DISCLAIMER: The awesome Skip Beat belongs to Nakamura Yoshiki (-worships- Nakamura faith!). Peter Pan was originally written by J.M. Barrie, plus the many adaptations/versions.

Summary: Kyoko had always believed in fairy tales. She had always wished that she could fly, so that she could fly away from and escape from her life. Then, one day, while crying in the forest, she met him. And he could fly... and take her away, to the land of fairies, of mermaids, of pirates, and to a story of fantasy, and of eternal childhood. Loosely based on Peter Pan.

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"Oi, Kyoko!" Sawara called out as the distinctive, pink-clad girl walked into the talent section of LME.

"Eh? Ah, hai!" The girl nodded in response, walking over and bowing politely to her superior. "Ohayou gozaimasu, Sawara-san. I was just about to go and do some cleaning in the LoveMe section."

Sawara peered at the girl, who was rising into fame much faster than he had ever anticipated, yet completely oblivious to it. He shook his head. "No, not today." He pulled open his drawer, and pulled out thick envelope. He handed it to Kyoko. "The details for your new job just arrived this morning. I accepted it for you. It's a movie."

Kyoko's eyes widened. This was a first. "A movie?"

Sawara nodded. "It's loosely based on the story of Peter Pan."

"Peter Pan?" Kyoko repeated, her hands already taking out the file containing the script from the envelope. She flipped through it, and saw the summary. It read:

"Wendy had always believed in fairy tales. She had always wished that she could fly, so that she could fly away from and escape from her life. Then, one day, while crying in the forest, she met him: Peter Pan, and his fairy, Tinkerbell. And he could fly... and take her, to the land of fairies, of mermaids, of pirates, and to a story of fantasy, and of eternal childhood."

There was a silence. Sawamura looked at Kyoko expectantly. Kyoko's eyes were as wide as saucers. More silence.

Then, a small voice spoke up. "...f-fairies?"

"C-Can... you teach me how to fly?" Wendy's voice shook a little from the request, and she hesitated a little, but the desire in it was true and clear. If only she could fly, she could leave this place, this place that selfishly called itself her home.

Two hours later, Kyoko threw her arms over the table in frustration, and repeatedly banged her head against the table. "Wendy, Wendy, Wendy..." She muttered under breath. "Come out, Wendy..." There was a pause, then she straightened, and once again stared at the script in front of her.

Her new role was yet, another puzzle and another challenge. She had so looked forward to playing Wendy after hearing her story, but the deeper she looked into her character, the more she noticed differences in Wendy's behaviour and her own, that she couldn't understand.

In the story of Peter Pan, Wendy is taken to Neverland, a place where children can play all day, and never grow up. Actually, it sounded like the magical kingdom of Kyoko's dreams. But though they had such a wonderful adventure there, in the end, Wendy leaves to go back to the 'real' world.

If it was me, I would NEVER do that, Kyoko thought to herself, frowning at the silly Wendy. She couldn't understand.

Why did Wendy leave? Why did she want to grow up?

Then, there's the deeper matter, with understanding her motives, and her heart. What exactly did Wendy feel towards Peter? No matter how much Kyoko tried to think about it logically, she couldn't grasp it.

Kyoko's eyebrows were now scrunched together in deep thought and concentration. When even that technique didn't work, she frowned some more, brightened, and reached out to take out her trusty, secret weapon-of-acting from her bag.

The weapon that has been the symbol and reminder of her journey, and goal, to become a first-rate actress.

This secret weapon has not failed her yet.

"Ai-ya-ya, you're stuck on ANOTHER character?" Ren's deep, disapproving voice (as imitated by Kyoko), even in doll-form, had an authoritative air. "Really, Mogami, I thought you can do better than this. As a sempai, I am very disappointed in you."

Kyoko was nodding and listening eagerly, taking in the words like a silly puppy waiting for praise. Somehow, listening to Ren (and really, herself) criticising her always makes her feel better. Though come to think of it, Ren has been extremely nice and forgiving to her lately, even though she is still always having trouble with her roles and always having to ask for his help.

"You have to observe people more," Ren-doll was lecturing to her. "So you will be able to imitate anyone and in any situation any time you want, for when the time comes for you to use it in your acting."

Now Ren (doll) was sounding like her 'father', Hizuri Kuu.

At this point, Kyoko decided to, as always, turn to her last resort. She reached into her bag again and rummaged for her cellphone.

"Cellphone, cellphone... Ah!" She held it and waved it in the air triumphantly, her poor grip on the sleek surface almost causing her to drop it.

"Ahhhhh!" Both arms waving wildly in the air, she caught it, just in time. Then, she calmed and dialed an almost-familiar cellphone.

"Doo doo... Beep." She reached Ren's voice mail, which was normal for a busy actor like him. She pondered whether to leave a message, then suddenly remembered Yashiro mentioning to her (for some reason, very apologetically and very determined to explain all the details of Ren's movements to her) that because he and Ren were pushing to finish his murder drama as quickly as they could, Ren was, regrettably, going to be very busy for the next few days.

Guilt tugged at Kyoko's heart. Of course, he couldn't be there for her all the time. She must be very annoying, not even trying hard enough to figure out her own roles on her own.

"Doooooooooooooooo... Click."

Startled out of her thoughts, it took only a moment for her to realize that the familiar tone signalled that she had past the message-recording limit, again. With a sigh, she closed the phone, and slid it back into her bag.

Well, if she was going to tackle Wendy on her own, at least Sawara had excused her from her usual LME duties today so that she could concentrate and work on her new role.

Finally, she got up. "I am going to go outside," She announced to no one in particular, least of all to the Ren-doll now carefully put back into her bag.

She found herself on the roof, the same place she had gone to calm down when she first joined LME, and had been upset by thoughts of her mother. There, she had taken out 'Corn', and 'Corn' had taken all her sad feelings away.

Remembering the time, she took out the much loved, multi-coloured rock. Perhaps, again, Corn would come and save her.

Are you a fairy?

Kyoko startled from the sudden voice in her head. It seemed familiar. Who? Who had said it?

My wings... they're trying to grow. But every time they grow, they would get crushed by my father's big hands.

Maybe, the answer was within her after all.

Kyoko took in a breath of fresh air, and closed her eyes. The story of Peter Pan- and her memories- began to unfold.

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