Mort left that next afternoon to run some errands uptown which included a long list of groceries for once (provided and handwritten by Sarah). While Mort was gone Sarah decided to finish the flowers she had started the day before. She changed into an old pair of jeans and a meaningless Tee-shirt and headed outside to the backyard. She carried the flats and arranged them carefully to where she had semi-planed she wanted to plant them. It was a beautiful day outside and she noticed how peaceful the corn field looked against her new garden area. She looked around and discovered that she needed a larger shovel to turn the old soil over to help make her planting easier.

As her eyes scanned around on her area she noticed a large shovel poking out on the edge of the field. She narrowed her eyebrows at it and stood up, dropping her tulip bulp. She dusted her hands off as she walked further up to the edge of the corn rows and a shine of light caught her eye from the ground. She looked down and noticed a piece of jewelry. She frowned and bent down to pick it up. She moved it into the palm of her hand and then felt her heart drop in horror.

She nearly screamed. It was Jennifer's charm bracelet that she had given her for her 21st birthday. Sarah stood there staring at it in disbelief for a moment and then almost as though something had pushed her violently towards it, she continued her search for the shovel, but now, for utmost different reasons. When she reached the shovel she peered behind it only to find an excessively large mound of dirt which could only mean one thing-
"Mort " She tossed the bracelet down in disgust, her mind running over a thousand possibilities as to why he would harm her best friend.
"Yes?" Mort questioned sarcastically behind her.
Sarah spun around, grabbing her heart.
"Mort... you, nearly gave me a heart attack." She muttered, not knowing how much he saw nor the state he could be in.
Mort smiled crookedly. "Hm..."
"How was town?" Sarah questioned, her hand still over her heart.
"Fine, just fine." Mort spoke lowly.
"Good." She stepped closer to the shovel as a cloud drifted over the sun setting an awful shadow on Mort's face.
"Mort... go look at my garden." Sarah offered. "It's wonderful."
"I see you found something of your own." He pointed out.
"I was looking for a shovel." She nearly stuttered.
"I see..."
"Yeah." She hesitated upon touching it seeing as how it could be police evidence if in fact Mort did kill Jennifer.
"You found one..." He gestured to it.
"That I did." She laughed a bit nervously. "But it's kinda stuck, you wanna get it for me babe?"
Mort smiled. "Of course..." He reached over and pulled it out of the soil and stuck it in softly again. Sarah cringed.
"There." He gestured again.
"Mort " She groaned.
"What?" He laughed. "It's not in there hard anymore."
"You're such an asshole " She tired to tease to with him.
"Asshole... yeah... murderer... sure.... did I kill Jennifer? Dig it up and find out yourself..." He walked away.
Sarah stood there confused as to what her next move should be as she watched Mort rather casually stroll away from the disturbing situation at hand. She turned to her right and found the shovel again, it seemed to stare back at her just begging her to grab its handle and turn over the soil below it.

She groaned and gazed up at the sky. She noticed that the sun was still hiding behind some grayish clouds that had formed and she took note that it seemed to ironically fit the dreadful setting. She looked back towards the cabin and saw that Mort was gone. She decided that she was going to answer the shovels beckoning but be as smart as she knew how to be about it. She quickly walked over to her gardening area and slipped her gloves on. When she was done she returned to the shovel and cringed.

She carefully took hold of it and began to undig the already disrupted ground. She undig as fast as she could manage until she felt her sides begin to hurt and the muscles in her arms shake. About 4 feet down she felt the shovel hit something and she felt sick. She knelt down and leaned into get a better look. She dusted dirt off the area and her hand caught brown hair. She screamed and fell backwards into the shovel. Once she collected herself, she got on her hands and knees and used her hands to push away more dirt, her mind now obsessing with the fact that she had to prove to herself that it WAS Jennifer. She pushed aside mounds of the dirt faster than she knew possible, worms inching between her fingers, causing her to quiver.

She felt sick and dizzy but her adrenaline kept her moving. She saw pale skin and then a pink sweatshirt and finally she saw her face. It was completely distorted and decayed. Sarah pulled herself back and held the back of her gloved hand to her nose, she hadn't noticed the horrible smell of rotting death until then, until she had succeeded her task.
Very slowly Sarah covered Jennifer's face with dirt in a sign of respect. And crawled out of the grave.

She dusted herself off and tossed her gloves back over in her gardening area where she also threw up. When she had done her best to recover she had no choice to but to go inside and face Mort. Her time was up.
When she walked in Mort was upstairs on his computer which looked all too familiar. The sight alone sent chills down her spine.
Sarah shut the door quitely and slowly walked up the stairs to face him.
"You know, I get a real good view of your garden here..." Mort pointed to the small window across from his desk and to the right.
Sarah gazed at it and realized that he was correct and had probably seen everything.
"That's great Mort, it's like a little secret window..." She forced a nervous smile.
"It is MY secret window." He paused to let out a slow laugh. "So tell me, doesn't vomit work as fertilizer?" He asked as he brought his hand up to his chin trying to look enthralled.
Sarah looked away and shifted her feet and then gazed her eyes very hatefully into his.
"Let me guess... 'Fuck you Mort ' 'I'm Leaving '" He laughed again knowing very well how trapped he had her.
"You're fucking nuts " Sarah finally held out her hands and shook her head in disgust.
"Leave then." He dared and gestured towards the door.
"I am." She went to grab her keys but he stood up. "Just fucking let me go "
"I was going to escort you to the door." He offered calmly.
"I don't need you to." She replied and pushed him away.
"Pissy now aren't we...?"
"You murdered my best friend and buried her in the goddamn back yard " She screamed as she stormed into the bedroom for her purse to gather her car keys.
Mort let out another deranged laugh.
Sarah searched through her purse rapidly and realized it was pointless.
"Keys Mort... give me my keys " She held out her hand.
Mort looked around rather confused. "Don't you have them?"
"Fuck you, where are they " She backed him into the bedroom wall.
He gazed at her and she noticed that his brown eyes were glossed over. "I Don't have them..."
"This is fucked.... what do you want from me... just tell me. I won't tell the cops, fine whatever. Just let me leave you." She begged with tears running down her cheeks.
Mort reached out to wipe a tear off her face and she flinched away from him and nearly knocked herself into a dresser.
"Don't touch me My... God... don't... don't...." She sobbed. Mort stood there and shook his head.
"Pathetic... here-" He reached into his back pocket and pulled out her car keys.
Sarah looked at him and looked at her keys.
He tossed them at her.
"Go on."
She caught them, grabbed her purse and headed out the bedroom door not bothering to look back.

She rushed out the front door and managed to get her car unlocked and started faster than she knew possible. She locked her car doors back up and when she went to pull out of the drive way she noticed that her car was moving awkwardly. She sighed and unlocked her doors. She stepped out of the vehicle only to come to realization that her tires had been slashed. She slammed her head roughly against the drivers window and stuffed her car keys back into her pocket.

She had no idea as to what she should do next. She had to resort to calling 911 and she knew it. She opened her car door again and sat down in the drivers seat. She shut and locked all the doors. She turned the engine on again and searched in her purse for her cellphone. When she found it she smiled to herself thanking God she had found some escape. She flipped it open only to find that it was off. She frowned and pushed harder on the ON button.

She remembered charging it so there shouldn't have been a reason for it not to work. After several tries she tossed the phone onto the floor mat of the passenger side and screamed in desperation. She saw Mort emerge out of the cabin and come closer to her car.
She searched him over and cracked her window enough to speak.
"Having technical difficulties?" He asked rather sarcastically.
Sarah shot him a glare and gripped her stirring wheel, trying to think of a plan.
"Yes, I am... but I can't hide in my car all night." She looked around and opened her door.
Mort nodded.
Sarah stepped out a bit wary of him and side stepped away from her car. She eyed him narrowly and he gestured back toward the cabin. She followed the lead and let go of a quiet sigh. When they got back inside Mort slammed the door and shut and watched her sit on the couch.
"Why did you kill her Mort?" She asked breathlessly, avoiding his eyes.
Mort stood directly in front of her and shook his head sadly, mocking the fact that she hadn't caught on to his plan yet.
"She was in our way Sarah." He answered.
"Our way?" She looked up at him confused.
"Yeah, in our way, just like Amy." He continued. "So I had to put an end to it."
"But her note...?" She wondered out loud.
Mort laughed again. "I force her to write that. I wasn't parking outside the apartment at night for you Sarah, I was out there for Jennifer. I told her that if she wrote that in front of me that I'd let her go... so sad... she believed me... but I couldn't trust her. So I did what I had to do and put the note in the mail box and-"
"And her in the backyard... yeah... I get it." Sarah nearly threw up again.
Mort sat down next to Sarah and reached out for her hand but she pulled away.
"Don't... don't try to make things better..." Sarah scooted to the side of the arm rest on the couch.
Mort cleared his throat.
"And my car... you fucking slashed the tires..." She shook her head disgusted.
"And my phone?" Sarah questioned.
"I took the battery out." He smiled to himself.
Sarah stood up feeling dizzy. "All this for...?"
"For you and I to never end." He stood up next to her.
"It wouldn't have ended Mort, if you wouldn't have done any of this shit. This is way too fucked up " She tossed her hands in the air.
He grinned crookedly. "Fucked up..."
Sarah looked over at him and noticed that he was completely out of control. She needed to get out but she had no way, she began to feel herself panic.
"Mort..." She walked closer to him. "Please..."
"Please what?" He asked.
"Please... just let me leave. I'm begging you." She put her hands on his chest and looked him straight in his eyes which were no longer his own.
He chuckled again and shook his head. "Sorry honey, but I'm afraid you're too far into this one."
"Mort, you're not yourself right now. Just calm down. Just sit down and breath and relax." She walked him over to the couch again but he resisted.
"I'm fucking peachy " He shot back.
She flinched at his strong words and pulled away from him.
Mort noticed how scared she was and rolled his eyes. "Come on Sarah... tell me... am I going to kill you?" He asked.
She was shocked. "I don't... I don't know..."
"You don't know... you don't.... hm... so do you feel like you are walking on pins and needles?" He started walking into her so she walked backwards.
"Honestly I do." She replied.
"Does it scare you?" He asked.
She glanced behind her and realized that she was getting backed into the fireplace.
"Does it? " He yelled.
"It does " She answered frightened as her back hit up against the stone of the mantle.
"Do you think I'd have the nerve to kill you?" He asked.
Sarah shrugged. "You killed your ex wife and someone I love... I don't know if I can trust you Mort."
Mort blocked her between both of his arms and leaned his lips against her ear. "Does it make you sick knowing you fucked me last night and I killed your best friend?"
Sarah's mind froze and she shut her eyes tears gathering in them again.
"You would kill me, you bastard." She spat as she tried to get out of his grip.
Mort found it easy to control her in the position he had her in so he just laughed at her attempt.
Sarah continued to sob uncontrollably.
"Mort, please, I know there is a part of you not like this... please... stop.... my God, please, just stop..." She begged.
Mort pressed his hips against hers making her position more uncomfortable and causing her to lose her balance. She held onto him not wanting to but having to keep herself from falling.
"Now you want me?" Mort grinned.
"Fuck off." She groaned and leaned her neck back against the mantle to stabilize herself so that so could let go of him.
Mort laughed and continued to watched her wiggled around pathetically.
"Mort..." Sarah tried again. "Please... I love you."
Mort looked at her the second she said those words and for a millisecond she saw his old eyes and she felt her heart beat harder.
"Mort... I need you please... I love you so much..." She continued.
He stood there, his grip on her arms loosening and his face looking very confused. Sarah had a difficult time but she broke free from him and reached to the side of the fireplace and snatched up the log poker. She felt a little inadequate with a log poker as a weapon but it was the best she could come up with. She pointed it at him and Mort shoot a glare at her that said everything.
"I'll do it " Sarah held the poker up to his chest level.
Mort sighed. "Sure babe, go for it."
She looked down at her potential weapon and back up at Mort who sarcastically had this hands up in the air and was circling around almost like a he doing some kind of dance. She rolled her eyes and realized that he was beyond insane now and just held the poker at her side.
"Please Mort, just let me leave, put this behind us." She tried again, she knew it was going to be to no avail but she wanted to end on a better note than leaving dead.
Mort stopped his "dancing" and stared at her.
"I can't I already told you that Sarah. Now put the log thing down and we'll be happy again." He attempted to speak calmly.
Sarah almost laughed at his calm attempt and gripped the iron poker tighter.
Mort walked up to the mantle of the fireplace fully aware that she had not dropped her weapon and turned his back towards her.
"I just want us to be happy again Sarah, that's all I want and have ever wanted. I didn't want us to end like Amy and I." He rested his head in one of his hands.
Sarah stayed away from him but watched his back and tried to view his face in the mirror next to the mantle but he was too slouched down to get a good view.
"You didn't have to end her life to make ours better Mort..." She said quietly.
Mort sighed. "I did Sarah, you don't understand that. She was trying to tell me that our baby was going to end up just like hers and mine and then it happened, when I came home that afternoon. Sure enough, you miscarried, just like she had... and it was her fault. She was a bad omen in our relationship. She was trying to end everything. She tried to win me back and I wouldn't let her so she was getting angry and she... she made you loose our baby just like she lost hers...."
Sarah could tell that Mort was crying now but she let him continue.
"After I did it Sarah... after... I knew it was wrong... but we were happier without her for awhile... until you found out... and I wasn't the same. I couldn't hide it from you, it drove me worse." He paused to take a deep breath because he was sobbing.
Sarah took a step closer to him, her heart completely broken and still ripped apart from Jennifer.
"And what about Jennifer Mort, why did you hurt her too?" She asked desperately.
Mort put his head down further and then popped it back up again higher into his hand. Sarah could tell he was having a hard time confessing all of these things too her, all of his twisted logic.
"I did it, because... because, she was your escape and I knew that if you ever left me again you'd go to her. I knew she knew the whole story about me because I know you Sarah and I know your relationship with her and I understand that you can't just confide in me everything, certainly not with me like this... so you had to have been telling her everything about me and you and Amy and why you were leaving me and the true way I am... and anyone in their sane mind would tell you to stay away from me... so I couldn't stand that so... I did it. To protect our relationship again." He paused and turned to face her.
Sarah looked at him and he looked at her, tears still running down his face.
"I fucking hate myself " He exclaimed and wiped at his cheek. "I know I am a horrible person and I am going to hell for everything I have done, after Amy, after your friend, after how I have treated you.... just fucking kill me Sarah. I deserve it, because after all I have done for trying to stay with you... I am not having you leave me... I am not letting you walk out this door. So kill me. I'll let you kill me at my consent, that's fine. I would rather die at the hands of someone I love, than at the hands of someone I hate and resent so much, because if you leave, if you some how manage out that door, I will take my own life. That's not a threat, that's a fact."
Sarah gazed at him and nodded slowly. That's all she could do. She had no more tears left for the situation.
Very slowly Sarah dropped the poker and walked up to Mort. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and held him for a long moment. Mort was shocked by her embrace but quickly welcomed it and held her close. She pressed her lips on his shoulder and kissed up to his neck and cheek, where she tasted the bitter salt of his tears. She pulled away for a instant and gazed at him. She half way smiled and Mort returned it, neither one of them so certain as to what exactly they were smiling about. Then she kissed his lips. She kissed him slowly and deeply. Her tongue massaging his back and fouth and only pulling away long enough to slide right back in. As she kissed him she backed him against the mantle of the fireplace again until she had him in the position that he had her in earlier, his back against it and her hips on his, only her arms were wrapped around his chest and his hair. Mort had one hand on her lower back and another in her hair.
Sarah took her right hand off of Mort's chest and reached up the ledge of the Mantle.
Mort pulled away from their kiss and moved his mouth to her ear, his eyes still closed.
"Just remember that I've always loved you Sarah." He whispered.
Sarah's eyes teared and her throat chocked. "I love you too Mort." She whispered back barely able to mange her words, but somehow still after all he had done honestly meaning them. She fished for his lips again and as she did she grabbed a decorative vase off of the mantels ledge and quickly smashed it on top of his head.
She stepped away fast enough and watched him and the white and blue pieces of the vase crash down to the floor. She couldn't believe her eyes nor what had happened.
She hurried to his side and called out his name. He didn't answer. She checked his breathing and it seemed fine but a little slowed. She had only knocked him out for awhile.
"Good-bye Mort."
She sighed loudly and rushed to the phone, luckily there was dial tone. She dialed 911 and explained that she had an urgent emergency.
When the cops and ambulance arrived Sarah showed them where the bodies where located and told them the whole story in detail. Mort was rushed to the hospital and after he came to he was put on trial and charged with 2 counts of first degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison. Sarah got to keep the cabin but she sold it and bought her own little home upstate. She started a new life.

She eventually went to college and took up nursing like she had planned. It took her a long time but she started dating again.

She visited Mort once in prison but he was too far out of it to even hold a rational conversation with her so she let it go. She knew in her heart what had really happened between the two of them and that's all that really mattered to her.
The only thing that Sarah never could let go of was the story Mort had written for her. She eventually finished it herself. She still left the title "A Little of This, A Little of That", but she put in her own personal ending where her character stayed together with Mort's, they got married, had kids, and as most fairytales usually go- "They lived happily ever after- the end".