what? Forget it! You always do this! It never fails. I'm leaving." Sora sidestepped her mother and walked to the door.

"Wh-where are you g-g-going?" Her mother, Toshiko, asked through tears.

"Oh please, who are you kidding with those tears? Does it really matter where I'm going? You never cared before! Go find another boyfriend you can waste your money on!" She had her hand on the door and a pang of sympathy for her sobbing mother stabbed at her back. "I'm not coming back for a few days. You have my cell number." And with that she walked out.

She got into her Nissan Skyline R34 and peeled out, nearly hitting two people walking to their car.

Ten minutes later Sora was walking back into Mimi's apartment.

Mimi mostly lived alone because her parents had separated and she chose to live with her dad. Her mother, Satoe, lived in New York while her father, Keisuke, remained in Odaiba. She stayed for her friends' and her own mental health. Her mother was horrible about the divorce and Mimi's choice of home. Mimi's dad was the CEO of a trading company and he was on business for months at a time. This meant that Mimi stayed out as late as she wanted and with whomever she wanted slept over.

Mimi's room was enormous. The walls were painted white but the decor was different. One side of the room was pink and purple. Very girlish. The opposite side was warmer. The coloring was soft brown and beige. Two queen-size beds occupied the room as well as several dressers, twin vanities, and a plasma TV that hung on the wall near the door.

Looking at room one would have thought that two people shared this room instead of one. In truth it pretty much was like that. For the past two years, Sora had lived in Mimi's room more than she did in her own. The reason was she hated being at home. She didn't like to see her mother treated as she was, although in reality it was Toshiko's own fault. She allowed herself to be abused and after one of Toshiko's boyfriend had hit Sora, she hated her mother.

It was after that incident two years ago, that Sora first landed on Mimi's doorstep. Mimi held her friend for hours trying to calm her down. Mimi's father was on one of his rare visits home and insisted that Sora stay the night. The next day she was asked to stay over again. It went on like that for a week. Then Sora came home but she couldn't take it so she was back at Mimi's place. That experience brought them to the friendship they shared now.

Mimi and her dad both decided that they might as well use up the space in the house and Mimi moved into the master bedroom. But she didn't go alone. The room was set up for both Mimi and Sora. Keisuke felt bad for his daughter's best friend. If he could have, he would have made sure Sora's mother never had anything to do with her again. However, when he offered her legal help Sora declined. Therefore, he settled for allowing her anything and everything she wanted. Sora wouldn't accept the lavish treatment Mimi was so accustomed to, but on her seventeenth birthday Keisuke and Mimi presented Sora with the car.

The secret of Sora's drama with her mother was kept between the two friends and Mimi's dad.

"Well, that was fast. What did she do now?" Mimi scrutinized her best friends face.

"Hide my mail. What the hell? I think privacy still means as what it used to, right?" Sora said.

"Sure does, but it's okay now cause you're home." Mimi trilled happily.

"Thanks; now back to our wardrobe conversation…" Mimi's face lit up at Sora's words.

"Well, I thought that we would just go shopping now!"

"Sounds great to me!"

They ran out of the house giggling, and the duo happily ran around the side of the house where their cars were parked. They jumped into Sora's car and sped off towards the mall.

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