It was difficult trying to figure out what the first story would be about. I had a lot of ideas running through my head and in the end, I ended up with this.

I rated it M mostly for violence, but there's also a bit of language and some adult themes.

All characters belong to Shungiki Nakamura.

Chapter One: Genesis

"N-no!" Misaki Takahashi squeaked out and threw his fists gently against Akihiko Usami's chest. Misaki had a way of half-heartedly pushing Usami away whenever the man tried to be intimate with him. However, Usami always found it adorable and it only enticed him to further his mission. A smirk fell from Usami's lips as he settled them over Misaki's ear and nipped softly. He was awarded instantly with the most adorable noise from Misaki. Usami loved the way Misaki's words said no and yet everything else about him said yes. He knew if Misaki had really wanted him to stop that he wouldn't of pushed his luck. Usami was a stubborn man when it came to what he wanted, but he was also was quite the caring individual... in his own way.

"I'm out of Misaki." He replied calmly and let both of his hands slide up and into Misaki's shirt. The hands hovered above his stomach for a second while the phone near them rang. Usami looked annoyed and with some effort Misaki shoved at him until he was able to escape to the kitchen and accept the call. Usami gave a defeated sigh and let Misaki answer the phone while he turned to his over-sized teddy bear, Suzuki-san. He moped quietly to the bear and watched his lover pick up the receiver. He was only mildly interested as to who it was. It was Manami; his sister-in-law and the woman who had stolen Misaki's brother from him. In the end, he was thankful she had done so. It was because of her marriage to Takahiro that he'd been able to put his past with Takahiro behind him and to fall deeply in love with Misaki.

"Ah! That's wonderful!" Misaki quipped through the receiver. He could hear his brother in the background stressing about Manami's announcement that she was pregnant. It caused Misaki to laugh into the phone quietly. Manami exchanged a few more words with him until the phone was handed to his brother. Immediately his brother because to ask him questions about his health, how he was doing and how Usami was treating him. Misaki was mildly annoyed but reminded himself to be nice on account of the news that Takahiro was going to be a father and he an uncle.

"Niichan. Everything is fine. Worry more about your wife and about your new baby." Misaki heard his brother's defeated sigh and he felt at peace knowing his brother would give up... for now. Takahiro meant well but it was sometimes enough to make Misaki want to strangle his elder brother. Luckily the conversation only went for a few more moments until each said their goodbyes and Misaki returned the phone to its cradle. He turned to Usami with a mixture of unnamed emotions of his face. Managing to quirk is his lips into an awkward smile, his hands went to the side of his head where he scratched at his temple lightly with his nail.

"Ah, they're having a baby. Hah... hah." Usami, as usual, didn't look impressed.

"What do you want for dinner? I was thinking of ma..." Misaki wasn't able to finish his sentence before Usami had risen from the couch and trapped Misaki against his chest again. Misaki grumbled and went to push himself away again. Usami only tightened his grip and leaned down to speak quietly into Misaki's ear.

"I want Misaki."

"Pervert Usagi-san!"


"S-stop. I need to... make dinner!" Misaki was fishing for excuses as usual. It was normal routine. Usami initiated, Misaki resisted and in the end, they ended up doing it anyway. It worked for the both of them even if Misaki denied it to the core. He knew deep inside he really did care for Usami and loved him. It would take a miracle for him to admit it and he may never do so. Miracles didn't come easy and Misaki was more a realist than a dreamer. Usami could dream all he wanted but Misaki wasn't going to be as easily lost in the clouds like Usami seemed to be.

Usami had just barely made it to unzipping Misaki's pants before a redheaded woman thrust the door open and stormed in. Usami huffed softly in frustration for all of the distractions in his day and his deathly gaze tore to his editor Eri Aikawa. She had a knack for interrupting him in the middle of his attempts to 'recharge' with Misaki. Usami hadn't noticed the fretting look and gesturing of Misaki having been caught in the act, only his mild annoyance that his editor had interrupted him yet again. It was if the world was conspiring against him today. He took a seat on his couch and lit a cigarette while he listed to her rattle on about deadlines.

Misaki however saw her as a blessing in disguise once again, even if hit by the awkwardness of the situation. He had only barely managed to zip his pants back up and right himself without her noticing. He was quick to run to the kitchen to hide the embarrassment and the rattling of thing noted he was already trying to make some form of dinner. He left the two to their talks and silently mulled over in his mind the news that his brother was going to be a father. It suddenly felt weird that he hadn't made a bigger deal of it. Maybe he'd go to see his brother soon and properly congratulate him on the news of him becoming a father.

"Ah! Misaki-kun! I have a present for you! Here, strawberry chocolates." Came the rushed voice of the demon woman Aikawa. Misaki thought she was particularly nice, but he also knew the side of her that liked reading the 'BL' novels Usami wrote and often requested special things be put into them. Thinking of it again was enough to make his eye slightly twitch. It was quickly passed away when she presented him with a small blue box. He remembered the last box he'd gotten like this that was full of Belgian chocolates. The memory of what came afterwards had him even more exasperated and nearly not wanting to take the chocolates from her.

"Ah, wow! Thank you so much!" He ushered and accepted the box of chocolates anyway. Maybe they didn't have any alcohol, but to be safe he wasn't going to eat them with Usami around. The pervert might try to do something to him like last time. The memory nearly made him crush the box in his hands. Luckily he remembered they were a gift from Aikawa and he gingerly set them on the counter instead. He thought about asking Aikawa if she wanted to stay for dinner, but the look on Usami's face as well as the way the conversation seemed to be going suggested otherwise. Instead he let out a bit of a sigh and went back to making dinner for he and the man he refused to admit he was in love with.