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First aid kit

I knew exactly where it was kept in the bottom draw in the kitchen, it had never been used as much in its entire existence since I had moved in with Charlie.

I have to be missing something I mean unless my boring sport obsessed father had some sort of super human strength that made vampires bleed. That's it god I must be stupid it is Charlies blood, and then I just let my father go when he was slowly changing into a vampire.

I need more sleep this is way too confusing for me at this moment, I haven't had a good night sleep in over a month and now I am meant to figure out why a confederate Soldier was bleeding on my couch.

"Wake up Jasper" I whispered softly poking him...nothing if it wasn't for the rising and falling of his chest I would have been sure that he was dead. HELL he was meant to be dead.

Pulling the coffee table closer I opened the first aid kit wetting a cotton bud with a little disinfectant, pushing back his hair beginning to wipe the blood off his forehead. There was defiantly a cut I fought back the nausea that always came with being this close to blood. Finally the only blood that was left was matted into Jaspers hair. I had never really looked at Jasper he was always just the one with his arms around Alice standing in the background not getting to close. I ran my finger down his cheek, across his eye lids tracing the shape of his nose and lips. I had always just thought that Jasper had to be beautiful he was a Cullen her was a vampire it came with the package.

With Edward I was able to see past all this and was able to see that when he would have been like back when he was human but I never looked closely at his family. Jasper was amazing his lips were thin and pink his jaw line perfectly defined and his nose was well perfect, it was easy to see that he was have been extremely handsome when he was human. My finger made its was down Jaspers neck coming into contact with the first of many crescent shaped scares that were scattered over Jaspers body, I moved down his arm and picked up his hand. There on his finger was a single gold band I had never seen before I imagined it was his wedding band I lifted his finger closer to my face so I could inspect it closer My light the words were carved into the band.

"Alice" the word scared me I jumped up and fell over the coffee table. "Alice" he cried out for a second time his voice filled with the pain that I felt everyday since Edward left.

"No its me" I said getting off the floor and making my presence known to him.

"Bella" he said jumping up and lunging at me "I am so hungry" he said grabbing my arm bringing my wrist up to his lips and sinking his teeth into my skin.

"Stop" I struggled against his grip as I began to feel the blood coming from the wound . I could feel my blood running out of the wound and into Jaspers mouth, I could smell the blood struggling against his grip seemed to be working. Just when I thought it was beginning to work Jasper began to gag and dropping my arm.

He ran out of the room and I could hear him throwing up as I quickly wrapped my wrist and followed him into the kitchen.

"What is wrong with me?" he was hunched over the sink. I moved up behind him and began to rub his back.

"Jasper" I whispered part of me wanted him to explain to me what the hell was going on and the other part wanted to hide under the table "are you okay?"

"I am sorry" he said spinning around and going for my wrist again. My reflexes caused me to jump back hiding my wrist behind my back, "I didn't mean to hurt you" tears began to form in his eyes.

" I just don't understand all this, Alice said that you could teach me, she doesn't want me anymore" he slumped into the waiting chair.

"What happened Jasper if you want me to help you, you need to tell me what is happening. Because at this moment I am ready to book my padded room and having a fitted for a very tight jacket".

He looked up at me tears running down his face and a look of desperation on his face.

"We picked a fight with the wrong guy".

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