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A week into school I was still having these feelings for other boys. My dad and mom tried talking me to follow them and leave Jacob but I couldn't do that to him. He was the only one who didn't know what was going on in the household and I felt so bad for him. I loved him more than anything, but this was new attention, from normal boys, who weren't a million feet tall and a thousand degrees.

I sat in Biology class with my dad, Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper. In this class I sat at a lab table with Daddy, some boy named Jeff and a girl named Georgia. They weren't so bad and Jeff loved to pay attention to me. I could see Georgia didn't take kindly to that.

I knew Jeff would think something about me because every once in awhile my dad would make a low growl. I'd hit him on the side to tell him to stop but it continued. We were all working on a lab so we were free to talk today.

"So, Nessie, are you doing anything this weekend?" Jeff asked kindly. He smiled this gorgeous smile that I couldn't resist.

"Oh, Ness, didn't you say you were going to the mall with your sister Rosalie?" Daddy said smiling at Jeff. I hit him under the table.

"Actually, we cancelled those plans. So I'm not doing anything Jeff. What are you doing?" I said brushing my hair behind my ears. His smile got bigger.

"Well do you want to see a movie with me?" He was so innocent.

"Yeah, that would be great!" I said enthusiastically. My father gave me a sideways look then started writing on a piece of paper.

Edward Nessie

Renesmee Carlie Cullen! Have you not forgotten that Jacob will be wanting to spend time with you? What is he going to say if you ditch him for some random boy who thinks horrible things about you!

Edward, chill out.

Excuse me?

Dad, Chill out! I will handle this. Jacob will have to understand that I have the right to explore other options! Have you not forgotten that the person they imprint on can deny them?

I have not. But I do know how you think and I know you will love Jacob forever.

I thought you were against this.

Yes, well he is your mother's best friend and if he is hurt than she will be hurt as well.

Ugh! Sometimes I wish my family wasn't so crazy.

And sometimes I wish I couldn't read minds, yet hear I sit listening to Jeff swoon over you.

Really? What's he saying Daddy.

Like I would tell you. When we get home, your mother, you and I are having a nice long conversation.

I ripped the note up and threw it into my binder before anyone could see. This was so stupid I should be able to do anything I want. I saw Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper at the next table over trying to impress some high school girls.

"And wal-ah, you have a perfect model of a cell." Uncle Emmett said holding up something he made out of the lab materials. The two girls clapped and Uncle Jasper winked at Uncle Emmett. I rolled my eyes.

"You see girls, we happen to be very skilled biologists only in this class to observe your teacher this year. We're actually 23 each." Uncle Jasper said trying to sound older. The girls they were with just starred in amazement.

"Really!?" The red haired one said leaning in closer to Uncle Emmett. Uncle Emmett got really close to her face.

"No!" He shouted. Him and Uncle Jasper fell back laughing and the girls got up and moved tables. Daddy started to laugh as well while the rest of the class was oblivious to what had happened. My family was far to weird. When the bell rang I ran out of the classroom to go find Jacob.

He was standing outside the cafeteria waiting for me like usual with a big grin on his face. "Are you ready my dear?" He said holding out his arm for me to take. I took a big sigh and put on a big fake smile for him.

"Of course Jacob." I kissed his cheek and he immediately began to smile bigger. What was I going to do?