"No! Allen!" Lenalee cried out.

The sky thundered and flashed. This can't be happening; it's not real. Lenalee looked around. All she saw were her friends and loved ones dying. The Order was destroyed. Everything was gone. Allen was the only one left fighting. Lenalee was frozen in place. It's not real. I can't lose the only one I have left. Tears started sliding down her face. All she could do was watch as Allen fought the remaining Akuma.

"Allen!" Lenalee screamed when she saw him get hit with a deadly blow. "No!"

"Run Lenalee, RUN!" Allen called out with his last breath. The Akuma finished him.

"No!" Lenalee covered her face with her hands. "It's not real… It's a dream… It's not real... It's a dream… It's just a dream."