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Chapter 1- Tree Hitting, Fang loving and Maccas- oh my!

Max's POV

I was twirling my hair as a lay on my bed, focusing on the ceiling. Mind you, I NEVER twirl my hair.

It was only an hour ago that Angel had been "borrowed" a fancy schmanzy hotel room, for us to stay the night, so the Flock could get some rest and re-energize. When you are a mutant bird freak on the run with people trying to kill you -every freakin' minute- who wouldn't want to live it up with some room service and complimentary slippers.

Not me, that's for sure! Then all the Flock (except Mr. Personality, of course) went all "Bambi eyes" on me. Even Iggy looked like the cute little deer. What can I say; I'm a sucker for Bambi eyes.

ANYWAY, the point is that we're stuck in this hotel for the rest of the night, and we have no plan, no method, nothing to keep us getting our as-

"Max?" My thoughts were trailed off by an adorable 6 year olds voice, coming from outside my room.

"It's ok Angel, you can come in." I was surprised at how relaxed my voice was, since we're facing imminent death every day.

The door creaked open, and in stepped little Angel, holding Celeste in her right hand. If you don't know why Angel got that bear in the first place, don't bother asking- it's not worth it.

"Max, can I ask you something?"

"Of course sweetie, anything." Oh geez, what was she going to ask? I hope she doesn't have a crush on someone or maybe a talk about the big picture. God, I hate those kinds of PEP talks. I like to take things day by day.

"Do you love Fang?" My heart always beat faster when someone mentioned his name. My head always spun when I thought about him. A smile managed to creep on my face whenever I looked at him secretly.

I think I'd rather the PEP talk now.

Ok, time to use my intelligent skills of bringing up another subject.

"I love you all Ange. You mean the world to me."

HA! How was that for intelligent?

"I'm serious Max. I read his mind and I think he lik- no. I think he loves you."

Oh. So much for my intelligent skills of- wait, WHAT?! Fang loved me. Great, first I hit a tree branch while flying over here and now this. I need a break.

"A-are you sure? Maybe you read his mind wrong."

Angel shook her head. "Nup. I'm pretty sure he loves you." I saw her face bright up with joy. "Does this mean we can call him Dad now?!"

Ugh, God. Fang as a DAD?! HA! I almost peed my pants. That was like Hitler as Mother Theresa. (AN: Lol, I like that analogy)

"Sweetie, I don't think-"

"Angel? I need to talk to you. It's about…"

Fang walked in the room and suddenly froze. He saw me sitting on the bed and Angel smiling happily at him. I managed to stop the smile from creeping up on my face. Note to self: Have a bit of self control.

"Oh, umm- hey Max," was all he managed to say.

"Hey Fang!" Angel interrupted. "I told Max what you came here to tell her."

His eyes widened to the size of the sun. Wait scratch that. The moon. He likes the moon better.


I nearly fell off my bed. HA! Fang NEVER stuttered. Ah… this is funny.

"Angel, can you give me and Max a minute?"

That made the clogs in my brain stop spinning. Talk about jumping to conclusions. Or in our case, flying to them.

"Hehe, sure." Angel would've looked so angelic if she wasn't the cause off all this mess. She suddenly turned to me as she was heading out the door.

"Oh, by the way Nudge is starving. The rest of us want Maccas." Then, clutching Celeste to her arms, Angel skipped out into the corridor and into next-door' room.

My eyes immediately turned to Fang, who was just looking really awkward. Mind you, he rarely looked like that.

Then I realized it was just him and me- alone. Yeah, you do the maths.

I managed to speak a few words before my mouth became dry and dehydrated.

"You wanted to talk to me?"

Without delay, Fang shut the door behind us and began to walk over to me.

Oh boy… is Angel still up for that PEP talk?


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