Skippy, one of Robin Hoo good friends was walking through King Richards castle when he saw Little John mummbling something about Robin Hood

"Hey Little John what's going on with Robin Hood?"

Skippy asked

"Hey and Maid Marian are working on those six," John said

"Six? Six what?" Skippy asked

"Children," John said

"How do you work on it? My mama always sais a stork comes and drops them,"

"Skippy you're way to young to know the real version of how it happens," John said

"No I ain't. Besides it's probably really amazing,"

"You won't see it that way," John warned

But it was now use. That little bunny was on hi way to Robin and Marians bedroom

"Oh boy. That ittle kids mind is going to get warped," John said

Soon enough Skippy got to Robin and Marians bedroom, the door was closed.

When he put his rabbit ear to the door could hear a lot of noise comming for the room.

"Gosh what are they doing in there?" Skippy woundered

He deiced to open the door and find out

"WHOA!" Skippy screamed as he saw the two foxes naked and in a "Doggy-style" sex position

The sight of it was so scarring to little Skippy that he fainted

"That's why the door is closed," Robin said as he continued to "do" hi wife

The End