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"What happened dad?" I repeated when he didn't answer my question.

"Its nothing Bells" he said pulling away, like me he always hated when people fussed over him.

"No" I said trying to be aggressive, "What happened?" I had managed to pick away at the corner of the poorly made bandage and was able to rip it off his neck in one swift motion.

"No daddy" I couldn't think there on my fathers neck was a perfect bite mark.

"It alright Bella" he said snapping me out of my shock.

"Dad what happened?" I started to panic, who had bitten him? He was still breathing if it was Jasper who did this he would be changing slowly dying. From what I had felt when James had bitten me it was a very painful experience. He was handling it remarkable well.

I pressed my hand to his forehead he wasn't hot, I moved my hand down and placed it on his chest I could hear his heart beating.

"Its nothing Bella, I am going to the doctor he is going to check me out and give me some shots in case the kid had anything", he said calmly.

"It doesn't burn?" maybe this was some sort of sick dream, my mind was playing tricks on my trying to make me feel better by making out that there was a vampire here.

"I am fine. What's gotten into you?" he looked worried.

"Tell me what happened?" I pleaded.

"Last night you had a visitor".

"Edward" I knew it was stupid of me to either think that he would come back. For a split second the gaping hole in my chest was filled and for that spilt second that it took me to move from the kitchen to the lounge room I felt like I had before he had left, complete.

"No his brother" Charlie got up and followed me. There instead of my angel my Edward was Jasper, his honey blond hair was covering his face it seemed longer than when I had last seen him. Is that even possible? He was lying on the sofa that had sat in Charlies lounge room since before I was born, his legs were hanging over the side and his chest was slowly moving up and down. He was wearing a dirty torn pair of jeans and a shirt that was missing a sleeve, if Alice saw him like this she would be extremely angry. He didn't look like the Jasper I remembered the one that had attacked me on my birthday, the last time I saw him he had so much hate and hunger in his eyes it is an image that I will never forget, him thrashing and fighting agiainst Emmett trying to get closer to me.

"What did you do to him?" I glared at my father.

"The boy took a chunk out of my neck, Bella" he said motioning to the bite mark on his neck, "I just knocked him out will be fine when he wakes up".

"How the hell did you knock him out?" What the hell was happening this had to be a dream my father claimed to have knock out vampire. I reached down and gently pushed Jaspers blond hair off his face and tucked it behind his ear, his hair was matted together with blood that came from the gash on his forehead.

"You made him bleed!!" he was bleeding this had to be a dream vampires don't bleed. Wake up Bella!! I pinched myself. Ouch! okay so it wasn't a dream.

"Come on give your old man a little credit I have one hell of a right hook" Charlie said punching the air. God I never realised how embarrassing he was sometimes.

This was when I noticed what was different about Jasper, his cheeks were red, I ran my thumb across his lips they were so pink and warm. I pressed my hand against his forehead he was defiantly warm not freezing cold that he was mean to be.

"Dad can you leave us alone?"

"No way Bella, there is something wrong with him I am not leavening you two alone" he said stamping his foot down like a child.

"Dad Jasper would never hurt me" Ha I thought to myself, "Anyway I am worried about you can you please go to the doctor and get that bite checked out" I tried my best to put on a worried face, pressing one finger on the bite on his neck hoping that it would cause him enough pain for him to leave his only child alone with a high, drunk vampire.

He eyed Jasper who was still lying peacefully on the sofa and then looked back at me.

"I will be fine Jasper is Edwards brother and Alices boyfriend I trust him, he wont do anything to me" I hoped.

"Okay but the moment he wakes up you tell him that I will be calling Dr Cullen" for a cop he really need to work on his bad cop routine.

"Okay bye dad." I pushed him towards the door.

"If he tries anything Bella just kick him in the balls and drive to the station" he instructed.

"Ball station got it".

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