I've always wanted to do the 100 drabbles challenge. I'm not doing the part where it has to be 100 words in each chapter, so yeah. Anyway since I've been fangirling over Soul Eater and Trauma Center most lately, and the game needs some love I decided I'd use TC. I always start the 100 challenges with the introduction and it took me forever to think something up. Well last night I finally thought it up, it was hilarious I was giggling to myself. So…enjoy-

The curtain opened. The crowd cheered. Doctor Derek Stiles walked onto stage.

"Hello. I am your doctor for today." He said with a bow.

"Ah-ha, and so am I!" said another. Tyler Chase walked next to him and ran his fingers through his hair. "And I'm the sexiest."

"And, and, I'm Doctor Tulba!" Adel Tulba said, running onto the stage. "Oh! Doctor Stiles is the best! He can-"

"What are you guys doing!?" came a feminine voice.

The three men popped their heads from behind the box and looked over at Heather and Emilio standing in the doorway.

"We're playing with puppets!" Adel said cheerfully. "Dr. Chase insisted on it."

Heather raised an eyebrow, "What's the point in this?"

"Well," Tyler said getting to his feet, "I thought we'd record a puppet show for the kids. You know while they're in the waiting room waiting for their turn and they wouldn't be so afraid."

Heather connected her face with her palm with a loud smack. "Then why are you doing this in Emilio's room!?" She said with a slightly raised voice and pointed out the camera on his bed.

The three looked at the camera then down at the puppets and shrugged.

Emilio tugged Heather's sleeve, "Hey…Heather…wh-what are those…things?" He said trying his best at English some more.

"They're hand puppets."

"Hand…puppets…they look …fun! Can I?"

"Sure!" Derek said with a smile and beckoned him over.

"Oh great…" Heather sighed.

Emilio smiled and walked over to them.

"Here you can play yourself and Heather, we made a puppet of you just incase." Tyler said handing Emilio his puppets.

Emilio grinned and put them over his hands. He looked amazed by how similar they looked to the actual people and moved the puppets around joyfully.

"Now…let's continue." Tyler said.

Heather shook her head and leaned against the door way, she had to see this.

The three repeated the introduction. Except this time instead of Adel showing up Tyler brought in Angie.

"And I'm Angie Thompson, your nurse. I'm very bossy and think I'm the best. Be careful don't get me mad or I'll bite your head off! Like so!" And then Tyler ran the puppet's head into Derek's puppet causing the puppet's fake glasses to fall off.

"Hey!" came another feminine voice.

The three raised their heads to see Angie in the door way with her hands on her hips.

"Oh cra-ud! Tyler yelped and hid behind Emilio.

Emilio smiled, "Hello Angie!"

Angie smiled, "Hi Emilio, how are you feeling today?" She bent down to look him into the face; mostly so that she could grab Tyler when she got the chance.

"Very good, thank you." Emilio said with a grin then returned to causing the two puppets he had in his hand to dance.

"That's good." Angie said grinning even though it was obvious there was anger in the grin. She was glaring down at Tyler who tried to get away but Derek blocked his passage.

Angie then dove down, grabbed his collar, dragged him away and hit him in the head with her clipboard.

Then Leslie walked in and said with her usual cheerful voice but it had a tone of confusion, "Hey what's with all the commotion?"

"Waaah! Leslie! Angie's being a meanie!" He said and ran into her arms, crying like a big baby.

"Aw there, there Dr. Chase," she said with a smile and petted him in the head.

Angie and Heather sighed, shaking their heads.

"So what is everyone doing?"

"Puppets!" Emilio said cheerfully, waving the Heather and Emilio puppets around.

"Puppets? Oh! I see…is there one of me!"

Adel nodded and picked up the Leslie puppet.

"How cute, it looks just like me!" Leslie squealed.

Tyler whined again, "Ow my head's really starting to hurt, you hit me hard Angie!"

"Oh suck it up." Angie said and crossed her arms.

"Let me see," Leslie said and moved his mane out of the way so she could see, "Oh it's not that bad." She took a band-aid from her pocket; she always carried them just in case, and stuck it on her forehead. Then she gave him a quick peck on the forehead. "There…better?"

"Y-yeah…" Tyler said, blushing slightly and went to go sit back down between Derek and Emilio again.

Emilio picked up Tyler's doll and Leslie's, held them in his hands and made the two puppets kiss. He giggled and so did Derek and Adel.

"Yeah, yeah very funny, can I have my doll back?"

Emilio nodded but still giggled to himself as he gave the doll back.

Tyler grumbled words to himself as he slipped the puppet back onto his hand. "Let's try this one more time. Lunch break is almost over."

"Well," Angie said, "I'm not wasting my lunch on them anymore."

"I'm hungry still! Let's go get something yummy!" Leslie said.
Angie nodded and the two left. Heather remained since she wanted to keep an eye on Emilio.

As Angie and Leslie went down the hall Victor passed them.

"Hey Dr. Niguel!" Leslie said cheerfully.

Victor nodded as his only response.

"Be sure not to go into Emilio's room," Angie warned him.

Victor stopped and looked at them in confusion. "Why?"


With that the two left to go get their yummies, as Leslie would say.

Victor shrugged and headed to Emilio's room anyway. He poked his head in and saw three idiots and one patient sitting there in front of a cardboard box with a camera on the bed in front of them.

"Hey…" Heather said to Victor when she saw him stand next to her in the doorway.

"Hi…" he said and watched.
"And I am Victor! Grr hear me roar!" came Tyler's voice as he played as Victor.

Victor glared at him, walked into the room without anyone noticing and stepped in front of the camera, bent down so that they could see his angry face.

"Roar." He said.

Tyler and Derek immediately jumped up. "Run!" They said and Tyler grabbed Adel while Derek grabbed Emilio, both of whom were confused. Heather of course followed to make sure they didn't tire Emilio from running around too much.

Victor watched them run and smirked. He turned to the camera and said, "The End." Thus turning off the camera and left the room, slowly following to give Derek and Tyler their punishments. It was obvious it was their idea.

Well there's the intro. After that I'll probably go out of order. Hopefully I can finish this challenge faster than the art version…ugh haven't worked on that in forever. Sorry if the characters are rather OOC. All due to the writer's block, plus this chapter was silly in the first place. Another thing the chapters will mostly contain DerekxAngie (sorry there wasn't any in this I couldn't manage to stick it in there for some reason), TylerxLeslie, Emilio and then Emilio and Heather sibling love ('cause their sibling-like relationship is adorable I love it!). I've never played the first game so don't expect characters from there. Nor the Kasal brothers, Dr. Hoffman, etc.