This story was restarted by the song 'Dream' By Jay-z especially the first few lines

Chapter 17: Dreams always awaken

These three men beat us so easily! The only reason why we're all still alive is because of old man Silver. We got to run! We can't survive this. We got to run "Everybody don't think of anything but escaping. We at this time cannot beat them!" Everybody immediately listened to one of my few real commands as a Captain and immediately went off in different directions.

Frankie stopped and blasted away that look alike of that person they saw at the zombie island. We all started our run one again I waved goodbye to the old man one more time before we left. He waved back and stopped another one of that Light bastards attacks.

I ran my own way, still trying to get away from this sumo guy but he wouldn't let up. Looking in the distance I could see a bunch of explosions, both Sanji and Brook were hut. This is horrible. How could I let this happen, how could I let this happen to my Nakama, my family!?

I was about to warn Ussop about an attack heading his way but the fat bastard behind me hit me again sending me skidding across the ground.

I could hear Chopper yell my name and then I heard Robin yell his. Looking up from the dirt I saw Chopper in a form I never seen him in before. It was like a monster from the books you read when you were a kid. This would be cool but right now he has no control. Robin had to pull me away before he sent down his giant hoof of a fist.

I looked over to check on the other groups and I looked at the wrong time. What I saw was a second one of those look alikes holding a bible and swing his palm at Zorro making him disappear right in front of our eyes. "Zoro! Where the hell are you! What the hell did you do to him?!" I yelled my voice hurt as I spoke in-between breaths.

The sumo man answered me but all I could really hear was fly, sent and away. The sumo instantly went to yelling at the new look alike as he did the same thing he did to Zoro to the other look alike. Not wanting to have to see this again I ordered my remaining friends to get their asses out of here.

But as Sanji and Ussop tried to get up the new guy tried to kill two birds with one stone but he was stopped by Brook who shielded the two from harm but disappeared like Zoro "Brook!" Sanji tried kicking the Bastard but got sent into a tree leaving Ussop open for that damn move. Sanji ran at the guy in a rage and got sent away from us.

I fell to my knees. I didn't know what to do. Was my dream worth this? Was worth losing these friends? NO! I can't think like that! Not right now! Right now I need to what's left of my family out of here!

I turn around to see that bastard talking to the old man. I started to bump my legs and rushed the blood around my body "You Bastard!" I yelled as I activated Second Gear and filled the air with my steam. Hopefully I can distract him long enough for the others to get away. But the Bastard ignored me and appeared in front of Nami and Franky.

Franky punched the guy in the face which even I knew at this moment was a dumb move. I bolted as fast as I could from my spot next to Robin so I could reach them in time. I heard Robin yell out to me but right now I didn't care. I would get everyone out of here even if it kills me.

I stop my foot down and send a 'Jet pistol' at the guy but he managed to block it and send me into the ground a few meters away. A perfect place to watch another one of my precious people get taken away "Franky!"

I strain my self to get up and as soon as I am on my feet I see that man move over to Nami. She called my name and stretched her hand out, tears filling her eyes. I have to move! I can't let him take her! I can't!

I couldn't move fast enough and her last words to me were "Help" and "Me" Words I heard her say before when we helped her save her village. But this time when she said them I couldn't do a thing.

I grunted and launched myself forward to punch the bastard in the face but he's too fast for me.

All I have left is Chopper and Robin. I got to save them! I ran again trying to reach the angry Chopper before the man could make him disappear. But I was too late. The man used his speed again and made his way to Robin.

I could hear her last words, my name, something she was just starting to call.

There's no one. He took them all. They're all gone. He took them all. I couldn't even same one, not even one friend. What kind of man am I!?

I dropped to my knees once again and slammed my head to the ground. I started to cry. I sobbed and cried only to be interrupted by a hand near my face and that man looking at me "We will not be seeing each other again. Farwell."

With that he sent me flying through the air swearing at the top of my lungs, calling all my crew's names.

"God fucking damn it!" I yelled as I shot out of my bed. I hated when these memories came. Contrary to popular belief when someone is reincarnated you don't just get all the memories back just like that, well except for Brice but that was just because of his old power.

They usually came in flashes during the day or when we dreamed. And what really sucked about them is that they always felt like you were there right then. You feel the pain, the emotion, everything they felt we felt right at that moment. It was a pain.

Zeb had one of the worse cases when we were training. He looked like he was in was in a lot of pain but he refused to fall or stop standing he said something like 'I stood then and I'll stand now'. Anyway it always left us with a headache.

"Lenny! You up!" and Abby is not helping with it.

"Yeah what do you want!?"

"Surprise attack!" Oh shit.

I moved to the left and narrowly dodged the kick that just broke my head board. "What the hell!? You just tried to kill me."

"Oh come on cuz. Let's have a sparring match like we used to." She got in that damn stance of hers and guess what, I punched her in the gut.

"Like you can still take me." I said with an evil smile. Which she wiped off my face with a quick kick.

"Not even in your dreams can you beat me."



A few punches and kicks later my mom stormed into the room and put us both in our place "I swear there is something with that family's blood" My mom mumbling, cursing my dad's side of the family again.

What can I say? We are a bunch of meat loving violent bastards and we love it. Wait a minute, what time is it?

My alarm clock says 11:53. Shit! Brice and them are coming by soon to pick me up and not once in theses past few months of knowing Brice have I never known him to be late, never! I need to get dressed.

"What are you doing?" Abby asked as I jumped into a pair of old jeans.

"I need to get ready. My friends are coming by soon to pick me up." Vest, vest. There you are.

"Cool! Can I come?"

"No" We're training today. Like I would let you come. I need to work on that speed step thing of Luffy's that he stole from those Cp9 dudes. Hat, hat, damn it where is it!?

"And why not?" I look up to answer and find my hat on her head.

"Because it's my friends not yours. Now give me my hat!" She just pouted at me and blinked her eyes a few times. "Still no! Now give me my hat!"

"Not unless you let me come!" enter intense evil glare as she hold my hat hostage. Now enter a kick to her gut and me grabbing my hat and running outside.

I really need to run quick. If I know her like I know her she already has hair spray in her hand. When I ran out side I saw a van pulling up the street with a waving Cali leaning out the window. Thank god for Brice's perfect timing.

I run to the car while it's still moving and pull open the door "Go, go, go!"

Everyone in the car, which is everybody, just looked at me "Just friking drive!"


"For the love of whatever's holy drive!" Taking my advice Brice started to drive and a giant fire ball just missed the door. Everybody just stared at the window jaw dropped and saw my cousin running after us with a lighter and a can of hair spray sending streams of fire after us "Get your ass back here!"

Zeb turned to me "I give up. Who's the chick in the bikini top?"

"My cousin, the fucking pyro." And then Sean said something we were all expecting sooner or later.

"Is she signal?" The pervert is back.

A bit longer than usual but hey I've been gone for a while and I know I didn't add much to the story this chapter but I did explain the memories better. Plus you can look forward to longer chapters since my style evolved again. I honestly just started writing last year so I'm still trying.