Kh fanfiction x Rosario + vampire

Chapter one: the dreams

"Sora!" she cried out, as the boy faded into light.

Tears streamed down her face thinking of how she had lost him, just when they were reunited. Fear, sadness, anger, bombarded her normally cheerful disposition. Her thoughts brought memories of all the time they spent together. The first time they met back on the islands, when he was woken up by her at the beach. And when their hearts were one up until now, all of it couldn't amount to anything in helping her keep him there.

"No! You can't leave me! I just got you back!" she screamed.

The shadows began to engulf the land, as her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of those who hunger for hearts.

"Come on!" quacked the anthropomorphic duck.

"The Heartless are coming!" cried the large walking dog.

"Wha…what's going on? K#!" His voice rang out, but as he said the girls name static filled his ears. "What?! K#! Huh? I can't say K#? Who… who's K#?"

Everything started to fade, darkness enveloped him. Despite that, even though he felt his memories of whom he was and of those around him began to disappear. Strong positive emotions gave him light. The world became anew and the boy looked around. The castle had changed, it was somehow different, the sense of technology was absent. Not to mention everything got many times larger. The boy thought about this for a moment, he poked things and waddled about blinking curiously, had he come upon a new world where everything was…larg—realization hit. The world was not larger, no in fact he was smaller!

Deep blue eyes shot open, his body became erect. Sweat glistened on his face.

"That dream again, it's been three months and I'm still having it." The blond pondered upon this for a while.

"Can nothings even dream? Am I dreaming or am I remembering?"

The boy had donned the black overcoat that he had become so familiar with. The smell of metal and leather assaulted his nostrils. He strode out of the room, the dream still vivid in his mind. Having it every night for the past three months has allowed him to memorize it. Questions formed in his mind, ever since he began having it.

"Where were those places? Who was the girl? Who were those talking animals? Most importantly who is that boy and why did he fade away?"

Despite the fact that the boy that he assumed was Sora disappeared so quickly. He could picture him quite well. He had blue eyes much like his own, the brown hair upon his head went every which way and somewhat resembled a crown, the red jump suit, the white jacket, and then the thing that stuck out greatly, both literally and figuratively were his size 14 yellow shoes. The boy was so odd looking. Why was he smiling in the end? This was the question that allowed the Nothing to decide, what could be the biggest mistake of his life. AT the same time, he could finally have answers to questions that have plagued him for a long time. The boy's thoughts were interrupted when he bumped into what he guessed he could call a friend, no he wasn't a friend, more of an ally if that. Coworker maybe? Still it was not an enemy and that was what mattered

"Oh, number thirteen! What are you up so late for?"

"I could ask the same of you Demyx."

"Me? I just got back from a mission given by superior, I told them magic isn't my thing, why couldn't he send zexy instead?"

"Speaking of, where has he as well as a good number of the rest go?"

"Oh-- Castle Oblivion."


"Demyx! So you have returned?" called out a dark voice.

That voice sent chills down 13's spine every time he heard it, it was creepy and low. It was a voice fitting of their leader. The signature black leather coat could be seen on him. Demyx classic to his favorite personality, jumped, and then turned shakily.

"Leader! I'm ready to give my report." The flamboyant one called back.

"Then come in here and give it, I do not have all day." The superior called back, the annoyance in his voice apparent.

The blond flinched and looked in the direction of the commanding presence.

"Okiedokey, sir."

Demyx held up a hand in good bye to the boy as he left. Instead of seeing Demyx, he saw something else, more like, someone else. Blond became silver, the tall lean body became short and muscular, a boy of the same age, yellow shirt with a blue cross straps, blue baggy jeans, and the same yellow shoes similar to Him. He…he was…
"Riku?" the boy mumbled.

Demyx turned back.

"Hmm? Did you say something?

The boy shook his head.

"no, nothing at all."

Number thirteen turned and left. His mind made up, he was going to find out who they were, and have the blanks in his mind become whole. He will find out what he is truly missing, not just his heart but something else. The only time he could ever place his finger on it is when he talked to Axel.

"Axel…I'm sorry, but I won't see you for a while. That is… if I ever see you again." The boy hung his head low as he pulled up his hood and walked slowly.
"Demyx, quit stalling and get your ass in here" the commanding voice boomed.
The boy looked at the large ship, Gummi, that's what they were called. He never really used them he usually just used the corridors of darkness. But for what he was doing he couldn't be tracked and the only way to do so is by Gummi. He got into the sleek silver ship, logo of the broken like heart symbol emblazoned upon it. He sat in the cockpit, even when he got in one the first time he knew the controls like it was second nature, WHY?! Why did he know this? He took a deep breath to calm himself. This was why he was leaving to find out all of those answers that dug into his mind. He clicked the start button for the engines and signaled for the door to be open.

"Who is this? I did not authorize a release of Gummi ships." A dark voice called out.

"shit, it's the superior." He cursed at being caught and how idiotic it was for him to fail so easily.

No, he refused to get caught and to answer to such things. He pushed the trigger firing the laser through the door. He tilted the joystick forward making the large machine of interspace travel move forward. He heard over the radio.
"Stop that ship at all costs, even if you have to destroy it. I will not allow disobedience."

The boy's eyes widened as he saw lasers fly by his cockpit. They were serious he could die, he pulled evasive actions. He turned the nose and hit the thrusters, pulling in a diagonal direction, banking hard. He braked and turned the nose opposite dodging a laser narrowly.

"this is not good!" He looked at the controls and his fingers moved by themselves, index finger to the middle button on the head, he flicked the switch with his thumb, his middle finger hit the button next to it. He clenched his fist and smashed his hand into the glass encased button making it shatter and his ship forced a rip into space. Hyper drive, his engines began to charge, he thrust forward as he felt the ship shake.
"crap I'm hit, but the islands!" it was too late the ship lurched forward and everything became a blur.

Calm. That's what it was now, nothing was left, no more enemies, no more fighting. He was free to find out his answers. He charged the engines. The ship rocked, His alertness shot up. What was going on! Something was wrong, horribly wrong. The ship was going forward, but no hyper drive, no breaks, how?!
Hyper drive, his engines began to charge, he thrust forward as he felt the ship shake.

It was then! When he was hit, it damaged his ship. He clicked the breaks. Nothing happened. He clicked them again. Still nothing. He started clicking the break desperately, but he was picking up speed. The world, he was caught in its gravity field. More and more, the speed increased, Clunk! Number thirteen jumped as a Gummi block hit the glass…wait, Gummi…block? Tha--t can't be good.

The ship hurtled towards the world falling apart as it slowly fell apart, more speed until eventually a barrier of fire surrounded it. The past year of his life started to flash before his eyes, the memories, the more they appeared the faster they blurred together. And then it turned white.

A crash outside the school got everyone's attention. Tsukune got up, blood spurting from his neck.


"Moka-san, lets go check it out."

He was getting up until a large pair of breasts tackled him.

"Yes! It's the duty of the newspaper club to investigate this incident!" cried the voluptuous Succubus.

A golden tub fell on the girls head.

"What Kurumu-san said is right we should check this outdesu!" the sweet voice of the little witch.

"We should go check it out, let's go big breasted girl." The Yuki Onna droned

"Shut up stalker!"cried the succubus

The group looked at each other in a quick silence and then nodded to each other.

"is…he still alive?" the worry in Moka's voice apparent.

"Let's get him to the nurses office." Tsukune suggested.

"is it ok to move himdesu?"

The small witch like girl poked the cloaked crumpled body. Then it groaned and started to shift.

"eyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" the small girl screamed

"ooooooooow, don't yell so loudly."

The Vampiress kneeled down with worry written all over her face.

"are you okay?"
"I…should be ok, I think." The figure was in a black cloak, it was ripped in multiple places.

"wait…what if he's…human?" the witch girl asked.

"Yukari-chan, even if he is human we have to take care of him. Excuse me, what's your name?"

"Juu Rox" he answered

A/N "Rox is intentional and I have changed his last name to make it more of a pun thank you."