Author's Note: Well crap. Here I go again. I tried. Ok? I tried to stay away from fan fictions to write something that could actually be published, but I failed. Yet again. The novel has died due to lack of interest and here I am doing yet another Death Note fan fiction. Apparently the short I did of "The Storm" just wasn't enough. All it did was wet my palate. And now sigh I can't stop! I just can't stop! Of course, that's great news for all of you. Haha! Anyway, this is going to be another long one. Several chapters at the least.

Anyway, I should explain to those who aren't yet my fans (you will be soon BWAHAHA!) that this is the third fan fiction I've written in sequence. If you'd like to read the others (I highly recommend you do, or you'll be completely lost and confused for this one…) they are 1. Friend or Foe 2. Friend or Flame and now 3. Jealousy. I know the title isn't as catchy, but it fit so well I just couldn't change it. Anyway, here's the first chapter. I should have the second one up sometime next week. Enjoy!


P.S- I almost forgot, I'm sure you'll all figure this out shortly, but this story takes place after L and Light have moved upstate NY. I wanted to do more in their new life.

L was absolutely shocked to find a girl standing at their front door. And not just any girl, a very attractive, voluptuous girl. She was a few inches shorter than Light. Her hair was medium in length, falling just to her shoulders. It was a chestnut brown and curled in waves in just the right spots. Her eyes were large and a piercing blue. Her lips were full and pursed seemingly at all times. But the worst part, the very worst part, was her curves.

The young woman had nice strong, long legs, a round, plump rump, and a waist that slimmed down to a slender size. Then once again she filled out on top, boasting a size C in her brassier according to L's calculations. She was by every definition of the word: luscious.

A deep, unhappy frown carved it's way through L's pale face. This girl…was exactly Light's old type. The type he went after when he'd been in Japan. The type he was magnetized to like some sort of proton. The type he'd have his hands all over in a matter of minutes if the girl was easy, and hours if she were resistant.

L did not like the girl.

Not one bit.

"Hi!" Her overly cheery voice cut through L's already fraying nerves even more sharply than any knife. He would have winced…if he weren't so very good at keeping his face like a stone when he wanted. And this girl…would only ever see a stone. L blinked at her as if she were the most boring creature on the planet. His dark eyes blank, he answered.

"And who are you?" His obvious distaste for her did nothing to dampen her mood.

"I'm Sheryl! I'm a coworker of Lights. From Comp Inc."

"Yes I'm very aware of the company Light works at, thank you," he snipped. "Why are you here? Comp Inc is in the next town over."

"Oh, well I heard he's been sick. He hasn't come in for the past three days! It's not like Light to miss work." L grimaced internally. He did not like this at all. Light worked with this girl, this…Sheryl. He was with her everyday, for eight hours. And if she was concerned about his absence, then…it meant they were work buddies. And in L's opinion…Sheryl wanted to be more. A coworker didn't travel all the way into the next town to check on a sick teammate unless she had an ulterior motive. L's frown deepened.

"Did you need him for something?" L asked.

"Well no."

"Is the company unable to function without his massive intellect for a few days?"

"N…no. We're doing fine. I ju…"

"Is anyone else at the company intelligent enough to assemble and program computers?"

"O…of coarse! We only…"

"Then there is no need to drive so far out of your way to disturb him while he's ill. Is there?" Sheryl frowned, her overly cheerful expression finally diminishing.

"Look! I was just worried ok? I thought I'd say hello. I brought soup!" She reached behind her to the shopping bag she carried and pulled out a can of chicken soup. L eyed it distastefully.

"Soup. Yes. That will cure the flu in a jiffy. In fact, the solution of this was so simple; scientists have overlooked it for decades. My God…you're brilliant." Sheryl's pretty blue eyes narrowed, anger finally starting to play across her face.

"Look you! You're being awfully rude to someone who's just trying to be nice!"

"You're not trying to be nice. You're trying to win your way closer to Light than you have been able to thus far in work conditions. In able for you to grow closer to him, you realized that you'd have to start seeing him outside of work. Now that you are here, holding a can of chicken noodle soup, I'm one hundred percent certain that you have already tried to engage Light to meet you outside of the office. Because he's said no, you felt the need to up the anti by visiting his home while he's incapacitated. While delirious with fever and unable to think clearly, you assumed he would allow you to take care of him. After all, he'll take any comfort he can get in such a state. So no, you're not being nice. You're playing a very good hand of cards."

Sheryl blinked in dumb founded astonishment. But after only a few seconds of complete silence, where a bird chirped behind her, she recovered. She quickly put her hand on her hips.

"So I want to be his friend. So what?"

"Not friend. You're trying to work your way up past that. I dare say you were planning on making a move on him today."

"What! You're insane! You're the most jealous person I've ever met in my life! What, Light can't have a female friend? Are you that threatened? I thought he was gay. If he's gay, then you certainly have no reason to fear me!"

"But I am not certain that he's gay. In fact, I'm sure that the only man he's ever been attracted to, is me."

"I can't see why! You're a lunatic!" L felt a brief stab at the insult and the ones prior. He never appreciated being called crazy. "Besides, even if I was after Light, which I'm not, shouldn't you trust him not to fool around with anyone else? Or is it that you think you're not good enough for him?" L felt something sharp pierce his chest. What was that? Not good enough for him? How ridiculous. L knew he was the only one on the entire earth who was good enough for him. The only one smart enough to even compare. Why, everyone else paled in comparison. Everyone else was a moron. Of course L was good enough.

But…he didn't exactly feel confident. Why was he threatened by this girl? Everything she said made sense. He shouldn't have worried at all. Light would set Sheryl straight and send her home. And of course, their relationship with one another had never been better, especially the last few days. L had enjoyed taking care of him, brining him soup, making him take his medicine, fluffing his pillows…doting on him at all hours. So then why did this girl upset him so?

"Let me in Lawliet. This is just getting silly." And after that statement, her smile returned full force. It was bright as day, and made L's stomach turn. She was more attractive than him. Maybe that was why he was threatened. She wasn't just pretty; she oozed sex appeal. L was aware of how scrawny and pale he was in comparison. Was that the only reason he felt threatened?

L frowned. There wasn't time to think about it now. Sheryl was waiting for an answer. If he took too long, she'd know she'd unsettled him. No…better to let her in. Show that he wasn't afraid. Show that he was confident in Light. That Light would send her away. L stepped aside, casually.

"Come on in."

"Thank you." Sheryl stepped across the threshold and into the small bungalow that L and Light had made their home a year prior. L felt his skin crawl. This was his sacred space. His safety zone. The place where L and Light were alone and themselves, for no one else to see. To let a potential threat into such a haven made him want to vomit. He closed the door behind Sheryl perhaps a bit more loudly than he'd meant to.

"Aw! What a cute place! It's nicely decorated too! Obviously Light chose the furnishings." That grated on L's nerves. True, he'd never much cared for decoration or interior design, he never cared for neatness or to match furniture, those were all Light's specialties, but still…it was an indirect insult to his personality.

"The kitchen is through that doorway." L pointed. Sheryl turned her head to look, but didn't seem at all interested in heating up her soup.

"Oh, we can do that later. Take me to Light first. I'm worried about him." L gritted his teeth at this next indirect insult.

"I'm doing a fine job of taking care of him, thank you."

"I didn't say you weren't. I just meant I'd like to see him for myself." L let out a small 'hmph.' It was the same thing as saying he was incompetent. Clearly the soup was just an excuse to get into the house. L already knew this, as he pointed out earlier, so the game was the same: lead her to Light to show he wasn't afraid. He moved toward the stairs to the left of the fireplace.

"He's in our bedroom," L said, using the word 'our' purposefully to prove a point. He shuffled over to the stairwell, making sure to lead and stay in front of Sheryl because of territorial feelings he was harboring. Reaching out to the banister he started to climb, girl in tow.

"Do you always hunch like that?" came the grating tones. L glowered, pleased that he was facing forward so Sheryl couldn't see.

"I have Scoliosis."


"I said Scoliosis."

"I heard you. I just don't know what that is." Of course she had heard him. It was simply satisfying to force her to say "I don't know" out loud. It boosted his rapidly dwindling ego.

"I won't bother to explain it to you. Just know it accounts for my hunch." Sheryl at least had the tack not to say or ask anything else about it. The pair reached the top of the stairs. Once on the landing, L took a right down the small hall. The master bedroom was located at the end. Gently, L reached out a pale hand and pushed in the door.

Inside was something close to an infirmary. The room had acquired an extra folding table. That, and the two nightstands on each side of the bed, were loaded with medicines, foods, liquids, and comfort objects. The large king sized bed in the center had an extra quilt on it along with a heating blanket. A table tray stood on the floor beside the bed and next to that a bowl of water and a rag.

But of course, the object of most interest to both newly entered parties was the stricken man under the covers. Light Yagami was certainly not his usual tidy, suave self. Instead of his usual perfectly combed hair, he had a wet mop that stuck to his forehead in sweaty clumps. His fair skin was now pale and clammy. His flawless Japanese eyes had rings around them and seemed glazed. With a red and running nose and puffy eyes, he was much less than he usually presented himself as. Still…he managed to remain somewhat attractive. Or perhaps that was just L's viewpoint. Regardless, it didn't change the game he was playing with Sheryl.

"Here he is," L said dully. Having heard his partner's voice, Light shifted slightly in bed. He let out a brief groan of total misery.

"Law…liet…didjya bring the vitamins?" L was about to answer when Sheryl let out a squeal of paramount volume.

"Light! You look awful! My God!" She ran to Light's bedside, knocking the table tray aside as she did so. She immediately leaned over the flu-infested youth. L felt his teeth starting to grind together as he noted the way she was leaning. Her C cup breasts, complete with keyhole in her shirt were hanging directly over Light's stuffed nose. L felt his cheeks start to burn as his heart picked up pace with anger.

Light on the other hand, seemed too sick to notice. Instead, he appeared confused.

"U…uh? Sheryl?" he blubbered, clearly confused at her presence.

"Yes! It's me! I was so worried! You haven't been to work in days!" Light blinked, his amber eyes lost through the fever.

"Wh…what? I had Lawliet call in. Doesn't the boss know I have the flu?"

"Yes! It's ok; you're not in trouble. I was just worried about your health. Here! I brought you some soup." She held out the can of chicken soup as an offering. Light blinked at it once, then reached out a weakened hand. He took it, then eyed it as if deciding what to think about it. Then…much to L's displeasure, he smiled.

"Thanks Sheryl, that's sweet." She giggled. Yes, giggled, like a schoolgirl. She even clasped her hands together, twisting them in front of her skirt bashfully. L felt that heat inside of him build.

Light's just being polite. He has to, because he works with her and he doesn't want to make his work environment hostile. Now that the soup has been delivered, he'll tell her to leave, he thought. L watched, his dark eyes growing ever more critical.

Light gently lay the soup can aside on one of the overly crowded nightstands. Sheryl took immediate notice of the clutter.

"Light, it's not like you to be messy. I always imagined your room to be neat and tidy." Light smiled through his fever.

"Ah well, that's all Lawliet's doing. He's made an impressive mess while caring for me. Once he takes something out, he doesn't put it away!" Light chuckled then. And Sheryl started to laugh too; in that shrill, pitchy voice of hers. L grimaced. His teeth slid together so harshly that it caused a painful chill to run through his skull. He wasn't going to take that lying down.

"For both of your information, I left the items out purposefully so that Light can have them in easy reach. I, myself, will also be able to retrieve them much more quickly in an emergency. I think it best to have Light comfortable while ill, instead of me wasting valuable time searching through the bathroom cabinet in the next room." There. That was a solid defense. Although it was partly true…L was aware that he could have stood to put a lot of other things away. Like Light's old dishes…and the stale cups of water.

"That's no excuse for half of this mess," Sheryl said immediately. She quickly reached out, grabbing a few of the aforementioned dishes. "I know Light. He likes things clean. He'll feel better in a neater environment. It might help him heal faster too." Light, to all of L's horror, seemed very pleased with this idea of tidying up.

"Hey, thanks Sheryl." His voice was garbled and he croaked a bit with the scratchiness of his esophagus, but still the tones were clear. L found himself not knowing how to handle the sudden intensity of his discontent. It was building rapidly.

Acting without thinking, something L rarely ever did, but found he succumbed too more and more often in his new life, he lashed out, grabbing a few of the other dirty dishes. Without saying a word, he started to clean up along side Sheryl. He moved quickly, almost too quickly, as if it were a race. As if the person who cleaned the most would win something. After he had an armload, he raced down the stairs. He threw the dishes into the sink, then immediately started back up to get some more. He passed Sheryl on the way. She was humming merrily, a pleasant smile on her face. This, of course, only made L unhappier.

After his second armload, when L entered the kitchen, he found Sheryl washing her load…and his. She obviously wasn't concerned about speed, but the quality of her cleaning. L, feeling as if he were being defeated at every turn, plopped his dirty dishes in the sink where Sheryl cheerily turned to smile at him.

"Thanks for helping Lawliet!" She grinned. With dazzling teeth. I have nice teeth too! L argued in his mind. And it was true. Despite the junk he often ate, he had once been one of the richest men on the earth. As such, all of his damage had been taken care of before he met Light Yagami. Of course, now that his circumstances had changed, L was much more careful with his teeth. And of course, he wasn't eating as much garbage any more either. He hoped to preserve their glimmering whiteness. But still…her smile bugged him because it meant she was unfazed and unworried about this competition. She was confident. Sure she could win. That…and she was much cuter when she smiled than L was.

When L smiled…he felt like he only came across as creepy, or even a bit deranged. He was certain that…he wasn't cute. And he wasn't handsome like Light. He knew he wasn't charming either. The only thing he could think of that he had over this girl was his intellect. And that was failing him miserably in the face of beauty.

Having gotten no answer from Lawliet, Sheryl turned back to her task of washing. Not knowing what else to do, L meandered back up the stairs and to the bedroom to see what he could do for Light. He entered the room and Light immediately looked up.

"Hey Lawli," he croaked. L shuffled over to the side of his bed. Wanting, no, needing to feel useful, like he was needed, L immediately remembered the vitamins. He reached into his pocket, pulling out the bottle of pills.

"Here, this has all the vitamins your body will need to help its immune system. You'll fight this off twice as quickly. You should take one every day. I'll remind you." L didn't wait for a response. He twisted off the cap and dumped one of the pills into his palm. After closing the bottle, he did with it what he did everything else; he placed it on the already jammed nightstand.

He wasn't conscious of it. It was simply the way he was. His mind was always thinking of other things, things more important or more concerning to him than a potential mess. But it didn't get passed Light, even in his degenerative state. He chuckled softly. But this seemed like a bad thing for him to do, for it immediately turned into a cough. He lifted his hand, covering his mouth weakly as the coughs wracked his body. They were quite violent sounding and L could not help but to furrow his brow. He felt bad. He had felt bad for every moment Light had been sick. He sometimes didn't feel like he knew what to do, when in truth he did. And he knew very well that he was doing everything right and by the book. Still…it was hard to watch Light suffer from a virus that had to be waited out. There was no magic pill for the flu.

"Raito…" Eager to help, L turned to the nightstand to find his water glass. It took a few seconds to locate due to the mess, but he spotted it and grabbed it up. He was dismayed to find it full. "Raito! The key to speedy recovery and even comfort during recovery is to drink as much liquids as you can! It's the number one helping factor in a fight against a virus! Even more so than pills, which only mask symptoms and bring you comfort. Water actually helps cure you!"

"I hack know that." His coughing fit diminished and when it did he found himself looking up at a stern, yet worried ex-detective.

"Then why didn't you drink this? At least some of it!"

"I'm queasy, ok?"

"No! Not ok! Water is the best thing for you, even if you are queasy. Water is the lightest thing you can ingest. It will help with your queasiness once it's ingested. Even more so than broth." Light looked completely miserable. It was clear he wanted to argue. Tell L that water could indeed make him sick. But…he just didn't have it in him.


"Here!" L handed Light both the vitamin pill and the glass of water. Light took them. He sighed briefly, then did as he was ordered and popped the pill in his mouth. Then he tipped back the glass and swallowed a single gulp of water.

It was at this time that Sheryl came back into the room smiling.

"I finished the dishes for you Light. And I…" But her voice trailed off as both she and L watched Light's face turn a pale shade of green.

"…ugh…" was the only, brief warning L had to grab the wastebasket from beside the bed. He expertly thrust it underneath Light's chin just in time. L and Sheryl both winced as Light lost his vitamin and his singular gulp of water. His back heaved and his body shuddered as it rejected something so simple. But luckily…for everyone involved…it was over quickly. After all, Light's stomach didn't have much to give up. L reached out a pale hand, gently resting it on Light's back as he remained over the basket. He breathed heavily, almost gasping for air.

"I'm sorry Raito…"

"I told you…wheeze water would gasp make me sick…"

"You forced him to drink when he said he was queasy?" Sheryl asked in something close to disbelief. It was almost as if Light had told her that L ran over rabbits in the car for fun. L's head immediately snapped in her direction.

"Water is essential! To all living things! Our bodies are made up of 75 water! If Light doesn't drink, his fever will run ramped! It literally could kill him! I'd have to hospitalize him! And I'm not doing that! It's better to try! If he can't keep it down, then we'll need an IV drip. That's how important drinking is when you're sick! If you don't drink, your fever can melt your brain inside it's skull like an egg!"

"Whatever Lawliet! Causing him to throw-up made him lose way more liquid than not taking a sip of water would have. Just admit that you've never taken care of a sick person before. You have no idea what you're doing."

"I might not have taken care of anyone who was ill before, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing! He needs liquids and rest and comfort! He can take medicines for symptoms, but nothing for the flu. Fever reducers are key!"

"Yeah? And what about cleaning up? I bet there are germs all over this place."

"Of course there are! Germs are everywhere and at all times! 98 of them are harmless!"

"But Light has the flu! He'll spread it over the house. You're a slob!"

"And you have ulterior motives for being here!" The room fell silent at that. For a moment, no one spoke. But then, carefully, Light cleared his ragged, burning throat.

"What's all this about?" Sheryl let out a huff of frustrated air and threw her arms out to their sides.

"Lawliet here has some stupid idea that the reason I came over was to steal you away from him." She scoffed, then rolled her eyes. L felt his cheeks suddenly start to burn. He realized quite clearly that what Sheryl said was both true…and it sounded ridiculous. But he knew his fears were legitimate. His logic was never wrong. He could read people like open books. She was trying to steal Light. It just wasn't obvious yet, because these were the beginning stages. But to have her out and say it like that made L seem like he were unbalanced and crazily, unjustly, jealous. It was a very well played hand on Sheryl's part. Light slowly shifted his swollen eyes to his lover.

"Lawliet…is this true?" L's embarrassment only grew. He quickly looked away and to the side, his ebony bangs hanging to cover his dark eyes.

"That…that's a terrible way to phrase it. But yes…it is true. She used the chicken soup as an excuse to see you outside of work. She's interested in becoming closer to you. I let her in so that…you could send her away…" Light sighed with frustration, his harsh breath interrupting L's explanation of his actions.

"Lawliet, I'm too sick for this. I don't have the energy. I know how important games usually are to you…to both of us, but I just don't have it in me right now. I can't play. I can't read your movements, or what it is you want me to do or say without you telling me. I would have never guessed you wanted me to tell Sheryl to leave. I can barely keep my eyes open. I can hardly speak clearly…" As if to demonstrate, his voice flittered off and away as if he lost all of his air. But then he took another breath and continued.

"I can't tell if Sheryl in here as a coworker, a friend, or possibly if she's looking for more. And honestly, I don't care. I was happy for the company and to see someone in the outside world cared about my absence. And I was glad she cleaned up a bit. If you didn't want her here, you shouldn't have let her in. And if you wanted me to tell her to leave, you should have said so."

L felt himself starting to tremble. He was indignant. He was humiliated and enraged all at once. How could Light say such things? How could he say that he didn't care of Sheryl had ulterior motives? And he said he had been enjoying her company? Did that mean he liked her? As a friend? Hopefully? Surely he didn't enjoy the prospect of a young attractive girl lusting after him? Did he?

"Lawliet, from what I've seen, Sheryl hasn't done anything wrong. You're probably just being overprotective because I'm sick…and because…well…because I'm all you have."

"But I'm all you have too!" L blurted out sharply. "Everything else is gone! We left everything!"

"But the difference between you and me is that I'm social. I've already made a lot of friends Lawliet. It's easy for me. Sheryl is one of them. We get along at work. You should be polite to her." L felt his chest start to tighten. It was true. Light did have friends. He made them early on. And L…well…L spent most of his time inside. He had a stay-at-home job after all. He'd continued his linguist job from Atlanta. It was easy to do over the Internet without ever dealing with people. It suited him. He was never good at dealing with people face to face and in person. From behind a screen where no one could see you, sure, but never in person. And his troubles with dealing with people in real life had never bothered him…until now.

It was as if…as if…Light was saying…he didn't need L as much as L needed him. As if Light was saying there were other things in his life other than L, which of course was true. But for L not to have those other things…well…that made him needy and over-protective. That was what he was saying. He was saying…that L was as socially inept as he ever was back in Japan.

"I have friends too!" he cried indignantly. "K…Katie! At the ice cream shop! We're friends!" L watched in total dismay as Light's expression softened in that way it did when he felt bad for L. When he was taking pity. L felt the pressure grow even further. He could barely take it. His trembling increased at that look.

"Even so…you should try to be nicer to Sheryl. She's trying to take care of me too. She's worried about me, just like you are. Ok?" L almost choked.

"Just like I am?" And through the indignation and the humiliation, he felt the same anger from earlier boil to life. It took over him quickly, flooding his already trembling body.

"She worries about you just like I do?" he seethed. "Is that what you think? You think that someone else, some…some coworker of yours could worry about you the same way I do? You think we're the same?" Light, seeming to realize that he had said something the wrong way, started to change his expression. It fell to sudden worry. Even through his dazed mind he was able to understand just how L was taking those words.

"No, Lawliet, I didn't mean…" But it was far too late for apologies. The pressure inside of L had become too much, and he did what he always did when his emotions overrode him, he let them out.

"I'm sorry I'm not a social butterfly! I'm sorry I'm not a neat freak who cleans up every crumb! I'm sorry I don't have size C breasts, ok! But I'm me! And I won't change! Not for anyone! Not even you Light Yagami! If you love Sheryl's company so damned much, have her take care of you! She's easier to look at!" And with that, he turned and started to storm out of the bedroom.

"Lawli-!" Light tried to call out, but the volume was too much for his lungs and throat. He immediately began coughing again. L ignored him as Sheryl ran to his side to help. Light couldn't do much of anything as L stomped down the stairs. He listened through his fit as the front door slammed.

Light's body wracked as his lungs burned. Still…all he could think of was how Lawliet had probably forgotten to put on his sandals…or his coat. And the late October air was crisp. At least it was the warmest part of the day…but still…temperatures were around fifty.

And of course, L's words also plagued him. Light realized he'd phrased things poorly. He knew he could fix most of it with explanation, but there were a few things in L's outburst that he hadn't been aware of until now. She's easier to look at… he thought sadly. That was what L had said. And Light knew perfectly well what that meant. Even the flu allowed him to realize its meaning. L didn't appreciate his appearance. It meant that a lot of his insecurities with Sheryl had to do with how he viewed himself. And judging by that statement and his poor attitude toward Sheryl…well…Light imagined that L must have thought of himself as not only unattractive, but he possibly thought of himself as ugly.

Light wanted nothing more than to go to him. Tell him how wrong he was. Explain to him that the things people had said to him in the past; the kids at the orphanage, his caretakers, people on the street, they were all wrong. Light wanted to tell him…the things he saw. Light wanted him to understand that L was a very attractive person. But…alas, he could not.

His coughing fit had diminished, but it left him ragged, exhausted. His fever flared from the exertion it took to argue and stress. He sighed heavily, trying to ignore how heavy his chest felt.

"Lawli…" Sheryl, seeing Light's distress leaned over him carefully. She gazed at him with concerned blue eyes.

"Hey…y…you want me to go after him for you?" Light blinked. He gazed up at Sheryl. She had a sweet face, and kind eyes. He tried to look deeper, analyze her, see if what L was saying about her wanting to steal him was true. But…he couldn't. His vision swam and it flared red from the fever. He let out a groan and let his head loll to the side. No…she was safe. Surely. Obviously L was over-reacting. He had a right to. After all, he felt threatened and ugly. And Light couldn't fix it unless L was here to set straight. So, he nodded weakly.

"Yeah…bring him his jacket and his sandals. I don't want him getting sick too…" He sighed heavily, his eyes trying to flutter shut. It was so hard just to stay awake, forget actually assessing Sheryl's motives. L was just upset. He'd see she was just a friend once he calmed down. Surely.

Sheryl smiled kindly and patted Light's sweaty head.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it. You rest. I'll be right back with Lawliet." Light nodded and almost immediately after being reassured that L would be ok, he drifted into a dreamless sleep.