I got this idea during class and I thought it was a good idea so I'm writing it. It's going to take place in the point of view of a semi OC charter, until I don't feel like writing like that anymore. This also takes place in a modern society. So there are cars and TVs stuff like that.

Nakama even after death

Chapter one: The memories

As usual when I woke up my head was spinning. I had another one of those weird dreams. They only started last month and came slowly as if they were waiting for something to happen. This dream was of me when I was young or someone like me back then crying in the sea. A man was holding me a float as I screamed over his ripped up arm. All he did was look down and smile at me. He said he 'It was no big deal. An arm doesn't compare to a friend".

I shook my head a wake and slammed my fist down on that annoying alarm clock. I groggily got up and picked out my clothes for the day. A red vest with a skull, a black t shirt and a pair of blue jeans. And of course I couldn't go anywhere with out my yellow and red baseball cap. I don't know why I like it so much. I saw it on display one day and I hade to have it. I looked over to the mirror, personally I didn't car how I looked but the birth mark on my left check always bugged me. But that thought instantly left my mind when I smelled breakfast.

In a blink of an eye I was in the kitchen slamming my fork and knife on the table. "Food! Food!" My mom put a plate full of bacon and sausage in front of me "Good morning to you too Lenny." "Morning mom!" I managed to say as I shoved all the meat into my mouth at once. Mom just sighed as she watched me "I swear every male in the family eats like a pig." As soon as I finished my food I ran out the door "Later mom! Got to make the bus."

The bus was as horrible as usual. I should be used to it since I'm a junior now but it's so annoying. The freshmen think there so cool blasting there wanabe music, the junior high kids screaming at the top of their lungs. Damn when will they grow up. Well I guess I shouldn't really talk. The only good part is that we pass by the sea everyday. I don't know why but I always loved the sea. Just the idea of sailing across it, finding new lands and adventures. It is always nice to day dream about that.

My school is pretty big I guess. But it doesn't really matter I got Cs in all the classes so I couldn't give any about the school. I hang out with plenty of people here but I don't really like any of them. They're just people to be around so I don't get bored.

I walked through the hall ways in my usual day dream state until I heard a crash to my left. Turning around it was one of the local gang leaders (we got dozens). She was pushing around some kid who everyone called her lap dog "Since your leavening next week I'm going to make this week extra special. You're going work extra hard, double time even." "Y-yes ma'am." "So who is the most beautiful of them all?" "Y-you ma'am" By no means was this girl pretty. Honestly she could have been confuse for a cross dresser with that skirt on.

At that moment those stupid dreams came rushing in again. An image of bursting out of a barrel, befriending some wimp who wanted to join the marines and saving him from an abusive fat lady. After my head cleared my body seemed to move on its own. I walked over to the scene and asked the kid a simple question "Why are you calling such an ugly chick she looks good? You can't give her false hope to get a date." Looking around it seemed like everyone's jaw dropped. Especially that homely gang boss. "What did you say!?" "Oh do you need me to repeat it? I said you were ugly, homely, sickening. You also look like something that popped out of a cheesy horror movie." She looked like she was about to pop a gasket. "Get him!"

Her whole gang around her stormed at me. There had to be at least fifteen of them. To tell the truth I was scared out of my mid but my body started to move. I wasn't moving it, it was just moving. I did a front flip over one guy having my hand pressed down on my hat as I did. When I landed behind him I grabbed his leg and tossed him at the nearest three from his gang. To be honest I was shocked at my own strength but that shock had to go away quick when the others came at me. I charged in head first punching one of them in the face and kicking another in the groin. I know it seems like I fight dirty but it wasn't me it was whatever was controlling my body.

After I was done with her gang I pointed towards her and said "I'm going to send you flying!"

I decided to make his name Lenny for two reasons. One it sounds like Luffy and two it means brave lion. I thought that suited Luffy. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with this so tell me what you think.