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"Jasper your human".

"Liar" he jumped up sending his chair flying across the room hitting the fridge adding another dint to the already growing number.

"Tell me the truth" his voice was booming, there was so much hate in his eyes

How could he not know? I tried to get up but apparently you didn't need to be a vampire to be stronger than Bella Swan he pinned me to the chair and positioned his face just inches away from mine.

"Ja..jas…Jasper I am telling you the truth, Please" deep down I knew that Jasper would never intentionally hurt anyone but it was looking more and more likely that he was going to snap me in half.

"What the hell are you doing get off my daughter" all of a sudden Jasper was ripped off me and thrown against the opposite wall.

"Bells babe are you alright?" Charlie face replaced Jaspers as he cupped my face.

"I am fine Daddy" I threw my arms around his neck and he lifted me up off the chair and onto my feet. I don't remember the last time I had a moment like this with Charlie; we were the same we didn't feel like we had to express our emotions. I knew that I should tell him that I loved him more often but it would just make everything awkward.

"Are you sure your okay?" he asked again this time looking me up and down before landing on my wrist; he grabbed it and pulled off the bandage.

"You bastard" before I could even draw a breath Charlie had crossed the kitchen and had Jasper pinned against the wall.

He was hurting him I could see blood running down his neck.

"Dad please" I didn't know how it was going to help but I tried to pull his arm from around Jaspers neck.

"Bella" Jasper said it didn't seem like he was paying attention to the hands around his neck or the fact the Charlie was swearing like a sailor, "I am bleeding Bella".

"It is okay Jasper" I tried to comfort him.

"No it is not" Charlie tightened his grip, "I am going to make sure you rot in jail, you hurt my baby you are going to pay".

"Dad please he didn't mean it" I tried to think on my feet "he is sick dad, he broke up with Alice and" he was buying it but I wasn't that good a liar.
"I took a lot of drugs, sir and I drank a lot" he picked up when he saw I was struggling.

"He knows that it is wrong, what he is doing is bad don't you?" I pleaded with my eyes for him to understand what I was trying to get at.

"I knew that Bella was the only one that could help me" Charlie had started to loosen his grip on Jaspers neck, "all I need is some help".

Charlie let him go and moved across the kitchen opening the cupboard pulling out a bottle of whisky drinking straight from the bottle.

"Please sir I need all the help I can get" Jasper started to move towards Charlie but began to stumble. I put his arm around my shoulder to steady him.

"Daddy he won't hurt me"

"You are moving in here" He took another sip and pointed his finger "if you hurt anyone I will put you in jail for the rest for your life"

"Of course sir" Jasper tightened his grip around my shoulder.

"Get in the car" he ordered.

"What? Why?"

"Well you have a bite in your wrist and Mr. Drugs and alcohol here is bleeding from several places, I am taking you to the hospital" he began to usher us to the door.

I think the only reason he offered to drive us was so that he could see Jasper locked in the back of the cruiser.

The whole way to the hospital Jasper just stared out the window every now and then sobbing apologizing for hurting us and mutter Alice's name over and over again.

"Why hello Bella" Janet was the nice old lady that worked the front desk at the hospital. I hated her she was one of those people that feel they have to fill every awkward silence with idle chit chat.

"Fall down again dear?" and she was funny too.

"Nah" Charlie answered "We have another bite".

"Well someone was hungry" she joked not knowing how close to the truth it was.

"This handsome man must be your boyfriend" this woman must be getting on in years because she had met Edward numerous times.

"No this is Jasper" I introduced him; he made no attempt greet the old women just stared around the room.

"He is one of Dr Cullen sons" Charlie added

"Ow yes you must be the one that never came to visit"

"Hospitals were always so sad and with all the blood" he trailed off "Not anymore"

A noise from a distant room echoed through the waiting room causing Jasper to jump and grab my hand, I had to say he was playing the role of drug addicted alcoholic jasper very well.

"So is Dr Cullen with you?" she questioned causing Jasper to burst into tears "I guess not" she said looking down her nose at him. This made me want to slap her but I was able to contain myself instead turning and trying to comfort Jasper.

"Will the Dr be able to see us?" I could see that he was getting uncomfortable with all the people staring at Jasper.

"Yeah wait in exam room 2" she said pointing.

"Come on Jazz" I said pulling him behind me towards the door.

3 hours later and we were able to leave the doctor had dressed my wound and gave me a needle Charlie had to hold my hand to stop me running from the Doctor when she came at me. Jasper was hooked up to an IV according to the doctor his body was reacting like he hadn't eaten in weeks, she wanted to take Jasper blood and run a whole heap of test but that was out of the questioned I practically screamed no when she came at him with the needle, the last time that man's heart was beating the civil war was raging I didn't want to risk them finding anything abnormal about him. I was becoming very protective he needed me, he hasn't said a word since we had entered the room didn't flinch when the Doctor jabbed the IV into his arm or when she examined the wound on his head she just held my hand and stared ahead. When he was asked a question there would be a long silence and I would have to answer he had completely shut down.

On the way home I sat in the back of the cruiser with Jasper he wrapped his arm around me and place his head on my chest. Charlie decided to stop and get us dinner leaving Jasper and I sitting in the dark car park.

"You have a heart beat" he said without lifting his head just moving his head and placing his ear against my chest, " it weird"

"So do you, does it still hurt?" I guess that if your heart hadn't beaten in over 100 years it would take a little getting used to.

"It is alright" he lifted his head and looked me in the eye "never thought this would be my last life, I don't know what to do".

"You might not have forever but you don't have to decide this moment".

"Right" he said putting placing his head back on my chest.

"Do you miss Edward" well that came out of the blue.

"Well yeah I guess I hadn't really thought about it in a while" ever since you showed up it was weird the hole in my chest was still there but having Jasper there I didn't think about it as much. It felt good sitting here with his arms around me, it felt natural like it was mean to be.

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