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Chapter 1

Every kick he threw into the air drew amazement from the guys. Every elastic twist from his body captivated the girls. He moved like he had no bones; he raised parts of his strong, intricate body into the air like gravity was non-existent.

"C'mon Sasuke!" he heard Naruto yell. "Show 'em what you've got!"

He intended to do just that. Swiftly manoeuvring his weight around with only his hands as support, his legs extended and with only a quick touch of the ground by the balls of his feet, he bounced off and back flipped, landing on his feet again.

The girls went wild. The guys 'ooowwwhhh!'-ed in their typical fashion, an indication that Sasuke had easily exceeded the impress-o-meter's highest point. Sasuke looked back at Kiba, his opponent, and could see him smirking and shaking his head as he got lost exiting the sea of people. He had lost, but he could take it.

Sasuke removed his shirt and threw it to the girls, who screamed even louder and fought over it. He could feel chills from the wind against his damp tank top but he didn't care. The crowd overwhelmed him, grabbing at his arms and slapping (and punching, whichever they could manage) him on the back, congratulating him. He suddenly felt a strong grip on his thin yet firm arm, and he didn't need to turn to guess who it was. He turned to face Neji, who needed to shout to be heard over the huge crowd still surrounding Sasuke.

"Man!" Neji yelled, chuckling. "Undefeated champion! This is, what, your third year in a row?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Fourth."Neji laughed and the corner of Sasuke's mouth rose. "You're absolutely insane, you monkey. Look at all these people! All for you!"

"Hmm, and they're not sick of me yet."

"Damn straight! You're Sasuke Uchiha! Who could get sick of you?"

Then another voice joined in the conversation. "I sure couldn't." Sasuke saw his girlfriend Sakura come and drape her tanned arms over his shoulder, digging her head into it. Her hot pink halter top came to a stop only about three centimetres below her breasts, and her tight, white skinny jeans barely sat on her hips - quite low. "That was amazing, baby."

Sasuke wrapped his arm around her bare waist. "I know."

She put her hand on his jaw and turned his face to look down at her. "Why don't we celebrate? At Juanita's. We can invite Neji and the guys-"

"Plus Kiba," Neji grinned. "I'd love to rub it in."

Sasuke scratched his chin in mock thoughtfulness. "Now that you mention that…"

Sakura smiled brightly and, hooking her right arm through Sasuke's and digging her right hand into his pocket, she walked along proudly as other girls stared with vicious envy. It was good to be queen.

"Triple axle, Hinata. You haven't perfected it yet. Yes, that's right, build up speed and then…no no NO! Again you're landing unevenly! Hey you, music man! Yeah, you! Stop the music you idiot! Again, Hinata, from the top. Okay, music man, start it again."

Hinata skated faster, accumulating speed. She loved to race through the icy air, feel the swish of her thin skirt against her legs and the slicing of frozen water beneath her feet. She felt like a swan. She reached her cue and leapt into the air, spun three times and landed. Her coach sighed, putting a hand to her head as if she was the one doing millions of spins and jumps in the air. "Now you didn't land in sync to the music. Take a break, I need one too. Turn it off, you idiot! How many times do I have to tell you? Can't you see when she finishes and when she starts?" Coach Kurenai stomped up over the bleachers over to the sound room to continue her rant, her voice fading out. "For crying out loud…"

Hinata sighed and skated over to the barrier, reaching the door and sitting, staring at her skates. Twelve years and you're still doing this. Going to training when needed is healthy. Going voluntarily as often as possible is insanity. Hinata, you're never going to change.

Ever since she was five Hinata had loved ice under her feet, not grass, skates not shoes, sparkling dresses not casual clothes. Her grandmother had danced on ice, her mother had danced on ice, and now she danced on ice. Maybe this year would be the year she would win. Maybe now, with new confidence and her newly-healed ankle, she had a shot at winning the gold. Who knew.

Hinata stood up and began to skate alone, with no instruction. She liked it that way the best, free to move how she wanted, free to fly. She felt closer to her mother that way, when she was gliding. A part of her was in the arena, her dreams hovering over the frosty ice.

Kurenai had seemed to finish her dispute with the music man, because she had returned to her place and called out to Hinata. "Don't waste your energy, Hinata! We need that triple axle shaped to flawlessness."

And that was the expectation and core of Hinata Hyuuga. Flawlessness.

Neji threw chips at Naruto and Sasuke pushed Kiba as he leant over the table to grab his chips. He grabbed his wrist and Kiba scowled.


"You have your own," Sasuke pointed out. Kiba looked at his plate.

"Yeah, but you have more," he said. Sasuke shook his head.

"Have you decided if you're competing in the Emerald Machete?" Sakura asked him, tracing the lines of his face longingly.

"I don't know," Sasuke replied.

"Why wouldn't you?" she asked, crawling closer on the long seat at the booth they all sat at and placing her legs over his lap. "I mean, you're the best dancer in the city - no, the country!"

"She's got a point there," Neji remarked as he dragged long sips from his iced tea.

Sasuke yawned and glanced at his watch. It was almost two in the morning. He should be heading home soon. "You're both forgetting a major factor about the Emerald Machete. It requires more than one dancer."

"Then I'll dance with you," Sakura giggled on his neck. He was so used to Sakura's touchy-feely actions that it passed off as a natural, automatic thing to do, any day, everyday.

"No offence Sakura," Kiba said with chips in his mouth, "but you aren't exactly Missy Elliot."

"I don't need to be," she replied, taking Sasuke's vein-defined neck in her slender fingers, "because Sasuke will do enough incredible dancing for the both of us. I just need to stand to the side and look pretty."

They all cheered and lifted their fists in agreement. Sakura began kissing Sasuke's neck, jaw, trailing up towards his lips slowly before enveloping his lips with hers, giving him passionate, intense kisses. Naruto gagged.

"Aw, come on, Sakura," he whined. "We all know you're a good kisser, so please, there's no need to suck the life outta poor Sasuke here…"

Sakura giggled seductively, her eyes on Sasuke's now-wet mouth. Still and stiff like a statue, as always. Never kissing back. Typical Sasuke. But she was okay with it. He didn't respond, but she could still get an amazing kiss out of him. He was a good kisser…without needing to actually kiss…somehow. The very fact that he could pull that off made her want him even more.

"Me and Sasuke need to kiss. He won't let me do anything else."

All the other guys kept eating like she had said nothing out of the ordinary, but the contents of Naruto's mouth spilled back out into its original place and Sakura flinched. "Eww!! That's disgusting!"

Naruto ignore was focusing on her previous comment. "What, you mean, Sasuke's…Sasuke's not getting laid? With you?"

Sasuke glared at Naruto, annoyed he had chosen to discuss it over their late dinner. "No, Naruto, I'm not sleeping with Sakura."

"Oh. Well, why the hell not?

"None of your business."

"Oh. Okay. I didn't know. Did you guys know?"

The other guys nodded in unison before returning to their food. Sakura was still mortified by the food display. "S-So…dis-sgusting…" she breathed.

Sasuke pointed at the mess. "Clean it up," he ordered Naruto. "You're gonna make Sakura recolour my tracks."

Naruto grinned, doing as he was told. "Well, this was a good night. It's nice to learn new things about each other, eh, Sasuke?"

Sasuke shook his head as he stood with everyone and held Sakura on his arm, taking her home.

Once he reached his own house he could collapse onto his bed, relax, and empty his mind. Hopefully there would be no nightmares tonight.

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