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Title: She's Only Potter's Sister

Pairings: Sirius/OC eventually, James/Lily eventually!

Rating: T for now but may be raised for later chapters.

Summary: Well it's obvious, May is James's sister and her and Sirius fall for each other but it will take a bit of time to get them to admit to their feelings. Blatantly obvious! The story is my own but when I reach familiar things they belong to Ms Rowling. I will follow the books when I reach that time era.

She's Only Potter's Sister

Chapter One: The Start and Letters

"James! James put me down! I can get there myself you know. I have a pair of working legs. JAMES! Mama tell him!"

"James put your sister down. All her shouting is giving me a headache." Sipping her tea. "The two of you eat your breakfast in peace. No arguments and May, no wandless magic." Walking out of the kitchen leaving the two siblings to eat.

"Toast?" James asked politely, handing her a plate.

"Yes please." Taking the plate from him. "Has there been any owls this morning?"

"No, it's a bit early May." Looking up at the kitchen clock. "Not long though. I'd better wake our guest." Standing up.

"Guest? Since when did we have a guest and why wasn't I told?"

"Oh he arrived late last night. His name is Sirius Black and I go to school with him. Mother said he could stay." Winking at her. "We'll stay out of your way."

"You better." Taking a bite out of her toast. "We're off to Diagon Alley today as soon as the letters arrive."

"Yes mum(!)" Jokingly as he left the kitchen leaving May sitting silently eating her toast.

"Come on mate." Poking his sleeping friend. "Get up or no breakfast." No answer from him. "Come on Sirius." Pulling his covers off of him.

"FINE! I'm up." Heaving himself off of the bed. "I was having a nice dream. Snivellus was covered in green goo." With a wide smile plastered across his face.

"That was the last day of school." Pulling at his arm. "Come on get up. Food!"

"That's the word I'm looking for." Standing up and pushing his black locks out of his eyes. "Show me the way then." Both leaving the room plotting what to do to Snape when they got back to school.

May just happened to glance out of the window for the millionth time when she saw the owl post arriving. "JAMES! It's here." Opening the window to let it in and taking off all the letters. "JAMES!"

"What?! I'm here." Taking the letter from his sister's out of her hands. "Here you are mate." Giving one to Sirius. "Ah! Yes. Sirius this is my sister, May. May this is Sirius."

"Hi nice to meet you." She said without looking away from her letter.

"Well did you get excepted?" James said nudging his friend and winking. "Or don't they want you?"

"Of course I've been excepted. I was doing magic in the womb before you did outside the womb. So there!" Poking her tongue out and silently sending a glass of water at him and tipping it over the both of them.

"Mother said no wandless magic!"

"Do I look like I care?" Walking out of the room. "Nice to meet you Sirius."

"Yeah you too." Smirking at James. "Just like you. Polite and charming(!)"

"Shut up." Getting a towel and drying himself.

"Your hair isn't going to go back to normal. It's always like that. It won't change." Tapping his back. "Now where's the food?"

Sirius stayed with the Potter's for the remainder of the summer and was to go to Platform 9 and three quarters with them. He noticed when he stayed with them that May was never around only at dinnertime. James informed him that she lived in her part of the house and didn't like to be disturbed except for food, quidditch and swimming but not necessarily in that order. As the time to leave for Hogwarts drew nearer, May became more and more nervous. "Awwww(!) What's the matter May darling(?)" James said sarcastically as he put an arm around her. "Don't want to go now(?)"

"Shut up!" Pushing his arm off of her. "No. I was thinking about... ummm..."

"Ha! You're nervous!"

"Am not!"

"Are too. Don't worry so was I."

"Really?" Looking at him hopefully.

"Yeah until I met my best friends." His eyes looking over at Sirius. "May, you'll be fine and I'll look after you."

"Shut up or your ego will get a bit too big for your shoulders." Poking her tongue out at him. "You trying out this year?"

"Of course. There's a place as a chaser free."

"I wish I could try out but it's pointless first years never get picked."

"Next year then? Same with you Sirius. There'll be a beater opening."

"Oh yeah, Matthew's leaving." Sipping his drink. "When we leaving?"

"Now." Answered Mrs Potter as she entered the kitchen. "Come on. Get your trunks."

"Is Papa coming?" May piped up.

"Sorry May he's stuck in work." May pouted at this statement. "May Potter don't look like that you look like a pigeon. Now come on or you'll miss the train." Walking out of the kitchen to the car.

The three boarded the train after waving to Mrs Potter and found themselves separated from each other. May thought James did it on purpose so she went to find her own compartment and soon found herself in an empty one alone. It wasn't until 20 minutes into the train journey did someone come into the compartment, well three people. "Uh... Excuse us?" May lifted her head and saw three girls who must have been her age. "Are you a first year?"

"Yeah." To the lead girl who had wavy blonde hair and brown eyes. "Do want to join me?" Gesturing to the empty space. "It might be a bit of a squeeze. There's a whole party in here(!)"

The other girls laugh. The blonde spoke again, "I'm Holly Taylor."

"I'm Katie Smith." A girl with brunette shoulder length hair.

"I'm Hannah Griffiths." Another blonde haired girl but it seemed to reach her waist.

"May Potter."

"Potter? James's sister?" Hannah burst out.

"Yeah. Why? You poor soul, do you know him?" Smiling at her.

"Heard about him from my older sister, Sarah, she's in her third year now and in Gryffindor and said he was a trouble maker the moment he set foot in the school."

"Sounds like James. Are all your family in Gryffindor?"

"No my dad was in Ravenclaw and mum was in Hufflepuff. My eldest brother was the first in our family to get into Gryffindor."

"I don't understand all these names still. I'm a muggleborn, is that what you call us?" Said Katie.

"Yeah, you come from a family of none magic people." May added. "What about you Holly?"

"My family have all been in Ravenclaw. You?"

"Gryffindor all the way but I don't understand how they let my brother in?!"

Throughout the whole journey the new friends talked about what the school would be like and filled themselves with Pumpkin pasties and a huge range of sweets when the food trolley passed. They continued when they were disturbed by four second year boys. "Ugh James go away!"

"I was just wondering where my baby sister had got to."

"You lost me at the beginning and now you remembered me. How very brotherly you are!"

"You not going to introduce me to your friends?" Sitting next to May and putting an arm around her.

Pushing his arm off of her. "You going to introduce me to yours?" As Sirius and the rest sat down.

"Fine. You know Sirius." Pointing at him. "The little one next to him is Peter." Who blushed and looked away. "A little shy and the clever looking one is Remus." Who smiled at May. "Your turn." Poking her side.

"Ow. Gerroff. Hannah is sitting next to Sirius and Katie next to her and you nearly sat on Holly. Right introductions over, now leave."

"Rude!" Standing up and gesturing to the others. "Fine we'll leave but take care baby sister there are Slytherins on the prowl."

"I am not a baby and I can take care of myself." Throwing a book at him but he had closed the door before he could reply or get hit.

"What was that about 'I can take care of myself'." In a voice very similar to May's.

"Hey! That was cool." Pointing at her. "I have a problem." They raised an eyebrow. "I can do very extensive wandless magic. It'll probably leave when we start lessons."

The four girls became more nervous as they were led closer to the castle and then into the Great Hall. "Oh I'm really nervous now." May whispered to Hannah as they walked through the great hall.

"Me too." And found that they were staring at a old wizard's hat as was the whole school.

May barely heard the Sorting Hat's song as she was busy taking in the sight that was around her. There were 5 tables. Four of them were placed long ways from one end of the hall to the other and the remaining table was at the head of the Great Hall where all the teachers sat. She inclined her head towards the ceiling and gasped when she saw it was under the illusion of the sky outside. It was currently a clear night and the stars were visible.

"Andrews, Callum." A voice spoke and brought May back to the Sorting Ceremony. He was sorted into Hufflepuff. The names continued until the teacher reached Hannah's name. "Griffiths, Hannah." She was sorted into Gryffindor where she received a huge cheer and smiled as she made her way to the table. The names were continued and May knew her name would be soon. "Potter, May." May slowly and cautiously walked to the stool and put the hat on.

A voice seemed to be whispering in her ear. "Oh! Another Potter! A troublemaker? No but clever like your brother I see. Of course. Yes! GRYFFINDOR!" The last word shouted to the whole of the Great Hall and the Gryffindor table cheered her as she made her way to the table and sat next to Hannah, who was sitting next to Remus.

The ceremony continued with Katie was sorted into Gryffindor and Holly went into Ravenclaw like all her family had. Throughout the feast James kept trying to get May's attention but she was chatting animatedly with her friends. Professor Dumbledore gave them a small speech and sent them off to bed.

May enjoyed her first term at the school very much. Her new best friends were the best things to her since Quidditch. The Quidditch trials were drawing closer and May didn't want to watch her brother for two reasons: One, she was nervous for him and two, she would also be jealous of him if he got on. Much to her dismay and happiness he got onto the Quidditch team as a chaser. The year went really quick for May, too quick in her opinion and found the end of year exams approaching. Gryffindor won the Quidditch cup and they were in the lead to win the House Cup too with only 150 points ahead of Slytherin.

"Right, 'what wand movement is needed for Expelliarmus'?" Whispered May in her last exam and smiled when she remembered and writing it down quickly.

"I'm glad that's over." Hannah said as they left they're last exam. "Time for fun now before home."

"Yeah." May said absent mindedly.

"Hey wake up!" Poking her arm. "What is it? What's James done now?"

"It's not James. I hate going home. My mother is a little overbearing and favours James and my father is never there."

"Don't worry about it. We'll be back here before you know it." Hannah said placing her arm around her shoulders. "Come on. Dinner. That you can't ignore!" Smiling at her friend.

May slowly climbed into the train carriage, looking back at the school. "I'll miss it."

"Come on May!" Hannah said pushing her back. "You're holding us all up."

"Sorry." Getting in and finding Holly and Katie in a compartment together. "Hey! It's over! Can you believe it?"

"I know. It's scary." Katie said looking out of the window trying to get a glimpse of the school. "I can't wait until next year."

May got up halfway through the journey for the toilet and saw her brother harassing someone. "James! Leave them alone whoever it is." As she approached him and saw it was a girl. "Is he bothering you?" She said to the red head.

"Yes he is but I can handle it thank you."

"I was only asking. James meet me when we're about to leave. Mama said you were not to leave me."

"Yes baby sister."

"I'm not a baby. Excuse me." Pushing past the two. "James leave the poor girl alone. She doesn't need your big ego in the way!"

"Don't be mean May!"

"Like I care." Not turning to talk to him and walks away from him. "Idiot!"

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