Chapter 2

The sky exploded, as war planes dropped their bombs all over London, lighting the sky with bright flashes of orange and red. It was war-time. On nights like these, many a family would huddle together, in a secure shelter, and pray for their safety and the safety of their loved ones in war.

All families, except for one.

It all started early in the evening.

Mr and Mrs Darumaya, last saw their daughter (officially named 'Wendy' but affectionately nicknamed 'Kyoko-chan'), at around four o'clock, while they were having their tea. Their last words to the girl were most probably "Come and have some tea, Kyoko-chan." It was most likely from Mrs Darumaya, because Mr Darumaya's idea of conversation is typically a grunt. 'Kyoko-chan' had politely declined, and quietly retreated to her room- as usual.

At about four-thirty, Kyoko had finished packing her duffle bag. If the Darumaya couple had been in her room more often, perhaps they could've prevented it. But if you'd even suggested such a thing to them at the time, they probably would have looked at you, all horrified, and insisted on respecting their darling Kyoko-chan's privacy.

By five o'clock, Kyoko had thrown her bag out her window in a truly old-fashioned style and manner, and walked outside, mumbling about a walk. As the Daramuya couple were busy making Daramu's to decorate their restaurant, they didn't go outside, and therefore didn't see Kyoko's bag crushing Mrs Darumaya's precious roses in the garden. They nodded their agreement enthusiastically to Kyoko's suggestion.

By five-thirty, the sky was getting darker and darker, and as Kyoko grew hungry (she could only save so many chocolate bars), she began to waver and wonder if running away from home was really a good idea. However, she recalled her weeks of planning and determination to go and search for her mother, and possibly her father if he was still alive in the army. Almost fifteen minutes after thinking all this, she noticed that she had no idea where she was and couldn't get back even if she wanted to.

At six-o'clock, right when one would expect all to be at home having dinner, the planes came and the bombs started. At this point, Kyoko is now feeling extremely miserable and when the bombs started- well- booming all over the place, she began to freak out. She tried to go inside a café or something at first to hide, only to have the doors shut right in front of her face. She quickly learnt to follow the other running people in the streets, eventually stumbling her way to a public bomb shelter.

At seven o'clock, Kyoko fell asleep in the shelter, having had quite an adventure today running away from home, and amidst occasional frightening thunderous bombs, managed to fall asleep there for the night, amidst the sound of bombs.

And so, that was how one particular family was not hiding away together that night.

The next morning… Kyoko yawned, and opened her eyes to find herself very cold. More importantly, the bomb shelter was empty now, save for her. Probably, they had gone home to their families.

She walked over to the door of the bomb shelter and placed an ear to it, listening. It was silent. Kyoko decided it was safe to go outside again.

An almost-bright blue sky greeted her, letting her know that it was probably just after dawn.

Briefly, she worried whether the Darumaya couple were alright, and felt very bad about herself for doing something so horrible to them when they had been so kind to her, but reassured herself, knowing that they would probably be better off without her anyway. Plus, they did have a bomb shelter in their backyard, after all.

The streets were almost completely empty, save for a few random strangers, none of which paid her any attention. Kyoko, now fully and utterly lost in another district, walked randomly. She guessed she would have to find a job, and then a place to stay.

Seeing a 'recruiting now' sign on one of the buildings, Kyoko walked into the building with a big sign over it labelled, "LME".

"I would like to apply for a job," She told the receptionist of LME. "That one," She pointed at the sign.

The receptionist glanced at the sign. "Ah, well, which department do you want to enter?"

Kyoko blinked at her. "Uhh… any one of them, I guess?"

"I mean, the singing department? The acting department? Or the talent department?"

Kyoko thought about it carefully. She couldn't sing and she wasn't sure she could act, either. She didn't know what talent was, but it sounded good. She must have some kind of talent she could use. "Talent, please."

The receptionist pointed her to a door. "Then please go that way. The one you need to talk to is --- Sawara. The auditions for that will start in 10 minutes."

"Thank you," Kyoko bowed.

"Sawara-san?" Kyoko said as she walked through the doors. "I want to participate in the audition in 10 minutes and enter LME. Or else…" The air grew colder and colder, almost haunting, as Sawara felt demons whisper "Die… torture in the sixty-six levels of hell… Wife and children…"

Sawara gulped, but was nevertheless impressed by her threa- uh, determination. "Come right through. Y-Your name?"

"Ky- No," Kyoko remembered. "My legal name is Wendy… Darumaya." Kyoko paused. Then, she added, "But I want to debut as 'Kyoko'."

At the audition, Kyoko's task was to improvise the role of a girl reuniting with her mother. But, thinking about her mother, brought about her angry, demonic aura. "Mother…" Kyoko's voice was almost menacing, instead of touching. "You… have… come back… for me… I…" Kyoko couldn't respond. Just the thought of her mother hurt her. She knew her mother would never come back for her because she hated her. How could she portray the feelings of a daughter who was loved by her mother when she couldn't even imagine it, or believe it, herself?

She just stood there, eyes disbelieving, not responding.

Sawara, and the President of LME, shook their heads. Kyoko walked sadly out of LME.

The audition had brought out her hurt feelings towards her mother. Tears started welling in her eyes. Now what was she to o, when she couldn't even pass such a simple audition? Where could she go? Glancing around, she found a park named "Kyoto Reserve" in bold, copper lettering. The sight of it comforted her, almost reminding her of Japan, her home.

She found a secluded place surrounded by trees, close to a small stream. She would be near the flowers, the stream, the trees, the birds, and no one would see or hear her while she cried. It was her perfect sanctuary.

That was where she first met him.


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