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Chapter 1 – goodbye.

I stood there at the edge of the forest, Edward's stone arm wrapped around me. I hated saying good bye to him, especially if I didn't know if he was going to come back. Of course he assured me he would, "Don't worry about it Bella. It will be easy". Of course it would, now with the wolves joining in, but he didn't know what it was like for me, having to wait for him to come back, not knowing if he even would. And what if tiny little Alice got hurt as well? Or Esme? I couldn't bear the thought. I seemed to put everyone around me in danger. It's just not fair.

"It will be over soon" he promised

"Mm" I murmured into his chest, inhaling as much of his sweet scent as I could.

He bent down and gently kissed my lips.

"I love you"

"Me too," I sighed.

He released his hold around my waist and caressed my face with his icy hand before running off into the woods.

I turned around and trudged my way through the snow that was glistening in the sun. I could see Seth by the tent; he had a sandy colour fur coat, not as nice as Jacobs red russet one.

I went inside the tent and got into my sleeping bag, hoping to pass the time. It was freezing last night and I got hardly any sleep, therefore I was now exhausted.I couldn't seem to doze off. I was worrying about Edward too much. I couldn't loose him to these newborns. But what if I did? There was so many of them.Seth started howling, probably trying his one last chance to join the fight. Why was everyone so obsessed with fighting these crazed newborns?

It wasn't long until the fight now, just half an hour. I wondered how long it would last. An hour? A day? At least Seth would know what was happening, being able to read the packs mind. I'd just be sitting here like the defenceless human I am, having no clue whether my loved ones were dead or alive. It sucks.

After a while, I think Seth got used to the idea that he was not going to be able to join the fight. As his howling finally stopped, the silence that I didn't know how long would last, began. I finally dropped into a well deserved sleep.

I woke up suddenly from Seth howling again. He wouldn't be able to participate in the fight now, so why was he trying? Did he purposely want to keep me awake?The fight should have started by now. Shouldn't he be listening to see if everything was going okay?Then it hit me. How could I of been mistaken?

Seth was watching the fight. He was howling because something had gone wrong. What had happened? Was someone hurt? Jake? Would Seth know if it was one of the Cullen's? My heart lurched. Edward. What if he had been attacked?

Seth's howl was broken off by a yelp. He suddenly ripped through the tent and before I knew it, I was thrown on his back. He was running so fast I felt sick. It was more rocky than when Edward ran with me on his back. I clutched onto his fur, terrified of falling off.

Why was Seth doing this? Where was he taking me? Where was Edward?

I closed my eyes so tight, terrified of opening them. Why was Seth running away, shouldn't we of been running towards the clearing to help them? If that was the case, joining the fight, then I could help. Like the third wife. I'm just a weak human but I could still help. Why couldn't Seth see that? What if..?

No, it can't be. Why was I so stupid? The trouble wasn't at the clearing, it was here and Seth was taking me away from the danger.

My heart skipped a beat when I finally realised the situation. One word, Victoria. She had come back for me. The newborns were just a distraction. It wasn't them that were a threat to me, it was her.

She was coming to get me. And Seth was going to get hurt in the process. I cursed myself for putting everyone around me in danger, once again.What about Edward? Did he know?

At that thought of Edward, I was ripped off Seth's back and was hurled to the floor. I tried to get back up but my arm objected. The pain was excruciating. Was it broken?There was a pain in my head, too, and it was throbbing. Had I hit it?Just then I saw a flash of bright orange hair above me. Victoria. But before I could react, black clouded up my vision and I was drowning in a black haze.

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