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Jasper refused to make eye contact with me.

"Jasper" I sat down next to him "tell me what happened?" he looked up at me for the first time I noticed the colour of his eyes the most clear crystal blue that I had ever seen. It was like I could so right into his soul all the pain and loss that he felt that was there in his eyes was what I had been feeling ever since Edward had left.

He broke eye contact and reached over taking my hand pulling the bandage tighter and putting pressure on the bite. In some way it was his way of saying sorry, maybe it was still his gift at work but I could feel what he was trying to say without him opening his mouth.

"When Edward decided he was going to leave" he finally started after what felt like a life time and then he stoped. I squeezed his had letting him know that it was okay to move on but he didn't get the message and dropped my hand.

"Look before about your birthday Bella" he paused was playing with a hole in his jeans.

"No it is okay, it wasn't your fault Jasper" I said placing my hand on his shoulder he shrugged m hand off.

"I have to say sorry I came to see you the night it happened you would never admit it but I felt how scared you were, I never wanted to make you feel like that".

"You don't have to, I never blamed you for anything that happened that night, now your killing me tell me what happened" I tried to make him smile but it didn't work.

"When Edward decided that we had to leave Carlisle got a job in a small hospital in Canada . It was nice but everyone hated it, to much like forks but with one exception".

"Less rain" I joked "No" Jasper answered seriously "You weren't there we all missed you so much, life was so boring without you falling over all the time".

"As soon we arrived we could smell that there was another vampire in the area, so for the first few weeks we were careful. Rose and Emmett decided to go on another honeymoon so that our numbers weren't that intimidating.
After we got through the first week we thought that it was just another Nomad that had passed through the area so we went onto assimilating into the community Esme got a job at the local historical society, Alice and I enrolled in the local university, Carlisle worked at the hospital and Edward just mopped around the house doing nothing"

Stab why did he have to say his name, I could feel the hole in my chest getting bigger.

"If it makes you feel any better he was as miserable as you look" he said reaching up and touching my face.

"Are you miserable it is so hard not knowing what you are feeling".

"I feel a lot better now that you're here" I took his hand it was true up until a second ago when he mentioned Edward just having him here had made me forget about the hole in my chest.

"Okay" he started his story again.

" So after our little scare we all went on with our lives as best we could, Carlisle went to the hospital and he found the vampire that we had all smelt. The hospital reeked of him, so we decided to find him just to talk to him. Carlisle checked out all the Doctors and the patients but there was nothing there, people in the hospital only seemed to die at night but we didn't think anything of it at the moment. But I took a job at the hospital just in case. It was really cool you know" a faint smile flashed across his lips and then disappeared " it was like I was a cop, like I was helping people".

"So it took me a while this guy was good, some cop I turned out to be, anyway his name was Daniel he worked in the morgue. He just seemed to be doing the same thing as we were moving among humans trying not to harm them. When we confronted him he told us that he had a different ways of eating that didn't kill people and that was all the Carlisle needed to know, so we left him alone."

He paused as the sound of his stomach got to loud for both of us to ignore.

"How long has it been since you have eaten?" I questioned he just looked skin and bones.

He thought for a moment "I don't remember, but its not like I haven't been trying " he poked my wrist.

Wow. He is either he has a major case of denial or my theory was wrong, and lets face it the second possibility was highly likely I had been wrong before. "

"I am going to go and get you something to eat" I started to get up but he pulled me down I need to tell you what happened you have to tell me what is going on.

"So I found out how Daniel Was eating without anyone in the small town noticing the body count and no one going missing. When someone would die at the hospital he would take them and just by touching them there heart would start beating again"

"He bought them back to life" Yes! I was right.

"He liked to hear them scream and struggle" his head dropped into hands.

"She was just a little girl I smelt her blood I couldn't help myself, I killed her Bella" tears were forming in his eyes " he fought me ripping me off her I fought him to get back to her and won but when I went to finish her off her blood sickened me".

"It is okay" I tried to comfort him.

"No its not" he said pushing me away "she done something to me she was so scared"

"None of them would look me in the eye when I told them what happened, I can't catch anything to eat, there is a constant throbbing in my chest" by this point he was pacing with tears running down his face, I just wanted to hug him he looked so lost.

"Bella I keep blacking out there are chucks that I can't remember, I heard them arguing about what to do with me in the end Alice gave me a plane ticket here and told me that you were the only one that could explain what was happening to me".

God why do I have to be the one to tell him.

"Jasper have you ever thought that it wasn't the little girl that done this to you?" I hoped the question would make it click.

"What else could it be look at me I am disgusting and ugly" no your not I thought to myself.

"Jasper" I took both his hands in mine secretly checking his pulse while I was there…Yep he defiantly had one, "You said it yourself Jasper that vampire bought people back from the dead so that he could eat them".

He still looked confused, gosh I thought that he was smart.

"You were technically dead Jasper and when you were fighting he must have touched you and bought you back" I paused so he could take it all in "that throbbing in your chest is you heart beat , the reason why you blacked out is because you were asleep", god I hoped I was right because the look on his face was like I had just stabbed him.

"Your hungry because you have been eating the wrong thing".

"I don't understand" his voice was cracking. Hasn't this guy meant to have graduated University several times?

"Jasper your human".

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