"I can't believe you did this to me again!" Diana screams at her husband as she tries to give birth to their new baby.

Clark, whose hand is in serious danger of actually being broken right now as Diana squeezes it, wipes her forehead with a cloth using his free hand. "I'll remind you Diana that I told you that I was happy with just the twins. You're the one who wanted another baby."

She shoots him a death glare despite the fact he is correct. She was the one. She missed the feeling of carrying another life within her so she and Kal tried again and succeeded. She grimaces as another contraction hits.

"Easy your highness," Epione tells her. "It won't be long now."

Diana leans into Kal. Gods she can't believe childbirth is still this hard. Saying that she has the strange thought at this moment that giving birth to the twins was harder than this.

Speaking of the twins they were being watched by their grandmother Hippolyta at this precise moment as they sit outside the room their mother is giving birth in. They sit against one wall while Hippolyta sits against the opposite one. As had been the case with them Diana decided for safety's sake to have her baby on Themyscira.

"It's going to be a girl," Lara says. She was now 16 and in many ways looked like her mother. The same shaped face and mouth but she had her father's eyes. In fact so did her twin. It seems that trait was a particularly strong one passed on from their father.

"Oh by the gods I hope not," her twin brother Jonathan says. As Lara looked like her mother he looked like his father. "It is bad enough that I am already outnumbered by girls. I don't need to be even more disadvantaged," he complains.

Lara rolls her eyes. "Jon. You exaggerate. Besides our sister is only 5. It is not like she plots with me against you." Lara's smile turns evil. "It's not like I need any help to plot against you."

Jon frowns. "What are you implying?"

Lara smirks. "What makes you think I'm implying anything?" she asks innocently.

Jon's frown deepens. "You're implying that it's easy to plot against me aren't you? That I'm naïve or something?"

"You're something alright Jon," Lara tells her twin brother. Then suddenly Jon flicks her on the back of the head. "Hey! That hurt Jon!" she protests while she rubs her head.

Jon scoffs. "Oh please. You got dad's invulnerability. Stop acting like a little girl."

"So did you Jon and his superstrength. Hence why that hurt," she says before she gets him back.

"Ow! Jon suddenly yells. "You pinched me!"

Lara grins. "Yeah. Luckily I got daddy's superstrength as well."

Jon sits rubbing his arm.

"Actually that could be your mother's strength," Hippolyta points out to the squabbling twins. "After all she isn't that much less powerful that your father."

Jon and Lara look at each. "Grandma has a point," Jon admits to Lara.

"Yeah she does," Lara says in agreement. "What I do wish though is that we both didn't inherit dad's inability to fly when he was younger. I mean we're 16 and we still can't fly," Lara complains.

"I hear you sis. I have this terrible fear Lyta will never let us hear the end of the fact she can already fly," he says in relation to their little sister.

"Tell me about it," Lara says in total agreement with her brother.

Hippolyta smiles at the twins and then looks down at Lyta who is currently asleep in her arms. Lyta had been able to fly from a very early age just like Diana much to the chagrin of the still flightless twins. She loves the warm feeling she gets inside as she holds her granddaughter. In fact she had the same feeling the first time she held the twins. Being a grandmother has brought so much joy to her. Much more than she ever expected and having the twins running around when they were younger reminded her so much of Diana and Donna. Of course their constant bickering also reminded her of her two daughters.

Hippolyta looks back at the twins. They are so alike. Say that to them and they'll look at you horrified that you could even suggest that but it's true and there isn't anything that they wouldn't do to protect the other or their baby sister.

Speaking of said sister. She had run out of energy about an hour ago and had fallen asleep in Hippolyta's arms. She had been deeply touched when Kal and Diana named their daughter after her and yes she finally got around to calling her son-in-law by his name. Hippolyta smoothes down some of Lyta's unruly blond hair. Apart from the flying Lyta hadn't shown much of any other powers. She was arguably stronger than a normal 5 year old should be but Hippolyta wouldn't call it superstrength. More like enhanced strength really. Maybe the superstrength would appear when she is older.

Hippolyta's attention is pulled back to the twins who are suddenly yelling.

"Aunt Donna!" they both yell at the same time and rush from their chairs and embrace their aunt who has just arrived. She had been stuck in a meeting when Diana went into labour. It was just one of the burdens she had ever since she replaced Diana as Ambassador. Donna worries for a second she will be crushed by her nephew and niece as they rush her. "Hi you guys," she says rather muffled by their embrace of her

Once the hug ends she looks them over. "Wow. You two are getting big," she comments. They had to be no more than half a foot shorter than their parents by now. Jon was going to possess Clark's muscular physique she could tell. They were going to have beat the girls off with a stick. In fact Donna had seen one or two of the Bana who were about Jon's age eyeing him with lots of admiration. Of course for Lara they would be using that stick to beat boys off. She was her mother's daughter. In fact if it was possible for someone to possess a more perfect physique than her sister, Donna would say Lara will be the one.

Donna turns her attention to her mother and her other niece. Oh she looks so cute sleeping there. Clark had told her how he believed Lyta would end up looking like his mother Lara. Donna guessed Kryptonian genes were strong to pass on so many traits. Saying that Lyta had Diana's eyes and not Clark's. Donna sits down next to her mother. "Hello Mother. Not too late am I?" she asks. She had rushed over from her ambassadorial duties as soon as she could once she heard Diana was in labour.

Before Hippolyta can answer there is a scream from inside the room that is unmistakably Diana's voice. "No you're not," Hippolyta tells her daughter.

Donna strokes Lyta's hair. "Too much for her?"

"It is late Donna and your sister has been in there a while."

"Yeah. Pushing out half-Kryptonians never seems to get any easier. Remember when those two were born," she says pointing at the once more sitting down twins.

Hippolyta can certainly remember that day. It was a very long one filled with Diana swearing to do many unpleasant things to her husband that would prevent him being able to father any more children.

The twins meanwhile have identical looks of horror on their faces. "Oh please Aunt Donna. Don't tell that story again," Jon pleads in a rather pathetic voice.

"For once I have to agree with my brother. Please don't tell us that story again," Lara pleads in an equally pathetic voice.

Donna has to hold in the laughter. Jon and Lara were really so like each other, that it was spooky. Another scream from Diana. By the volume of it Donna guesses that the end is near.

"Ok one more push your highness," Epione tells her.

Diana braces herself against her husband's broad chest and pushes. Hera give her strength. She grits her teeth and gives one last effort. Then the next thing she knows is the unmistakable cry of a newborn baby.

"Well done your highness. You have another beautiful daughter."

Tears are in Diana's eyes. "Oh Kal. We have another girl."

"Yes I know. Another one that I'll have to fend all those boys off of," Clark says ruefully. It was already bad enough the way they all looked at Lara and he was already stressed about Lyta and she is only 5 and now he has another daughter to watch out for. It's a good thing he's Superman. He doesn't think he could cope otherwise.

Diana slaps him on the chest as hard as she can considering how tired she is. As soon as Epione has cleaned up the new arrival she is handed over to her mother. Diana holds the baby with a loving sigh. All the pain of labour was worth it for this moment when she holds her daughter in her arms.

Clark gently strokes the baby's head. Like her predecessors she already has some hair but unlike them he can't work out where she got the colour from. Jon and Lara had black hair like him and Diana. Lyta had blond hair from his mother Lara but their new daughter's hair was red and a fiery red at that from what he could tell. "This one is going to be trouble," he tells his wife.

"How do you figure that?"

"She's a redhead. Redheads are always trouble. At least that is what my dad use to say."

"Why did he say that?" she asks him.

"It was his way of teasing mom. Her hair was red before it went silver." Of course Clark could name a few people he had met over the years who were redheads and caused trouble. Maxima instantly springs to mind.

Diana smiles wistfully. Mrs Kent had been departed from this world for some time now. Kal had taken it hard as she knew he would but she and the twins kept him from withdrawing into himself. In fact it wasn't too long after Mrs Kent's death that they agreed to try for another baby and Lyta had been the result. Their new daughter here was simply because Diana had felt broody. Thinking back it's funny how Kal never objects to the trying for a new baby bit. She giggles at her own joke.

"What?" Clark asks at Diana's mirth. Diana whispers it into his ear and he promptly ducks his head and blushes. Great Hera. She still finds that gesture so adorable on him.

There is a knocking at the door and Donna peers in. "So what's the good news?" she asks.

"It's a girl," Clark informs her.

"Aw no come on!" Jon shouts unhappily from outside which is accompanied by Lara shouting triumphantly. "Ha! In your face Jon! Told you it would be a girl!"

Clark and Diana look at each other with rueful expressions. Those children of theirs. "Jon, Lara. What have we said about eavesdropping with your superhearing?" Clark asks them in a perfectly normal voice knowing they can hear him.

Jon and Lara stick their heads round the door looking suitably sheepish. "Sorry," they both say together.

"Well now that you are sorry, you can come say hello to your new sister," Diana tells them.

Jon and Lara walk in and up to their parents. "Red hair?" they ask together as soon as they see the baby.

Donna shakes her head. "You two have to stop that weird twin thing you have going, it's creepy and um, sis, how comes she has red hair?"

"I have no idea," Diana admits.

"Is it alright if someone else visits?" Hippolyta asks from the doorway. Walking beside her, rubbing the sleep from her eyes is Lyta.

"Of course it is," Diana tells her mother.

As soon as Hippolyta and Lyta walk over Clark bends down and picks Lyta up. "Hi sweetheart. Tired?"

Lyta nods. Clark kisses her cheek. "Ok. You can say a quick hello to your new sister and then I think it is off to bed with you," he tells her. He takes her over to the bed where he holds her for Diana to kiss as well.

"Hello my angel," Diana says to Lyta. "This is your new baby sister."

Lyta studies her sister for a little while. "Was I that small?" she asks.

Clark and Diana smile brightly. "Yes you were," Clark tells her. "But you're getting big now. Daddy may not be able to keep carrying you around for much longer," he jokes.

Lyta frowns. "But daddy. You can lift anything. You're Superman," she says with a hint of pride in her voice that her daddy is Superman.

"Oh of course. Silly daddy," Clark says in a mock reprimand of himself.

"Yes very silly," Diana adds.

Donna chuckles. Clark is such a good father to them. "So name?" she asks.

Diana looks at her daughter and thinks for a moment. "Well if Kal says it is alright why don't we go with Martha."

Clark looks down at his wife with a little surprise. She looks up at him. "Well you said your mother had red hair," she reminds him.

"Yes. Yes I did and she did and that would be a great name for our newest addition to the family."

"Sheesh dad. You're making us sound like some mob family or something," Jon comments.

"Well I could make a good mob boss." Clark remarks. "I think I would make a very convincing bad guy."

Lyta shakes her head. "Daddy you're not a bad guy. You put bad guys away," she corrects him.

Diana chuckles. "Ignore daddy Lyta. He is being silly again."

Lyta's response is to yawn. "Ok young lady. I think it is time I put you to bed," Clark tells her.

Lyta cuddles into him. "Ok daddy. Love you," she says sleepily.

Clark feels like his heart will melt. He kisses the top of her head. "I love you too." He bends down and kisses Diana on the cheek. "I'll be right back," he tells her. "Come on Lara, Jon it is time you went to bed too," he tells the twins.

"Aw. Do we have to?" they whine together.

Ok Donna is right Clark realises. That weird twin thing they have going is creepy.

"Yes you do," Diana tells them. "You need to look after Lyta like you promised," she reminds them.

"Hey Lara promised not me," Jon protests.

"That is a blatant lie and you know it Jon," Lara complains to him. "We both agreed."

Jon sighs theatrically. "Fine."

Diana snaps her fingers and points at the door. "Go," she tells them.

With that order the twins leave with Clark. Hippolyta takes the chance to sit next to her daughter. Diana is staring lovingly at her new daughter trying to memorise every detail of her face. It is a few minute before she looks back up and even notices her mother.

"How are you?" Hippolyta asks.

"Oh I'm just a little tired," Diana tells her mother.

Hippolyta rushes some hair off Diana's face. She then looks at her new granddaughter. "She is just as beautiful as the other 3 were."

"True but then they grow up," Diana laments.

"So are you and Kal planning to stop at 4?" Hippolyta asks.

"He wanted to stop at 2 actually but I missed the feeling of holding a baby in my arms. When I felt the twins were old enough I decided that the time had come to try again and that is how we ended up with Lyta."

"And this time? You never told me why?"

"Same reason actually. I don't know what to tell you mother except I love the feeling of being a mother myself."

"I see. So I'll be expecting more grandchildren in the future shall I," Hippolyta deduces.

Diana looks at her mother dubiously. "Mother. I just gave birth. Making another baby is the last thing on my mind."

"What a shame. Jon really wants a little brother," Clark says as he returns.

Donna stares at Clark. "Are you actually saying you want to try for number 5? Are you insane?" she asks her brother-in-law rather concerned for his mental wellbeing. "What happened to you were fine with 2?" she adds.

Clark reaches the bed next to his wife. "I was fine with 2 and I was fine with 3 and I'm fine with 4 and I'll be fine with as many as Diana wants," he explains.

Donna shakes her head. "At this rate you'll end up with like a dozen of them and, boy, is that a scary thought."

Diana shoots a sister a glare before turning her attention to Kal. "Lyta ok?"

"She's fine. Sleeping like an angel. I'm sure Jon and Lara can manage to watch their unconscious sister for a little while. Besides you know that I'm always listening for them."

"I know," Diana says softly. "By the way who won the pool this time?" she asks her husband.

The next day Wally paces back and forth in the observation deck of the recently constructed Watchtower. It had been an expensive undertaking to put a permanently manned station in orbit but luckily the League had friends and governments with deep pockets. He knew Diana had gone into labour and this time he was determined to win the pool he had lost out on last time.

"Wally you are making me dizzy," Kon-El complains. Kon was an immature clone of Clark created by Lex Luthor in another attempt to kill Superman but Kon rebelled against Luthor in the end and decided his place was on the same side as Clark, whom he considers an older brother now.

"Oh and you aren't interested in if you have another niece or nephew?"

"Of course I'm interested Wally but I'm happy to simply wait until they call."

"You are far too much like that stick-in-the-mud Kent, you know that," Wally complains.

"I'll take that as a compliment."

Wally throws his hands up in defeat. Just then J'onn walks by. "J'onn," Wally calls while zipping directly in front of the Martian. "Any news?"

"No Wally. Just like the last time you asked," J'onn informs Wally.

"But come on she went into labour yesterday. Kent is doing this on purpose. I'm telling you," Wally says sounding a little bit whiny.

"Sure he is Wally," Kara Zor-L says dismissively as she enters the observation deck. Kara was Clark's cousin from yet another parallel universe they had come across in their adventures. She had ended up stranded in this universe and decided to become a hero like her cousin and went by the name Power Girl.

"He is," Wally argues.

"Oh right. His wife has just given birth and I'm sure his first thought is not to tell you so he can get some amusement at your frustration of not knowing. Yeah I'm sure that is it," Kara says sarcastically.

Wally just stares at her. "You know I'm beginning to think you ended up here because your Clark simply wanted to be rid of you."

"Did you seriously just insult my cousin? Because you know I can literally turn you inside out Wally," Kara threatens.

Kon steps between the two of them. "Whoa. Time out," he says trying to calm Kara down. She could be a little hot-headed at times.

Thankfully they are all saved by the appearance of Bruce. They all look at him eagerly. "Well?" Wally asks him.

"It's a girl."

"Yes!" Kon and Kara yell at the same time. They look at each other. "You too?" Kon asks her.

"Yep. Guess great minds think alike."

They turn to Wally who is looking decidedly unhappy. Kon and Kara can't stop the smirks forming on their faces. "Aw lose out again Wally," Kara teases.

Wally says nothing as he zips off. "You know he always start these pools yet he rarely wins them," Kon comments.

Bruce smiles. "It's karma."

A few weeks later Clark is lying Martha down to sleep at home back in Smallville. He had retired from being a journalist. He felt he had to at the point people kept asking him what the secret was that he looked so young. Time it seems only affects him slowly. In all honesty he looked like he was still in his early thirties. Of course the same could be said of his darling wife but she was immortal so she was never going to look any different.

They had moved to the isolation of the farm as some place safe for the children's powers to develop without anyone else around. He had taken up writing as a new vocation. He spends a few minute looking at his daughter contemplating how lucky he is to have all this. His musings are interrupted by the twins stereo yelling. He makes his way down stairs to find they have engulfed his dear old friend. "Hey Chloe!"

"Hey Clark," she answers encased by the twins. "Um a little help?" she asks.

Clark chuckles. "Ok kids. Take it easy on old auntie Chloe."

The twins release Chloe. "Hey less of the old buster," Chloe complains. "We're the same age remember."

"Of course Chloe," he says. In fact Chloe was looking pretty good for her age. "How are things at the Planet?" he asks her. Chloe was now the Editor-in-Chief.

"Oh the same really."


"He's good but I didn't come all this way to talk about Jimmy Clark. Where is the newest bundle of super powered joy?"


Chloe looked at Clark and could see the same pride and joy she had seen in him when the twins had been born and when Lyta had been born too. She was really happy for him as well because deep down, Chloe knew, all Clark had ever really wanted was a normal life with wife and children. Of course she thinks 4 is just showing off. "Well I won't disturb her if she is asleep. Where's Diana and Lyta?"

"Oh they went into town for some groceries," Clark tells her. "Come and sit down and tell me what is going on in your life while we wait for them."

They sit next to each other on the couch as Clark listens as Chloe does just that. He can hear her pride in her daughter Lois who now 21 has decided to follow her mother and her namesake into journalism.

"Well what do you expect Chlo?" he asks her. "She is her mother's daughter."

Chloe smiles. "I know. Now if I could only get Clark to focus on the one thing he wants to do with his life we would be set." Her son Clark had not yet be able to find the something that would interest him career wise.

"I know that feeling," Clark says in sympathy.

"Clark. Aren't you expecting a little much from Jon and Lara. They're only 16."

"I know that Chloe but you know you wanted to be a journalist since you were, what was it, 5."

"Yeah but I'm special in that way."

"That's one way of putting it," Clark mutters under his breath.

Chloe hits him for that. "I heard that! My hearing hasn't gone yet Clark Kent," she tells him sternly.

"Ok I'm sorry."

Chloe takes a moment to take in the house. "Do you think it's funny that you've ended up exactly where you started, in Smallville?"

"Well it's not exactly the same Chloe. For all that time growing up here I didn't know who I truly was beyond that I was an alien from another planet who had super powers."

"And now?"

"Now I know exactly who am I and what I want."

"Oh and who are you?"

"I'm the husband of the most wonderful woman in the world and father to 4 children who are the most precious things in that world and on the side I moonlight as a superhero."

Chloe snorts with laughter at that last bit.

"And lets not forget I have the best friend any alien from another galaxy could ask for."

Chloe responds to that by pulling Clark into a hug. "Yeah and I have the best BDA in the world for a friend too."

Clark smiles at the BDA comment as he returns the hug. Chloe was the one who first came up with the Big Dumb Alien critique.

"Dad. Is this something we need to tell mom about?" Jon asks at the sight of the two friends hugging each other.

Clark and Chloe turn to see Jon and Lara watching them with identical mischievous expressions on their faces. Clark and Chloe share a look before Chloe answers back. "You know it's a good thing I keep a piece of kryptonite around for a situation just like this," Chloe tells the twins while reaching into her bag. She pulls out a lead box.

The twins back up nervously. "Um Aunt Chloe?" Lara inquires.

"Yes Lara."

Lara points at Jon. "It was all his idea."

"Oy! It was not!" Jon protests.

"Was too!"

"Was not!"



Clark and Chloe can't help themselves and burst out laughing. God sometimes those 2 were just so easy. The box was actually empty.

Jon and Lara stare at the two friends on the couch laughing hysterically. "Oh come on. You two are suppose to be adults. That was just mean," Lara whines.

Clark and Chloe continue to laugh as Diana and Lyta return. Diana eyes the two friends on the couch giggling away. It doesn't take much deducting to realise they have been having fun at the twins' expense again. "You two should be ashamed of yourselves," she admonishes the two of them.

Clark and Chloe share another glance and shrug. Chloe gets up and gives Diana a hug. "Hey Diana. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine. I heal quickly."

"Yeah. Give me another reason to be envious of you."

Diana smiles at Chloe's sarky attitude. "How are you Chloe?"

"I'm good."

"Clark and Lois?"

"There good too."

"Oh Jon will be so glad to hear that," Lara adds to the conversation.

"Why's that?" Chloe asks.

Lara grins "Because he has like the biggest crus.."

Her words are cut off by Jon placing his hand over his sister's mouth. "Lara!" he hisses but it is too late. Everyone in the room knows what she was about to say.

"Wow Clark your son has a thing for my daughter who is 5 years older I might add," Chloe comments.

Clark looks at Jon whose cheeks are bright red now. Lara elbows Jon in the stomach so he lets her go. Lara says some more. "After all don't you remember it was when she last visited that his heat vision kicked in."

Jon's embarrassment continues. Clark smiles sympathetically. It was feelings of lust that sparked his heat vision to manifest itself as well. Of course Jon never mentioned anything about feelings he has for Lois to his dad.

Chloe feels generous and moves the conversation on. "And what about you Lara. Anyone you have a crush on?"

Lara sees her dad staring at her intently. "Can I plead the Fifth on the grounds daddy will crush them into a little ball?"

Clark's eyebrows rise. "Alright Lara who is he?"

"Who said it is a he?" Jon adds to make his sister even more uncomfortable.

Clark's eyebrows rise higher. "Lara," he says insistently.

Lara turns to her mother. "Mom. A little help please," she pleads.

Clark's attention turns to Diana. "You know who he or she is don't you."

"My lips are sealed," Diana tells her husband.

"Uh huh. I have my ways you know," he warns his wife.

"Daaad. Please don't," Lara pleads.

"Lara. I am your father. I have a right to know if you are seeing anyone," Clark says in a stern voice.

"I'm not seeing anyone," she protests. "I just may have some feelings for someone but that's it," she insists.

Lyta is holding onto her mother's hand bemused by all the talk. "Mommy?"

Diana bends down and picks her up. "Yes sweetheart."

"Is daddy mad at Lara?"

"Of course not sweetie. Daddy is just being overprotective and a bit silly. He'll get over it."

Clark scoffs. "Not likely," he mutters. Before he can say anything else he hears Martha's cries. "Martha's awake," he says as he gets to his feet. "I'll get her." He starts to head for the stairs. "Oh but rest assured Lara. We will be continuing this conversation," he informs his oldest daughter.

"Great. Can't wait," she says through a forced smile.

Clark heads upstairs to find Chloe following him. She wants to see Martha and have a chat in private with her friend. "Clark. Are you really mad at Lara?"

They reach the nursery. "Of course not Chloe. Well not much except I'm disappointed she couldn't talk to me about it."

"Sometimes these are things daughters are more comfortable talking to their mothers about Clark," Chloe points out to him.

Clark sighs. "I guess you're right," he says as he picks Martha up. "Hey there Martha. Look. Your Auntie Chloe has come to see you."

Chloe coos at the baby. "Hey there. Aw aren't you adorable."

Clark hands Martha over for Chloe to hold for a minute. "So how do we deal with the fact my son has a crush on your daughter?" Clark asks her.

Chloe shrugs. "It is probably just a crush. He'll get over it in time. Although…" A smirk forms on Chloe's face.


"I have to say he is his father's son."

"In what way?"

"Being attracted to an older woman."

"Oh ha ha Chloe," Clark says humourless. "I'm cracking up here. Seriously I am."

"What? It's true. What is Diana, a mere 2 thousand years older than you are."

Clark shakes his head. She thinks she is so funny. He takes a moment to watch Chloe holding his daughter. "It's funny you know."

"What is?" Chloe asks.

"When I left for Krypton all those years ago it was because I thought there was no longer anything here for me and then I get back and all these other heroes have shown up and I end up even more unsure if the world needed me. Then I met Diana. I'm not ashamed to admit this Chloe that despite all my grief over Lois I was rather star struck with her."

"Yeah I know Clark. I could see it."

"I wouldn't have come back if I had found something at Krypton Chloe. I was going to stay," Clark admits to his friend.

"I understand Clark. You wanted to find a place where you belonged."

"Yeah and now I have. I belong wherever my family is and that is here on Earth with Diana and these 4. I don't even like to think about the fact if I had found something at Krypton I would never have met Diana."

"You would have at some point," Chloe assures him.

"How do you figure?"

"You were destined to find each other Clark. I'm sure someway, somehow you would have met each other. It was fate."

Was it? Maybe it was. Clark decides he should really get off these what ifs and concentrate on what he does have. He has the woman he loves. He has 4 beautiful children and he has the best friend he has ever had in the form of Chloe. Oh he should tell her that. "Chloe just in case I haven't said it before. You are the best friend I have ever had and I have loved every minute of being your friend."

"Why thank you Clark and the same goes for me," she says in appreciation of his words.

"Come on then. We better go before they wonder where we are."

"Yeah," Chloe says while she carries Martha. Clark and Chloe head back down towards his family. Despite all the difficulties Clark wouldn't trade them for anything. They are the centre of his world and allow him to look upon the world with a whole new vision. Maybe when Martha is older he and Diana should look into getting that brother for Jon. After all what's another one when they already have 4. Another baby would just be another precious life for him to share his love with and what he has discovered so far is that he is in no danger of running out of love anytime soon.

He and Chloe get downstairs and he without warning embraces his wife and kisses her passionately. "I love you more than I'll ever be able to put into words," he tells her. For the longest time he had felt so alone being the last of his kind. Diana and his children have filled the void that had left in him. With them at his side he feels truly invincible.

Diana , caught a little off guard, wonders what has got into her husband. Not that she is complaining. She will never get tired of his kisses. "I love you the same way Kal," she tells him back. She is so happy. She has her husband and her children. As long as she has them she needs nothing else. She wonders what she did to be so truly blessed. She may be a perfect representation of womanhood but it is the feeling of being with her family that is perfect. For the longest time growing up she felt like some part of her was missing but no longer. As long as she has Kal and her children she feels complete and nothing and no force in this universe will ever take them from her.

Chloe looks on with a smile at the embracing couple. She was right upstairs. It isn't luck or random chance that brought them together. Those two being together; it is destiny. Her thoughts are interrupted by twin voices.

"Aw come on. Will you two get a room!" the twins complain in stereo.

Diana and Clark look at them with resigned smiles and in complete agreement. That twin thing they have going is definitely creepy.

The End.

Author's Note: This is where I end this story which is the longest one I have written so far. Thanks to everyone who wrote reviews. I read and appreciate them all.