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Here we are...

Chapter 25 - Epilogue
(Mimi's POV)

It's so sad when something has to come to an end. It's that nervous moment, when the butterflies are fluttering in the pit of your stomach because you know it will never be the same.

We're leaving childhood; we're all on our way to the real world. Ironic, isn't it? When we were kids, we considered the real world to be home, planet Earth. Now, when we mention the words "real world" it means the unsheltered hungry part of our lives known as adulthood.

Today was the day we were all leaving. Going our separate ways to do the things we'd no doubt be great at. I mean, we are Digidestined.

I sat in my chair at the airport waiting for everyone. Sora sat next to me, holding back the tears that I could see she was just moments away from spilling. It seemed like that's all we did this year. We cried when we fought, we cried when we lost, we even cried when we won. It was just a natural thing for her and me to do.

Here we sat together, for the last time, with only our carry-on's at our feet. Maybe it's not the last time, but it sure feels like it.

Sora… She is my beautiful, loving best friend whom I was already missing. How was I supposed to survive without her? She's my sister, and for all extensive purposes, my mother. She's my rational side. Sora's the glue that holds me together… just thinking that she won't be in the next bed when I wake up tomorrow, it hurts. But enough of that.

There's good news on the redhead front. She spent the last two months getting to know her sister. Rika isn't so bad; not like us though. Her childhood probably has a lot to do with her bad attitude. But she's adjusting. She left last week to go stay with Arisu, who, can I just, I don't like. That woman is like a parasite. I don't really have to worry much though. Meeting Rika, and having known Sora my entire life, they're both pretty tough cookies. They'll drive that woman insane!

Last night, Sora and I stayed up just talking, like we did every year before school started. We talked about our college, the bonds that held us all together, and loves of our lives. That broke me so I tried to convince her to come with us. But she graciously declined. She had her own dreams, I understood that. Sora got into the Paris Fashion Institute and I'm so proud of her. After she designed our prom dresses, well, I can tell you that Sora Takenouchi will definitely be a brand name that I will rock.

She pulled out her camera and began snapping pictures of us. Pouty lips, peace signs, winks, smiles, kisses for her, kisses for me… Damn, it is never ever going to be like this again.

One person was missing from this bestie cocktail: Jun. She left two days ago. We were all here forty-eight hours ago to say bye to her. She went to London. Yeah, I didn't see that one coming. She had said she just needed to see the world. I'm happy for her, as long as she sends me a picture of Prince William when she sleeps with him. Hey, that's what she said her grand mission was. But really, I didn't buy it. I know somewhere deep down it's still because of Joe.

Speaking of Joe, Mr. Punctual just showed up. He isn't going anywhere really, he's staying in Japan. Joe got in to Mie University School of Medicine. His parents can't stop telling everyone. Joe's more modest about it… now. When he first got the letter, he screamed and cried like a little girl who'd just met the freaking Jonas Brothers. Ugh, moving on.

He's really excited to start school. Surprise, surprise. But he's here to tell us goodbye, and to spend as much time as possible with Izzy. Those two know exactly what Sora and me are going through, but in a guy way.

Izzy looked flustered as he ran up to us, panting heavily. We couldn't resist the urge to laugh at him. I'm gonna miss that nerd. I'll let you in on a really humongous secret, one even Sora and Matt don't know; when I was twelve… I had an itsy bitsy, teensy weensy, crush on Izzy. In my defense, the boy was going through puberty and it was helping! Then I slept with him and well… that changed my entire perception.

Anyway, back to Izzy's bright future. My little genius is going to M.I. freaking T. That's farther away than Matt and me. Technically, it's not that much farther, but Massachusetts, USA!? He got an academic scholarship and used the money from winning races and that stupid bet. I'm seriously resisting the urge to bring up Mrs. Hanna one last time. Of course, he didn't know that I knew about her so I kept my mouth shut and a smile played on my lips.

Looking back, Izzy and Joe probably had the worst year ever overall. They both had to deal with Kira. That damn bitch drove me crazy. She's lucky she got pregnant; otherwise I'm pretty damn sure we might have murdered her in the parking lot that night. I kinda feel bad though for Takato. He may have been a jerk but Takato and I were once on friendly terms. I would never wish Kira on anyone. Maybe just herself. Well, she has a really bright future to look forward to. Last I heard her parents had disinherited her and she still has one year of high school. She'll get what's coming to her.

Ah, wishful thinking.

Matt and TK get here next. Matt shouldered his bag and looked a little worried. The "I'm Yamato 'Cool Guy' Ishida" facade is fading very quickly. Matt's scared. This is the first time in a long time that he's going to be alone. Not really alone, because I told him he'd always have me. Heck, I even said we should move in together, in a strictly platonic way. That's how you say like family, right?

Oh well, there is no loving like that between me and Matt. He's gonna be famous, he's gonna make music, he's gonna rock! Gosh, I'm so cliché. It's just bittersweet to look at Matt and Sora, who only months ago seemed like the happiest couple on Earth. I thought they were really in love, hell, they thought they were really in love. I guess not. I know it took so much out of both of them to let go. Still, here they are, locked in the most intense kiss I've ever seen. They're holding on to each other like it's the last kiss they'll ever have. And maybe it is, I'm secretly hoping it's not.

That is until TK tells them to break it up, pointing out that we were in a public place.

TK is smiling so brightly at us, but his eyes are sadder than I've seen them in such a long time. I think the last time I saw him that sad was when he lost Angemon. Wow, wasn't that traumatic?

This is different and yet the same. His brother is leaving him today, for who knows how long. The poor kid still has two years of high school left and then it's off to college like all of us. But he has Kari so he'll be fine.

Ah, onto Kari; she just popped up out of nowhere. She has to be here, because without her it just doesn't feel right. I know that I will always hold some anger toward Kari, even if I don't always show it. But, I mean, come on, she nearly killed her own brother and is responsible for the disastrous show in Hakone. Still Kari's like the little sister I never had. I love this irresponsible, unpredictable angel. I owe Kari more than I will ever admit and I worry about her more than she'll ever know.

Her brother… he's staying in Japan too. He got a full athletic scholarship to the University of Tokyo. Tai's happy with that; it means he doesn't have to deal with his parents and their financial support. Over the past two months, we had moments when we acted like we were still a couple, mostly because it became second nature to us. Then there were moments when we acted like complete strangers. It was nerve wrecking and exhausting.

I know I hurt him with my words but the scar he left me went deeper than anyone will ever know. He gave me a charm bracelet- platinum, diamond accents. I tried giving it back to him, but he told me to keep it. Supposedly, it was like a slap in the face, or at least that's what he told Matt, who told Sora, who told me. How childish were we that we couldn't speak face to face about it?

He has a whole future ahead of him, one where he can travel and see the wonders that the world has waiting just for him. I think- no, I know, I overacted that day. But I was upset. I said something I really shouldn't have. Besides, what was I thinking? I foolishly thought Tai loved me and that we were going to get married or something.

Who am I kidding; we're too young to get married. I'm not ready to settle down, neither is he. Can you imagine me and Tai married with a kid? That dream months ago was enough to convince me that we weren't ready.

Still I kept holding onto that image of the beautiful little boy.

"It's time," Joe reminds, tapping his watch.

We're all standing now. How coincidental that our flights were taking off at the same time, Izzy booked all of them except Jun's, so maybe we can't call it coincidence. We're hugging, kissing, and saying goodbye. That's when I realize Tai's not here.

Apparently, I'm not the only one because everyone is looking for him.

I'll admit something here, we slept together last week. It might have been a dumb decision but it was closure. Not to mention, it was the best night of my entire life; his too, or at least that's what he said. I'm gonna be corny enough to call it magical. It made me wish that we really had a future. Maybe when I come back, but for now, we said we'd try to be friends and experience college life.

I smiled like an idiot at the memory.

My smile fell soon though, because he knew what time we were leaving. I started crying. Not just because this is it, we're leaving, but because Tai is missing. He's supposed to be here. But he's not. None of us knew where he was. He isn't answering his cell phone.

Sora angrily declared that she's not going to wait anymore. She's pissed at Tai too; I can see it in her eyes. Those two were the sporty version of me and Matt, plus they'd known each other longer so I know it really hurt her. He was, first and foremost, her best friend. There was something in that bond that could never, and I doubt ever, be broken.

We needed a final picture, just like the one we took with Jun two days ago. We ask a janitor who's walking by to take the shot for us. He willingly obliged when I turn on the Tachikawa charm.

Here we stand, seven out of the eight Legendary Digidestined, minus our "fearless leader."

I'm smiling so hard my cheeks are starting to hurt. The picture's taken and we all share a group hug.

Izzy kisses my forehead and walks away first.

Sora's next. It hurt more than I can explain. I love her so much. I hold on for my sanity because I doubt I can make it without her. She kisses cheek and tells me to stop being a baby, then hugs me tighter and lets go.

Now… it's time for me and Matt to depart. Matt is beyond angry. There's even some betrayal flashing in his blue eyes. He and Tai were the definition of a bromance. It was sickening sometimes but they needed each other as much as I need Sora.

Me and Matt… we're heading to New York. I got into NYU and I'm majoring in business just to keep Daddy happy. But I'm gonna minor in writing and literature. Wouldn't that be interesting? Hell, I could write about everything that's happened. This past year alone would make for a good TV drama or movie.

Matt holds out a hand and I take it with a grateful smile that my best friend willingly returns. I send a last wave over my shoulder to Joe, TK, and Kari. I'm angry at Tai, more hurt than angry, but I won't let him ruin this last moment. He was supposed to be here.

But he's not.

Maybe this was the wake-up call I needed. My heart had to let go and because he didn't show up today… I think it's starting to see the light. I'd been in denial for the last two months about him. This just proved it, we weren't in love.

I giggle to myself as Matt and I take our seats in First Class. No way in hell would we fly any other way.

"Are you ready for this?" Matt asks.

Hey, the beat goes on. I'm eighteen; I have my whole life ahead of me to be crazy, wild, sexy, and unrestricted.

I smirk and nod. "Absolutely."

And that's it. I cried writing this. It's so sad... because it's over.

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