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Chapter 9

Edwards POV.

Victoria had no idea what she was doing, or who she was up against. She was stupid to of called us. I laughed, smugly. As if we didn't have a plan or knew what we were doing.

"Got it." I heard Jasper say as he got out of Carlisle's black Mercedes.

"Yes mate!" I looked over and saw Emmet high five him. I smiled to myself. Alice sat down on the grass of the field we were now in. We had decided that the car park wasn't private enough for us, as my phone call with Victoria had attracted a few confused and worried humans. I could see Alice sitting crossed legged, making a daisy chain. I decided to take a look into her mind. Her thoughts were wandering to some other place where she and Bella were laughing and the rest of us were around them, in our white mansion. She obviously missed her almost as much as I did.

There were no words in any language in the word to describe the missing piece of me. It was truly agonizing. Being in this field reminded me of her, laying in my meadow. Our meadow. The cold bitter wind of forks blowing through her brown locks, the sun shining and bringing out the red tints in her hair. Our hands intertwined, laying, watching the clouds go by. But this field could never hold for me what our meadow did. How much I longed to be there, where things were normal again. Well, as normal as it could be considering the circumstances of me being a vampire.

"Oh my gosh!" Alice squealed. What on earth could she be happy about at a time like this.

She directed her gaze to me. "Your wedding, in your meadow!" She gasped. I didn't even have to look into her mind to know that she was already planning it. Only one problem; the bride could be dead. By the time we would find her, the chances of her being dead would be high. Victoria was strong.

Bella would be my fiancé forever. Die my fiancé. I would never let that happen, no matter what I had to do, even if it meant that I had to die to be with her. I could never live my life without her beautiful face, her silent mind and all of her amazing qualities which had made me love her in the first place. I leant against a boulder and looked over to Jasper. He was now sitting with Alice, holding her tight to his chest. I sighed and felt jealous that they didn't have to worry about each other, knowing that they were strong enough for anything. Bella was merely human and her fragile body could not uphold the injuries that mine could.

Jasper must have sensed my feelings as I felt a rush of happiness take over me. I scowled at him. This was not a time to feel happy. I had a frozen heart, and I was 107 years old, but I had never felt so dead in my entire existence. I looked over at Emmet and nodded to his thoughts. I ran into the woods, letting my anger take over me. Hunting had never felt so painful.

I ended up at a river and decided to sit on the bank. I ran my fingers up and down the clear, icy water, making ripples. This was the first time I had been really alone for a long time. I needed time to think, think about how I was ever going to see Bella again and how I would make Victoria suffer. I stared at my reflection in the water, my white as snow skin and my sun coloured eyes. It suddenly hit me. I gasped as I realised the truth, and cursed myself at how stupid I had been. I got up and ran back to the meadow, arriving within seconds of my departure. They were all leaning against the Mercedes, deep in conversation. I stood in the middle of them all.

"Victoria's not going to kill Bella. She's going to change her into a vampire." I took in a deep unneeded breath.

"Bit I've searched through and through the future Edward, she's disappeared. Victoria's just changing her mind" Alice's expression was confused and hurt. Jasper hugged her and a twinge of jealously came back. If only I could have Bella to comfort me right now. But if she was here I wouldn't need her comforting me, because with her here everything would be complete.

"Or she would try to turn her into a vampire, I doubt someone like Victoria would be able to hold her self" jasper mused over the idea. I just stared Blankley realizing all of these things that could happen to my Bella. We needed a plan. My Bella must be kept safe she can't have these things happen to her again. Why must I always do this to my love? Why couldn't I just be normal for her?

"Emmet pick up your phone in about 30 seconds alright?" typical Alice. Emmet just got his phone out of his pocket and looked at it.

"Who will it be Alice" she was confused once again.

"I don't know I can't see its weird it's like a werewolf is calling you, maybe it is I don't know" weird. It might be Jacob but he hasn't given a care in the world that Bella is missing not one call, he hasn't offered to help. Maybes he's imprinted or something like that and doesn't care about Bella any more. Something in me desperately hoped it would be Bella, calling me asking me to pick her up from Charlie's and take her over to my house because she hasn't seen anyone in ages. But I know it could never be her. Alice would defiantly see it if it was her.

"Ring Ring, Ring Ring," Time to find out.

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