A/N: A random piece of morbidity that I felt like writing.

Leroux-based, where Erik keeps Christine.

Review please!! First morbid fic, so don't be too harsh...!

I observe my cat.

It is an engaging exercise indeed.

She sits on the chair.

She has soft hair.

She is skinny.

The cat has eyes.

A nose.

A limb.

4, actually.

I reach out to the cat.

I prod her.

The cat yelps.

She glares at me.

I smile at the cat.

The cat hisses at me.


I try to ignore it.

I turn back to my music.

I really do need to finish this piece.

Or Christine will be sad.

But the sound keeps coming.

I start to get annoyed.

I turn to ask the cat to be quiet.

She scratches me.

The cat yowls.


I shake my head, baffled. Ayesha has disappeared! All that is left, it seems, is some red liquid.

I sigh. All I wanted to do was make her silent for a while. Why did someone have to come and steal my darling Ayesha?

Sighing again, I stand to find something to clear up the mess.

And then I remember Christine is there.

I look over to where she is sitting in the large chair.

She does not seem too upset.

I am glad.

I go to her side and kneel in front of her.

"Do not worry, my dear," I tell her reassuringly. "I will find Ayesha."

She takes me at my word, and does not answer.

I step back and look at her approvingly. She is as beautiful as ever. Apart from that mark on her chest.

I frown. I had tried my hardest to get rid of it for her, but it didn't seem to disappear.

How vexing...

I had managed to make her silent. So why didn't it work on Ayesha?

I exhale, and pick Christine up gently.

"You must be tired, my angel. I will take you to your room. How does that sound?"

She does not answer.

She does not fight.

That is good.

She has learned to tolerate me. She has stopped screaming at me, after all. But then again, that was merely a short-lived fit of madness. I do not keep her captive. And she has realised that.

She is a good wife.

Perhaps she will learn to love me.

If only she would forgive me.

If only she would speak to me.