Hi everyone! Okay so I felt like starting a new story that is way different from the one I already have up. I'm going to try and do two at the same time if everyone likes it enough. This one is about 7 years after Renesmee is born and they are all about to enter high school together again. Let me know what you think!


I can not believe they are making me go to school! Why cant I just stay home with Jacob! I heard my daughter's thoughts from the next room. After 7 years she is the size of a regular 17 year old, it's amazing. I still struggle with the fact that she has Bella's eyes but I would be even more upset if those eyes were gone from my life forever.

"What are you thinking?" My beautiful and wonderful wife was quoting me now. I laughed a bit. "About how our daughter has grown up so fast." I said kissing the top of her head. Bella got off of the bed and dragged me along: it was time for our first day of high school together. As we walked downstairs in our new Alaskan home, I called for Nessie and Jake to join us. Oh I still don't like that mut.

We were finally all downstairs and Jasper was in the center of all of us. "Now listen up!" He shouted acting like this was some sort of mission. "This is Nessie's first time at school and we have to have our story down straight." I watched Nessie roll her eyes, I just laughed.

"Bella, Nessie, Rosalie and I are all the Hale family. Rosalie and I are still twins as are Bella and Nessie. That's believable because you two look so much alike and so do Rose and I. Edward, Alice, and Emmett you guys are still the Cullen family. Now here is where things change. No one is going to believe that ALL of us are adopted together. So the Hale family will be adopted by Esme Hale. The Cullen family, you're adopted by Carlisle Cullen. Our families moved here at the same time and ended up renting the dual apartment house. That is why we bought this house, because two families could live here. Jacob, you're on your own so good luck making up a story." Jasper finished laughing.

"Hey!" Jake shouted. Stupid bloodsu- I mean vampires. Nessie is wonderful, keep that in mind Jake. The dog thought to himself. "What was that Jacob?" I questioned with an evil grin. He just growled at me. "Daddy!" Nessie whined. I just laughed some more and held Bella close to me. She lifted her shield just then.

Edward, what if Nessie slips up on any of this? I kissed her cheek lightly. "No worries my love." I assured her. Alice hadn't seen anything so we were good to go. We all loaded into the respectful cars and I was a little disappointed that Bella couldn't ride with me because she was a Hale. Jake ended up phasing and running to school.


Stupid new school, I hate this! "Mom, why am I going to school, I want to stay home." More of a whine than a complaint. My mother just grabbed my hand and gave me a reassuring squeeze. "No worries Renesmee." She said quoting my father. She does that way too much. I reached my hand to her face and showed her the replay. She just laughed. "Renesmee, remember to not call us by mom, dad, or aunt and uncle." She said strictly.

"Bella, please." I laughed. "Ness, your emotions are all over the place today." Uncle Jasper said looking in the back seat. "Are you okay Nessie?" Aunt Rosalie said very concerned.

"Oh yeah, thrilled that I'm starting high school with my ENTIRE family." I said sarcastically. "You love us and you know it, kiddo." Uncle Jasper said laughing a booming laugh. Just then I noticed in the middle of all the snow sat a huge brick building and kids swarming outside the doorway to get inside from the cold. If my heart hadn't stopped beating a year ago, I'm sure it would be racing now.

"You okay hun?" Uncle Jasper said panicked. "Renesmee, are you that scared. Don't be it will be fine, I promise." My mother said hugging me tightly still in the car. "Fine Mom." I said in a whisper. This was so different. We got out of the car and I just stood there.

"Nessie!" I heard Jacob yell from a few yards away. He was gorgeous: dark shaggy hair, beautiful dark brown eyes like mine, white sweater with blue jeans. He was fantastic looking. He wasn't use to the cold weather but it's not like it affected him in anyway.

He came up and put his arms around me from behind and I snuggled up to him. I heard my father cough from a few feet away from me. Him and my mother were holding hands glaring at us. "Renesmee, none of that at school." My father said sternly.

"You and Bella are like this 24/7!" Jacob spat in our defense. "We're older." My mother said with a smirk. "Bella, you are like three years older than me!" Jacob said. "I am also the mother, Edward I do believe that makes us win." She said giving my father a funny look. He just nodded and Jacob let go. "Come on, everyone inside! It's a surprise assembly for the first day of school!" Aunt Alice said cheering dragging me by my arm.

"This is going to be a long year isn't it." I said looking up at my mother. "Oh Renesmee, you overreact." She said laughing a bit and kissing the top of my head before we were inside. "Let's go get our schedules and then head on over to the auditorium!" Uncle Emmett said obviously looking for something to break or bother. We all just took a deep sigh and walked in to thousands of eyes on us.