"My precious little Lenalee!" Komui sobbed.

"I'm sorry sir, but there aren't any Lees, Walkers, or anyone fitting your description staying in this hotel," the receptionist said with a smile.

"Check again!"

"I already checked five times, sir, at your request."

Komui was sobbing hysterically. "But I've checked every other hotel in Italy!"

The receptionist looked surprised. Howard Link, Komui's traveling companion, looked just plain annoyed.

"Ever think they might not be in Italy?" he asked, arms crossed. "They threw you a red herring, you moron."

"You know where they are?" Komui asked hopefully.

Link decided to be nice for once. "No, I just remember they were talking about Italy, but decided not to go."

"Lenalee!! Where are you? I swear, I'll murder Walker for taking you away from me!"

Meanwhile, Allen sneezed.

"Are you catching a cold?" Lenalee asked, putting down the souvenir she'd been looking at for Komui.

"I get the feeling someone's talking about me..." he replied. "I think whoever it is is planning murder," he added as he shivered. "I'm getting goose bumps."

"Let's go back to the hotel. I'll warm you up," Lenalee replied with a grin.

"And you say I'm the sex addict."

Lenalee slapped him playfully and ran back to the hotel, Allen hot on her heels.

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