Ladies and gentlemen

Ladies and gentlemen...

The first chapter of my first Mega Crossover special!


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Chuuten Elysia, a Digital World that is home to the Sovereign Deity, Huanglongmon. A world where many islands float in the sky because the land below was ravaged and destroyed by the Ancient War between two legendary Digimon Gods, Granasmon and Valmarmon.

For over 2000 years, Huanglongmon was in a deep coma while one of Granasmon's remaining generals, Alphamon, created a Council to maintain order in the land. The six known Olympians became guardians of six of the eight important regions, the seventh being Huanglongmon's home and the eighth being secretive.

However, there are more lands in Chuuten Elysia yet to be discovered or protected.

These hidden regions each have their own secret and history, which will one day be revealed..., and one of those regions contains a horrific secret.

A secret that the migrated Silesians and Digimon are unaware of...

Except one...

A cloaked figure stood in a rocky desert-like region, gazing at a large stone sticking out of the ground. He smirked underneath his hood, stroking the stone slightly with his brown, three-fingered hand.

"Those ignorant fools..." He chuckled softly. "They can complain all they want, but I have the key to their weakness... and it won't be long before we've uncovered the greatest power this region has ever known..."

He stepped back, rubbing his hands. "And they're unaware of who I really am... but then again, all of them are unaware of the dark secrets leftover from the Ancient War has hidden. The fact is that they'll never learn the truth. Not until it's too late."

He stared at his hand. "Hmm... I've used a lot of energy to ensnare the minds of the weak... Still, it was worth it..."

After a moment, he removed his hood to reveal himself as... a Drowzee. He chuckled. "And with all the problems happening in the important regions, it'll be impossible for them to cry for help! Yes, Lord Foodin will be so pleased with my work! Nothing can save these fools from the darkness that we're bringing to this world! Nothing..."


In a dark void, located somewhere unknown, a figured hovered while images of different worlds floated around him in glowing bubbles.

The figure frowned seriously as he stared at each image. "Optimus Prime, Robin, Goliath, Leonardo, Ben Tennyson, Ace Bunny, Sora, Link, Mega Man, Amaterasu, Mario, Samus Aran, Power Rangers of many worlds, and so many others...heroes all, but will they be strong enough to stop the darkness?"

There was silence in the void until two portals opened behind him.

"My lord!" a female voice cried.

"We have returned!" added a male voice.

The figure smiled, turning his attention to the portals as two more figures arrived. "Yindramon, Yangdramon. It's good to see you've come back safely."

Yindramon stepped forward with a smile, responding to the figure's greeting. He was a reptilian man clad in grey and black armour resembling the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, with metal wings and a dark sword. "My lord, I have very interesting news."


NAME: Yindramon


TYPE: Data

Dragon Knight Digimon

ATTACKS: Mega Flare Saber, Inferno Dragon Blast

A mysterious Digimon who is an agent of Granasmon. Whenever he and his sister are given a mission from their superior, they do their best to make it a success. He is an honourable warrior and enjoys fighting tough battles.


Yangdramon bowed. She was a reptilian woman clad in silver and white armour resembling the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon, with metallic wings and a gleaming sword. "So have I, my lord. It seems that Valmarmon's dimensional wormhole has been connected to over a thousand different worlds."


NAME: Yangdramon


TYPE: Data

Dragon Knight Digimon

ATTACKS: Burst Stream Blade, Lightning Soul

A mysterious Digimon who is an agent of Granasmon. Whenever their superior gives a mission her and her brother, they do their best to make it a success. She is very calm and honourable.


The figure was silent for a long moment. "I see..."

Yangdramon nodded. "Yes. It's unknown if the wormhole is continuing to connect to more worlds or not, but you should know that apart from everyone in the Sovereign's realm, there is another world that is very much aware of the wormhole."

"She's right," Yindramon said. "It's the world of Kingdom Hearts. They're aware of the wormholes, but aren't certain it would be a good idea to go through it."

The figure sighed in relief. "They've made a very wise choice..."

"I agree," Yangdramon said. "Thanks to Gennai and the Dra-Warrior leader Imperialdramon, we're now aware of the hidden trap that Valmarmon placed in order to connect to other worlds."

Yindramon frowned. "The problem is that they've discovered it too late. As I said before, Valmarmon's wormhole is now connected to over a thousand different worlds and I know it'll keep on growing. Is Valmarmon really that powerful, Lord Granasmon?"

The figure grimaced. He was a humanoid priest with the face of a young man with long blond hair and pure blue eyes. He wore white robes and a long gold-trimmed blue cape. Ten magnificent white angel wings grew from his back. White gloves and boots covered his extremities, with glittering jewels ringing them and his belt.



NAME: Granasmon


TYPE: Vaccine

Divine God Digimon

ATTACKS: Light of Life, Heaven Fist, Celestial Wave, Empyrean Blade

A legendary Divine God that respects life in many ways. He'll do anything to gain peace in every Digital World without breaking his own rules.


Granasmon closed his eyes. "Sadly, yes. When Valmarmon was first revived by Daemon, he used every ounce of his power to create the wormhole to begin his new plans. And despite using most of his power, he still had enough left to fight EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. The form he was in was his weaker form, he had been holding back so he could create the wormhole. He never expected Susanoomon to appear and destroy his body and the seven pieces which made them up."

So, when he tried to take over Silesia with the bodies of Pharaohmon and Basilikmon, he was planning to use Silesia as a base of operation while his wormhole became stronger," Yindramon noted.

Yangdramon frowned. "And also to prepare his Pharaohmon body to become his Inferno Mode. He wasn't counting on the Spirit Digidestined uncovering his weaknesses. When he transformed into Inferno Mode, they managed to defeat him."

"And after Susanoomon destroyed Inferno Mode... Valmarmon suddenly went missing," Granasmon added. "His soul is hiding somewhere and we're all unable to locate him. I have no doubt he has learned from his mistakes. He's learned to be patient, to make plans from the shadows... he'll return one day and when he does, he'll be stronger than ever."

Yangdramon sighed. "And nobody in the Sovereigns' world can do anything. They know Valmarmon is out there and they know Valmarmon will return, but they they don't know how to find and stop him. They have other things to do, like stopping Lucemon's army and finding the Ancient Delta."

Yindramon shuddered. "Lucemon... What worries me is that he's the leader of the Seven Deadly Digimon."

"I know, brother," Yangdramon said. "The other six Deadly Digimon are at the Mega-level. Lucemon, in his Chaos Mode, is an Ultimate. This makes you wonder how strong he'll be when he reaches Mega..."

"I would rather not find out," Yindramon replied. He glanced at Granasmon. "However, we know that Lucemon's forces are strong. He has Dark Fox, MetalDevidramon, ChaosDukemon, Shadow Lugia and many more!"

Granasmon nodded. "Yes... and let's not forget Madoudramon, Valmarmon's secret agent."

"Do you know anything about Madoudramon, my lord?" Yangdramon asked.

Granasmon shook his head. "No, he just came out of nowhere. I know one thing, though, Valmarmon did not create Madoudramon during the Battle of Hikari and Yami. His armour, his shield, his sword... everything about him is new. Somehow, Valmarmon created Madoudramon while in his spiritual form and was still able to hide himself."

Yindramon hissed. "Madoudramon... he fought EmperorGreymon, Baihumon, Azulongmon and the Dra-Warrior leader Imperialdramon to a standstill. And before the Celestial Gateway was finally unlocked, Madoudramon defeated Imperialdramon, Espritdramon, Kyodaidramon, Angedramon, Elementdramon, Omegadramon and WarGreymon X! That's a total of SEVEN Mega-level Digimon!"

"Which is why I'm hoping my old friend, Alphamon, can give Madoudramon a run for his money," Granasmon said.

Yindramon glanced at his superior in disbelief. "A run for his money?! My lord, didn't you hear what I just said?!"

"Brother, calm yourself," Yangdramon said. "If you recall, Madoudramon can Mode Change with DarkPegasusmon to create his Titan Mode. Apart from his battle against EmperorGreymon, Madoudramon fought all the other Digimon in his Titan Mode."

Yindramon nodded. "Yes, of course... how foolish of me to forget. Yes, maybe Alphamon can match Madoudramon in strength. If I recall, Madoudramon fought some Mega-level Digimon in the Silesia world."

Yangdramon smiled. "Correct. He fought the Silesian version of Angedramon, Kyodaidramon, Espritdramon and Omnimon. He defeated Angedramon and Kyodaidramon, but fought carefully against Omnimon and didn't do any damage to him or Espirtdramon."

"And like all his other battles, Madoudramon never finished it. He left when he felt he was finished testing his foes' strength or when his part of playing the distraction was over," Granasmon added. "I can tell, however, that Madoudramon has a hidden desire..."

"A desire?" Yangdramon asked.

Granasmon nodded. "Yes. A desire to find a worthy opponent to push his strength and skills to the limit without the need to go into Titan Mode. A worthy opponent who he would consider to be his ultimate rival. In such a battle, he would not run away until he won or lost. If you'll recall, his last battles against EmperorGreymon and other Mega-level Digimon ended with no result."

"But, EmperorGreymon nearly defeated Madoudramon with that hidden attack," Yindramon said.

"True, but unfortunately, EmperorGreymon's strength was not enough for Madoudramon to consider him as a true rival," Granasmon said. "Remember, Madoudramon fought Omnimon, the second-in-command of the Royal Knights, and he didn't have a difficult battle. EmperorGreymon fought the Royal Knights Crusadermon and Dynasmon in their Digital World with MagnaGarurumon and they had difficult fights."

Yangdramon nodded. "I understand. And considering that Alphamon is the leader of the Royal Knights, maybe Madoudramon will get his wish after all."

Granasmon smiled. "I agree."

Yindramon frowned. "So, is that why you gave Velene that D-Wave and partnered her with Alphamon?"

Yangdramon shook her head. "No, brother... Alphamon would be a perfect rival for Madoudramon even if he weren't partnered. No, I think Lord Granasmon had an alternate reason for that. He just won't tell us."

Granasmon chuckled. "That's correct. You'll soon see for yourself."

Yindramon sighed. "Fine..."

Yangdramon giggled while Granasmon turned his attention back to the monitoring orbs. "All right, it's time we start thinking of what to do next. Right now, Huanglongmon's world has been unsealed and the wormhole has been connected to over a thousand worlds. Until Valmarmon's soul is sealed away, Gennai and the Dra-Warriors will have to do their best to make sure no one passes through it and arrives in the Sovereigns' world."

"I agree, my lord," Yangdramon said, walking over to her superior's side. "I just don't understand what Valmarmon is trying to do. This wormhole is connecting the worlds, but for what reason? What is he trying to do?"

Granasmon frowned. "Good question... we may not know what he's planning, but I fear we'll find out soon enough. And whatever Valmarmon is planning to do, we must make sure it fails!"

Yindramon nodded. "I agree, my lord! However, Valmarmon is in hiding and we don't know where he is! And like you said before, when he returns he'll be stronger than ever!"

"The only chance of stopping Valmarmon is with the power of Gallantmon Shining Mode!" Yangdramon said. She smiled. "And maybe the Ancient Delta!"

Yindramon scratched his chin. "So, what you're suggesting, sister, is that the Adventurers need more allies to join them in their battles?"

Yangdramon nodded. "Exactly!"

"Adventurers... interesting term, though it's better than calling them Digidestined and Duelists and Pokemon Trainers," Granasmon chuckled. "However, you two might have the right idea. The question is, who should we summon for help?"

Yindramon walked over to his master and stared at an orb. "Maybe a group of Power Rangers? They could help out with their Megazord. I mean, they'd be very useful against the Twelve Tyrants."

"You mean, the Eleven Tyrants," Yangdramon corrected. "The first Tyrant to fall was Diablo, who was defeated by Yugi Muto and the Winged Dragon of Ra in a Shadow Duel. However, once a Tyrant is defeated in a Shadow Duel, their soul and immortality is removed from their body and used to restore power to the Three Phantasm Demons so they can escape from their prison!

Yindramon nodded. "Yeah, and the body of the Tyrant transforms into a giant version of their ace card in order to remove any threat to the Tyrants. For Diablo, his ace card was Mazera DeVille. Considering he became a giant monster, perhaps it would be a good idea to bring in a group of Power Rangers and their Zords!"

Granasmon shook his head. "I'm sorry, Yindramon, but I don't think that's a good idea. When Diablo's body turned into Mazera, he was strong enough to defeat MegaGargomon. Imperialdramon Fighter Mode from Silesia used most of his strength to battle Mazera, but even with the help of other Mega-level Digimon, he couldn't prevail. It was only with the help of the mysterious Pharaoh who used the power of the Millennium Puzzle summon the Egyptian Gods Slifer the Sky Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor that Mazera was weakened enough for Imperialdramon to finish him."

"And this Tyrant was one of the weakest of the bunch!" Yangdramon added. "Imagine how the other, STRONGER Tyrants would be if they turned into their monster forms! If Mega-level Digimon were having that much trouble damaging a low-level Tyrant, just think about how hard a time the Power Rangers would have! I'm sorry, brother, but I don't think we can ask the Rangers for help."

Yindramon nodded. "I understand..."

Granasmon glanced at Yangdramon. "The Digimon are capable of fighting the Tyrants while they're in their monster forms, they just need more power. I'm sure that Gallantmon Shining Mode will be strong enough to strike the Tyrants down, but I don't think it would be a good idea to solely rely on him. The other Digidestined and Tamers need to strengthen their Digimon's power too. However, I can't give them the power they need...but perhaps Huanglongmon could."

"But he's in a coma!" Yangdramon protested.

"I know that, but by using the elemental energy from the Ten Legendary Warriors, his body would be energized and finally and awoken from his deep sleep," Granasmon said. "And Huanglongmon could help them become stronger. Maybe even give them the power to fight the Tyrants in their monster forms."

Yangdramon smiled. "Yes... that's a good idea, Lord Granasmon. I hope it works..."

Yindramon nodded. "I agree. But, you're right, my lord... asking a team of Power Rangers to help is out of the question. They're strong, but they would still fall against the strength of a Mega-level Digimon..." He glanced at another orb. "So, that rules out my next suggestion of asking Naruto and his friends for help..."

"Considering that Naruto and Sakura are trying desperately to find their lost friend, Sasuke, while making sure the nine-tailed fox demon isn't extracted from Naruto's body by the criminal organization, Akatsuki, I doubt it," Yangdramon said.

Granasmon sighed. "Anyone close to Naruto would not want the fox demon removed from his body. It would kill him. Also, if we bring Naruto into this world, Akatsuki would follow, and we have yet to figure out the whole truth about Pain and Madara Uchiha."

"And I also don't think those guys can do any damage to Mega-level Digimon," Yindramon added. "Hmm, guess they're out... How about Goku and the Dragonball Z team? Or maybe even Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts?"

Granasmon shook his head. "No... I think we need to look for a group that is experienced with Digimon."

"How about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Teen Titans?" Yangdramon asked. "They're aware of the Digimon and Valmarmon because of Dra-Warrior leader Imperialdramon and Herodramon."

Granasmon shook his head. "Again, no... They're aware of the Digimon, but I'm afraid they don't have the experience with them."

"What do you mean by that?" Yindramon asked. "The Pokemon Trainers and Sonic's friends didn't know much about Digimon when they joined the team, but they do now."

Yangdramon shook her head. "Not exactly, brother. They weren't chosen by Lord Granasmon... they were brought into the Tamer's world by accident, remember? It was Doctor Eggman and Chaos Control that brought them into that world."

Granasmon nodded. "Yes, and back then, there weren't as many problems as there is now..."

Yindramon sighed. "Right... and come to think of it, I don't think the Turtles will have much luck with Ultimate and Mega-level Digimon with only their weaponry and ninja skills. I don't know about the Titans though..."

"Even if I agreed that we could ask the Titans for help, only four of them could come," Granasmon said. "In order for them to come to the Sovereigns' world, they would have to go through Valmarmon's wormhole."

Yangdramon held out her right arm, revealing a golden bracelet. "Yes, and you gave us these bracelets to keep Valmarmon's wormhole trap from working."

Yindramon nodded, glancing at the bracelet on his right arm. "Yeah. Whenever someone whose heart isn't filled with evil goes through the wormhole, it expands to connect more worlds. The only one who can go through it without making it grow is you, Lord Granasmon, because of your holy aura."

Granasmon smiled. "Correct. And those bracelets you're wearing grant you a special aura to protect you from Valmarmon's trap. However, creating these bracelets is not an easy task, and I have to expand a lot of energy to make them. I've only been able to create six so far."

"Well, if we bring in the Titans, one of us can give them our bracelet while the other four take the extra ones," Yangdramon offered.

Granasmon shook his head. "I'm sorry, but once you remove them, their power fades. That's why I don't want you to take them off yet."

Yangdramon sighed. "I understand, my lord."

"Ever since my body was destroyed, my powers have become limited," Granasmon said. "But I have no regrets because I've saved so many lives from Valmarmon's deadly darkness and..." His eyes widened. "Deadly... of course!"

"Lord Granasmon?" Yindramon asked, confused.

Granasmon chuckled. "I think I know who I'll ask for help. Yindramon, tell me, what is the alternate name for the Seven Great Demon Lord Digimon?"

Yangdramon blinked. "The Seven Deadly Digimon."

Granasmon nodded. "Yes... And we always called them the Seven Great Demon Lord Digimon. However...there was one world who came up with an alternate name for them. The world where Belphemon was defeated!"

Yindramon and Yangdramon glanced at each other in shock. Yangdramon slowly looked at Granasmon. "You... don't mean...?"

"Yes," Granasmon said, turning his attention to an orb. "The Digimon Data Squad!"

"From King Drasil's Digital World!" Yindramon added.

"Exactly!" Granasmon said. "And fortunately for us, Valmarmon's wormhole is now connected to the Data Squad's world!"

Yangdramon smirked. "Talk about luck..."

"Out of all the members of the Data Squad, only four of them are strong enough to help us, because their Digmon have reached a level beyond Mega!" Granasmon added. "Marcus Damon, Thomas H. Norstein, Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda and Keenan Crier."

Yindramon blinked. "I know what you mean why, sir, but wasn't there a fifth? Marcus Damon's father, Dr Spencer Damon."

"When he used that power to push his Digimon beyond the limits, it only lasted for a few seconds... and he didn't used it much afterwards since he was locked up and later merged with his partner," Yangdramon said.

Yindramon sweatdropped. "Ah... well, anyway... You can either ask Marcus, Thomas, Yoshi or Keenan and their Digimon to help. Because you only have four bracelets, you can give two to the humans and the other two to their partners."

Granasmon shook his head. "No, all four humans will come. Along with their partners."

"But, you've only got four bracelets!" Yindramon said.

"That I do, but there IS a loophole..." Granasmon chuckled. "You see, the Data Squad's Digivices have a feature that none of the other Digivices possess. They can store Digimon inside of them, no matter what level they are."

Yangdramon smiled. "I see... so, we can have Marcus and his friends take the bracelets while their Digimon partners rest in their Digivices!"

Granasmon nodded. "Correct. Even though I'm selecting eight to join the Adventurers, those eight should boost their strength enough. And hopefully, their beyond-Mega power will also help them in their battles against Madoudramon Titan Mode and the Eleven Tyrant's monster forms."

"One problem, the gateway between the Digital World and the Human world was closed and DATS has been disbanded," Yindramon said.

Granasmon stood silent for a moment. "That isn't a problem..."

Yindramon blinked. "Huh?"

Granasmon smiled. "I can open the gateway once again without endangering both worlds. As for DATS... well, we shall see..."

"OK..." Yindramon muttered. "Erm, Lord Granasmon, what if they don't accept?"

"Well then, I'll just go into another Digital World to ask for their help," Granasmon said. "Maybe I can ask the V-Tamer Taichi and his UlforceVeedramon Zero for help."

Yangdramon shook her head. "Not a good idea, my lord. Two Tais would implode the universe. And let's not forget their motto and dance..."

"I think Ash and his friends will be okay with that," Yindramon said with a smirk. "They're used to Team Rocket, despite having countless chances to blow them away while they recite their dumb motto..."

Granasmon laughed. "All right, you two. I'll head over to King Drasil's world and ask the Data Squad for their help."

Yindramon frowned. "Are you sure, my lord? King Drasil is the God of his Digital World. The two of you have clashed ideologically before, like when he had his Royal Knights murder Digimon to keep the Digital World from overcrowding."

Yangdramon nodded. "Yes, and when King Drasil tried to destroy the Human World to keep the Digital World from crashing into it. If it had been you, my lord, you would have found a better solution."

Granasmon smiled. ""Thank you, you two. However, King Drasil is in a state of hibernation, so I doubt he and I will talk when I get there..."

"All right, my lord," Yangdramon said.

"What shall we do?" Yindramon asked.

Granasmon rubbed his chin. "Well, you've mentioned before that the people of Kingdom Hearts are aware of the wormholes, but are taking precautions in case something terrible might happen if they entered it?"

Yindramon nodded. "Yes."

"They know that nothing terrible happened to Hades when he used it, but they figure it was because he's an immortal God," Yangdramon explained.

Granasmon smiled. "Well, it's best that they learn about the current crisis. Go to the Kingdom Hearts world and tell them everything."

"Including why Hades went through it in the first place?" Yindramon asked.

Granasmon nodded. "Yes... I'm sure they'll be amused that Hades and some evil souls took part in a card game."

"Before or after they learn that the card game was used to drain Jaden's Duel Energy and unlock the Tyrant's seal?" Yangdramon asked.

"Before, I think," Granasmon said.

Yindramon bowed. "Very well, Lord Granasmon. We shall do that."

Yangdramon bowed. "We wish you luck, Lord Granasmon."

Granasmon nodded. "Thank you, my friends. And I wish you luck as well..."

The two siblings nodded back before a huge portal appeared behind them. They stepped through it and disappeared.

Granasmon sighed. "All right... now for the Data Squad world..."

He vanished. The orbs dimmed in his absence, the vistas of countless worlds turning dark until their master returned to gaze upon them again.


One day later...

A black limo stopped outside a police station in Japan. The driver stepped out and opened a door to let an official and his two bodyguards out of the car.

"Here we are, Mr Uekawa," Said the driver.

Uekawa nodded. "Thank you very much. So, is this where they're working?"

One of Uekawa's bodyguards nodded. "Yes, sir. They've been working here for the last five years since the crisis ended and DATS was disbanded."

Uekawa smiled. "Well then, let's go and meet them..."


Inside the building...

"Yoshi!" Cried the blond-haired Megumi Shirakawa.

"What happened?" Asked the purple-haired Miki Kurokawa.

23-year old Yoshino Fujieda, known to her friends as Yoshi, walked into the police office while carrying some papers. "Nothing much, why do you ask?"

Megumi pointed out of the window. "Akinori Uekawa is here!"

Yoshi blinked. "Who?"

Miki rolled her eyes. "Honestly, Yoshi... how can you not know about him?"

"Why? Is he important?" Yoshi asked.

"So, you don't know why he's here?" Megumi asked.

Yoshi sighed. "Just answer MY question first!"

"Akinori Uekawa is the new Director of the Confidentiality Ministry," Miki said. "He replaced Director Hashima five years ago after DATS was disbanded."

Yoshi blinked. "Really?!"

Megumi nodded. "Yeah! Director Hashima was fired for siding with Kurata before his true plans with Belphemon were revealed. And it didn't help Hashima when it turned out that Kurata was the cause of the entire mess in the first place."

"Ouch..." Yoshi muttered. "So, what's this guy like?"

Miki smiled. "Well, he's much fairer than Hashima, and I doubt he would fall for Kurata's lies."

Yoshi nodded. "I see... So, why do you think he's here?"

"That's what I asked you, but because you don't know, I'm very curious now," Megumi said.

Miki sat down. "Well, keep on being curious, Megumi. There's no way that Director Uekawa is here to see us."

There was a knock on the door and Uekawa entered with his bodyguards. "Excuse me?"

"You were saying?" Megumi asked with a smirk.

Miki rolled her eyes. "I think he's lost."

Uekawa glanced at a notebook his bodyguard handed him. "Are you Megumi Shirakawa, Miki Kurokawa and Yoshino Fujieda?"

Yoshi blinked. "Erm... yes."

Uekawa smiled. "Good. I'm here to speak to you about a very important matter."

"Anything to say, Miki?" Megumi asked with an arrogant smirk.

Miki sank below the desk. "Just leave me alone, Miki..."

Uekawa glanced around. "And where is your superior? I need to speak with him as well."

"He's in a meeting at the moment, sir," Yoshi replied. "But he's due to return any minute now."

At that moment, another door opened and Chief Richard Sampson walked in. "Yoshino, Miki, Megumi, what are you three doi-" He froze as he saw Uekawa. "Director Uekawa?!"

"Ah, Chief Sampson, I'm glad you're here," Uekawa said with a broad smile.

Miki stood up, glancing at her boss. "Sir, he's come here to see us."

"Really?" Sampson asked.

Uekawa nodded. "Yes. I'm here to tell you something quite interesting, Chief Sampson. It seems that the Digital Gateway has finally reopened."

"WHAT?!" Yoshi, Miki and Megumi cried in shock.

"The Digital Gateway... is open...?" Sampson whispered in disbelief.

Uekawa nodded. "Yes, however... our researchers have discovered that the Digital Gateway is not as dangerous as the previous gateways from five years ago."

Megumi blinked. "In other words...?"

Miki sighed. "No wild Digimon like Soulmon or Citramon will break into our world."

"Oh..." Megumi whispered. "But...if the Digital Gateway isn't dangerous, why are you here, sir?"

"We received a message asking for Sampson to return to the Digital World with the original members of the Japanese branch of DATS," Uekawa said. "Specifically, Thomas H. Norstein, Keenan Crier, Marcus Damon and former Commander General Homer Yushima's presence were requested."

The three girls glanced at each other in surprise.

"Who sent the message?" Sampson asked.

Uekawa glanced at his book. "The message was sent by...a Kentaurusmon."

Underneath his dark glasses, Sampson's eyes widened in shock. "Kudamon..."

"You know of this Digimon?" Uekawa asked.

Sampson nodded. "Yes, sir. He was my partner."

"I see..." Uekawa muttered. "Anyway, I'm not forcing you to go. If you want to stay here, that's okay with me."

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Miki, Megumi and Yoshi shrieked.

Uekawa and his bodyguards sweatdropped. Sampson sighed. "Calm down you three!"

Yoshi cringed. "Sorry, chief. Director Uwkawa, I would love to come at once. This is my chance to see my Digimon partner, Lalamon, once again."

Megumi clasped her hands with Miki's. "This is our chance to see our PawnChessmon once again!"

"Yeah!" Miki said. "This is great news!"

Yoshi smiled. "Not to mention we can finally see what Marcus is up to! Assuming he didn't get stepped on or eaten, that is."

"Yeah!" Megumi cheered. "That would be just like him..."

"I wonder how he's doing..." Miki wondered.

"Are you talking about Marcus Damon?" Uekawa asked.

Sampson nodded. "Yes, sir. Marcus decided to stay in the Digital World with his partner, Agumon, before the gateway closed five years ago."

Uekawa chuckled. "I see... Well, anyway, I've already contacted the Criers, the Damons, and the Norsteins family about this. We'll be meeting them at the DATS Headquarters in Japan."

"But Thomas lives in Europe!" Megumi said. "How will he get here that fast?"

"I actually contacted him last night," Uekawa said. "He said he'd be arriving later today."

Miki blinked. "That soon?"

Yoshi smiled. "He really wants to see Gaomon again... I guess Keenan wants to see Falcomon again too."

"Chief Sampson, if you and your subordinates are ready, we can go to DATS Headquarters at once," Uekawa said.

Sampson shook his head. "If you'll excuse me, Director, I would ask you to give us time to prepare ourselves."

"What will you need?" Uekawa asked.

"Our Digivices," Sampson replied.

Uekawa nodded. "I understand. Very well, once you've collected your Digivices, you can come to DATS Headquarters. We'll set up the Digital Dive while we're waiting."

Sampson bowed. "Thank you."

Uekawa bowed back before leaving the office with his bodyguards.

"The Digital Gateway has opened up once again," Miki wondered. "I'm so amazed!"

"I wonder why, though," Yoshi muttered.

"Do you think DATS will be reformed?" Megumi asked.

Miki frowned. "But, the gateway isn't posing a threat like the other gateways five years ago."

Megumi nodded. "I know, but it seems we can go through the gateway and back out, right? Well, what if there are people who want to use Digimon for their own greed or kill them like Kurata did?"

Yoshi rubbed her chin. "She has a point... I wonder if Director Uekawa is aware of this as well..."

"Nevertheless, you three go and collect your Digivices, then meet me at the DATS Headquarters ASAP!" Sampson commanded.

"Yes, sir!" The three girls saluted before rushing out of the office.

Sampson picked up the telephone to get some officers to take their place while they were away, smiling to himself. "Kudamon, it'll certainly be a great pleasure to see you once more, old friend..."


Somewhere in the Digital World...

"I don't understand this," Said the Royal Knight Craniamon, flying through the skies. "Why did Kentaurusmon ask US to search for him?"

"Who knows, Craniamon," the Royal Knight Gallantmon said, flying alongside Craniamon with his lance and shield out. "But considering that Lord Granasmon wants to speak to Marcus Damon, I suppose we have to locate him and bring him back."

Craniamon sighed. "It's impossible. No one has seen Marcus Damon or Agumon in the last five years."

"I do admit that the Digital World is big, Craniamon, but it'll be much easier if we head for the most dangerous areas," Gallantmon said.

Craniamon nodded. "Of course. That's where he's most likely to be."

Gallantmon nodded back. "Correct..."


Gallantmon and Craniamon froze as a Dracmon flew towards and over them. They looked up to see him falling back down again. "A HUMAN PUNCHED ME THIS FAR?! WHAT IS THE DIGITAL WORLD COMING TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!" And he crashed in the forest.

"...Or, he might be down there," Craniamon muttered.

Gallantmon sighed. "Seems like it..."

Down below...

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Yelled the Dracmon's Champion form, Sangloupmon. "He's just a human!!"

"Yeah, a human that's knocking us out of the ball..." A Dracmon yelled before he got punched away. "...paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark!!"

Sangloupmon snorted. "Weakling..."

"So, I guess that's how you view your friends, huh?" asked the 19-year old Marcus Damon, cracking his knuckles with a wide grin on his face.

"Friends? They're no friends of mine!" Sangloupmon snapped. "Friendship is for weaklings and..." He glanced around to notice all his Dracmon were gone. "Ah, (BEEP!)"

Marcus laughed. "Man, you're not only coldhearted, but you're slow too! Ain't that right, Agumon?"

"Yeah, boss!" Said Agumon, standing beside Marcus. "Took him long enough to notice that the Dracmon you just punched away was his last one!"

Sangloupmon sweatdropped. "It was?! Ah, (BEEP!)"

"Hey, language, wolf!!" Agumon snapped.

A vein popped out on the side of Sangloupmon's forehead. "I'M NOT A WOLF!! I'M A... I'm not sure what I am, but I'm not a wolf!!"

"Suuuuuure..." Agumon replied with a grin. Marcus' Agumon looked a little different from most other Agumon. He had more teeth, longer claws, wider forearms and red training bracers.


NAME: Agumon

LEVEL: Rookie

TYPE: Vaccine

Dinosaur Digimon

ATTACKS: Pepper Breath, Spitfire Blast

Although it looks like a small dinosaur, this Agumon has hidden power that gives him a Digivolution line stronger than the original Greymon Digivolution line. With his claws, he can stand up to any enemy.


Sangloupmon snarled. "Who the hell are you anyway?!"

Marcus grinned. "Just call me Marcus Damon!"

"Marcus Damon?! You mean you're the son of Spencer Damon?!" Sangloupmon cried in surprise.

"You got it!" Marcus said. "And we're taking you down!"

Sangloupmon snarled. "Forget it! I'll get Cherrymon some other time! I have to get rid of you first!"

"Oh yeah?! BRING IT ON!!" Marcus said, getting into a fighting stance.

Agumon nodded. "Yeah! We're gonna kick your butt!"

"That's right!" Marcus said with a grin. "Any last words?"

Sangloupmon scoffed. "No, except for-"


Sangloupmon sweatdropped. "...goodbye..." He turned and tried to run away... "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!"

...before an energy beam crashed behind him, exploding and throwing him away.

"I'M BLASTING OFF AGAAAAAAAAAIN!!" Sangloupmon yelled, disappearing with a (PING!)

Agumon blinked. "Don't you usually need three people to do that?"

Marcus shrugged. "No idea, Agumon..." He turned around to see Gallantmon and Craniamon landing nearby. "So, what are you doing here?"

Gallantmon frowned. "We were glad to help you, Marcus Damon. You're welcome."

"I had everything under control," Marcus said.

"Why were you fighting that Sangloupmon?" Craniamon asked.

"We overheard him talking to his Dracmon buddies about how they'd kill Cherrymon and take his Digicore so Sangloupmon could Digivolve to Matadormon," Agumon explained.

Craniamon frowned. "I see... Sangloupmon wanted to devour the Digicore of an Ultimate-level, hmm?"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah, and thanks to Gallantmon, that poor sucker was blasted away before we could revert him to a Digiegg."

"I don't think we should worry about Cherrymon though, boss," Agumon said. "That guy didn't look too strong...or smart. Maybe that's why he was desperate to Digivolve..."

Marcus shrugged. "Eh, maybe... So, you two were doing some scouting?"

"You could say that," Gallantmon mused.

Craniamon nodded. "Yes. We've been searching for you."

Marcus blinked. "For me?"

"Yes, Kentaurusmon asked us to find you and bring you back to our base for an important meeting," Gallantmon said. "Marcus, have you ever heard of Granasmon?"

"Granasmon?" Marcus repeated, a confused look on his face. He glanced at Agumon. "Have you ever heard of Granasmon, Agumon?"

Agumon shook his head. "No, boss, I haven't."

Craniamon knelt down before Marcus. "He's a Mega-level Divine God Digimon, whose power is like King Drasil! Maybe even stronger..."

Gallantmon nodded. "Yes. He's actually a compassionate Digimon who cares for life in all its forms. If Granasmon had been around when our worlds were going to collide, he would have chosen a different idea rather than go through with King Drasil's original plan to destroy the Human World."

Marcus blinked. "I see...but why is he here?"

"To speak to you and your friends," Craniamon said. "You see, Granasmon has reopened the Digital Gateway, but it's much less chaotic than previous gateways, so wild Digimon won't go through them."

Marcus' eyes widened. "He has?!"

"Wow, boss! That means we can see your family again!" Agumon cheered. "And eat your mom's cooking!"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah, I know! Craniamon! Gallantmon! Where can I meet this Granasmon?!"

"He's back at our new base," Craniamon said, extending a hand. "Climb aboard, we'll take you to him."

"What do you think, boss?" Agumon asked.

Marcus rubbed his chin before he stepping onto Craniamon's hand. "Come on, Agumon. Let's not waste any time!"

Agumon smiled, leaping onto Craniamon's hand. "OK, boss!"

"This'll give us a chance to tell you more about Granasmon," Gallantmon said. "You might find him very interesting."

Craniamon nodded. "Yes."

"Yeah, giving us a history lesson could pass the time," Marcus said with a grin. "All right! Let's go for it!"

The two Knights nodded while Gallantmon leaped into the air and Craniamon placed Marcus and Agumon onto his shoulder before flying after his comrade...


"Thomas, sir!"






(A/N: PawnChessmon White and PawnChessmon Black can't talk, even though they have a motto...)

19-year old Thomas H. Norstein smiled. "Gaomon, it's good to see you again!"

Gaomon smiled back. He was a small, blue wolf-like humanoid digimon wore a red bandana tied around his head and a pair of boxing gloves. He shook Thomas' hand, his glove dwarfing that of his partner's. "Sir, I'm glad to see you again. I hope your family is healthy."

Thomas nodded. "Yes, Gaomon. Relena is doing okay. She's been cured of her illness."

"That's right!" Yoshi said with a wide smile "Thomas actually discovered the cure for Relena's illness, and received the Nobel Prize as a result!"

Miki nodded. "Yeah! And he became the youngest person to ever win it!"

Gaomon smiled. "Sir, I'd expect nothing less from you. I'm proud to be your Digimon partner."

Thomas smiled back. "Thank you, Gaomon..."


NAME: Gaomon

LEVEL: Rookie

TYPE: Data

Beast Digimon

ATTACKS: Double Backhand, Rolling Upper, Gao Rush

This Digimon specialises in hit-and-run type of attacks because his agile movement keeps him alert at all times. He seems to protect his claws with the boxing gloves on his hands until the claws are fully grown.


"Yoshi!!" Cried Lalamon, a pink petal head, a flowery yellow top, and a small green body. She had three black dots for eyes and a mouth. She flew over to her partner, her top spinning like a propeller. "You're here!"

Yoshi cried in delight, grabbing Lalamon and hugging her tightly. "Lalamon!! Oh, this so wonderful!!"

"Yoshi..." Lalamon wheezed, her face turning blue. "Plants... need... oxygen... even in... the Digital... World!"

Yoshi quickly released Lalamon from her hug, smiling sheepishly. "Oh, sorry..."

"It's okay!" Lalamon said, turning back to normal before flying around Yoshi. "I'm so glad to see you again! I've really missed you."

Yoshi smiled. "And I've missed you too, Lalamon... I've missed you so much."


NAME: Lalamon

LEVEL: Rookie

TYPE: Data

Vegetation Digimon

ATTACKS: Seed Blast, Sing a Song, Lala Spiral

This Digimon flies by turning the leaves on her head. Although her face is emotionless, she's pretty lovable. Her personality is very kind and she always thinks of the safety of her friends. Although she looks weak, her Digivolution forms are very powerful.


"Keenan!!" Falcomon cried as he flew over to his partner. Despite his name, Falcomon looked like an owl with red eye markings, black body feathers, and a purple vest with shuriken strapped to it.

Keenan Crier, who was now 14 years old, smiled as his 'brother' landed in front of him. "Falcomon, it's been so long, hasn't it?"

"Indeed, Keenan," Falcomon said in amazement "Just look at you... and you spoke clear English! Times have changed you for the better!"

Keenan chuckled sheepishly. "Yeah, well, I'm in middle school right now with Kristy. My language skills are much better, and I needed them in case anyone at school made fun of how I used to talk."

Falcomon nodded. "I understand, Keenan. You had to grow out of that someday..." He smiled slightly. "So, you go to school with Marcus' younger sister, huh?"

Keenan nodded. "Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason..." Falcomon said, snickering under his breath.

Keenan blinked in confusion. "Erm, Falcomon...?"


NAME: Falcomon

LEVEL: Rookie

TYPE: Vaccine

Bird Digimon

ATTACKS: Scratch Smash, Ninja Blade, Firecracker Smokescreen

A Digimon who uses ninja-style attacks to fight his opponent or escape. He has good control of his wings and moves around the enemy quickly like a real ninja would do.


Kristy Damon, Marcus' younger 15-year old sister, cheered happily as she hugged Biyomon happily. "Oh, Biyomon! I'm so happy to see you again!"

"Kristy!" Biyomon cheered, hugging HIS friend back. Yep, that's right, there's actually a MALE Biyomon here!! "I'm so happy to see you too!"

Kristy smiled. "So, how have you been?"

"I've doing okay, Kristy," Biyomon said. "Those Baby and In-Training Digimon have grown into strong and kind Digimon."

"That's great!" Kristy said.

Biyomon smiled. "It is. So, Kristy, I'm guessing you came here to see me and your brother, hmm?"

Kristy nodded. "Yeah, have you seen them?"

Biyomon shook his head. "No, we haven't seen your brother since we came back to the Digital World."

Kristy looked crestfallen. "I see..."

Sarah Damon, Marcus and Kristy's mother, walked over to them with a smile. "Well then, I guess we'll have to wait here until he and Agumon get here."

Spencer Damon nodded, glancing around. "Never thought I would see the day when we came back here..."

"And I never thought I would come to the Digital World," Sarah said with a smile. "I really hope Marcus is okay. This place is beautiful..."

Spencer smiled as he glanced around the room. Miki hugging PawnChessmon Black, Megumi dancing around with PawnChessmon White, Homer Yushima sitting on the ground beside Kamemon and Sampson walking over to Kentaurusmon. He sighed, thinking to himself, "BanchoLeomon, I guess you were unable to be reborn... and if you did, you were, you came back without your memories. Either way, I'll miss you dearly, my friend..."

"Hmph..." Muttered the pink Royal Knight who was the male counterpart of Crusadermon, LoadKnightmon. He was standing with the other members of the Royal Knights minus Kentaurusmon, Gallantmon and Craniamon. "I can't believe you allowed these humans to be here."

Leopardmon nodded. "Yes... this place is sacred to us ever since King Drasil's home was destroyed by these..."

"Enough, you two!" Omnimon said, glaring at the two Knights. "These humans were able to stop the terror of both worlds colliding, so we should be grateful to them!"

Dynasmon snorted. "Omnimon sir, just ignore these two. They have a bit of a grudge against the humans who beat them in the Real World and reverted them to Digieggs."

Magnamon nodded. "Yes. It's fortunate that they were able to retain their memories due to their status as Royal Knights."

UlforceVeedramon sighed. "I can tell they want a rematch, but I think they'll just get beaten like before."

"You dare to believe we would fall?!" Leopardmon asked. "I want justice and Justice is Power!"

Omnimon shook his head and glanced at a ball of light hovering beside him. "I'm very sorry about his behaviour... I envy the other Knights in the Chuuten world if they have much more... sensible Knights than Leopardmon."

The orb chuckled. "Don't worry about it, Omnimon. I understand... Still, a male version of Crusadermon. And his name is a bit... you could have called yourself LordKnightmon."

LoadKnightmon scoffed. "Please, my name is perfect just the way I am..."

"Apart from your voice," Dynasmon muttered.


NAME: LoadKnightmon


TYPE: Virus

Exalted Knight Digimon

ATTACKS: Fist of Fear, Spiral Slice

A Royal Knight who is known as the "Indifferent Warrior." He displays a merciless and cruel nature to the weak, using a self-defined sense of justice as an excuse for injustice. His female counterpart is called Crusadermon.


"Sampson, I see you got my message," Kentaurusmon said.

Sampson nodded. "Yes. I'm glad to see you again, old friend. How's life been treating you?"

Kentaurusmon smirked. "Everything's fine, Sampson. The Royal Knights and I have been busy taking care of the Digital World while King Drasil is asleep."

"I see," Sampson muttered. "And how is Marcus?"

Kentaurusmon shrugged. "We haven't seen them for a long time. The other partnered Digimon haven't seen them either, since they don't stay in one spot. Gaomon and the others have traveled around the Digital World separately so they could help the other Digimon while Marcus and Agumon became peacemakers."

Sampson chuckled. "Marcus as a peacemaker. Kentaurusmon, do you have any idea how strange that sounds?"

"Oh yes, very much so," Kentaurusmon replied with a laugh.

"So, what's going on?" Sampson asked.

Kentaurusmon glanced at the glowing orb that was hovering beside Omnimon. "Sampson, do you remember that one time when I told you about the legend of Granasmon?"

Sampson nodded. "Yes... the Divine God Digimon, Granasmon, who is said to be stronger than King Drasil and more compassionate. He once fought in a great war against the Demon God Digimon, Valmarmon. This war was known as the Battle of Light and Darkness."

"It's mostly called the Battle of Hikari and Yami," Kentaurusmon corrected him.

"I see..." Sampson muttered. His eyes widened. "Wait, the Digital Gateway was reopened, right?! Is Granasmon...?"

Kentaurusmon smiled. "That's right. Lord Granasmon is here in his spiritual form. He came here yesterday afternoon. He wishes to speak to Marcus, Thomas, Keenan and Yoshino. He needs their help. Sampson, there is a crisis more dangerous than two worlds colliding brewing somewhere in the multiverse."

Sampson frowned. "I see... I guess it's best that we start the meeting now, then!"

Kentaurusmon nodded. "I agree..."

Sampson turned around. "Everyone, listen up! We have a special visitor that wishes to speak to Marcus, Thomas, Yoshino and Keenan!"

"Us?" Yoshi asked in surprise.

"Who is it?" Thomas asked.

"His name is Granasmon," Sampson said.

Keenan gasped. "Granasmon?! I thought he was a legend!"

The orb chuckled as he hovered in the middle of the large room. "Keenan Crier, I am far from a legend. I am real, and unfortunately so is my eternal enemy, Valmarmon."

"Granasmon? Valmarmon?" Spencer repeated, rubbing his chin. "I think I missed that legend when I was travelling through the Digital World..."

Granasmon chuckled. "Very well, before I begin, I shall tell you my story... and it's important that you listen, because I need your help!"


Gallantmon stepped back from a mark he had drawn on the ground with his lance. "Here... this is the symbol of Granasmon."

Marcus and Agumon stared at the ground. During their travel, Craniamon had mentioned that Granasmon had a symbol and when Marcus asked what it was, the two Knights stopped at a grassy field and Gallantmon had drawn the symbol with his lance.

The symbol of Granasmon looked like the Crest of Light between a pair of angel's wings.

"That's it?" Agumon complained. "I was expecting something more flashy!"

Marcus chuckled. "Well, something flashy would signify a bigger ego, and I doubt Granasmon has one considering what we've heard so far about him."

"Anyway, Granasmon made a decision that the Adventurers in the other world needed extra power in order to defeat the great evil once and for all," Craniamon said. "And that's why he's turned to you and your three friends, Marcus."

"Because of our high-level D.N.A Charge, right?" Marcus asked.

Craniamon nodded. "Correct. You've done well to impress him."

"If you agree, Marcus, you and your friends will travel to another world, one even stranger than this one," Gallantmon added. "I know this sounds peculiar, but what Valmarmon has done is not only a danger to our worlds, but many others as well."

Marcus nodded. "I understand. And these Adventurers are currently dealing with this... Lucemon guy right?"

"Yes, and if you remember Belphemon, then you should know that Lucemon Chaos Mode is the leader of the Seven Deadly Digimon," Craniamon said. "And he's only an Ultimate, while all the others are Megas."

Agumon's eyes widened in astonishment. "What?! An Ultimate is the leader of six other Megas?!"

"Man, he must be that strong!" Marcus said, looking worried. He abruptly started grinning. "Sounds like fun! I'm in!"

Gallantmon rolled his eyes. "Oh brother..."

"Maybe you should speak to Lord Granasmon first before you make a hasty decision," Craniamon said.

Marcus shrugged. "Eh, all right... So, where do you guys hang out now? Do we have much further to go?"

Gallantmon shook his head. "Not far...we're almost there..."

"Well then, you could have drawn the symbol when we were inside your base," Marcus said.

"You know, he does have a point there," Craniamon said.

Gallantmon sighed. "Let's leave it and continue our journey!"

Marcus and Agumon snickered while Craniamon rolled his eyes. "Very well then..."

Gallantmon and Craniamon leapt into the air, continuing their journey.

"Hey, where are we going anyway?" Agumon asked. "Do you guys have a new base?"

"Of course we have a new base!" Gallantmon snapped. "You didn't expect us to keep living in the charred remains of King Drasil's tree, did you?"

Agumon grinned sheepishly. "No, sorry..."

"We've created a new base by combining our energy to build a great castle," Craniamon said. "The castle is very large because of our immense size. When it was finished, Dynasmon and UlforceVeedramon brought the Digieggs of Leopardmon and LoadKnightmon to live with us."

Gallantmon nodded. "Correct. And it's at our castle where you'll meet you'll meet Granasmon's soul. I do hope you'll show him respect. I recall that you were rather rude to King Drasil when you first met him."

Marcus smirked. "Hey, give me a break! The reason I didn't show King Drasil respect was because he was using my father's body! How was I supposed to know that my father's soul was inside BanchoLeomon? King Drasil forced both of them not to tell us what happened, so I was really confused as to how my father became the ruler of the Digital World."

"When it turned out he actually wasn't," Agumon added.

Craniamon nodded. "He has a point, Gallantmon."

"You guys must have been aware that King Drasil was using my father's body," Marcus said. "I mean, you guys were about to execute my dad because of Kurata's deeds."

"We believed that King Drasil took over your father's body after BanchoLeomon killed him," Gallantmon said.

Craniamon sighed. "Everyone except myself. King Drasil told me and I promised to keep it a secret. It was after you and your friends destroyed my shield that I realized King Drasil might have been wrong."

"So, you went down into the real world and took my father and BanchoLeomon's place?" Marcus asked.

Craniamon nodded. "Yes..."

"I wonder if our battles would have been different if he had still been around," Gallantmon wondered.

Agumon blinked. "He? He who?"

"There's a Royal Knight who was the strongest out of all of us and our leader," Craniamon said. "However, he was sadly cursed by his own power, and can only come when the Digital World was in greatest danger. It was odd that he never came though... we feared that something terrible must have happened to him..."

Marcus frowned. "I was told that Omnimon was your leader. If your real leader is here, Omnimon would be the second-in-command, right?"

Craniamon nodded. "Correct."

"What's his name?" Agumon asked.

"Alphamon," Gallantmon said.

Marcus sighed. "And what would happen if Alphamon were here?"

"He would have set us straight, opened our eyes and made us realize that King Drasil's will was not absolute," Gallantmon said. "Just like how the rest of us learned that from you humans."

Marcus sighed. "King Drasil was angry because of what Kurata had did... I'll never forgive that man. He was a weakling and a coward and gave Keenan nothing, but grief after killing so many Digimon, including Frigimon and Merukimon..."

Craniamon glanced at Marcus. "But, Kurata is dead now, right?"

"We don't know..." Agumon said. "He vanished after setting off the bomb that created that huge hole which caused so many problems in both our worlds. He vanished in a flash of white light and we never saw him again..."

"In other words, we don't know if Kurata is alive or not," Marcus said, pounding his fists together. "But if he is, I'll make him wish he did die!"

Agumon nodded. "Same here, boss!"

Craniamon chuckled. "Interesting..."

"Impulsive, reckless, yet... courageous..." Gallantmon noted. "Maybe that's why Granasmon chose you, not because of your high-level D.N.A. Charge..."

"Well, maybe it IS boss' high-level D.N.A. Charge, otherwise your telling us how wise Granasmon is would be a lie," Agumon noted.

Marcus drove his fist into Agumon's head. "What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Ow..." Agumon groaned as a large bump formed on his head.

Marcus took a deep breath. "Speaking of Merukimon, I have a question..."

"Hmm?" Craniamon asked, looking confused.

"For the past five years, I haven't heard any word of Merukimon getting a replacement," Marcus explained. "In my world, when a Prime Minister or a President leaves or dies, they get replaced. I never talked about this with Cherrymon since so many Digimon were ruthlessly killed by Kurata, and, you know...didn't want to bring up any bad memories."

Agumon bowed his head. "Yeah..."

Marcus sighed. "I remember that Merukimon ruled over a portion of the Digital World from his palace on the Infinite Ice Ridge... but, after he died..."

Gallantmon closed his eyes. "Only Mega-level Digimon like Merukimon can rule an area of the Digital World. And it's vital that the Digimon should have a pure heart like Merukimon's, so that he rules with compassion and trust. After Merukimon died, we had no luck finding someone who could take his place. Many believed there was one who could take over for Merukimon, but it's not possible..."

"Why's that?" Agumon asked.

"The Digimon they believed would take over the late Merukimon's throne... was SaberLeomon," Gallantmon replied.

Agumon cringed. "I see..."

Craniamon nodded. "Yes... This was before they learned that SaberLeomon suffered the same fate as Merukimon. However, they were even more horrified to learn that SaberLeomon's death happened before Merukimon's."

Marcus tightened his fist. "And as for us, we had no clue who the Gizumon belonged to, what it was called, or why SaberLeomon's Digiegg shattered like that... Kurata killed both of them and we couldn't do a thing..."

"Didn't Cherrymon know that SaberLeomon was killed?" Agumon asked. "I mean, he knew Merukimon died by sensing the wind..."

Marcus nodded. "I know, Agumon, but Merukimon died in the Digital World. SaberLeomon was killed in the human world after his Pteramon and Boarmon attack failed..."

Agumon nodded. "I see... So, not one Digimon has been found who has a heart like Merukimon's that can rule his old territory?"

Gallantmon shook his head. "Not now, no. Maybe one day..."

Craniamon sighed before he noticed something in the distance. "We're close..."

Marcus looked up and gasped. "Whoa..."

"Whoa what, boss?" Agumon asked. He blinked. "Whoa!"

In the distance was a very large medieval castle the size of a city, with towers reaching to the sky, walls tall and sturdy enough to withstand a nuclear bomb, and a keep at least two-thirds the size of the Server Tree, with 'ThE ROyul KNIghtz iZ in' graphitised on one side in red paint. Knightmon with great swords guarded the great edifice, standing in place or walking about on patrol.

"This is the Royal Castle," Gallantmon said. "This has been the Royal Knights' headquarters ever since the downfall of King Drasil. Here is where you will meet Granasmon."

Marcus nodded, staring at something. "Right... Erm, Gallantmon... you do know somebody wrote on the side of your castle..."

Craniamon sighed. "We know... It took a while for LoadKnightmon and Leopardmon to Digivolve out of their In-Training forms... We still don't know where they got those spray cans..."

Agumon was too busy laughing to comment.

Marcus coughed. "Yeah... okay..." He clenched his fists. "Right... Granasmon, I'm ready!"

"Yeah!!" Agumon cheered.

"And after you told him he should speak to Granasmon before making a choice..." Gallantmon muttered.

Craniamon chuckled. "What can I say...? Marcus Damon has potential... Enough potential to impress Granasmon aand make him turn to the Data Squad for help."


Inside the Royal Castle...

"So, you're asking for our help?" Yoshi asked after Granasmon finished explaining why he was there.

Granasmon nodded. "Yes... I'm hoping you, the Data Squad, can lend the Adventurers your strength to prevent the darkness from covering all."

Thomas rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm not sure that's a good idea... I mean, what will they say about Marcus after he punches a Digimon to get his D.N.A. charged up?"

"Considering the Tamers can merge with their Digimon to reach the Mega-level and the Spirit Digidestined can evolve into Digimon with Human and Beast Spirits, I'm sure they won't think it's over the top," Granasmon said.

"They should have seen Spencer Damon when he took on SaberLeomon and Merukimon, then..." Sampson said.

Spencer chuckled. "So, if Marcus and the others agree, how will they get through the wormhole without triggering Valmarmon's trap?"

Granasmon's orb shone and four golden bracelets appeared above him. "Valmarmon's trap can't be triggered when I go through it because of my unique aura. These bracelets contain the aura that will allow the wearers to go through the wormhole safely. However, the bracelet's powers will fade away if you take them off. And I was only able to make four, due to my limited powers."

"Four bracelets..." Megumi noted. "So, Marcus and the others can wear the bracelets while their Digimon stay in their Digivices?"

"Correct, and as long as they keep the Digivices with them, they'll also be protected by the bracelet's aura," Granasmon added.

"Very cunning..." Omnimon muttered.

Granasmon sighed. "Thomas, Yoshino, Keenan... This is your choice. I understand if you wish to refuse to help me."

"Refuse?" Keenan asked. "I'm not going to refuse! As long as Valmarmon is out there, he'll remain a threat to my family and friends! I have parents I want to protect and a little sister!"

"And Kristy," Falcomon coughed, edging away from Keenan.

Keenan flushed as he continued. "And I... Oh, forget it... I want to go, Granasmon."

Granasmon chuckled. "Thank you, Keenan. I hope your parents will accept this."

"I hope so too," Keenan muttered.

Falcomon chuckled, whispering in Keenan's ear, "Well, they'd have time to plan your future wedding, Keenan..."

Keenan's left eye twitched. "Falcomon... where did you get this sense of humour from?!"

"Not telling," Falcomon chuckled, flapping into the air before Keenan could turn around and throttle him.

Keenan palmed his face. "Ugh... me need break..."

Nothing has changed, huh?

Thomas smiled. "Granasmon, I accept. I want to lend these Adventures a hand so we can keep innocent lives from getting hurt, including my father and my younger sister."

"Thank you, Thomas..." Granasmon said.

Yoshi smiled. "Well, I'm not going to be left out of all the fun. Count me in!"

"All right, Yoshi!" Lalamon cheered.

"Thank you..." Granasmon whispered.

Kentaurusmon smirked. "Looks like they're looking forward to another adventure."

Sampson nodded, an anticipatory smile. "Yes... only one more is needed to complete this group..."

"GRANAAAAAAAAAASMOOOOOOON!!" Marcus' voice echoed through the castle halls.

"Gee... I wonder who that could be..." Thomas muttered, rolling his eyes.

Sarah Damon smiled happily and clasped her hands together. "It's him..."

Spencer smirked. "That's my son..."

"What a voice!" Dynasmon groaned.

Marcus burst into the room, his gaze darting about the chamber. "Granasmon! I accept! LET'S GO!!"

Yoshi sighed. "Did anyone expect him to refuse?"

"No," Gaomon, Miki, Megumi, and Lalamon said deadpan.

Yoshi shrugged. "Same old Marcus..."

"MARCUS!!" Kristy cried, rushing over to Marcus and hugging him. "IT'S REALLY YOU!!"

Marcus' eyes widened. "Kristy?! Wow, look at you! You're a little taller than the last time I saw you!"

Kristy pulled back and smirked at her brother. "Well, you're still the same older brother... with a big mouth."

"I missed you too, kid..." Marcus smirked, ruffling Kristy's hair.

Sarah calmly walked over to Marcus, a warm smile on her face. "Marcus..."

Marcus smiled back. "Hey, mom... how are you?"

"I'm doing fine," Sarah replied. "And it looks as if you've been doing well, too. I was so worried that you weren't getting enough to eat...or that you'd forget to change your underwear."

Marcus facefaulted. "MOOOOOM!"

Everyone else laughed, except for the Royal Knights...

"What's underwear?" UlforceVeedramon asked Kentaurusmon.

Kentaurusmon sweatdropped. "Well... that's... Omnimon knows!"

UlforceVeedramon blinked, turning his attention to his leader. "You do?"

"I do what?" Omnimon asked.

"Well, Kentaurusmon said..." UlforceVeedramon started, before blinking again. "Hey, where did he go?"

Spencer walked over to his son, chuckling. "Looks like you've grown into a fine man, my son. I'm proud of you."

"Thanks, dad," Marcus replied.

"I hope you've been taking good care of Agumon," Sarah said.

Marcus nodded. "I have, mom. Agumon and I are still the Ultimate Fighting Team! Isn't that right, Agumon? Er... Agumon?"

"BOSS!!" Agumon cried, limping into the room with an exhausted look on his face. "Did you have to run THAT fast?!"

Marcus sweatdropped. "Oh... sorry..."

Kristy giggled. "Typical Marcus..."

"Hi, Kristy," Agumon panted. He paused, and then suddenly perked up. "KRISTY!!"

Kristy hugged Agumon, giggling happily. "It's great to see you, Agumon!"

Thomas, Gaomon, Yoshi, Lalamon, Keenan and Falcomon walked/hovered/flew to Marcus and Agumon. Thomas smirked. "Long time no see, Marcus Damon."

Marcus grinned. "Ah, Thomas Nerdstein. And how is life fairing you?"

"He won a Nobel Prize for finding a cure for his little sister's illness," Yoshi said.

Marcus blinked. "You did?!"

Thomas nodded. "Jealous?"

"Part of me is jealous that you won a prize, but the other half is glad that your sister is gonna be okay," Marcus said, bumping fists with Thomas. "Good work."

"Thank you, Marcus..." Thomas said, smiling.

Yoshi stepped forward. "Well, Marcus Damon... have you behaved yourself?" She paused. "What a stupid question..."

Marcus sweatdropped. "Nice to see you too, Yoshi. What have you been doing?"

"I've been working as a police officer," Yoshi said, waving her finger. "And I have to warn you, Marcus, if you cause any problems, you might get a few warnings for me."

Lalamon nodded. "You're lucky you can show off your strength in the Digital World, Marcus. If we were in the human world, you might spend some time in jail after being arrested by the police."

Marcus raised an eyebrow. "For how long?"

"Four thousand years?" Agumon guessed.

Marcus facefaulted. "THANKS FOR BELIEVING IN ME, AGUMON!!"

Gaomon shook his head. "Agumon hasn't changed much either..."

Yoshi chuckled. "But, seriously, Marcus... it's good to see you again."

Marcus smiled. "Thanks, Yoshi."

Keenan stepped up, smiling. "Marcus, it's good to see you again. I hope you've been doing well these last few years."

Marcus blinked. "Keenan?! Look at how much you've grown! And you're speaking properly?!"

Keenan chuckled. "Well, I had to grow out of it one of these days..."

Agumon nodded. "I know... you're no longer as small as you used to be."

Keenan facefauled. "I didn't mean THAT!!"

"Keenan and Kristy are good friends," Falcomon said.

Marcus blinked. "Really?"

Kristy nodded. "Yeah. He and I go to the same school together."

"I see," Marcus muttered. He smirked. "Well, thanks for giving Kristy some company while I was away."

Falcomon coughed. "Wait for a few years and..."

"FALCOMON!!" Keenan yelled.

Falcomon snickered as he flew away from Keenan's hand. Marcus blinked. "Right..."

Lalamon hovered over to Agumon. "It's great to see you again, Agumon."

"I hope the travels travels weren't too rough on you," Falcomon added.

Gaomon smirked. "You do remember this is Agumon you're speaking to..."

Agumon laughed, rubbing the back of his head. "Well, boss and I have been busy travelling around the Digital World to prove to everyone that we're the Ultimate Fighting Team! And also, to be peacemakers."

"Peacemakers?" Gaomon asked. "More like Peacebreakers..."

Agumon sweatdropped. "Not exactly like that..."

"Marcus Damon," Omnimon said, stepping up. "Do you know where Gallantmon and Craniamon are?"

At that moment, Gallantmon and Craniamon stepped into the room. Craniamon bowed. "Omnimon, as you can see, Marcus and Agumon have arrived..."

"WHAT?!" Dynasmon yelled, his ears still ringing.

Omnimon rolled his eyes. "With a loud 'hello'..."

"Omnimon, do you have any idea why Kentaurusmon is hiding behind a thin pillar outside this room, looking embarrassed?" Gallantmon asked.

UlforceVeedramon walked past them. "Thanks, you two. Now I can ask him what underwear is."

Craniamon palmed his face. "There's your answer, Gallantmon..."

"UlforceVeedramon, if you're tired and need some sleep, THEN SAY SO!!" Gallantmon called after him.

"WHAT?!" Dynasmon yelled.

A chuckling Homer Yushima and Kamemon walked over to Sampson. "And to think, your partner was very serious when he was around us...and now he's hiding because a Royal Knight doesn't know much about human clothing."

Sampson sighed. "All I can say is... no comment."

Yushima laughed.

Marcus noticed the glowing orb in the middle of the room. "Is that him?"

Thomas nodded. "Yeah, that's Granasmon."

"Yo, Granas! How are you?" Agumon asked. Gaomon punched him in the back of his head. "OW!!"

"Glad you're showing respect," Gallantmon muttered.

Thomas rubbed his chin. "I'm worried Marcus might get a bit... excited and try and punch Granasmon so they could 'talk with their fists'..."

Gaomon chuckled. "Don't worry, sir. That's never going to happen. Granasmon's just a spirit right now. If Marcus tried to punch him, he'd sail right through him and hit a Royal Knight by mistake..."

"WHAT?!" Dynasmon yelled.

"Can he punch Dynasmon 'by mistake'?" Craniamon asked pleadingly.

"Marcus Damon," Granasmon said. "It's an honour to meet you."

Marcus grinned. "Likewise... Granasmon, I know what you need from us. I want to help! I'm ready to go!"

"I'm glad you wish to help me, but you can't go... not yet," Granasmon said.

Marcus blinked. "How come?!"

"You've been in the Digital World for five years," Granasmon explained. "I think I should give you and your friends a few days to prepare what you need to begin your new journey."

Marcus glanced at his family before nodding. "All right, Granasmon. Fair enough. Thank you."

Granasmon chuckled. "You're welcome, all of you."

"This is my chance to get my boomerang back," Keenan said.

"And your old talk?" Falcomon asked. "And a picture of Kristy?"

Keenan fumed. "Falcomon's big mouth bring him death..."

Falcomon just laughed.

"Come on, we should head back now and get ready," Thomas said, walking through the door with Gaomon. "It's going to be a tough journey."

Yoshi nodded, carrying Lalamon. "All right... See you guys later!"

Keenan dragged Falcomon. "Me never been so insulted in all me life!"

"Well, sit down, Keenan, and let me have a try," Marcus joked.

Falcomon snickered. "Nah, you should let Kristy have a try..."


"You have grown up, Marcus," Sarah said, smiling at her oldest son. "I thought you would be overprotective on your younger sister when you heard that she and Keenan have become good friends."

Marcus shrugged. "Ah, well... I think it's more likely that I'll have to protect Keenan from Kristy."

Kristy just went into a huff and stuck her tongue out at Marcus. "Hmmm..."

Biyomon flapped over to Kristy. "Can I come?"

"Sure," Kristy said with a nod. "Can he, mom?"

Sarah smiled. "Of course he can."

"Come on, everyone," Spencer said. "Let's take Marcus and Agumon home."

"With more of Sarah's fried cooking!" Agumon cheered.

Marcus put Agumon into a headlock. "STOP CALLING MY MOM'S NAME!!"

As the Damon Family left, Sampson started to walk away.

"Sampson,wait a moment," Granasmon said.

Sampson stopped and glanced back at Granasmon's orb. "What is it?"

"DATS has been reinstated, correct?" Granasmon asked. "If so, then maybe DATS and HYPNOS can work together."

"Are you sure?" Yushima asked. "From what you've told me about them, Mitsuno Yamaki reminds me of Kurata."

"I know," Granasmon whipered. "But, Yamaki and Kurata are different. Yamaki regrets his actions and has become a great ally to the Tamers. Kurata, on the other hand..."

Megumi frowned. "Good point."

"Yamaki also had no desire to use Digimon for his own greed and take over the human world," Granasmon added. "Kurata did, and he almost destroyed both worlds by submitting to his own darkness..."

Miki blinked. "Darkness?"

Sampson nodded. "Yes... he gave into his fear and greed, and for that, many Digimon perished while he nearly destroyed the human world by unleashing Belphemon. And it was Kurata's doing that sent both worlds on a collision course."

"King Drasil saw the humans as a threat to the Digital World," Omnimon said. "He was partly right. However...its only humans with an evil heart like Kurata that are a threat to the Digital World."

"Well, Kurata's gone now," Miki said. "He vanished in a flash of light after detonating a space oscillation device in his attempt to escape from justice once Belphemon was defeated. I doubt he's still alive, because he was near the bomb when it exploded."

Megumi frowned. "But, what if he's still alive...?"

Yushima chuckled. "I wouldn't worry about that... if Kurata is alive, then there's nothing he can do to rebuild his strength. Everyone in this world is aware of Kurata's true colours, his personal army has been disbanded, and all the remaining Gizumon have been destroyed along with the blueprints to make them and all his other insidious devices. He has no more space oscillation devices either, since Belphemon ate all the others and Kurata used the last one before he disappeared."

"In other words, he's a broken man with nothing left," Sampson finished. "However, he still needs to be brought to justice if he's alive. To be put where he rightfully belongs... in jail for all the crimes he's committed in both worlds..."

LoadKnightmon snorted. "It still gave you humans no right to fight out King and destroy him!"

Magnamon closed his eyes. "We followed King Drasil's orders blindly without considering the consequences...but in the end, his words were not absolute."

Leopardmon snarled. "How dare you speak of our King like that? You shall..."

"ENOUGH!!" Omnimon bellowed. As LoadKnightmon and Leopardmon became quieted, he glanced at Granasmon's orb. "Forgive them... their loyalty to King Drasil is still strong and..."

"I understand, Omnimon," Granasmon said. "All I can ask is that you, the Royal Knights, can be counted on to help if the worst comes."

Omnimon nodded. "Of course. We'll pray that day never happens, however."

"I can understand that," Granasmon said. "I hope for the same thing." He hovered over to Sampson. "Anyway, if DATS is reinstated, Sampson, then we should make a start..."

"On what?" Sampson asked.

"A special code that will allow DATS' network to connect with HYPNOS'," Granasmon said. "One of the Data Squad can give it to Yamaki when they meet him."

Sampson nodded. "All right."

"Also, I want to add an extra feature to Thomas' handheld computer," Granasmon added. "It's called the Pokedex. It acts like the Digimon Analyzer, but works for Pokemon only."

Yushima chuckled. "Well, well, Sampson... looks like you, Miki, and Megumi will be pretty busy helping our young heroes on their way."

Sampson nodded. "I agree... However, we won't be giving them overboard equipment like we did five years ago..."

"And they never had the chance to use any of it..." Miki groaned.

"Yeah, because Keenan's boomerang turned them into digital dust with one hit!" Megumi said. "Although, that's what Marcus and the others said when they came back... What if Marcus somehow destroyed the equipment?"

Miki rubbed her eyes. "Megumi, if Marcus did destroy the equipment, why would Thomas and Yoshi cover for him...?"

Megumi blinked. "Good point..."

"Miki, Megumi!" Sampson called. "Let's return home. We can take the rest of today off and start our work tomorrow back at DATS."

Miki, Black PawnChessmon, Megumi and White PawnChessmon saluted. "Yes, sir!" the girls replied. The two PawnChessmon didn't say anything... AT ALL!

Sampson, Yushima, Miki, Megumi, Kamemon and the two PawnChessmon left the room while Granasmon's orb and the Royal Knights stayed behind.

Granasmon sighed. "It won't be long now..."

Omnimon nodded. "I agree..."

"WHAT?!" Dynasmon yelled.

"Gallantmon, how strong is your shield...?" Craniamon asked.

Gallantmon walked towards Dynasmon. "Let's find out, shall we...?"


A couple of days later...

Thomas sat at his desk at his mansion in Japan. He stared at the small handheld computer that he had gotten back from DATS after they uploaded the Pokedex feature. He pressed a button to test the feature out, flicking through the new database.

"Hmm... Doduo, a Basic, Normal/Flying-type, Twin Bird Pokemon. Gulpin, a Basic, Poison-type, Stomach Pokemon. Alakazam, a Stage 2, Psychic-type, Psi Pokemon. Magnezone, a Stage 2, Electric/Steel-type, Magnet Area Pokemon. Vaporeon, a Stage 1, Water-type, Bubble Jet Pokemon. And Pikachu, a Stage 1, Electric-type, Mouse Pokemon..."

Thomas rubbed his chin as he quickly looked through the five entries. "Interesting..."

"Sir," Gaomon said, standing near the windowstill. "Do you have any idea what Basic and Stages are?"

"I'm guessing they're levels for the Pokemon, like the Rookie and Champion-levels for the Digimon," Thomas noted. "However, from what I gather... it seems that Pokemon can only evolve once, twice or not at all. They even have branch evolutions... and once they evolve, they can't change back. It'll take me a while to understand everything..."

Gaomon smirked. "Of course, sir. It seems like you're eager to go on our new adventure, sir."

Thomas smiled. "Why wouldn't I be, Gaomon? A new world with new creatures and the chance to fight alongside my old friends once again..."

"Including me?" Gaomon asked.

"Of course," Thomas said with a smile. "Our bond has always been strong, Gaomon... you stayed by my side while I pretended to work with Kurata, sensing my heart's distress as I played nice to him... and helped me regain my memories when Kurata tricked the government into thinking that we were traitors."

Gaomon blushed and looked away. "It was because we were..."

"Friends," Thomas said. "That's what we are, Gaomon. Friends... you're not my pet or my slave, but my friend. And I'm happy that you're here... it's been so long... five years feltlike forever."

"Sir..." Gaomon whispered.

Thomas chuckled and stood up, closing his computer. "Come on, Gaomon... let's see if there's anything else we need to pack up."

Gaomon nodded. "Sir, yes sir."


Yoshi sighed, falling onto her bed in her apartment. "Ugh... I'm done... happy now, Lalamon?"

Lalamon, who was wearing a small apron and carrying a brush, nodded. "Yes, Yoshi. Your apartment looks much more tidier now..."

"I knew there were disadvantages to you coming back here, and reminding me to clean up my apartment is one of them," Yoshi groaned.

"Well, you do remember that's one of the things we always argued about," Lalamon said.

Yoshi rubbed her head wearily. "Yeah... I know, but... why clean the apartment now? I won't be using it a lot if we're going to a new world..."

"If we come back, Yoshi, and your room is still a mess, you'll be sleeping with lots of spiders and other insects to keep you company." Lalamon pointed out.

Yoshi sat back up. "Must you use the same excuse my mom used to make me clean my room!?"

Lalamon blinked. "Why? Do you think she was lying?"

Yoshi paused and fell back onto her bed wearily. "...No..."

"Oh, Yoshi... I've really missed you..." Lalamon said, landing on Yoshi's stomach. "But, I'm so glad that you've grown into a strong woman..."

Yoshi sat up to glance at her Digimon and smiled. "Lalamon... I've missed you too... To be truthful, I can't wait to go to this Chuuten world... being a policewoman... is kinda boring..."

Lalamon blinked. "Really?"

Yoshi nodded. "Yeah... I'm glad you're back and I'm glad you're okay, Lalamon. And when we get to Chuuten, we'll be strong and we'll win our battles against the darkness! And you, Lalamon, will be the key to our victory!"

"That's right, Yoshi!" Lalamon cheered. She blinked. "Why am I the key to victory...?"

Yoshi grinned. "All I need to do is have you Double Warp Digivolve to Rosemon and strut your stuff... you'll be making male humans, Pokemon and Digimon nosebleed to death with your..."

"Look, Yoshi!" Lalamon cried, hovering away. "More dust! Must clean, clean, clean!"

Yoshi just laughed.


"Here it is!" Keenan cried, dragging a box out from underneath his bed. "I can't leave without it!"

Is that what I think it is, Keenan?" Falcomon asked, sitting on his 'brother's' bed.

Keenan nodded. "Yeah. It's my boomerang!"

Falcomon smirked. "Oh, so it's not secret flowers for Kristy?"

Keenan shook his head. "No, it's not. I can't wait to... FALCOMON!!"

Falcomon snickered. "I'm guessing you'll be using the boomerang tonight..."

"I wonder why..." Keenan grumbled, putting the box onto his bed and opening it. "Five years... and still looks like in perfect condition..."

Falcomon picked up a photograph that had been lying near the boomerang. "Oh, look, Keenan... this is a picture of you having your first kiss with Kristy..."

"WHAT?!" Keenan cried, snatching the photograph. "HOW DID THAT GET THERE?! AND WHEN DID I... Hey, this is the photo we took on the day before you, Marcus and everyone else left for the Digital World five years ago..."

Falcomon nodded. "Yes."

"Two things, Falcomon..." Keenan said. "First of all, it was such a heartbreaking day for me and second of all... ENOUGH!!"

Falcomon chuckled. "So, I should stop teasing you about Kristy?"

"Yes!" Keenan snapped.

"And let your younger sister or mother do the teasing for me?" Falcomon asked.

"Yes!" Keenan snapped.

"OK, I'll let them know later on..." Falcomon said.

"Good!" Keenan said, turning his attention back to the boomerang. "If you remember, I made this after Marcus destroyed the other one on the day we first met him and the oth... NO, YOU WON'T LET THEM KNOW!!"

Falcomon laughed.

Keenan sighed. "I said it once, I'll say it again... Me never been so insulted in all me life!"

Falcomon grinned. "If you wait, we'll have your sister try."

Keenan groaned. "Can't you be a bit more serious?! Still, I'm happy that my parents are allowing us to go... They really trust me..."

Falcomon nodded. "Yes, they do... However, there's another reason they're letting you go. They told me that when you come back, you're due to marry Kristy straight away."

"OK, that's good," Keenan said, examining his boomerang. "I can't wait to go to this new world... All the legends, all the new Digimon, all the... FALCOOOOOMOOOOOOOON!!"

Falcomon rolled around on Keenan's bed, flapping his wings with laughter and causing feathers to fly all over the place.

Keenan was red in the face as he rubbed his eyes. "Ugh... me wish me was younger. Me wish..."

"Well, it's not too bad, Keenan..." Falcomon said, calming down. "After all, going to this new world will do a lot of good for you."

Keenan blinked. "Really?"

Falcomon nodded. "Yes... you'll meet new friends, fight alongside your old friends, and the two of us get to become a team again."

Keenan smiled. "Yeah..."

"Keenan!" Called Michelle Crier, Keenan's mother. "Can you help me with the dishes?"

"Coming, mum!" Keenan called. "I guess there's nothing left to do..."

Falcomon nodded. "Nope... just have dinner and get some sleep... While I lie awake and listen to you mutter about Kristy and your future marriage and children."

Keenan nodded. "Right! I'll be back, Falcomon!" And he left the room.

Falcomon counted down. "3... 2... 1..."


Falcomon relaxed on Keenan's bed. "Right on time... heheh..." He glanced around and smirked. "Keenan and Kristy sitting in the tree... K-I-S-S-I-N..."

Keenan burst into his room, grabbed a pillow and slammed it onto Falcomon's head repeatedly. "Enough, enough, ENOOOOOOOUGH!!" And stomped out.

Falcomon sputtered feathers out and chuckled. "Maybe I should go back to my old self... for five minutes..."


Marcus walked into his bedroom, carrying a medicine bottle. "How are you feeling, Agumon?"

Agumon groaned, clutching his very large stomach while lying on Marcus' bed. "I'm good, boss... I really love Sarah's fried cooking..."

"First of all, stop calling my mom by her first name," Marcus said, sitting beside Agumon. "And second of all, I know you love my mom's cooking... you had FIVE helpings of her fried egg curry!"

"But, it's because I haven't had your mother's fried egg curry for five years, boss," Agumon replied.

Marcus rolled his eyes. "Really? What did you have for dinner last night? I forgot... Oh yeah, now I remember... Seven helpings of mom's fried egg curry..."

Agumon grinned sheepishly. "Yeah... and oddly enough... I never had this problem before tonight..."

"Or on the night when we arrived home for the first time in five years..." Marcus muttered. "15 helpings! Agumon, where do you put it all?!"

Agumon burped, covering his mouth. "Excuse me... dunno, boss... I guess they hadn't gone down I was busy rushing..."

Marcus sighed and rubbed his head. "27 helpings of my mom's fried egg curry in over three nights... oy..."

"27, huh?" Agumon asked, rubbing his stomach. "I didn't know you were good at math, boss... usually, you're completely brainless on that..."

Marcus' left eye twitched. "What was that, Agumon...?"

Agumon sweatdropped. "I said, you're completly smart on math, boss."

Marcus smirked. "That's more like it... So, I'm guessing you'll be Digivolving into PigGreymon?"

"Oh, boss," Agumon groaned. "That's not true..."

Marcus shrugged. "You're right... TubbyGreymon, RoundGreymon..."

"All right, all right..." Agumon groaned. "I'll have something healthier for dinner tomorrow night..."

Marcus raised an eyebrow. "Really? And what's that?"

"Mom's fried egg sandwiches!" Agumon cheered.

Marcus sighed. "If there's a news bulletin about an egg shortage, I'll know who the culprit is... yeesh..."

Agumon chuckled. "I'm sorry, boss... I guess I wanna savour your mom's cooking before we leave again for this new world."

Marcus smiled. "Yeah, I know... I'm happy to be home, but I want to go to this new world and stop Valmarmon and all the other bad guys. We have this world and our family to protect!"

"Yeah! Because we're the Ultimate Fighting Team and we're the Ultimate Peacemakers!" Agumon cheered before groaning abruptly and clutched his stomach.

Marcus sweatdropped. "Starring me and the digital trash compactor..."

"So, boss... are you ready...?" Agumon asked.

Marcus smiled. "Yeah... I'm ready, Agumon..." He picked up the medicine. "I'll give you this and your stomach pains will go down."

"OK! And I'll have three more helpings of Sarah's fried egg curry!" Agumon cheered.

Marcus simply responded by slamming a pillow onto Agumon's face...

Agumon removed the pillow and smiled sheepishly. "Or I could have a good night sleep...?"

Marcus nodded. "Good idea, Agumon..." He walked over to the window and opened it, staring out at the night sky. "Listen, Agumon... can you hear the peace and quiet? This is what we're fighting for."


"Are we fighting for that too, boss?" Agumon asked.

"No...they can fight for themselves..." Marcus replied.

Agumon blinked. "Sounds like they're fighting now..."

Marcus turned around and shrugged. "Well, they're brothers... what do you expect? Anyway, don't worry about them... I'm sure they'll make up and..."


Marcus blinked and turned around just in time for Falcomon to fly through the open window and crash into him. "GAH!!"

"Hey, Falcomon!" Agumon called. "Nice of you to drop in!"

"More like FLEW in!" Marcus snapped, sitting up. "How did you get here?!"

Falcomon chuckled sheepishly. "Well, Keenan's throwing skills have really improved..."

Marcus sighed. "I can tell... what was Keenan upset about?"

"Well, I'm still teasing him about him and Kristy," Falcomon said.

Marcus chuckled. "Well, stop teasing him... Otherwise, you'll doom him by having him marry Kristy and she'll torture him forever."


"Yep... he and Kristy are so much alike..." Falcomon said. "Which reminds me, Keenan will marry Kristy next week."

"Cool," Marcus joked. "Now Kristy can pester him about it forever."


Agumon blinked. "I wonder if we'll be able to go to this new world with both of you still alive?"

Marcus shrugged. "Eh... who knows... but I'm pumped up! Agumon, let's get ready to go to this new world!"

"Yeah!" Agumon cheered.

And to end this with a serious note...

"Erm... can I stay here tonight?" Falcomon asked sheepishly.

Marcus sighed. "Yeah... okay..."


A few days later...

Granasmon's spirit orb hovered above the portal as the Data Squad lined up with their Digimon. "Are you all ready?"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah! We're ready!"

"Let's go!!" Agumon cheered.

"Ready, Falcomon?" Keenan asked coolly, holding a mallet above Falcomon's head.

Falcomon sweatdropped. "...Ready, Keenan..."

"Let's go, Yoshi!" Lalamon cheered.

Yoshi giggled. "All right..."

"Gaomon, are you ready?" Thomas asked.

Gaomon nodded. "Sir, yes sir."

The four bracelets appeared in front of the four humans. "Put these on... as I said on our meeting last week, they'll protect you from Valmarmon's trap. However, don't take them off while we're going through the portal... we can't risk more worlds being connected by his wormhole."

Thomas nodded, placing the bracelet on his wrist. "I understand."

Marcus clicked the bracelet around his wrist as well before turning around. The other members of the Data Squad were standing nearby with Marcus' and Keenan's family. He smiled. "Hey, Biyomon. Take care of my family, ok?"

Biyomon nodded. "You can count on me!"

"Take care, son!" Spencer said.

Kristy smiled. "Go for it, Marcus!"

Sarah smiled. "Be careful, Marcus... and remember to cha..."

"MOM!!" Marcus hissed, suddenly in front of his mother with a finger over her lips, clenching his teeth. "SHHHHHH!!"

Megumi blinked. "Wow... Marcus can run THAT fast?!"

Miki sighed. "He can be oddly motivated... even with a mother embarrassing her own 19 year old son... the mind of an eight year old..."

"Hey! Don't insult the boss like that!" Agumon called. "That's Kristy, Thomas, and Yoshi's job!"

Marcus drove his fist into Agumon's head. "YOU'RE NOT HELPING!!"

Falcomon smirked. "Oh, Kristy... Keenan has a question for you..."

Keenan nearly facefaulted. "FALCOMON!!"

Kristy blinked. "Oh, what question is that...?"

Keenan gulped. "Well, I er..."

Michelle smiled. "I think Keenan wants to know if you'll be okay at school without him."

Kristy smiled. "I'll be fine, Keenan. Nothing to worry about..."

Keenan sighed in relief. "Phew... thanks, mom..."

Keenan's father, Kevin, whispered to Michelle, "Let's not forget to do what Keenan asked us to do when we get back..."

Michelle giggled. "Of course..."


In the basement of the Crier's home were a bunch of signs that Falcomon had made...

"Kristy, will you marry me? From Keenan."

"Kristy, I'll love you till I die. Love Keenan."

"Kristy, I..."

And that's when Keenan found them...and wanted to burn them...

Ah, young love, huh...?


Back at the Royal Castle...

"Omnimon, remember to be on your guard," Granasmon said.

Omnimon nodded. "We will, Lord Granasmon. As for you, Data Squad... be careful."

Yoshi smirked. "Are you talking to us or to Marcus?"

Marcus fumed. "Hey!"

"She has a point," Gallantmon noted. "Marcus Damon, you..."

"OK! OK!" Marcus snapped. "Let's just go already!"

Magnamon smirked. "Struck a nerve, did he?"

"Keenan, take care!" Michelle called.

Keenan smiled. "Don't worry, mom! We'll be back, I promise!"

"I know you will," Michelle said. "You kept your promise the last time, so I know you'll do it again."

Kevin nodded. "Of course."

"Thomas," Sampson said, stepping forward and offering the genius a disc. "Here."

Thomas took the disc and stared at it. "What is this?"

"It's a disc that'll allow us to create a network with the computers at HYPNOS," Sampson explained. "Give this to Mitsuno Yamaki if you ever meet him."

Thomas nodded and pocketed the disc. "Of course, sir. We just need to locate and meet up with the Adventurers in Chuuten."

"Do you think we'll find them?" Yoshi asked.

"I don't think we can, I know we can!" Marcus said.

Thomas smiled. "Marcus is right. We'll bump into them... it's only a matter of time."

Yoshi and Keenan nodded.

"Marcus... Thomas... Keenan... Yoshino... are you ready?" Granasmon asked.

"We're ready!" Marcus announced. The other three nodded.

"All right... put your Digimon in your Digivices and we shall go," Granasmon said.

Agumon groaned. "Do we have to...? I don't like being in the Digivice..."

"It has to be done," Falcomon reasoned. "Otherwise, we'll open up more worlds to the wormhole."

Agumon sighed. "Fine... I just hope we don't have to stay there for too long."

The four Data Squad members held their Digivice iC Bursts, digitizing their Digimon and transporting them into the devices.

"All right! We're on our way!" Marcus cheered, picking up his backpack.

Thomas nodded as he, Yoshi and Keenan picked up theirs as well. He turned to everyone else and bowed. "We'll see you later..."

"Take care..." Keenan said, smiling at his family.

"We'll be back... I promise..." Yoshi added.

Sampson smiled. "Good luck, team... be careful..."

Marcus and the others looked at each other, gave one another silent nods, and walked through the portal.

Kentaurusmon stepped forward. "Lord Granasmon, please make sure they arrive in Chuuten safely..."

"I will," Granasmon said. "Goodbye for now, my friends..."

He vanished.

"Marcus... Agumon..." Kristy whispered.

"Come on, Kristy..." Biyomon said, placing a wing on Kristy's shoulder. "They'll be all right..."

Yushima coughed. "Well now, Sampson... I'm guessing the two ladies and I will have to be ready as well..."

Miki blinked. "Ready?"

Megumi whispered to Miki. "You don't suppose it's dirty man talk...?"

Miki palmed her face. "You've been dealing with perverts too much," she hissed back.

"Before they learned that I was from the police," Megumi added.

Miki shook her head. "Commander General, what do you mean by 'ready'...?"

Yushima chuckled. "Quite simple... Us three are the only members of DATS who can use the Full Charge of our D.N.A."

Miki gasped. "Oh, I see. So, we're going to strengthen our D.N.A. Charge to Overdrive like the Commander, Marcus, and the others?"

Yushima nodded. "Correct. Our Digivice iC will be able to take the strain of the Overdrive Charge if we can control it well enough like Sampson and Keenan."

"That's correct," Spencer said. "The reason Marcus, Thomas and Yoshino's Digivices exploded is because they didn't control their initial Overdrive charge."

Megumi smiled. "So, what you're saying is, we're going to try and get our Digimon to Digivolve to Mega?"

Sampson nodded. "That's right... As long as you don't lose control and pay the price..."

Megumi blinked. "What sort of price...?"

"A broken Digivice," Yushima said. "After that, you might have to upgrade it like Marcus, Thomas and Yoshino did."

Megumi sweatdropped. "Oh..."

"I've done research on what the Mega forms of your Digimon will look like," Kentaurusmon said. "Yushima, Kamemon's Mega form is JumboGamemon. He is a very powerful Digimon and his special attack is the Megaton Hydro Laser, which he can release in an ultra high-speed water stream from which mouth which can penetrate anything..."

Yushima sighed. "That so? I should have tried getting the Overdrive Charge during the Belphemon battle... that would have evened things up."

"Miki, PawnChessmon Black's Mega form is QueenChessmon," Kentaurusmon said. "Her special attack is Heart Breaker, which hits the enemies' vital points with her sword."

Miki smiled. "Wow... that sounds amazing..."

"And Megumi, PawnChessmon White's Mega form is KingChessmon," Kentaurusmon added. "His special attack is Checkmate."

Megumi blinked. "That's all?"

Kentaurusmon scratched the back of his head. "There's not a lot of information on either KingChessmon or QueenChessmon..."

"Oh, I see..." Megumi muttered.

Dynasmon nudged Craniamon. "Should we tell them that we know? And that QueenChessmon is stronger than KingChessmon? And that KingChessmon has another attack called King Dash where he runs away at the speed of light?"

Craniamon sighed. "You've just given the reason why Kentaurusmon left them out in the first place..."

"I see..." Dynasmon muttered. "What's that?"

"PawnChessmon White's human partner complaining about it," Craniamon said.

"Ah..." Dynasmon said. "But... she's going to find out if they Digivolve the PawnChessmon into Megas..."

Craniamon nodded. "I know, which is why we won't be around when that happens..."

Dynasmon sighed. "Good..."

"Everyone, let's return to the human world," Sampson said. "We'll believe that Marcus and the others will pull through."

Spencer nodded. "Of course, Richard."

Sarah clasped her hands together. "Marcus... please be careful..."


Granasmon, taking on his spiritual appearance, gently guided a board of light with the four Data Squad humans standing on it through the shimmering purple corridor of malevolent energy that was Valmarmon's wormhole. "We're almost there..."

"Good... so, what's the plan?" Marcus asked. "How do we get to Chuuten?"

"If you wait patiently, I'll open up a special portal for you and your friends," Granasmon said. "You'll arrive in Chuuten's capital region, Gran Elysium, where I'm sure you'll meet up with everyone else."

Marcus shrugged. "Doesn't sound too hard..."

"It is very hard," Granasmon said. "Because of my limited powers, I might make a mistake and you could wind up separated and far away from Gran Elysium. Like I said, if you wait patiently, I'll make sure you arrive outside the city safely..."

Thomas nodded. "Understood."

Granasmon stopped in front of a dark blue spot where the shimmering purple energy was converging from all sides. "Here it is... this is where you'll join the battle..."

"All right!" Marcus cheered.

"We're ready, Granasmon..." Yoshi added.

Granasmon smiled before pressing his hand against the blue spot. "All right... Opening the portal to Chuuten will be easy... it towards Gran Elysium will be difficult... now, if I just..."

The four humans waited patiently (which is something totally new for Marcus), until Keenan's ear twitched. "Hmm?"

"Something wrong, Keenan?" Thomas asked.

Keenan nodded. "Yeah... I think I can hear... a strange cry...from behind us..."

Yoshi blinked and turned around to see something flying towards them. She gasped. "Somebody else is here!"

Granasmon whirled around in shock. "What?!"

"Yeah, you're right!" Marcus said. His eyes widened in disbelief. "It looks like... OMNIMON!!"

Thomas frowned. "Omnimon...? What could he be doing here...? Unless it's a different Omnimon..."

"Different, all right..." Yoshi said. "That Omnimon's appearance is different from the one we know..."

Keenan rubbed his chin. "I wonder why he's crying though..."

Granasmon frowned in thought. "Could it be an Omnimon that was upgraded with the X-Antibody... or..."

As the Omnimon-like figure got closer, Granasmon gasped while the others looked at it in confusion.

"That's not Omnimon..." Thomas said.

Marcus blinked. "What the...?! His hands look BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon!"

"Another version of Omnimon...?" Yoshi guessed.

Keenan frowned. "But... BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon are enemies... why...?"

Granasmon gritted his teeth. "Everyone... be careful! That Digimon is dangerous! He's called CHAOSMON!"


NAME: Chaosmon


TYPE: Vaccine

Unique Digimon

ATTACKS: Bancho Blade/Tyrant Bisection Sword, Dark Prominence

A Digimon that is neither a Royal Knight nor born complete. His existence is unstable and considered to be a bug. Chaosmon is a code name given to Digimon that aren't supposed to exist in the first place. He is considered to be an anomaly made by DNA Digivolving two enemies, BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon, together, with their Digicores remaining separate instead of fusing together. This makes their new form very unstable.


Chaosmon looked sort of like Omnimon, but darker and distorted. In addition to two red ribbons growing down its back, a number of thicker sea green ribbons adorned its form and were wrapped around its legs, which looked oddly like pincer claws. It had a red sphere for a left shoulder and a left arm ending in an appendage that looked like Darkdramon's head, and a blue sphere for a right shoulder and a right arm ending in an appendage that looked like BanchoLeomon's head. The monster's own head didn't look much like Omnimon's, with a helmet slit rather than a face and two short horns rather than three.

Chaosmon uttered a scream that sounded like a record played in reverse and flew towards Granasmon and the humans.

"What is he doing?!" Yoshi cried.

"He's unstable!" Granasmon said. "He'll attack anyone and everything without a second thought!"

"What?!" Marcus yelled.

"Tyrant..." Chaosmon snarled, a sword emerging from the mouth of his BanchoLeomon head. "Bisection..." He thrust it at the group. "SWORD!!"

Instead of connecting, Chaosmon's Bancho Blade bounced off an invisible force field that Granasmon had quickly created. The beast wailed in fury as it flew back.

Yoshi sighed in relief. "That was close..."

"If it's a fight he wants, then it's a fight he'll get!" Marcus declared.

"NO!" Thomas snapped. "We can't fight him here! If we release our Digimon, then wearing these bracelets would have all been for nothing!"

Marcus frowned. "Yeah... you're right... but, how can we stop him...?"

Granasmon gritted his teeth. "I can fight him, but..."

"You have to stand by the portal to let us through?" Keenan asked.

Granasmon nodded. "Yes..."

The four humans glanced at each other, nodded, and looked back at Granasmon. Marcus smirked. "Granasmon, it's okay... we'll go through the portal now so you can stop Chaosmon."

"What?!" Granasmon gasped. "But, if you go through it, you'll be far away from Gran Elysium and could get separated!"

"It's a risk we're willing to take!" Yoshi said.

Keenan nodded. "Yeah!"

"Don't worry, Granasmon!" Marcus said. "Even if we get separated, we'll find a way to get back together again!"

"And we'll also find a way to get to Gran Elysium!" Thomas added.

Granasmon stared at them for a moment in disbelief, before sighing and giving in. "Very well... Go now! Hurry before Chaosmon regains his composure!"

Marcus nodded. "Right! Yoshi, Keenan, you guys go first!"

"All right, Marcus!" Yoshi said.

As Yoshi and Keenan got ready to climb through the portal, Chaosmon roared and charged towards them again, holding the Bancho Blade before him. "TYRANT BISECTION SWORD!!"

"Thomas!" Marcus shouted, running towards them.

Thomas nodded, crouching low to the ground and linking his hands together. As Marcus put one foot in the intertwined fingers, and Thomas flung him into the air. "THERE!!"

Chaosmon looked shocked as Marcus landed on his blade. "Guh?"

"Bisection this!!" Marcus said, running up the length of the blade, leaping off, and punching Chaosmon in the face.

"GRAH!!" Chaosmon was flung away as Marcus landed back on the light board.

Thomas chuckled, patting Marcus on the back. "Good job, Marcus!"

Marcus smirked, his fist glowing with a reddish-orange digital aura. "Thanks... Too bad I'm wasting this D.N.A. Charge..."

"Incredible..." Granasmon muttered as Yoshi and Keenan climbed through the portal. "Such amazing teamwork..."

Chaosmon groaned, retracting his Bancho Blade.

Marcus frowned. "What's he doing?"

Thomas gasped. "I think he's going for his secondary attack! Marcus, if you'll recall, Omnimon's sword is his left hand. Do you know what kind of weapon Omnimon has in his left hand?"

"I think it was a..." Marcus started before his eyes widened in realization. "A cannon!! Darkdramon's head contains a cannon?!"

Granasmon gritted his teeth. "Keenan and Yoshi have gone through! It's your turn! Hurry before he attacks!"

Marcus nodded as he and Thomas ran to the portal. "Thomas, you go first!"

"What about you?" Thomas asked.

"Don't argue! Just hurry!" Marcus shouted.

Chaosmon hissed as the jaws on his Darkdramon hand opened up and a cannon shaped like a lance extended from it. He pointed it at Granasmon, Marcus and Thomas. "Eliminate..."

As Thomas climbed through, Marcus glanced at Granasmon. "His name fits him! He's going chaotic!"

"The difference between Omnimon and Chaosmon is that Omnimon's DNA Material Digimon, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, were willing to merge!" Granasmon quickly explained. "BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon are eternal enemies and somehow were forced to merge and create this Digimon! However, BanchoLeomon is light and Darkdramon is dark! Combining those elements unwillingly creates something VERY unstable!"

Marcus frowned. "An unstable mind?! Man, that's rough..."

"Marcus, go now!" Granasmon said. "Hurry! His second attack is supposed to destroy digital cells!"

Marcus gasped. "What?! But how can that affect me?! I'm human!"

"I know, but do you want to risk it?" Granasmon asked.

Marcus frowned, glaring at Chaosmon. "No way..."

"I'll destroy you!!" Chaosmon snarled, hovering forward slowly. "Destroy..."

Marcus stared at Granasmon. "So, you're going to face him on your own...?"

Granasmon nodded. "Yes... and don't worry about me. Valmarmon and I have something in common... our Digital Souls are immortal. We cannot be destroyed even if Chaosmon uses every ounce of his power to get rid of me."

Marcus smirked. "I see... Well then, take that guy down!"

"DARK PROMINENCE!!" Chaosmon roared, firing a Gigantic Lance from his Darkdramon hand.

"GOOD LUCK, GRANASMON!!" Marcus yelled as he leapt through the portal.

Granasmon smiled as he watched the lance coming towards him. "And good luck to you and your friends, Marcus Damon..."

The portal closed.

The Dark Prominence entered Granasmon's body... and went through him, exploding behind him.

Chaosmon's eyes widened. "What?!"

Granasmon smiled as he casually looked over his shoulder at the explosion. "Guess you weren't aware that your attacks can't hurt spirit Digimon. And with Marcus and his friends out of harm's way, you can't hurt anybody now."

Chaosmon hovered backwards.

"Scared? You should be..." Granasmon said, glancing at the portal. I'll check on Marcus and the others when I'm done, but the main question is... how many days will pass until I can finally contact them? he thought to himself.

Chaosmon drew his Bancho Blade again and charged forward. "TYRANT BISECTION SWORD!!"

Granasmon sighed as Chaosmon sailed through him. "I guess it's official... you're definitely insane. Your mind is too unstable. Sadly, I have to kill you to spare you two the pain you're enduring right now..."

"Me in no pain... me shall blow you up!!" Chaosmon cackled.

Granasmon turned around and frowned. "Despite having an unstable mind and two Digicores from unwilling Digimon, you're still focused on destroying me for good? Now I really need to stop you, before you can hurt anyone else!"

"DESTROY!!" Chaosmon cried, charging towards Granasmon's spirit while thrusting his Bancho Blade forward.

Granasmon sighed as Chaosmon flew through him again. "This will take a while..."

"ERASE!!" Chaosmon roared, charging up another attack from his Darkdramon hand.

Granasmon thrust a hand forward and blew Chaosmon away with a wave of invisible force. "Enough!!"

Chaosmon groaned and glared at Granasmon. "You'll... pay... you regret hurting me!! You fight me now!"

Granasmon smiled slightly. "Well, I haven't fought anyone for a while. My skills might be a bit rusty, so don't hold back..."

"RAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!" Chaosmon roared, charging at Granasmon's spirit again.

Granasmon sighed and closed his eyes. "Marcus and Agumon, Thomas and Gaomon, Yoshino and Lalamon, Keenan and Falcomon," Granasmon said thoughtfully. "I wish you luck on your new adventure..."

And so, the adventure... begins.


The Data Squad are off to their new adventure, but will be unable to reach Gran Elysium. Instead, they arrive at a different region in Chuuten Elysia, and now must face new enemies and mysteries. Stay tuned to find out!

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