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Charlies POV

"No No No!! Come one how can you miss that?" stupid I could have caught that ball. God Bella could have caught that ball.

Where is Bella? The small panicked voice at the back of my head spoke up.

"Bella, Bella" I bolted up the stairs and busted into her room, but there she was used tissues littered around the bed.

"Come back" she when the words escaped her lips I thought she had woken up, I quickly backed towards the door before I realized that she was not talking to me, "Edward, please".

Edward Cullen I swear if I ever saw that boy again I would kill him rip him into little pieces and set him on fire, it seemed the only logical way of dealing with him, what he has reduced my baby to. She wasn't my Bella anymore she was just a shell.

"I am sorry I didn't mean it" she pleaded again.

"It's not your fault" I reached over and brushed the back of my hand across her cheek.

"No" she screamed "you're too warm".

What has he done to her, I am going to kill him.

Maybe I will invite Jacob down, they were friend, all she needs is a friend and she will be better she will be my Bella again.

"Edward" I couldn't take it anymore slowly backing out of the room I shut the door quietly. I was to wired/ angry to sleep all I wanted to do was wrap my hands around his neck. But that was never going to happen because he will never stop foot in my town again. Ow god I sound like I am in a western.

Beer I need a beer. I should send her home her mother will know what to do with her. She is going to hate me.

Suddenly there was a knock to the door. 12:03

"What the hell?" opening the door there stood a very familiar figure. Tall with honey blond hair falling over his face covering his eyes.

"Bella" he whispered leaning against the door frame.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"I need to talk to Bella" he said pushing past me but tripping and falling to his knees.

"Look, mate she is asleep you're going to have to come back in the morning" I said helping him get up right.

"NO!" he seemed to scare himself "I need to talk to her now, BELLA!" he staggered to the stairs and yelled her name.

"No shhh" I said grabbing his by the shirt and pulling him into the lounge room.

"Who are you?" I said pushing him down into the arm chair.

"Jasper" he was looking around the room like he was having trouble seeing

"Hale right your one of the Cullen kids"

"Whitlock, they changed me I haven't been me in so long" he said whipping his head around the room, "is bella here she is the only one that will understand"

He stumbled and fell onto the coffee table.

"Just sit back down" I helped him back into the chair; there was no way he was getting anyway near Bella when he was this high. I always thought the Cullen's were all good kids and here was one who was high or drunk trying to get to my daughter.

"Is it always this dark?" he looked at me with pleading eyes like he wanted me to explain to him something that I didn't understand myself.

"It's night time son".

"Never use to be this dark" he said holding his hand in front of his face squinting like he couldn't see it.

"I think you should leave" I ordered trying to help him up.

"I am so hungry" he said jumping up.

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