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Charlies POV

"I'm so hungry" the boy said pushing past me clutching his stomach, "I've tried eating but I can't catch anything".

Okay this guy is seriously weird and is going to have to go.

"Look why don't you just help your self to anything in the kitchen, then you can come back in the morning and talk.

"Ow my Alice" he looked like he was going to cry "she said I should leave. He did this to me and she doesn't love me anymore".

"Bella, she'll understand" he started to make his way to the stairs.

"No, look Jasper is that it?" he nodded, "your brother killed my girl that is not Bella upstairs that is the shell that Edward Cullen left behind and back you come in the middle of the night high with a serious case of the munchies wanting to interrupt the little sleep she gets at night".

"She has to explain this, I am so hungry, my sight is failing and I can't feel what your are feeling".

"Time for you to go son" I took a hold of his arm and twisted it behind his back guiding his to the door.

"I just want to talk to Bella" he squirmed out of hold and dashed for the stairs.

"I am her father, do you want me to arrest you Jasper have you forgotten who I am" the boy wasn't listening to me his held his head to the said eyeing my neck.

"Just a little taste" he said lunging towards me.

Bella's POV

"Hello Bella" the musical broke thought the darkness.

"Edward" I could hear him but I couldn't find him, "please come back"

"Ow Bella, I'm not coming back, your all alone" his voice continued but it turned hard, " I never loved you, no one will ever love you".

"Edward, Edward, please I love you" was he gone..no not again he can't be gone, "Edward, Edward"


I was still in my room, everyday I woke up hoping that it would all be a dream that my Edward would be sitting in the rocking chair watching me sleep. Giving me that amazing crooked smile that made my knees weak, then gracefully moving over to the bed and holding me. I would give my soul to have his stone cold arms wrapped around me just one more time.

Letting out a sigh I rolled over to watch the minutes tick by 8:40 am…..8:41.…8:42 it was a Saturday the time ticked by even slower on Saturdays laundry and house work can only take up so much time. The rest was just empty….nothing could ever fill the whole in my chest.

Charlie would be gone by now fishing, working, something that would take him out of the house and leave me all alone. It was what worked best for us.

It hurt to move but I had to making my way to the small bathroom at the end of the hall, letting the cold water engulf my senses, it was the closet I could get to being in his arms apart from the desperate evening where Charlie found me trying to stuff my pillows into the freezer. It had to end sometime I reluctantly turned off the water and dressed in green track suit pants and a plain black t- shirt.

Making my way down stairs I heard someone moving around the kitchen.

"Dad" I smiled trying look happy to see him but I knew the shock was still registered on my face.

"Hey Bells, come into the kitchen" he said moving behind me like he was shielding me from something and guiding me into the kitchen.

"Do you want some breakfast?" I said moving away from him, he stood in the doorway blocking the way out. "Sure, hun I'll have whatever your having".

Hun? Ow god he is going to send me away, he is going to send me back to mum.

Charlie eyed the lounge room one last time and then slowly moved taking his usual seat and watched me as I stirred the pancake batter.

"So what are you doing today?" trying to work out why he was still here.

"Bella stop" there was worry rippling though his voice, "tell me what you know about Jasper Whitlock".

Jasper? Why did he want to know about Jasper.

"Jasper Hale He is Alices boyfriend, I don't know him that well he didn't really like me" I tried to cover the fact that Jasper had tried to kill me on my birthday.

This comment seemed to bother Charlie more than it was suppose to.

"Do you know if he had a problem with alcohol, drugs?" Charlie asked reaching up and a bandage that wasn't there last night.

"Dad, whats that?"

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