Disclaimer: If you honestly believe I own Heroes in any way, you need therapy even worse than the Petrellis. This fic is dedicated to the lovely Bria, who I blame entirely for it being written.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

You're broken...

It has been -- days since my last confession.

Don't worry, Brian. I can fix it.

I have broken one of the Ten Commandments, Father. I have killed. It wasn't an accident. It wasn't self-defense.

It's an evolutionary imperative.

Actually, I broke two Commandments. I lied. That gift didn't start out as mine. I took it from someone else. ...That would actually make three, though, wouldn't it?

The hunger... I can't control it.

All I wanted was to be special.

You made me this way.


You're right, Mother. I could be anything. Even the President.

I didn't want to kill anybody. That was never my intention.

They're all innocent.

I've killed quite a few times, Father. There is a lot of blood on my hands. I can't seem to stop killing.

Give me that List so I can sink my teeth in!

I will probably kill again.

Interesting. I can't wait to try that one.

And again.


Maybe I'll kill you next. Forgive me.

Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.