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Ii. To SiGn Or NoT tO sIgN aNd OmG! a ToTaL mAkEoVeR

"Scraggly white hair, cheap wooden shoes, revolting red marks on the face, incredibly bland fashion statement, you would have to be Sannin Jiraiya, am I correct?"

Jiraiya, who was peacefully slurping glass noodles after Naruto left, spluttered all of it on the speaker's face.

"You! Did you come here to insult me?! And just who the hell are you?!"

The man, whose face was hidden by dripping sauces and noodles, and not to mention Jiraiya's spit, blindingly grabbed a napkin from the table. When he was done wiping, Jiraiya could see a plain face degraded by a disgruntled expression.

The man procured something from a small leather suitcase that was obviously his and then gave it to Jiraiya.

It was a magazine, some Crisp magazine thing with the typical good-looking cover girl. "Eh? What's this for?""

"Shouldn't you be asking, 'who's this?' Don't you recognize her, Jiraiya?"

Jiraiya frowned at the lack of honorific. "Well, how the hell should I know?"

"Oh, no, no," he jeered. "You should know her very well. Umaro Keiko, supermodel from Star Country and also," he paused dramatically. "The woman carrying your child."

Jiraiya froze. With much effort, he recollected himself. "Could we discuss about this outside?"


Jiraiya cringed, Naruto could sure get high-pitched if she wanted to.

"So now don't tell me he's blackmailing you?"

"Err, he's filed a case against me. Statutory rape." Jiraiya bowed his head in shame.

"You mean to say the girl was underage?! You…you…!"


"Pedophile! Pervert! Sicko! The Ultimate One!"

"Argh! Stop! I've heard enough already!"

"Well, you obviously hadn't heard enough to castrate yourself!"

"Castrate? Now, Naruto that's going overboard…"

"It would do the world a favor," Naruto muttered angrily as she plopped herself on the bed. "So, how's Keiko-san and the child doing?"

"Abortion," was all he said.

Naruto felt her jaws drop to the floor. "What?!"

"Yeah, but that Hoshino bastard is intent on filing the case." Jiraiya's eye lingered on Naruto and a smile crept up to his features. "And that's where you come in, Naruto, or should I say, Noriko?"

Uh-oh, that's what she was definitely dreading, that thing. Mr. Hoshino, a.k.a room service guy and a.k.a Ero-sennin's gay lover, offered Noriko a modeling contract under their agency in exchange of withdrawing from the case with Ero-sennin. And what did Ero-sennin think a girl who's lived her life as a boy for THIRTEEN YEARS say?


"Frigging tard who can't tell his ass from his dick, NO WAY IN HELL!!!"

Yeah she was direct. And don't forget vulgar.

Jiraiya choked in disbelief at this. "What? Naruto!"

"Yeah?" She said while checking on her nails.

"Look at me!"

"I have pinkeye."

"Idiot, that's not a cause for transmission! Ah, well you're hopeless! C'mon you have to bail me out. This is gonna ruin my reputation."

Naruto snorted. "As if it's not ruined already."

"You don't understand. Don't you wanna earn big cash? And just so you know, this is the first time I'll be accused legally."

Naruto gaped.

"Yeah, it's true Naruto."

Naruto blinked and said, "Aw, that's sad. But that's just your life."

"Naruto, how could you?!"

Jiraiya fumed silently, while searching for the right words to say.

Naruto needs him, so what the hell is she saying? Well she could always go back to Konoha and have Kakashi instead. That's probably what the blonde moron was thinking about.

Hah! That Naruto, how dare she refuse a Sannin? A Great Sage?

And who's even taking benefits here?

Ah, well both of them actually. Yeah, Naruto agreed to be his apprentice in order to save who-was-that-again?



"Ah, I guess your friend can't be saved from Orochimaru when the source of your power would be locked up."

"Do I have to read the whole thing, Ero-sennin?" Naruto whispered to Jiraiya who was sitting beside her and was, for once, dressed in conventional clothes and looked like he was meaning business. And they were in fact doing contractual business in Mr. Hoshino's office.

"No, moron. Just sign, and sign where they ask you to," Jiraiya whispered exasperatedly.

"What? Where's that?" Jiraiya slapped a hand to his forehead. He should've known idiots can't understand paper stuff.

"Is something wrong?" Came Mr. Hoshino's voice.

"Yeah! Where the hell do I have to sign?! These papers are obviously done by stupid people!"

"Ah, that would be me," said Mr. Hoshino.



"Hey isn't that Superninja flying outside of the window?!" Jiraiya shrieked.

Both Naruto and Hoshino actually searched for Superninja.

"There's no window in my office," Mr. Hoshino pointed out.

"Ah, I knew that! Hehehe."

"Corny," some blonde bimbo commented. Jiraiya glared at her.

Mr. Hoshino decided to give Naruto instructions on signing the papers. When they were done, Mr. Hoshino stood up. Naruto and Jiraiya thought it was best to follow suit.

"Congratulations and welcome, Miss Namikaze," said Mr. Hoshino and held out his hand in a handshake. Naruto thought it was a low five and slapped the hand in return. Mr. Hoshino was taken aback but let it off.

"Hey! Hey! Do I earn here? Or you're not giving us any money?" Naruto whined.

"Your one-year contract is worth 80,000 ryou, which you'll receive at the end of one year. You'll earn more when clients hire you. As of now you have zero clients."

"So…zero clients is equal to…"

"Zero ryou, moron," Jiraiya sneered.

"Yeah, yeah! I know that, asshole!"

"Um, really, is that the way grandfathers and granddaughters address each other?" Mr. Hoshino interjected.

Naruto was about to say "fuck off!" when Jiraiya beat her to it. "Ah, never mind that! So when does Noriko start?"

"Uh…Since your granddaughter is currently a nobody…"

"Yes?" Jiraiya leaned in closer.

"Noriko, and if you'd like to come too Jiraiya, you will move to Star Country, where our main headquarters reside."

"Ah, no problems," Jiraiya said.

"But I'd like us to leave first thing tomorrow. You will be attending a launching party with me on Wednesday, Noriko."

"Party? What for?"

"Most of the big clients will be there. It's time for you turn into a somebody!"

"Would they serve ramen there?! Coz I'm not going without ramen!"

"Uh, I guess so," Mr. Hoshino lied with no idea what a ramen was. "Anyway…first, let's get you a total make-over. From clothes, hair, and eww, your nails, Noriko, horrendous, I might add."

"Hey! That stuff's for fairies!"

"And a fairy you should be!" Mr. Hoshino beamed at her. Naruto started to protest. "Uh-uh, remember the contract you've just signed. No buts, Noriko."


Said person was wise enough to leave before all hate-energy was transferred to him.

The first thing Naruto said when she entered hers and Jiraiya's hotel room was, "You shit-smelling geezer! You ditched me! Again!"

"Hey! Didn't see you there! About that, I figured it's best to leave you to cool down since I'm so hot."

"Go fuck a dog!"

There was a sudden knock on the door.

"Noriko, it's Mr. Hoshino," came the guy's muffled voice.

Naruto growled. If she was going to see Hoshino's face everyday, she better back out of the deal.

Naruto reluctantly opened the door. Mr. Hoshino burst in so suddenly that Naruto was squashed to the wall. What followed Mr. Hoshino was like a parade of circus animals. About four or so women, all dressed in bright colors and all carrying something either big or shiny, were his companions.

Naruto was irked by the jewels and accessories the women have all up their bodies like gypsies. And their girly outfits were making her want to puke too!

Only Jiraiya seemed pleased to see their visitors. Of course, what was to expect from that Super-Pervert?

Jiraiya approached their guests and welcomed them. "Ohohoho—!"

"And a Merry Christmas!" Oh, Naruto-sama you're such a genius!

Jiraiya glared holes at her as the ladies giggled. "Peace, old man. You do resemble Santa, with your white hair and all."

"Naruto…," Jiraiya growled in warning.

Mr. Hoshino, sensing another round of bickering from grandfather and granddaughter, interrupted with a very loud and enthusiastic voice.

"Noriko! Good to see you again!"

"I've been in your office like minutes ago, dolt."

Mr. Hoshino seemed less offended. "Such beauty like you is always worthwhile to see! Now let me introduce to you our assistants for your make-over."

Naruto could feel butterflies in her stomach. She knew this was coming but she was unprepared, dammit!

"The lovely redhead in the leopard dress is Kaede-chan. The awesome gal looking great in…"

And then so followed the introductions, with Mr. Hoshino introducing the girls and commenting on their outfit, make-up and all that shit. Of course, Jiraiya kissing the hands of the ladies after each introduction was inevitable. Naruto wasn't listening and was busy sharpening her weapons in a corner.

"These girls are experts in the field of beauty, as you can oh-so clearly see. Am I right, Noriko?"


Ching! Ching! Ching!

"What's that noise?" Everyone oblivious to what Naruto was doing was not so oblivious now as they had already spotted her. No one seemed more offended than Mr. Hoshino. "Noriko! Don't tell me you're a ninja?!"

Naruto continued sharpening her weapons and ignored him so Jiraiya answered for her instead.

"Yes. She is my granddaughter after all."

"Why didn't you tell me?!"

Jiraiya started sweating buckets. "Uh, so you're going to sue me again?"

Mr. Hoshino regarded him with a sharp eye. "Ninjas always get into fights. Therefore they probably have so much...*gagging sound*…scars. My models are supposed to be flawless in flesh!"

Jiraiya nodded. "I see if that's what's bothering you. Noriko!" No answer. "Ramen girl!"

"What?!" Naruto said but thought something seemed missing. Oh. "Cocksucker!"

"Come here! Free ramen if—!" Before Jiraiya could even finish, Naruto was already there, ready to obey like a cute adorable pup. "Give me that kunai. Thank you. Give me your arm too."

"What the fuck do you really want?!"

"Mr. Hoshino, watch this," Jiraiya said. He dragged the kunai over Naruto's forearm.

"Ouch!" Naruto slapped him. And Jiraiya scowled at how low he had to stoop just to get out of his legal troubles.

"Oh my God! The wound!" A few gasps escaped their visitors' mouth. And sure enough, Naruto's wound was healing before their very eyes.

"Perfect, isn't she?" Jiraiya nudged Mr. Hoshino.

"No, flawlessly perfect," Mr. Hoshino corrected dreamily.

"Beauty is always from head to foot. The first thing people notice is your head before your feet. So we must begin with your hair!" Mr. Hoshino exclaimed keenly. "Kaede, work your magic on her!"

Naruto only remembered Kaede, the one Hoshino said was the redhead and wearing the…uh…lion's dress?

"Leopard, you moron." Wow, did she say out that loud? Naruto scowled and flipped the bird at Ero-sennin.

"Now, now, Noriko. Models are supposed to be extremely lady-like. No profanities from now on."

Naruto merely grunted in response. Then Naruto suddenly felt something pulling on her hair. "Hey!"

"Easy, easy," Kaede soothed as she ran the brush and her fingers through her blonde locks. "Wow, Noriko-chan, your hair's the most perfect I've ever seen! Dai-kun, there's no need for fixing her hair at all."

"Mmm, I thought so. Just give it a nice trim."

"Okay, Dai-kun!"

"It seems your services are of no need, Kaede," came a new voice. Everyone turned around to look at the source of the voice, a scary-looking dark-haired woman with heavy eyelashes smoking in a corner.

Kaede scowled but ignored the woman. "Ah, what kind of hair care product do you use, Noriko-chan? Like what brand of shampoo and stuff like that!"

"Uh, soap but I dunno what brand it is. Detergent if I run out of it."

There were collective gasps and gags heard all around.

"What?! Ah! Hahahaha! Noriko-chan, you witty girl!" Kaede giggled.

"Hey! I wasn't kidding!" Naruto said defensively.

"It's true, Kaede-chan," Jiraiya interrupted. "She doesn't bring any shampoo with her."

"Oh but soap makes your hair dry! Or worse, damage it!"

"Kaede, you dimwit. Not everyone's the same as you," the scary woman from before said.

"No one asked for your opinion, Michi!"

Naruto cheered for them.

"Bitch-fight! Bitch-fight! Bitch-fight!"

Unfortunately, there wasn't any bitch-fight. Naruto utterly felt disgruntled. They applied some sort of gooey and icky stuff on her face. God, it was slimy! She could feel it dripping on her skin. It felt like poop. Almost smelled like one too.

Gasp! Could it be?!

But the moment it tumbled dry, it was peeled off of her skin. Naruto could feel the puke rising to her throat just from smelling that awful substance.

Anyway, someone was working on her nails. Her name was Akane and she was having a hard time with Naruto's nails.

"Hmm, maybe the nail clippers is tarnished?" Hoshino suggested.

"No, no. It's these nails! Their like those nails from the mummy movies!"

"Well excuse me if my nails aren't as un-mossy as yours!"

"Now, now girls—" Mr. Hoshino placated.

"RGAHAOHAOHAOHAOHAOHAO!!!!!!!" Jiraiya drunkenly flung an arm around the woman beside him then took a swig from a sake bottle. "And then I said to him! I said to him, "Ya obviously don't—!"

"Looks like someone's having fun," Naruto grimaced.

"AHH! THERE!" Akane shrieked.

"Huh? OWWW!" Something hit Naruto in the eye!

"I've cut her nail off! Finally!"

"Didja have to have it jab my eye?!"

"Oh, stop complaining! There are still 19 nails to be done!"

After 19 nails and 19 nail-jabs on the face Akane still wasn't done with Naruto's nails.

"Soak your fingers here," Akane gestured tiredly to a bowl of hot oil.

"Why?" Naruto asked suspiciously. Of all the make-over process, this manicure-thingy was the most abusive of all! Her face was still stinging, goddammit!.

"It's to soften the nails so we can get it cleaned afterwards." Akane also prepared a small basin of hot oil for Noriko's feet. "Put your feet in this too. I'll be over there. Call me when 15 minutes is over."

"Where are you going, Akane-chan?" Hoshino asked.

"Bed," was all she said and made her way to the bed where Jiraiya and two other models were currently having drinks and laughing and flirting to no end.

"Akane-chan! Here to join us?" Jiraiya howled.

"I'll pass." And with that Akane flung herself to the bed. She was asleep even before she could hit the bed.

Surprisingly Naruto obeyed Akane and dipped her fingers and feet in the warm substance. Well, this is relaxing for once.

Fifteen minutes later they had to wake Akane up. She seemed to have regained her energy. Naruto felt offended. Were her nails really that bad? But anyway Akane cleaned Noriko's now moisturized nails and after that announced that she'd be painting her nails.

"What color would you want then, Noriko-san?"

Naruto was aghast. "Color?! Gross! That's for sissies!"

"And are you saying I'm a sissy?" Akane pointed to her green-painted nails.


"Ah, Akane-chan," Hoshino interrupted as always. "Just give her a French Manicure. We'll be testing different clothes on her after all."

Akane agreed. Naruto was still aghast but decided worse things could've happened. Naruto didn't know what a French Manicure was. But as she saw Akane perfectly coloring the tips with a white nail polish, she knew she sort of saw it from other girls from before.

When Akane was done, she moved back to observe her work and then grinned at Noriko. "From a mummy to a hot mama!"

Naruto couldn't tell if it was an insult or not.

Now they were on to the most dreaded thing ever! Trying clothes on!

And guess who the expert on that was?

"Orange jacket and orange shorts, you can't even call this old-fashioned because no sane person in the any historical period would wear that," commented the scary woman who almost had that bitch-fight with Kaede. Her name was Michi and Naruto lunged aggressively towards her.

But as usual, Hoshino intervened and dragged Naruto away from Michi. "Ah, Noriko, Michi didn't mean that—"

"Actually, I did."

"BITCH!!!" Naruto tried to claw her face but had some difficulty because Mr. Hoshino was still gripping her by the waist. For a non-shinobi, Mr. Hoshino sure was strong.

"Now what did I say about profanities, Noriko?"

"Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!"

After what seemed like an hour, everyone, as in everybody in the room including a now-sober-thanks-to-wild-Naruto Jiraiya, managed to contain the beast… err, girl.

In a short time, Michi had picked out an outfit for Naruto to try on. It consisted of a loose denim sleeveless shrug, a lacy spaghetti-strapped top and a midnight blue A-line skirt, with matching accessories.

"No," Naruto said defiantly and looked away from the group.

Everyone in the room frowned at her, everyone except Jiraiya, who merely muttered, "Poor Sasuke."

"Give me that!" Naruto snarled and tear the clothes from Michi's arms.

"Dai-kun, Jiraiya-sama, if you would please step out of the room," said Michi.

"What's first? This thing or this?" Naruto asked as she lifted the shrug and top.

The girls marveled at Noriko's idiocy.

"I always knew blondes were dumb, but not this much," Akane said.

"Obviously the top goes first or else what's the use of the shrug if it's hidden by the top?"

"Eh? What's a shrug? And what's a top?" Naruto tilted her head in question.

"Girls, I think we need a one-hour fashion lesson before we proceed," Michi concluded.

"WHAT?! ONE HOUR?!" Naruto looked daggers at Michi. She has to be the bitchiest bitch of all these bitchy models in here!

"Shut up and stop complaining, amateur."

Naruto silently shook with anger.

Damn that bitch! So full of herself. I'll show her amateur. Hmph! Namikaze Noriko's gonna be the greatest model ever! Believe it!

"Ooh, we'll see about that, Miss Amateur," Michi said jeeringly.

Uh-oh, did she say that out loud?! Damn, that's happening for like two times already. But she wasn't herself if she backs down of this challenge.

"You betcha. Oh, that tutorial of yours, I don't need that sort of crap. I was only trying to crack a joke back then, can't even take it?"

Michi merely clicked her tongue in annoyance.

Ooh, she had no idea bitching was this fun!

After 53 outfit mixes and 21 pairs of shoes, the operation Namikaze Noriko Total Makeover came to a wrap. Naruto dragged the luggages that contained all outfits, shoes, makeup kits, nail polishes and all those other beautification shit towards the group.

Kaede saw her coming and asked. "What're you carrying those around for, Noriko-chan?"

Naruto rolled her eyes. "These are your guys' stuff, right?"

"Oh!" Naruto rolled her eyes again. "No! These are yours now, Noriko-chan."

Naruto didn't roll her eyes this time but instead had them bulged out. "What?!"

"Yes." Kaede leaned in closer to her and whispered to her, "Dai-kun's giving all of these to you. Don't ask me why. But I think he sees the potential in you like the time when he first met Keiko-sama."

Keiko? The girl Jiraiya knocked up?

"Also," Kaede continued. "These stuffs are all brand new and cost a fortune since I can see the designers on these."

"Oh, well I'll thank him later… I guess? Uh, about Keiko-san, how is she?"

Kaede snuck a glance at Dai-kun before answering her. "She's still recovering from her surgery. Dai-kun sent her on vacation but no one knows where."

"Surgery? But I thought it was from… Ah! Never mind that! So is she really that good?"

Kaede gave her a suspicious look when she trailed off a bit but forgotten about that when she asked something utterly unbelievable. "I can't believe you, Noriko-chan! Keiko-sama is a supermodel! And she's the world's first teenaged supermodel that's why she's held in high regard. Even kunoichis know that! How could you not?!"

By now, everyone was looking at both of them. So they decided to leave the conversation at that.

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