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Let's begin the epilogue and see if things are wrapped up or just beginning.

The chamber where RavielPhantomon had been imprisoned was forever ruined, filled with rubble from the chamber and above ground... except for one area.

The spot where RavielPhantomon had been caged was being supported by fallen wooden beams and joints of stone. A strong light was shining, illuminating the collapsed walls.

A figure grunted as he ran his hands through the sand, failing to find anything of value. With a sigh, Madoudramon stood up and vanished, taking the light with him...

The instant he was gone, the beams broke and the ceiling came crashing down, burying the chamber forever...

"According to this, all systems are operating at full capacity," A Valuan soldier said.

The Valuan captain nodded and leaned back in his chair. "Excellent news. It seems that the Mystery Drain is finally at an end!"

It had been nearly two days since Arcadia had regained its magic and Moonstones. Now, a normal Valuan battleship was flying across an unexplored region near the Lands of Ice.

"Captain, do you think the rumours are true?" Another Valuan soldier asked. "That Vyse Dyne is dead?"

The Captain snorted. "I hope he is... I regret not being able to bring down that Air Pirate personally! My other regrets are not being able to serve the Valuan Empire by getting Prince Enrique and the Moon Crystals back."

"Do you really think that the pirate, the prince and everyone on board the Delphinus are dead?" A third soldier asked.

A fourth one responded. "The Delphinus was last seen descending into Lower Sky. It seemed like its engines were being affected by the Mystery Drain, same as the rest of us."

The Captain nodded. "Yes... It's obvious that somewhere in the area below Lower Sky...is the wrecked and mangled remains of the Delphinus, as well as its crew...and the Great Moon Crystals."

"If that's true, then we'll never be able to complete the Empress's plans to control the Gigases! A fifth soldier gasped.

"Indeed," The Captain sighed. "I wonder what Lord Galcian is planning now..."

"Captain, scanners have picked up a huge ship on the starboard bow!" one of the helmsmen cried.

The Captain shot to his feet. "What?!"

"It looks like a Valuan Flagship!" The helmsmen added.

Underneath his helmet, the Captain frowned. "Really? I wonder if it's an Admiral."

The captain walked to a starboard window with some of his bodyguards and took a look outside.

"Anything, sir?" One of the soldiers asked.

"Nothing... all I can see is clouds, skies, unusable islands and..." The Captain trailed off. "It can't be..." He flipped up his visor, eyes wide in horror. "No... it's not possible!"

In the distance, heading their way, was a very large silver battleship with blue markings.

"Captain!!!" The helmsman yelled. "It's the Delphinus!!!"

"The rumours were wrong!!!" The Captain yelled. "Vyse Dyne is alive! The Prince is alive! The Moon Cystals are safe!"

"And we're dead if that ship attacks us!" A soldier yelled.

The Captain whirled around to face his men. "Full speed ahead! Ignore the Delphinus and keep going! We can report this if we survive! Full speed ahead before she rams us by mistake!"

The crew did their best to keep the ship going as fast as possible, but it still wasn't fast enough to avoid the Delphinus as it passed by, a wing clipping them and damaging a propeller.

One of the helmsmen stood up. "Captain, we've just run out of Moonstone energy!"

"Well, get more!" The Captain snapped, looking through the window on the other side. "They're getting away!!!"

The soldiers nodded. "Yes, sir!"

The Captain snarled as the Delphinus flew away. "Vyse... you won't get away with this! Once Lord Galcian knows you're back, he'll have your head! Oh yes... he'll have your head!"

It wasn't long until the ship's engines were going again and they set off, determined to follow the Delphinus...

....however, because they only had one propeller working on the right side...

...they ended up flying in circles.

"CURSE YOOOOOU, VYSE DYNE!!!" The Captain screamed.

Vyse chuckled at the helm of the Delphinus. "Seems we gave those Valuans a run for their money."

Aika giggled as she leaned on Vyse's shoulder. "Before or after we stole it?"

"Hard to tell, really," Vyse replied with a smile.

Standing at the table, Fina sighed in relief. "I'm so glad it's over..."

Enrique nodded from the other side. "I agree... That was too close..."

Because of RavielPhantomon absorbing the magic from the people and the Moonstones of Arcadia, Vyse had tried to get the Delphinus back to Crescent Island. They were less than one minute away from the Delphinus reaching Lower Sky and the engines tearing themselves apart when the magicial energy suddenly returned.

They spent the next two days recovering from their near-death experience, trying to figure out what had happened.

Because RavielPhantomon, Digimon and the Digital World were unknown to the people of Arcadia, the strange disappearance of magic was known simply as the 'Mystery Drain.'

They were just thankful that the magic had returned in time.

However, nearly sixteen merchant, Valuan, and pirate vessels had been lost in the disaster. Vyse was thankful his father and Blue Rogues were still alive.

None of the Valuan Admirals were killed, much to their relief (in Enrique's case) and dismay (in Aika's case.)

Now the crew wwas headed for the icy region known as Glacia, Land of Ice, for the next Moon Crystal...

Aika walked over to a console and leaned on the side. "Just what happened back there...? That felt SO weird..."

"I know," Enrique said, glancing at the maps. "We know it wasn't caused by the Valuans as they were also effected by it... The Black Pirates don't have this technology..."

"And it can't be from my people, the Silverites," Fina said. "If they did, they would have used it on draining the Moon Crystals, making them useless..."

Vyse closed his eyes. "I wonder... Sometimes, I wonder if there are other worlds..."

"Other worlds?" Aika asked, blinking.

Vyse smirked slightly. "No... it's nothing..."

"No, no, Vyse," Enrique smiled. "It doesn't sound foolish... there were some researchers in Valua who sometimes suggests there are other worlds apart from our own... each with its own rules, own adventure, own villains, their own heroes... Maybe that's what we just felt... something from another world..."

"And where's the proof in that?" Aika asked. She glanced at Vyse. "Why bring that up? What makes you think there ARE other worlds?!"

Vyse smiled. "It's just a feeling, I've got... that's all..."

"Riiiiiiight..." Aika narrowed her eyes.

Fina sighed. "I guess altnerate worlds IS the best reason. I just hope what we've experienced will never happen again."

Aika winked at Fina. "Ah, don't worry, Fina. We're okay and we're about to find another Moon Crystal for ya!"

Fina smiled. "Thank you..."

Enrique walked over to Vyse. "So, we're nearly at the Land of Ice?"

Vyse nodded. "Yeah! Let's see how cold this region is!"

"OK!" Aika cheered.

Vyse glanced forward and smirked. If there are other worlds out there, I want to see them

And the Delphinus ploughed on...

Snowflakes were falling gently as Lloyd stood on the balcony, overlooking the white city of Flanoir in Tethe'alla. The young man sighed in relief. "It's over... it's finally over..."

"A good thing, too," said a familiar voice. Lloyd gasped and whirled around to see the familiar red-haired traitor Kratos Aurion standing near the doors of the church. "It's been a while, Lloyd..."

Lloyd narrowed his eyes. "Kratos! What do you want?! What has Cruxis done now?!"

Kratos closed his eyes. "I just wanted to see if you and your friends were affected by the events that transpired two days ago. Cruxis was hit hard, too."

Lloyd had his hand on the hilt of a sword until he heard Kratos say this. He blinked. "Wait... what?"

"Two days ago, mana was being extracted from objects and living beings," Kratos said. "I've noticed an odd mist leaving my body, making me feel a bit me tired. Lord Yggdrasil was also affected."

"So... it wasn't Cruxis that was behind that?" Lloyd asked, relaxing his guard a little.

Kratos shook his head. "No... Yggdrasil doesn't have that kind of power. If he did, he would have done it a long time ago..."

Lloyd nodded. "I see... So, do you have any idea who was responsible?"

"That we don't know yet... Whatever it was..." Kratos said, looking up at the sky. "It wasn't from either world."

Lloyd blinked. "Neither world?! But...then where?"

Kratos looked at Lloyd. "That, we do not know yet... But it's proof there are more worlds than ours, maybe with completely different rules and beings more powerful and dangerous than Lord Yggdrasil."

Lloyd couldn't believe his ears. "More powerful than Yggdrasil...that sounds impossible!"

Kratos nodded. "It might, but like I said, we don't know it happened. We may never find out. All we know is that we, like some of your group, lost our magic."

Lloyd stared at Kratos in disbelief.

"Tell me, Lloyd... were any of your friends feeling sick when this was going on?" Kratos asked.

Lloyd looked out at the houses and closed his eyes. "Presea and I were the only ones who weren't affected by this draining thing because we don't use magic. Genis, Professor Sage and Collete are strongly magical, so they looked exhausted and drained all the time. Zelos was tired too, but that didn't stop him from opening his big mouth... Regal only knows healing magic, so he wasn't affected a lot, but he still seemed tired. Sheena also tried very hard to not fall asleep from exhaustion... mostly because of Zelos..."

"And where are they at the moment?" Kratos asked.

"They're... somewhere..." Lloyd trailed off, knowing full well that the others were resting at the inn... He couldn't tell Kratos that, of course.

Kratos smirked. "I see..." He looked up at the night sky. "Lloyd, are you happy your friends are okay?"

"Of course I am!" Lloyd snapped.

"Good," Kratos said. "And are you also grateful to whoever stopped the drain saved the worlds from dying?"

Lloyd blinked. "Huh?!"

"Remember what Genis said about mana when you first learned about Tethe'alla?" Kratos asked. "Mana is more important than water... Mana is the source of all life... If all the mana had been drained from both Sylvarant and Tehte'alla, they would have died."

"I... see..." Lloyd gulped. "Does that mean... Derris-Kharlan would die as well?"

Kratos nodded. "That's how dangerous this thing was. It was draining three worlds of its mana. Well, two worlds and a comet, anyway."

Lloyd frowned. "Doesn't mana exist in all living things? How come Presea and I weren't drained too much, then?"

"I'm guessing that whoever caused this problem was only targeting the living beings who use magic like the Chosens and Genis," Kratos said. "My second guess is that if it was indeed from another world, then it might not be aware about the importance of mana..."

"So, what you're saying is that if it had been aware of the importance of mana, Presea and I would be affected as well?" Lloyd asked.

Kratos sighed. "Yes. However...there's also the possibility that you and Presea's unique Exspheres may have protected you somehow."

"Yeah..." Lloyd agreed. "They are different from the others."

"It could also be something else entirely," Kratos said with a shrug. "We'll probably never know."

"What happens if we do find the source of this drain someday?" Lloyd asked.

Kratos turned around. "Well then, we'll have to hope you can understand it."

Lloyd fumed. "Hey! I get enough of that from Genis!"

Kratos smirked.

Lloyd crossed his arms. "So you came down here to see if we're all right? Why? We're opposing Yggdrasil and Cruxis! Professor Sage said that if she and the others lost all their magic and mana, they would have died! If that happens, then Presea and I might would be the only ones left to oppose you!"

Kratos glanced at Lloyd. "Don't forget that you have the Chosen Yggdrasil needs. If she dies, then Lord Yggdrasil has no reason to chase you around anymore..."

Lloyd frowned. "Yeah, that's true but..."

"I'm sorry, Lloyd," Kratos suddenly said, turning to walk away. "I have something to do... I'm glad we were able to have this little chat..."

"Kratos!" Lloyd snapped.

Kratos stopped and glanced back at Lloyd. "Take care of the Chosen on your journey... good luck." He walked away.

Lloyd ran after Kratos. "Hey, wait! I've still got more questions to ask..." He turned a corner only to find that Kratos was gone. "...from you..." He groaned. "Great... he's gone! That was weird..."

Lloyd sighed, leaned against a wall, and looked at the sky. I should have known he would only be concerned with have known he would be concerned about Collette... I have to stop hoping he's not evil. He's working for Yggdrasil and Cruxis... end of story! Still... the mana drain...He ran his hand over his Exsphere. Did you protect me, mom? Or was it this Angelus Project that put you and Presea through so much pain? I guess we'll never find out...

After a moment of silence, Lloyd got up and walked away. I'd better go and check on the others before we make our way to Celsius's lair. Our journey is FAR from over...

Standing atop a nearby roof, Kratos watched Lloyd walked away. Closing his eyes, he turned to walk in the opposite direction, transparent wings growing from his back. "We'll see each other again soon... Don't die before me, Lloyd... Goodbye... for now."

He flew away.

The large castle doors slowly swung open.

"Everyone!" Yelled Eldar, flapping above a small group of alternate heroes. She pointed her sword at the exit. "Let's go!"

Everyone below her nodded and headed out while four stayed behind to speak to King Benetram.

"I trust you're going to see Parsis?" Benetram asked.

Synbios nodded. "Yes, your majesty. We're going to see if he can explain what we just experienced."

"Yes," Dantares said, walking up beside Synbios. "Parsis is a wise man... Maybe he'll know what happened." He turned to the Kyantol. "You're sure that whatever was draining the magic is gone, Grace?"

Grace nodded. "Yes... the evil I sensed...it's gone."

Masqurin placed a finger on her chin. "I wonder why it stopped..."

"That we don't know yet," Grace said, clutching her staff tightly. "However, I don't think we should rest until we understand the situation a bit better..."

"Do you think Parsis will know what's going on, Your Majesty?" Synbios asked.

Benetram shook his head. "I don't know..."

Masqurin blinked. "Don't know? What do you mean? We haven't seen him for a few months!"

Grace nodded. "Exactly... And that's why we're going on a new journey."

"I'm lost..." Masqurin groaned.

Synbios chuckled. "Our new journey, Masqurin, is to find the cause of this mysterious phenomenon."

Grace nodded. "That's right... A few months ago, those clouds turned up after I sensed a powerful being, which was then vanquished by another being. A couple of days ago, another power source appeared and tried to drain our magical energy... If it had kept it up, all those possessing magic could have died."

Masqurin flinched. "OK... it's much more serious than I thought it would be..."

Synbios nodded. "I know... We were all lucky."

Dantares glanced at the king. "After the first event that brought these omnious clouds vanished, Parsis went back home without telling us. Maybe he's trying to find out what's going on. If so, we're hoping he might shed some light on the situation and give us a clue on what we can do to keep it from happening again."

"That may be difficult," Benetram said. "Some of my guards and wizards are telling rumors of other worlds outside our own."

"Do they have any proof of this?" Dantares asked.

Benetram shook his head. "No..."

Dantares sighed. "Then they're just idle rumors."

Grace frowned. "But if these rumors are true and what we've just experienced came from another world...then we may have quite a lot of difficulty keeping something like this from happening again."

"We won't know until we try something," Synbios said. "We should go before the others get too far. We'll be off now, Your Majesty. Take care."

Benetram nodded. "Synbios, you and your friends take care as well...and be careful."

Masqurin smiled. "You got it, sire!"

Dantares bowed. "Yes, your Majesty."

"You take care of yourself as well," Grace said.

Synbios smiled as he and his friends started to walk away. "And we'll be back! I promise!"

Benetram smiled as he watched Synbios and his friends catch up with their companions. "Good luck, everyone. Good luck..."

Two days have passed since ShineGreymon Burst Mode defeated RavielPhantomon, ending his threat for good. Morpheus was forever condemned to the deep canyon, while the Insect Digimon chose Butterflymon to be their new leader and bring peace back to Rogamine.

However, even though two days have passed, peace never came. The towns of Jazubuki, Maslet and Kuchagi were celebrating too much. They were happy their lives had been saved by the DATS group...

Thomas and Gaomon were having trouble getting through the crowds.

"Give us some room, please..." Gaomon groaned.

Thomas chuckled. "Now, Gaomon, let them have their fun." He was abruptly grabbed by the shoulder and pulled into an alleyway. "WHOA!!!"

"Sir!" Gaomon gasped, chasing after Thomas and his kidnapper.

Thomas's arm was freed the moment he was fully into the alley "Sorry about that," Said a familiar voice. "I thought you might want to talk in private."

Thomas blinked as he recognized his would-be kidnapper. "Rai-Fan?"

The Maslet Raichu Mayor, Rai-Fan, smiled. "Hello, Thomas..."

Gaomon panted as he reached his partner. "Why did you...?"

Rai-Fan stepped aside to reveal a burly Staraptor anthro leaning against the wall. "This is my friend, Kazama. You remember?"

Thomas blinked. "Oh yes... We were supposed to find you so you could take us to Gran Elysium."

"Is that so?" Kazama chuckled. "Yeah, Rai-Fan told me you guys were searching for me. That was before YamiKuwagamon and ZantKabuterimon came along and kidnapped all of us."

"Except for Dusknoir," Thomas said.

Kazama rolled his eyes. "Eh, he was lucky... Although, I wouldn't mind YamiKuwagamon's hypnotic soundwaves... Having ZantKabuterimon bite us was painful."

"Especially on the neck," Rai-Fan said.

Kazama groaned. "Tell me about it... After that bite, my mind went so hazy... I thought I was turning into a vampire!"

"That would be terrible. Then you might act like a character from Twilight!" Gaomon said.

Kazam shuddered in horror.

"So, will you take us to Gran Elysium?" Thomas asked.

Kazama smirked. "Oh yeah! No problem! You guys are Rogamine's heroes! It'd be an honor to help you out!"

Thomas smiled. "Thank you! When can we leave?"

"We can leave whenever you guys are ready," Kazama said. "I'll be near my ship... just go to the lounge and ask for me when you want to head out."

Thomas bowed. "Thank you very much... all of you."

"It's the least we could do after everything you've done for us," Rai-Fan said. "You and your friends... you saved us all!"

Gaomon frowned. "You know... speaking of YamiKuwagamon, ZantKabuterimon, and JigokuYanmamon... are they still alive?"

Rai-Fan sighed. "I'm afraid so..."

Gaomon closed his eyes. "The last I was after RavielPhantomon drained their powers. We were too busy fighting him to pay attention to them after that."

"Sweeney saw them running away while RavielPhantomon was draining magic from the other worlds," Rai-Fan said. "But, like you, Sweeney was too concerned about RavielPhantomon and she forgot about them until Butterflymon wondered where they were."

Kazama smirked. "Those guys were able to Digivolve to Mega by using Morpheus' aura, right? When RavielPhantomon forced the aura out of them and they de-Digivolved like that, they were corrupted big time!"

Thomas blinked. "How so?"

Rai-Fan smiled. "According to Butterflymon, the Insectoid Brother's data might have been damaged a little. Not threatening or anything, but by returning to Champion, they've regained their hypnotic powers. After that huge energy drain, though, it shouldn't be anything to worry about."

"Really?" Thomas frowned. "They can no longer hypnotize any Silesian Pokemon or Digimon?"

"Oh, they can still hypnotize people, all right," Kazama said. "However, it'll now be much more difficult to do to those with strong wills. In other words, they won't succeed if they try that move on me!"

"I see.... being forced out of their Mega forms must have weakened their hypnotic powers..." Thomas muttered. "So, what are you going to do with them...?"

Rai-Fan sighed. "Butterflymon agreed with the other mayors and I to put out a bounty on the Insectoid Brothers. Morpheus told them about RavielPhantomon and they decided to continue serving him anyway. That marks them as criminals, rather than unwitting pawns."

"We understand," Gaomon said. "Do you have any idea where they could have gone?"

"No longer on this island, that's for certain!" Kazama snorted. "Sweeney saw them running off in this direction, and when the other pilots and I checked our ships, one of them was gone. They must have taken it!"

Gaomon frowned. "That is bad... Can't you track their ship?"

Kazama shrugged. "Eh... they might have abandoned it by now... They had a pretty big head start, and it took us a while to realize they were gone. They're probably long gone by now."

"While they might be criminals, they're no longer much of a threat," Rai-Fan said. "They've been weakened and can no longer return to the Insect Swarm. Everyone sees them as traitors now."

"I see..." Thomas muttered. "Well... I'll talk about this with my friends. We'll see you later, Kazama."

Rai-Fan nodded. "OK... Thank you, Thomas."

Kazama waved. "See ya, boy!"

Thomas and Gaomon walked out of the alleyway and back into the crowd.

"Sir, do you think Rai-Fan is right?" Gaomon asked. "That the Insectoid Brothers no longer pose a threat?"

"That depends on what they're going to do now, Gaomon," Thomas replied. "They can't exactly survive on their own in their current condition."

Gaomon glanced at Thomas. "So... they might die?"

Thomas sighed. "What I'm wondering right now is..."

(...is...where could they be now?)


"Oi, wake up! Wake up, you big lug!"

A male Exploud anthro groaned and slowly picked himself off the ground. "Uh... where am I...?"

A small Spearow standing on an unconscious Ponyta nearby frowned. "You're in the Amazerian region! Your job is to deliver cargo to to Ama Port!"

The Exploud blinked and glanced around. It was nighttime and he, the Ponyta, and the Spearow, were driving a carriage packed with luggage down a dusty road. "Wha...?"

"Come on, Des!" The Spearow snapped. "That Blaziken chick didn't actually try to kill ya, ya know!"

The Exploud, Des, looked at the Spearow in confusion. "Blaziken chick? Wait... I remember there was... a... a... Bayleef girl on the ground... She was injured and..."

"She wasn't injured... she's a member of the F.F.F...." The Spearow said, flying over to the cargo.

Des blinked. "F.F.F.? What the heck does that mean...?"

The Spearow picked up a Wanted Poster. "Here! The Five Fatal Femmes!"

Des looked at the poster. There were images of five female Pokemon: a Bayleef named Penia, a Swellow called Shana, a Nidoqueen known as Brenda, a Luxio named Flanna, and their leader, the Blaziken Serena. "Five Fatal Femmes...?"

"Yeah... a group of theieves who rob carriages like ours, but don't kill the drivers or guards, thank Spearow said. "They've been around for two months. Before that, Serena was the only one...One Fatal Femme."

"O.F.F.?" Des sweatdropped.

"I know, I know," The Spearow muttered.

Des frowned. "Why don't they kill anyone?"

The Spearow shrugged. "No one knows. Shana once said it's not their style... They don't want to spill blood and end lives to satisfy their greed."

"Gee... how noble..." Des muttered. "So, they live around here?

"They used to," the Spearow said. "They usually travel to different regions to steal, but come back here often. They use an airship to travel quickly. Also, since they hail from the Amazerian region, their mindset is kind of...Amazonian. I feel sorry for the men they try to capture as husbands."

Des sighed. "I'm safe then... I don't know what my wife would say if I..." He blinked. "Wait, they steal?! Then...."

"Relax, I've checked," The Spearow said. "They didn't steal anything... everything that's precious is still with us."

Des blinked. "Huh? What happened?"

"Well... when you checked Penia, Serena came out and used Brick Break to knock to knock you out..." The Spearow said. "While Ponoka panicked, Penia used Grasswhistle to knock her out and Flanna came out to Thundershock me to unconsciousness.."

"And they didn't steal a thing?" Des asked, looking at the Wanted List again. "You would have thought they'd have taken some of our stuff."

The Spearow frowned. "I know, weird isn't it? It's almost as if something stopped them."

Des blinked, looked back at the Wanted poster, and sighed. "Ugh... This is confusing..."

The Spearow sighed. "Tell me about it... Anyway, we should wake Ponoka up and get this stuff to Ama Port as soon as possible."

Des nodded. "You're right... You said she was put to sleep by Grasswhistle? We'd better use a Full Heal to wake her up."

"OK!" The Spearow nodded.

As they were doing this, a figure was watching them silently from the bushes. It watched as Des and the Spearow woke Ponoka up, hitched her back to the carriage, and headed out. The figure sighed and came out of the bushes...

"Finally, they left..." YamiKuwagamon groaned.

YamiKuwagamon walked over to a small clearing where JigokuYanmamon and ZantKabuterimon were keeping watch over five motionless figures.

"Well?" ZantKabuterimon asked.

YamiKuwagamon sighed. "They left."

ZantKabuterimon closed his eyes. "Good..."

"So, what was the point?" YamiKuwagamon asked. "what was the point of enslaving these so-called Fatal Femmes? And why didn't we kill that guy?!"

JigokuYanmamon smirked. "Simple... we need special protection, and these ladies fit the bill perfectly!"

"We were lucky to be able to enslave them at all!" ZantKabuterimon said. "When I tried to hypnotize that Togemon, she was able to resist my hypnotic resist my venom. We had to push her off a cliff to keep her silent!"

YamiKuwagamon groaned. "Our powers have been weakened thanks to that big blue brute! We only got them because they let their guards down!"

JigokuYanmamon nodded. He turned his attention to the five Pokemon lined up before them... a Blaziken with a mark on her forehead, a Swellow and a Bayleef with bite marks on their necks, and a Nidoqueen and Swellow with glazed eyes. "I know... The Swellow and Nidoqueen were intended as backup. I had to grab the Nidoqueen while ZantKabuterimon bit the Swellow..."

YamiKuwagamon fumed. "Hey! I hypnotized that Nidoqueen with my sound waves!"

"I know..." JigokuYanmamon muttered. "I was holding her in place for you..."

YamiKuwagamon sweatdropped. "Oh... never mind..."

ZantKabuterimon coughed. "Anyway... While these two distracted their friends after knocking out that Exploud and his companions, you used your seal on the Blaziken while I went for the Bayleef and YamiKuwagamon got the Swellow."

"But what was the point?!" YamiKuwagamon snapped, repeating his earlier question. "Why did we enslave them anyway?! Why them?! Why not anyone else?!"

JigokuYanmamon sighed. "Because they're thieves. That means no one will care if they go missing. Now they'll serve as guards while we rest up and get our strength back."

YamiKuwagamon groaned. "Which brings me to my second point...why didn't we kill that Exploud and his friends? They know they were attacked by these girls, so once they get to town they'll report what happened and we'll get killed in the crossfire from the resulting hunt!"

ZantKabuterimon groaned. "We didn't have the strength to kill them. We were too weak after using all that hypnosis, remember?"

"Then what are we going to do?!" YamiKuwagamon asked. "Just run away from everything?!"

JigokuYanmamon nodded. "Yes. It's part of the Femmes' plan to evade capture. They move from region to region before anyone can catch them. Their ship must be more powerful than the one we stole. Is that correct, Serena?"

The Blaziken Serena slowly nodded her head. "Yes...that is correct, my lord..."

"Our hypnotic powers have been weakened," ZantKabuterimon noted. "So, the spell we've put on them will wear off soon."

"Does this mean we have to brainwash them again before that happens?" YamiKuwagamon asked. "Why don't we just kill them before they get better?"

JigokuYanmamon smirked. "Because their skills are vital to us, even after we get our powers back to full strength. Remember, we're Champion-level Digimon, and we can no longer reach Mega without Morpheus' power..."

"So... once we get on that airship and leave, we'll bring those five to keep working for us?" ZantKabuterimon asked.

"Yes... they'll be continue following their usual lifestyle, with one small difference...they'll be giving everything to us!" JigokuYanmamon said.

YamiKuwagamon rubbed his head. "Well... there's one more thing that's bothering me... Considering we have five beautiful girls under our control and at our beck and call...do you think we could..."

"NO!" JigokuYanmamon snapped. "I won't do something that low!"

YamiKuwagamon sweatdropped. "You won't...? But we've brainwashed them to work for us! Why not take advantage of it?"

"Because I have morals too, you know!" JigokuYanmamon snapped.

"Morals?! You're not talking sense!" YamiKuwagamon groaned. "Since when did we have any of those?"

ZantKabuterimon rolled his eyes. "Can we talk about this later and leave this region right away? We came here originally because we thought it would be a good place to hide. But now that we have five Amazonian thieves under our control, we need to get out of here before the authorities hunt us down! Can we leave off arguing about this until later, please?"

JigokuYanmamon nodded. "Of course... Serena, you and your friends will take us to your ship at once..."

Serena nodded. "Yes, my lord...please follow us..."

JigokuYanmamon and ZantKabuterimon followed Serena and her friends as they led them deeper into the jungle. YamiKuwagamon groaned. "We joined with Morpheus and had ultimate power...and now we've been reduced to THIS! What a mistake... what a mistake...."

Back in Kuchagi Port...

"Thomas! Thomas!" Keenan called.

Thomas smiled as Keenan, Falcomon, and Lalamon ran over. "Ah, good timing."

Keenan grinned. "Are they...?"

Thomas nodded, taking two Digivices out of his backpack. "I've run some scans on our Digivices. As I suspected, they're now back in full working order."

Keenan smiled and took his from Thomas. "Great!"

"Sir and I already tested them outside Kuchagi," Gaomon said. "I was able to Digivolve all the way to MirageGaogamon Burst Mode. That means Falcomon and Lalamon can do the same."

Falcomon sighed in relief. "That's good to hear..."

"Where's Yoshi?" Thomas asked.

"She's walking slowly behind us," Lalamon said.

Keenan laughed sheepishly. "Yeah... she kinda fainted when I told her Marcus and Agumon were at the library doing important research..."

"You shouldn't lie," Gaomon scolded.

Lalamon hovered in front of Gaomon. "Keenan isn't lying, Gaomon. Marcus really is in the library. He said it was something to do with the Aura Kingdom!"

Thomas frowned. "You mean... after what Morpheus told him?"

Keenan nodded. "Yeah."

Yoshi arrived, panting for breath. "Sorry about that... Just had the shock of my life..."

Gaomon nodded slowly. "Me too..."

"You can't blame him though," Falcomon said. "We weren't there when Morpheus told him everything..."

Thomas shook his head. "Not everything... We don't know where Foodin and his remaining followers are hiding. We don't know what really happened to Queen Yukihimi or her friends...and we don't know what Valmarmon has done to Honou's ancestors... there is still much we don't know..."

"Marcus said he was going to see who was loyal to Foodin," Lalamon said.

Keenan smiled. "Well then, let's help him!"

"Agreed!" Falcomon said.

"Don't mind us if we faint at the sight of Marcus doing research..." Yoshi groaned.

Gaomon flinched. "'Marcus' and 'research' are two words I never thought I'd hear in the same sentence."

Thomas smirked and walked away. "Come on... let's go see him...."

Meanwhile, at the Kuchagi Library...

Agumon was snoring loudly, slumped over in his chair and resting his head on a table. "No... no more cheeseburgers... no more... okay... maybe sixty more..."

Marcus was standing near a window, reading a book. Yes, really. He was actually reading it. And it wasn't a picture book, either. "Hmm..."

Marcus turned as a door opened and Thomas and the others entered the room.

"Do you really think they're doing important research?" Yoshi wondered.

"OK..." Agumon snored. "I'll go for... seven thousand cheeseburgers then..."

Gaomon sweatdropped. "I think Agumon would rather research a cook book..."

Marcus glanced at them. "Hey... what are you guys doing here?"

"We came to see what you were working on," Thomas said, crossing his arms. "I'm amazed you know how to use a library, Marcus."

Marcus frowned. "Hey! I need to find books now and then too, you know!"

"What for?" Yoshi asked.

"Wrestling, boxing, fist fighting," Marcus listed.

Yoshi sweatdropped. "Typical..."

Lalamon hovered over to Marcus. "Did you find anything?"

Marcus sighed. "Oh yeah... I've found a lot!" He walked over to the table and slammed his book down.

Agumon woke up with a start. "I'll have butter with my 560th toast, please."

"Do me a favour and be quiet..." Gaomon muttered.

"When Foodin lived in the Aura Kingdom, he had two sets of followers," Marcus said. "Beginners and Advanced."

Thomas sat down and looked at the book. "Beginners and Advanced?""

"The Beginners were the ones who had yet to gain Foodin's trust. The Advanced ones were the ones that had," Marcus said. "During the final battle in the Aura Kingdom, Foodin stayed behind with his Advanced-level Followers..."

Falcomon frowned. "That means Morpheus must have been an Advanced Follower...and very powerful in the Aura Artes, both legal and forbidden..."

Marcus nodded. "Oh yeah... and Morpheus was apparently the most powerful of the Advanced Followers. The only one who was stronger than him in that group was Foodin himself!"

"H-he was that powerful?!" Yoshi stuttered.

Thomas frowned. "Powerful, yet overconfident...and it's because of that overconfience that we won."

"But if Morpheus was the strongest of the Advanced Followers, why was he still serving Foodin?" Lalamon asked. "I mean, didn't you say that Foodin's Artes were sealed away by Yukihimi 2000 years ago?"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah..."

Thomas frowned. "The best explanation I can think of is either they were all too loyal to him...or he had some way to keep them in line."

Yoshi sighed and sat down. "So... with Morpheus' Artes sealed, who will take his place as the strongest Advanced Follower?"

Marcus took the book and flipped through the pages "I know who that'll be... And I'm glad you're here, Thomas... You can explain this to me."

"Explain what?" Thomas asked.

Marcus pushed the book in front of Thomas. "Here..."

Thomas looked at the page. There was a picture of a very fierce female Charizard wearing chest armor. She had unusual black skin, covered in scars. "Inferna Charrdon?"

"She's charred, all right," Agumon said. "I mean, just look at her! She toasted her body black!"

Marcus sighed. "According to this, she had a tragic life before becoming one of Foodin's followers."

Yoshi frowned. "Tragic? In what way?"

Thomas looked at the page. "Her father died before she was born and her mother died giving birth to her. She was raised by her older brother."

"And then an accident happened," Marcus muttered. "She was training to combine a move called Air Slash with an Aura Arte to create a very powerful cutting attack. However, while she was practicing it, her brother and his wife walked in and..."

Lalamon gasped. "They were killed?"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah... She was using a test dummy and misjudged the strength of her attack. It ran the length of the room and hit her brother as he opened the door..."

"According to this, it's against safety regulations to walk into a training room when a rookie Aura Knight like Inferna is practicing moves," Thomas said. "Her brother knew that rule well, but he still walked in, as did his wife. To this day, no one has any idea why they did such a foolish act."

"Even though everyone agreed it was an accident, only two blamed Inferna for their deaths," Marcus said. "Inferna herself and her brother's only son. He refused to see her after that, so she had no family to turn to."

Lalamon hovered over to the book. "Is that why she became one of Foodin's followers?"

Thomas nodded. "It was a way to escape her pain. She proved to be very talented, too...she made it to the Advanced level only two days after joining."

Marcus sighed. "She became a strong user of the Aura Artes, which drew Foodin's attention. She considered herself Kyukon Vulpair's rival, but lost to her all the time."

"Not much of a rival then," Yoshi said.

"Kyukon herself saw Inferna as more of an annoyance than a serious threat," Marcus agreed.

Thomas opened up his computer. "Hmm...as for her distinct coloration..."

"It's because she burned herself to a crisp, that's why!" Agumon said.

Gaomon rolled his eyes. "A Fire-type burning it itself...I find that highly unlikely."

Thomas looked up. "Due to a recessive allele, Inferna was born with a case of Alternate Coloration."

Marcus frowned. "What's that?"

"Alternate Coloration is a Pokemon condition where members of a particular species have different-colored skin from others of their kind," Thomas explained. "Trainers call them 'Shiny' Pokemon. Even if they aren't actually shiny at all."

"What an original name," Yoshi said dryly.

Keenan glanced at Thomas. "So it's something both Silesian and ordinary Pokemon have?"

Thomas nodded. "Yes. The Alternate Colouration is very rare. So rare, in fact, that if a Pokemon Trainer catches a Shiny Pokemon, it usually becomes their most valuable catch ever. For example, if a trainer captures an alternate coloured version of a very common Pokemon such as Zubat, Pidgey or Geodude, then it becomes much more in demand than other members of its species."

"A rare condition, huh?" Marcus muttered. "Sounds better than Valmarmon's Dark Gene."

"Considering that it doesn't allow Valmarmon to make them his slaves, I agree," Falcomon noted.

"If you'll recall, La-Don, Kiri's father, is a normal-colored Charizard," Thomas said. "His body is orange and his wings are blue. Inferna's body is mainly black while her wings are red."

"So, it doesn't just affect one body color, but all of them?" Gaomon asked.

Thomas nodded. "Yes. And we'll be seeing another alternate coloured Pokemon soon," He turned the computer around. "Look..."

The screen showed a female Espeon anthro with dark green fur and short light green hair. She was wearing a black T-shirt under a white buttoned shirt and brown shorts. There was a very serious expression on her face.

Falcomon gulped. "She looks angry..."

Lalamon shook her head. "No, she just looks serious to me."

"Her name is Michiko Eon," Thomas explained. "She's known to her friends and family as Chiko. She's serious and very smart, but cares deeply for her friends and family. She's an Espeon, the Sun Pokemon and the Psychic-type evolved form of Eevee."

Agumon blinked. "The Sun Pokemon or the Serious Pokemon?"

Yoshi rolled her eyes. "How did you get a picture of her, Thomas?"

"Dusknoir gave me a program to update my computer with important data on Chuuten Elysia and connect to the global network," Thomas explained. "Including some important Silesians we might be meeting soon..."

"Meeting soon?" Gaomon asked.

Thomas nodded. "Yes. Chiko lives with her father and sister in Serene Town, near the Divine Capitol in Gran Elysium. That's where we'll be heading. Her father is a friend of the Councilor of that village."

"I see..." Falcomon muttered. "So, Chiko is a shiny Pokemon?"

Thomas nodded, bringing up a small picture of an ordinary, purple Espeon. "Yes... An Espeon's usual color is purple, while their alternate is green."

"Do you think we could use this network to contact Gran Elysium?" Keenan asked.

"Unfortunately, we can't," Gaomon said. "All communications to Elysium have been cut off due to some kind of security crisis, and Rogamine's was shut down by Morpheus's goons to keep anyone from calling for help. They're still trying to get it back online, but it doesn't look as if that will be happening any time soon. That's why we need to fly to Gran Elysium and report what's happened here in person."

"And if that weren't bad enough, RavielPhantomon's magic drain erased a lot of the more recent data in Rogamine's servers, so we're a bit behind on the times. All sorts of things could have happened in other regions while we were here, and we won't know about them until we get there," Thomas said.

"They don't have any backups of that data?" Yoshi asked.

Gaomon nodded. "They do, but it'll take a few weeks to upload them to the system and get it back in working order."

Thomas sighed. "The airships have a special data uplink that allows them to keep abreast of current news at all times, but Morpheus's henchmon turned them off and erased their hard drives too."

"So, we'll just find out when we get there, right?" Marcus asked. "Eh, no problem. At least you know you've got something to do when we get there, Nerdstein."

"While I check the food!" Agumon said.

"And I'll be protecting the food," Gaomon groaned.

"For now, let's try and get more information about Inferna," Yoshi said, taking the book. "With Morpheus' Artes sealed off, she'll probably be our next ajor enemy. Unless there's some other group of evil Digimon up to no good in Elysia."

Elsewhere, Valmarmon, GranDracmon, and Lucemon sneezed. Neither were sure why...

BlackGuilmon also sneezed... but that was due to his room being filled with pepper from SkullSatamon putting too much on his 2087th cheeseburger.

Lalamon rubbed her chin. "I wonder why Inferna chose Kyukon to be her rival..."

Yoshi flipped a page and blinked. "Hmm? Marcus, did you read this part?"

"There's more than two pages?" Marcus asked.

"Never mind..." Yoshi groaned.

Gaomon rolled his eyes. "So much for your research..."

Marcus rubbed his eyes. "I just started, you know...give me a break..."

"What is it, Yoshi?" Keenan asked.

"Well, it says here that one of the reasons that Inferna said Kyokon was her rival is because...she's just like her!" Yoshi said.

"Just like her what?" Agumon asked.

"Don't answer that..." Gaomon groaned.

Falcomon blinked. "Did she lose her parents at her early age? Accidentally kill a family member? Is a different color from other Ninetales?"

"No, no, and yes," Yoshi said.

"ANOTHER shiny?" Marcus said. "That means they're not as rare as we thought!"

Yoshi sweatdropped. "You've only heard of three so far, Marcus..."

"How come you didn't know she was an Alternate Coloured Pokemon?" Falcomon asked.

Thomas glanced at Keenan. "Keenan, can you get the book about the Aura Kingdom out? We need to look at Kyukon's picture again."

Keenan nodded and walked over to a shelf. "OK!"

"I think I understand why we didn't know that," Marcus said. "We never saw a Ninetales in its original color, did we?"

Yoshi shook her head. "No..."

"We might have seen some of them in their normal colors, but didn't figure it out because we were busy joining the party," Falcomon said.

Agumon rubbed his chin. "You know... we might have seen some alternate coloured Pokemon at the party! I remember seeing Cadee with some other alternate coloured Eevees. There was a yellow Eevee, a white Eevee, a purple Eevee, a pink Eevee, a..."

"Agumon, they were playing around with some paint," Lalamon said.

Agumon blinked. "Oh, really?"

"Yes, those Eevees were children," Lalamon explained. "Cadee was trying to stop them..."

Gaomon smirked. "Moving on..." He turned to Marcus. "Do you really think Morpheus will be trapped in that canyon forever?"

Marcus nodded. "Maybe...the bottom looked pretty dark. It must have been very deep."

Yoshi smiled. "Good. I hope he stays there!"

"But for how long?" Gaomon muttered to himself.


A very large pile of rubble lay at the bottom of the deep canyon near the ruins of Valmarmon's temple.

The canyon was still and silent...until a hand burst from the top of the pile. The hand shifted around, pushing the rocks away, allowing Morpheus to climb out and tumble to the ground below. "Ugh... ugh...ohhhh..."

A dark, cold voice giggled. "Have a nice nap?"

Morpheus blinked and glanced around. Even though the bottom of the canyon was very dark, there was some illumination coming from wooden torches that had been placed on the sides. "What...who is..."

A dark figure stepped out of the shadows. "I've been waiting for you to wake up for the last two days... I considered helping you, but decided it was something you should do for yourself."

Morpheus snarled as he got up. "Inferna!"

The black-scaled female Charizard chuckled. She looked almost exactly like the picture in Marcus's book, except her armor was rusty and her tail had no flame. "Don't get upset or anything... I thought you would be able to do it on your own. Remember? You said you didn't need help from us and that you could do everything by yourself. And you did, though it took you two days."

Morpheus narrowed his eyes. "What are you doing here?! I thought that you were supposed to stay at headquarters while I took care of things here!"

Inferna smirked. "You're the one who gave that order, nosy. I came to see if you kept your word. Remember? Foodin-sama ordered you to bring us along, but after he left, you told us to stay behind because you didn't need our help and that you could do everything by yourself. You really screwed up, didn't you?"

"Silence!" Morpheus snapped. " I haven't made any mistakes!"

Inferna rolled her eyes. "Oh please! You can no longer use your Aura Artes and you blabbed the secret about us being immortal traitors who work for Valmarmon!"

Morpheus paled. "Oh no..."

""Foodin-sama might have forgiven you for that if you had killed them," Inferna added. "But you didn't, and now everyone in Rogamine regions knows the truth! And we can't brainwash or kill everyone or else we'll be overrun by Silesians and Digimon."

Morpheus stumpled into the boulders, his eyes wide in horror. "Oh no... oh no... What have I done?!"

"Lucky for you, you didn't blab to them about everything...such as where our base is, what really happened to Aquazone's family, and where Yukihimi and her friends are now," Inferna said. "But you were such a complete moron to use such an overcomplicated method of getting those miners to release the Unholy Beast."

Morpheus looked up. "Overcomplicated?! How was it overcomplicated?! What would you have done?!"

"Simple, get those Insectoids to build a satellite dish pointing at Maslet Town and use it to boost your Hypnosis enough to enslave the entire town," Inferna said. "They wouldn't have been able to resist the waves, and you could have had them kill the Dark types, and begin digging towards the temple. The entire town would have been your mindless slaves!"

Morpheus blinked. "...Why didn't I think of that?!"

"Because you're an idiot," Inferna said. "And my last order to them would have been to stand still and await their doom as RavielPhantomon awoke and ate them for breakfast."

Morpheus turned around and clenched his fists. "Shut up... That idea... wouldn't have worked!"

Inferna rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah... just keep lying to yourself, why don't you? I'm just getting ready for the good part."

"Good part?!" Morpheus looked back at Inferna. "What good part?!"

Inferna grinned. "To prove you were an ignorant buffoon! I saw the miners making a secret tunnel to try and get help from other towns! I saw the humans going into that tunnel with the two escaped prisoners, allowing them to meet the miners of Maslet! I saw Butterflymon meeting in secret with Spydramon and Cyndramon! I saw them hiding in Kuchagi's library when your little army didn't bother checking the town!"

Morpheus paled. "They did all that...?"

Inferna nodded. "Yes! I saw everything! You actually thought they wouldn't do anything behind your back? You're such an idiot!"

"And you are such an ignorant fool," an unfamiliar voice whispered.

Morpheus blinked. "What the...?! Someone else is down here?!"

Inferna whirled around, her claws glowing with black aura. "Who's there?! Show yourself!"

A human stepped out of the shadows. He wore a long black coat, had long brown hair, and wore a red-eyed dragon mask over his face. "The name is Nightshroud...and I've been sent to speak with you."

"A... A human?!" Morpheus stuttered. "A human?! Down here?!"

Nightshroud smirked. "Surprised...?"

Inferna snarled. "What do you want, human...?"

"Please, call me Nightshroud," Said the masked human.

"A human is a human," Inferna snarled, her claws burning with black aura. "I despise weak humans..."

Nightshroud sighed. "Fine, fine... it seems someone has an inferiority complex. Well, I guess I should cut to the chase. I want you to take me to your boss, Foodin."

Morpheus gasped. "What?! You know about Foodin-sama?!"

Nightshroud nodded. "Yep. I knew he was alive before I found you guys..."

"I won't take you to Foodin-sama!" Inferna hissed. "How dare you order ME to take you to Foodin-sama! I'll tear you to shreds!"

"Complex and somewhat hard of hearing too," Nightshroud muttered.

Inferna snarled as she slowly moved towards Nightshroud. "Leave now, human, before you make any more mistakes..."

Nightshroud rubbed his chin. "You know... I did make one mistake...I meant to say I want you to take us to your boss, Foodin."

"You..." Inferna snarled, her black aura slowly forming into a blazing sword. "I'll slice you in half and..."

"Wait!" Morpheus called out. "Us? What do you mean... us...? You're not alone?"

Nightshroud smirked as he stepped aside.

A forbidding knight stepped out of the shadows. He was clad in dark purple armour with silver trim, silver and purple greaves, a golden torso, silver dragon-head shoulder pads, and a black helmet with a spiky purple faceplate with a evil-looking red visor outlined in gold trim. In his left hand he carried a silver and purple shield with wicked designs etched into it and a glowing green dragon-like eye in the center, and in his left he held a long silver and gold saber. He also had massive purple and green wings.

Inferna gasped. "Who the...?"

Nightshroud chuckled. "He's born from the darkness and into the darkness he returns...the Dragon Knight, Madoudramon!"

"M...Madoudramon...?" Morpheus ..."

"Morpheus Drowza! Inferna Charrdon!" Madoudramon boomed. "We demand to speak with Foodin Psyche at once!"

Inferna roared. "How dare you order us around like that!" She swung her sword at the knight. "DIE!!!"

"Inferna, wait!" Morpheus yelled.

Madoudramon raised his shield, allowing Inferna's aura sword to clash against it. "You have so much anger..."

Inferna narrowed her eyes. "Shut up..."

"If you want to fight me..." Madoudramon drew his sword. "Then it is a fight you shall have."

Inferna roared in rage, summoning another aura sword and rapidly attacking Madoudramon's shield. "YOU'LL EAT THOSE WORDS!!!"

"What's wrong?" Madoudramon asked, lowering his sword and holding his shield in front of him. "Why are you so angry? Is it because I'm unmoved by your weak attacks?"

"MY! ATTACKS! ARE! NOT! WEAK!!!" Inferna screamed, punctuating each roared word with a blow against his shield. "I! AM! THE! STRONGEST! AURA! KNIGHT! TO! SERVE! FOODIN! SAMA!"

Madoudramon lowered his head. "I feel pity towards you because I know of your past... The loss of your older brother, your only family turning against you because of that accident... that is the source of your anger. I do not wish to win such a feeble battle against one as blinded by rage as you."

"SHUT UP!!!" Inferna screamed, still attacking the shield. "FIGHT BACK, YOU COWARD!!! FIGHT BACK!!!"

Madoudramon lifted his head. "Very well...." Without warning, he brought his sword up, clashing it into her aura sword and knocking it out of Inferna's hand.

Morpheus groaned. "Inferna..."

"I hate my brother! I hate him for making that stupid mistake!" Inferna snarled. "My love for him died when my nephew told me to my face that he never wanted to see me again! The Inferna that my brother knew is long gone! So don't feel pity towards me... JUST FIGHT ME!!!"

Madoudramon brought up his sword, the blade burning with purple flames. "If you want to, then I shall...."

Inferna roared and swung her sword...

Madoudramon swung back. Both blades clashed, causing an explosion that knocked Inferna back.

"GAAAAAAAH!!!" Inferna crashed near Morpheus.

Madoudramon lowered his shield. "I don't need this. My sword will be enough to finish this."

Inferna got up, snarling. "You..."

"Inferna, don't fight him with your anger!" Morpheus yelled. "Don't you remember?! Ever since you decided to become Kyukon's rival, you've always lost to her!"

Inferna snarled at Morpheus. "I'll beat Kyukon! I'll beat your girlfriend into a bloody pulp over and over again!"

Morpheus rolled his eyes. "You idiot! This is how Kyukon always won her fights, and how this guy is beating you! You always let your anger blind you! You get so easily ticked off when Kyukon dodges your attacks that she was able to win by using her brains over your brawn!"

"No... she was just lucky..." Inferna snarled. "She was just lucky!" She turned to Madoudramon, a claw covered in purple aura. "If you're so strong, see if you can resist... THIS!!!"

Inferna roared as she hurled a purple shockwave at Madoudramon. Nightshroud frowned. "What was that?"

Inferna smirked. "One of the three Forbidden Artes and the most useful... Psyche Enslav!"

Nightshroud smirked. "Oh, that, huh? The attack that controls the minds of its victims, right? Too bad it's not all that powerful... I mean, it can only enslave up to five victims at a time. Any more than that, and you have slaves acting like jerky robots..."

Inferna narrowed her eyes. "Silence, human! That knight is under my control and you'll be next! I'll have him kill you and..."

"That's one of the biggest flaws of that Arte," Nightshroud added. "The second being that it doesn't work on Mega-level Digimon... Isn't that right, Madoudramon?"

Madoudramon nodded, raising his sword again. "That is correct, Nightshroud..."

Inferna's jaw dropped. "What?! He...He resisted it?! But... HOW?!"

Morpheus staggered back in horror. "He's... He's a Mega!"

Madoudramon chuckled. "You catch on pretty quick..."

Inferna roared in fury as she created an aura ball in front of her. She opened her mouth and engulfed it in flames.

Morpheus glanced at Madoudramon. "Here comes her ultimate attack... Can you resist that?"

Madoudramon simply stood in a battle stance, holding his burning sword in both hands. "We shall see..."

"Unleash thy ultimate attack!!!" Inferna screamed, hurling the flaming aura sphere at Madoudramon. "MOLTEN SPHERE!!!"

"How original..." Madoudramon said. He swung his sword through the air, unleashing a purple shockwave that sliced the fire aura ball in half and crashed into Inferna, knocking her away.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" Inferna crashed into the side of the canyon, denting it and falling to the ground with a thud.

Morpheus stuttered in shock.

Madoudramon stood up, his shield levitating into his hand. "The battle... is over."

Nightshroud nodded. "Agreed, but wasn't that a bit overkill? I mean, you hit her really hard."

"Powerful enough to kill a Charizard," Madoudramon said. "However, as you already know, it wouldn't do that to someone like her."

Inferna coughed as she slowly got up, holding her chest in pain. "I... I lost...? Just... like that?!"

Morpheus stood in place, gulping in fear. "Y...You knew...that we're... immortal...?"

Madoudramon nodded. "Yes... you should be grateful that my master gave you that gift..."

Inferna llifted her head, eyes widening in shock. "G..Gift?! Master?! You don't mean..."

"Your master... is Valmarmon!?" Morpheus gasped.

"That is correct," Madoudramon said. "And I request that you take me to Foodin at once. I wish to speak to your master on the behalf of mine."

Morpheus and Inferna looked at each other in shock before glancing back at at Madoudramon.

Nightshroud smirked. "It's hard to tell if they're surprised, horrified, or impressed."

Morpheus gulped and slowly walked towards Madoudramon. "F...Forgive us... Forgive our actions... W...We didn't know... We..."

"If the two of you take me to Foodin, I'll be sure to convince him to lessen the punishment for your failure," Madoudramon said.

Morpheus gulped. "O...OK... that sounds reasonable...will you keep your word?"

Nightshroud laughed. "Will he keep his word?! I'd be amazed if he didn't! He has this code of honor he always adheres to. So don't worry! He'll keep his part of the bargain!"

Morpheus sighed in relief. "O...OK..."

"Wait!" Inferna called out, holding her sides. "What do you mean YOU TWO? I didn't fail Foodin! It was all Morpheus!"

Madoudramon looked at Inferna.

"You're lessening the punishment for his failure, but for me, too?" Inferna asked. "But why? I didn't fail Foodin at all!"

"You have," Madoudramon said. "Remember what you told Morpheus before we stepped in?"

Inferna flinched and went quiet.

Nightshroud smirked. "Allow me to refresh your memory... You saw the miners making a secret tunnel to try and get help from other towns. You saw the Data Squad humans going into that tunnel with the two escaped prisoners, allowing them to meet the miners of Maslet. You also saw saw Butterflymon meeting in secret with Spydramon and Cyndramon! And you saw the Data Squad hiding in Kuchagi's library when Morpheus' little army didn't bother checking the town! In fact, you saw EVERYTHING!"

"So what?!" Inferna snarled.

"You never told Morpheus any of this," Nightshroud pointed out. "If you had, it would have pleased Foodin greatly."

Madoudramon nodded. "Agreed. You allowed your ignorance and hatred towards Morpheus to let the Data Squad and their allies destroy RavielPhantomon."

Inferna gasped.

Morpheus blinked and glared at Inferna. "You FOOL!!! They're right!!! Because of you, I've failed to give Foodin a new body!!! If my punishment for failing will be harsh, imagine what yours will be for failing to prevent my failures!"

Inferna shook in horror. "You mean...?"

"Like I said, if you two take us to Foodin, I shall try to convince him to lessen your punishments," Madoudramon said.

Morpheus glared at Inferna. "It's best you accept it, Inferna! Remember why Foodin-sama is still a threat to our enemies!"

Inferna nodded slowly. "O...OK... We'll take you to him..."

"Excellent," Madoudramon said.

"That's good news," Nightshroud added.

"Good news for you, bad news for us!" Morpheus snarled, glaring at Inferna.

Inferna was silent, clenching her claws in shame.

Madoudramon turned away from them. "I can understand the feeling of failure... Just now, I've..."

"You've what?" Morpheus asked.

"Come!" Madoudramon said. "We shouldn't stick around any longer. Let's go meet Foodin."

Morpheus nodded. "At once!"

Inferna sighed. "Very well..."

"Excellent," Nightshroud chuckled. "Let's go then, no point staying here any longer!"

Madoudramon nodded. "Agreed..."

Thanks to Madoudramon's magic, they all vanished, leaving the light in the deep canyon to flicker and die...and darkness covered all.

Back at the library...

Keenan placed an open book in front of Thomas. "Here she is...Kyukon Vulpari, Yukihimi's closest friends and a powerful Aura Knight."

Thomas looked at the book before glancing at his computer. "I see... Yoshi's right. This is one of the reasons Inferna saw Kyukon as her rival."

"She's an alternate coloured Pokemon?" Falcomon asked.

Thomas nodded as he turned the computer around to show a picture of a normal Ninetales with golden-white fur and orange-tipped nine nine tails. "This is a Ninetales, the Fire-type Fox Pokemon that evolves from a Vulpix using a Fire Stone."

Marcus looked at the book. Kyukon, her red eyes glimmering with strength, had silver fur with blue-tipped tails and short platinum blonde hair with long bangs in front. "I see... her fur looks like it's made of silver, while the regular Ninetales looks golden."

"So, Pokemon trainers that own a Ninetales are rich?" Agumon asked.

Marcus sweatdropped. "I didn't mean it like that!"

Lalamon looked at Kyukon's picture sadly. "Poor thing... her husband and child thought she died when the Aura Kingdom was destroyed, but... Valmarmon just captured her."

"We'll find out what really happened to her," Yoshi promised. "We found out what really happened to the Aura Kingdom, didn't we?"

Lalamon nodded. "Yeah!"

Agumon looked at Kyukon's picture. "Is there another alternate coloured form?"

"Why do you ask that?" Gaomon asked.

"We Digimon also have alternate coloured forms," Agumon said. "Like BlackAgumon and SnowAgumon."

Gaomon blinked. "Good point, although BlackAgumon is a Virus-type while you and SnowAgumon are Vaccine-types...."

Thomas nodded. "Interesting question, but no, each Pokemon only has one alternate color. This condition is very mysterious and some scientists originally thought that any Pokemon that had it would be born with it. They were soon proven wrong."

"How so?" Falcomon asked.

"The Pokemon that had this condition were all organic and could reproduce," Thomas said. "Then they noticed that inorganic Pokemon like Magneton and Starmie had that condition as well, and realized there must be some other factor causing it."

Marcus frowned. "Even so, couldn't the scientists have been right? I mean, I can hardly see them in normal colour and then, poof! Becoming more valuable just like that."

Thomas nodded. "I agree... Even so, there are still researchers who believes that it's proof that Legendary Pokemon can breed."

Yoshi blinked. "Wait... Are you saying that Legendary Pokemon also have alternate coloured versions of themselves?"

Thomas smirked and turned the computer around. "Yes..."

On the screen were five Legendary Pokemon in their original and shiny forms.

There was the Time Travel Pokemon, Celebi. Its normal form was light and dark green while the shiny version was light and dark pink.

Then there was the Eon Pokemon, Latios. His regular form was blue with a red triangle while his shiny form was light green with an orange triangle.

As for the Aurora Pokemon, Suicune, its regular form was blue with long purple hair while its alternate was light blue with dark blue hair.

The Genetic Pokemon Mewtwo was white with a long purple tail, while the shiny version was dark white with a long, light green tail.

Finally, the Lunar Pokemon Cresselia was a mix of yellow, purple, and light blue, while her shiny counterpart was a mix of yellow, dark purple and different shades of blue.

"Wow, they look pretty neat," Keenan said. "That Latios looks awesome!"

Falcomon frowned. "For some reason, I'm thinking Chiko is related to Mewtwo, what with that serious look on his face..."

Gaomon smirked. "You're acting like Agumon now..."

"Oh, joy..." Falcomon grumbled.

"I think Celebi looks cute," Yoshi noted. "But Suicune's alternate color is really beautiful..."

"Speaking of which, look at Aquasune's picture!" Agumon said, looking at a picture in the book.

Yoshi rushed over. "She's a shiny too?!"

"Yeah! Look!" Agumon said, pointing at the photograph.

Yoshi looked and blinked. "Huh? I thought Suicune's shiny form had dark blue hair, not purple hair..."

Agumon shook his head. "No, no... I was talking about the picture. See...it's shiny!"

Yoshi facefaulted.

Marcus was also on the ground, laughing.

"YOU LITTLE...!" Yoshi started throttling Agumon.

"BOSS!!! ACK!!! HELP... ME...!!! GAH!!!" Agumon choked. Marcus just laughed and laughed and laughed.

A few minutes later...

Yoshi sat down, looking fed up. "A shiny picture... oy..."

Agumon rubbed his neck in pain and looked angrily at Marcus. "Was it really that funny?!"

"Yes," Marcus said. "And best of all, it wasn't me who got the wrong idea for a change!"

Yoshi just glared at Marcus.

Lalamon sweatdropped. "Shall I get Marcus' coffin ready?"

"I'll set up the marching band," Thomas said dryly.

"Oh, be quiet..." Yoshi huffed.

Marcus smirked before looking at the Suicune images. "You know, speaking of Suicune and Aquazone... I forget to tell you, but we bumped into Nazca before we came in here."

Falcomon blinked. "You have?"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah... she told me that she and Honou are going to join us on our journey to Gran Elysium."

Yoshi sat up. "They are? Why?"

"From what Nazca told us, Sage Honou wants to report this to the Councilers as he feels it's his duty to say so," Agumon said.

Keenan looked at the book Agumon was looking at. "Because of his ancestors, right? The Elite Aura Warriors?"

Marcus nodded. "Emberkon, his little sister Aquazone, and her husband Lightzone... Honou wants to report this to the Council at once. I think we should let him come..."

"Can't he just contact them or...?" Lalamon trailed off. "No, he can't... the communication systems are out of order, right?"

"Yes," Thomas muttered. "I can understand Honou's feelings... He was raised to believe that they they died under mysterious circumstances, but it turns out...that Morpheus betrayed them..."

"Betrayed them to Valmarmon," Keenan snarled.

Falcomon looked at the others. "We haven't seen Honou yesterday... Maybe he's getting ready to leave?"

Gaomon nodded. "I guess so... I wonder what he's doing at the moment..."

In a house somewhere in Rogamine...

Honou placed a bag on the table and nodded. "All done..."

"Are you sure about this?" Akira asked.

Shifty nodded. "Yeah... if we wait for the communication systems to be repaired, then..."

Honou shook his head. "No... I must do this... As the elder of the Rogamine Sage Clan and the last descendant of the Elite Aura Warriors, I must report this terrible news to Lord Alphamon and the others..."

Shifty scratched his head. "Last descendant? You're an only child?"

"He does have a cousin," Akira said. "From his father's side of the family."

Shifty snapped his fingers. "True! And he has an older brother who's married and has kids and..." He noticed Honou's exasperated look. "What?"

"Thank you for ruining the drama," Honou muttered. "I know I had a family, thank you... What I mean is, I'm the last descendant who remembers them for what they are... My brother chose a different path."

Shifty nodded. "I see..."

"Oh, you do have a brother?" Akira said.

Shifty frowned. "Of course he does! I just told you that!"

"You did, but I thought you said his cousin had an older brother and..." Akira continued.

Honou groaned. "You're giving me another reason to leave this region tonight..."

Akira smiled sheepishly. "Aheh..."

Honou shook his head. "Anyway, it's important for the world to know what Foodin and his followers have done."

"I agree," Shifty said. "The problem is that Morpheus never told us where Foodin is hiding...so we have no idea where to start looking."

"The only one who does know is hiding down in that canyon," Akira noted. "However, it's too dark and deep...we'll never find him."

"Even so, it's not a good idea to keep all of this a secret," Honou said. "I have to notify the Council about this. After that, they can decide what to do about Foodin..."

Akira sighed. "If you say so..."

"Nazca and I will return once we're done in Gran Elysium," Honou said. "Shifty, I'm leaving you in charge of the Rogamine Sage clan."

Shifty nodded. "Very well, Honou-sama... But, maybe you should make Sweeney the temporary leader instead of me."

Honou blinked. "How come?"

"Well, she has a surprise for you..." Shifty muttered.

Honou picked up his bag. "Really? What's that?"

"Sweeney!" Akira yelled. "You can come in now!!!"

Sweeney walked in with a giggle. She was no longer a Piloswine, but an anthropomorphic brown-furred woolly mammoth with a pig snout rather than a trunk and blue and white rings around the eyes. "Hello!"

Honou dropped his bag in surprise. "Sween..." Because he wore sandals, the bag landed on his foot. "OW!!!"

"I evolved!" Sweeney cheered. "I evolved!"

Honou hopped around the room, holding his foot in agony. "I'm in pain! I'm in pain!"

Shifty and Akira sweatdropped. Shifty muttered to Akira. "He doesn't like the surprise, does he?"

"He would if he hadn't been holding the bag at the time..." Akira muttered back.

Honou sat in his chair and blew on his foot. "Sweeney, what happened?!"

Sweeney giggled. "I was doing some training with Shifty and Akira when suddenly, I learned the powerful Rock-type attack... ANCIENTPOWER!"

Honou blinked. "Ancientpower?!"

Sweeney nodded. "Yeah! And seconds later, I glowed and became... THIS!" She spun around. "This is great! I can't believe I have another evolved form! No more hair in front of my eyes!!!"

Honou stood up and smiled. "This is an amazing event... I'm glad I learned about this before I left."

"You ready to go now?" Akira asked.

Honou nodded, picking up his bag. "Nazca is ready as well... We'd better leave..."

Sweeney giggled. "OK, Honou-sama!"

Shifty chuckled as he, Sweeney and Akira left the house.

Honou was the last. He glanced at a book lying open on the table and sighed. "My ancestors... I will find the truth about your truth about your fate. That's a promise." He turned off the lights and locked the door behind him.

Back at the library...

Keenan placed the last book back into the shelf. "There we go! All done!"

Marcus sighed as he leaned back into his seat. "So, what do you guys think we should do about this Aura Kingdom mess?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Thomas replied, closing his computer.

Agumon scratched his head. "Erm, Thomas... can you show me what a Raikou looks like? I've seen a Suicune and an Entei, but what about a Raikou?"

Gaomon rolled his eyes. "What do you mean...? You've seen one! You know, Lightzone's picture!"

Agumon nodded. "Oh yeah, now I remember! A yellow sabertooth tiger with REALLY big teeth!"

Gaomon smiled. "Good. I'm glad we could clear that up before-"

Agumon frowned. "Although, something's off..."

"...Something like this happened..." Gaomon sighed.

"Suicune looks like a blue wolf while Entei looks like a lion!" Agumon said. "Which means Suicune must feel out of place to be a canine while Entei and Raikou look like cats!"

Keenan frowned. "Actually, I think Suicune looks like a cheetah."

Agumon blinked. "Suicune doesn't play fair?"

Keenan sweatdropped. "Cheetah, not cheater..."

"That would make them Legendary Cats, not Legendary Beasts," Falcomon said.

Thomas rubbed his chin. "Actually, from my point of view, Entei bears some resemblance to a canine Mastiff while Suicune does sort of look like a wolf. And Raikou looks kind of like a wolf too. Wolves come in all shapes and sizes, after all."

Yoshi nodded. "Yeah... So, they could be Legendary Dogs."

"But what if they're part cat and part dog?" Lalamon asked.

Agumon smiled. "I know! Legendary Gerbils!"

Gaomon wacked Agumon's head. "Do me a favour and be quiet!"

Marcus rolled his eyes. "No wonder they're called the Legendary Beasts... Just to avoid this topic, can we just agree they look like canines and move on?"

Thomas chuckled. "All right, Marcus."

"Right, let's move onto another topic..." Marcus said.

Agumon nodded. "And I know the perfect one! Do the Legendary Birds actually look like birds?"

"Yes," Marcus muttered, slamming his fist into Agumon's head. "Discussion over."

Yoshi smirked and glanced at Thomas. "So... tonight, we're leaving...?"

Thomas nodded.

"Hey, I just realised," Lalamon said, hovering over to Yoshi. "The others with Pokemon, Digimon and other things... the ones who are at Gran Elysium... do you... do you think they'll accept us?"

Yoshi blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Well, our turning up and telling them we're there to help sounds... out of the blue..." Lalamon said.

Marcus shrugged. "Eh, that can't be helped! And besides, we're staying whether they want us or not! We didn't came all this way just for them to turn us away!"

Thomas smiled. "I think it'll be okay, Lalamon..."

"Yeah! I'm sure they'll gladly accept our help!" Keenan said. "They'll need all the strength they can get!"

Falcomon nodded. "Our Burst Mode will surely give them a boost if Gallantmon Shining Mode gets knocked out."

"And not only that, the Councilors of Gran Elysium might accept us for what we did to save Rogamine," Gaomon added.

Agumon grinned. "And for taking out an Unholy Beast! Right, boss?"

Marcus smirked. "Oh yeah!"

"They might want proof of that though," Lalamon noted.

Agumon grinned even wider. "We've got that covered."

Yoshi sighed in relief. "Oh, that's good.... Wait, you have?"

"Show 'em, boss!" Agumon said.

Marcus brought out his backpack and removed a large piece of dark blue crystal. "Take a look at this!"

"Wow... it's pretty..." Lalamon said.

"What is it?" Keenan asked.

"Whatever it is, it looks amazing!" Yoshi added.

Thomas frowned. "Marcus, where did you get it?"

Marcus grinned. "Do you guys remember when Granasmon told us the story about the Unholy Beasts? He showed us UriaSeadramon getting beaten by Gallantmon Shining Mode, right?"

Thomas nodded. "Yes, that's right. And then..." His eyes widened. "Wait!"

"After they all left, Madoudramon came... and found this in the ashes left behind by UriaSeadramon," Granasmon had said as he changed the image to show Madoudramon searching for something in a pile of digital ashes of UriaSeadramon as MarineDevimon, ShadowGrumblemon and DarkPegasusmon watched. The Dragon Knight Digimon finally stood up with a red orb in his hands.

"What is that?" Yoshi asked.

"It's called Uria's Crystal," Granasmon said. "From what I've heard, each of the Unholy Beasts have one, only to be revealed upon their destruction. If all three are brought together, then a disaster so great that even Gallantmon Shining Mode would have problems dealing with it would occur."

Thomas stood up in surprise. "Marcus, you remembered that?!"

Marcus just grinned in response.

"Remember what?" Yoshi asked.

"Each of the Unholy Beast has a crystal based on their color," Thomas said. "Granasmon showed Madoudramon collecting UriaSeadramon's crystal after he was destroyed. If all three are brought together, then something much stronger than Shining Mode will be born!"

Yoshi's jaw dropped in astonishment. "And you found it?!"

Marcus nodded. "It happened after ShineGreymon used his finishing move on RavielPhantomon..."

Marcus stood on ShineGreymon Burst Mode's hand as they watched RavielPhantomon's body dissolve into nothingness. Everything in the chamber had been completely destroyed. Marcus smiled when the last of the demon phantom disintegrated away. "Done and done!"

ShineGreymon BM nodded as his body glowed and he De-Digivolved back to his original form. "And not a moment too soon!"

"Yeah..." Marcus Marcus said. "OK, let's head back up and..." He noticed something glinting on the floor. "Hmm?"

"Boss, what's wrong?" ShineGreymon asked.

"I thought I saw something over there," Marcus said. "Put me down so I can check it out."

ShineGreymon nodded and placed Marcus on the ground. The human rushed over to the glint on the ground. He brushed off the dust and picked up a dark blue crystal.

Marcus stood up with a frown. "A crystal...? What's it doing here?"

"Boss, I think you're standing in the spot where RavielPhantomon's chest was," ShineGreymon said.

Marcus glanced at ShineGreymon in puzzlement. "RavielPhantomon's...chest?" His eyes widened. "Wait! Of course... This is RavielPhantomon's crystal!"

ShineGreymon blinked. "Crystal?"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah! Remember what Granasmon showed us? Madoudramon took a sphere from UriaSeadramon's remains?" He held it up. "Supposedly if this crystal is combined with UriaSeadramon and the Hamon Beast's, it'll create a monster that not even Gallantmon can stand up to!"

ShineGreymon snapped his fingers. "Oh, right! What should we do with it? Leave it behind? Destroy it?"

Marcus shook his head. "Nah, let's take it with us! That way, we'll be thwarting that Madoudramon guy's plans!"

"Sounds like a good idea to me," ShineGreymon said.

Marcus glanced around and put the crystal into his backpack. Then he jumped back onto ShineGreymon's hand. "OK! Let's get out of here!"

"You got it, Boss!" ShineGreymon replied as he flew out through the hole.

"So, that was why you two took so long to leave the chamber?" Keenan asked.

Marcus nodded. "Yeah, sorry about that..."

Gaomon frowned. "But, why did you bring it out?"

Thomas examined the crystal. "I'm guessing the main reason you brought it with us was so Madoudramon wouldn't go down and find the crystal himself, so he couldn't unleash its power."

Marcus frowned. "Its power, huh? Ha! If that ever happens, Agumon and I will beat it down!"

"YEAH!" Agumon cheered.

Lalamon sighed. "I should have seen that one coming..."

Yoshi frowned. "You should have destroyed it, Marcus. If the crystal were destroyed, then that would spoil Madoudramon's plans even more!"

Lalamon, Falcomon, Keenan and Gaomon were expecting Marcus to groan and yell "Why didn't I think of that?!", but instead...

Marcus sighed. "I tried to, Yoshi, but...I couldn't. The crystal is so hard, not even my fists could break it!"

Yoshi blinked. "You couldn't destroy the crystal?!"

Marcus shook his head.

"I was amazed too!" Agumon said. "I mean, the boss's fists couldn't destroy that crystal! I mean, the boss destroyed KING DRASIL with his bare hands, but couldn't even scratch that crystal."

Gaomon frowned. "That is bizarre..."

"Not really," Thomas said as he put the crystal down. "The crystals must have been put in the Unholy Beasts for a reason. They must have been created by Valmarmon!"

Keenan's eyes widened. "Of course... Valmarmon! He's a Demon God Digimon, he must have made the crystals impossible to destroy!"

Thomas nodded. "Exactly."

"But why?" Lalamon asked.

"My best guess is that Valmarmon was planning to make this powerful Digimon that required the three crystals to be brought together," Thomas said. "He must have had a hidden plan when he created them. That plan failed when the Unholy Beasts turned against him..."

Marcus frowned. "If he could do something like that, then why make the Unholy Beasts in the first place? He could have made that super Digimon right away!"

"It might have been a test," Thomas said. "I mean, if the Unholy Beasts turned against him, then this powerful Digimon would probably have done the same thing."

Agumon scratched his head. "It sounded like Valmarmon had a pretty complex plan, huh?"

"It was complex," Gaomon agreed. "And it worked...until the Unholy Beasts turned against him."

Yoshi glanced at Marcus. "As soon as you came up, we had our Digimon bury the chamber. We should have buried the crystal too."

Marcus shrugged. "I felt it was a risk I couldn't take."

"What are the chances it would have been buried completely?" Keenan asked. "Madoudramon might still have found the crystal. Since he works for Valmarmon, he would have known that the crystal wasn't destroyed."

Yoshi glanced at the crystal. "So, we're going to hold onto this, then? For how long...?"

"Until we arrive at Gran Elysium," Thomas said. "Hopefully, someone there can seal it away and prevent Madoudramon from getting it."

Lalamon sighed. "Just one Unholy Beast remains..."

"Based on Hamon," Falcomon added. "And that one will be the strongest of the three..."

Marcus grinned. "Great! Something else for me to smash with my fists!"

"Me too!" Agumon agreed.

Yoshi rolled her eyes. "Well, that will have to wait a while, because Valmarmon didn't seal all the Unholy Beasts on the same world, right?"

Thomas rubbed his chin. "UriaSeadramon was sealed in Zhuqiaomon's Digital World while RavielPhantomon was sealed in the Rogamine region of Chuuten Elysia. That means the Hamon beast must be sealed either in one of the three remaining Sovereign's Digital Worlds, or somewhere we haven't visited."

"Or maybe even in our Digital World?" Falcomon asked.

"Wouldn't King Drasil be aware of that?" Gaomon asked.

Falcomon frowned. "I don't know... I'm not sure if Merukimon was aware of the legend of the Unholy Beasts."

Thomas sighed. "Let's not worry about the Hamon Beast for now... What I'm concerned about is Foodin, Morpheus, the Aura Kingdom, Madoudramon, and everything else..."

"Well, like you said before, Nerdstein," Marcus said. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Our first task is to go to Gran Elysium and meet up with the other heroes."

"Marcus is saying sensible for a change?" Lalamon gasped.

"I'm not that surprised," Yoshi said, checking her watch. "In a few seconds, he'll be back to his old self..."

Gaomon sighed. "Well, at least all the problems in Rogamine are over."

Marcus stood up and took a newspaper from a nearby rack. "Yeah... too bad there are so many problems in the other regions." He threw the paper on the table. "Read this... this was one of the last pieces of news before the town was taken over and communications were broken off."

Yoshi rolled her eyes. "In other words... it's over a week old?"

"Yep!" Marcus grinned.

Thomas looked at the front page and noticed an interesting picture. "What's that? A lion?"

"Is it Simba?!" Agumon gasped.

Marcus sweatdropped. "Simba...?! Agumon, you saw the paper!"

"So, it's not Simba?" Agumon asked.

"NO!!!" Marcus snapped. "It's not Simba, Nala, Kiara, Sarabi, Sarafina, Kovu, Vitani, Mufasa, Scar, Nuka or Zira!"

Agumon snapped his claws. "It's Kimba!"


"It's a good thing it wasn't a deer," Gaomon muttered.

Agumon scratched his head as a huge bump throbbed. "Erm... Bambi... Faline... Bambi's mother... Rudolph... Zoey... Blitzen..."


"ENOUGH!!!" Marcus yelled.

Yoshi grinned. "Marcus, this a library... keep your voice down..."

"YOU...!!!" Marcus hissed.

Thomas frowned at the article. "Hmm... he went missing a week ago, huh?"

"Who?" Falcomon asked.

Thomas pushed the paper to Falcomon and opened his computer again.

Lalamon hovered over the paper. "Rento Leoning, a 24 year old Luxray from Umbrakan, mysteriously vanished recently while doing research on the history of Chuuten. Orphaned at a young age, he studied to become an archaeologist and is engaged to the Weavile Tanata Shapko, who is carrying his child. His disappearance was suspicious because his equipment was left behind, and there were signs of a fight, implying he may have been abducted. The authorities have searched the Noctis region, however, and have as yet been unable to find Rento. The bigger question is..."

Before Lalamon could continue reading, Yoshi took the paper from her and frowned at it. "And this is just ONE of the problems in Elysia?"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah... It said that he and Tanata were going to live in Serene Town. Rento got a job as a teacher there."

"In archaeology?" Gaomon asked.

Agumon nodded. "Yeah! For arch.... arch...Archeoavis?"

Gaomon sweatdropped. "Try again..."

"Arch...eus?" Agumon guessed.

"Close..." Gaomon muttered. "Try again."

"Arch-a-nine?" Agumon tried.

Gaomon bowed his head and sweatdropped. "Too far..."

"Strike three," Keenan muttered. "He's out..."

"Luxray, the Gleam Eyes Pokemon and the evolved form of Luxio," Thomas read off his computer. "A pure Electric-type Pokemon that has extraordinary eyesight, allowing them to see through most objects."

Agumon scratched his head. "So.... this is the Pokemon version of Superman... and the Lion King?"

Yoshi sweatdropped. "Did it say Lion Pokemon or Gleam Eye Pokemon?"

"I'm thinking he's the Kimba Pokemon," Agumon noted.

"Kimba's white," Keenan said. "Luxray is black..."

Falcomon rubbed his chin. "Hmm... White and black... sounds like a lion version of Lucemon Chaos Mode..."

Keenan sweatdropped. "Don't you start..."

"Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokemon that evolves from a Sneasel holding a Razor Claw at night," Thomas said. "An Ice/Dark type, this Pokemon is very quick and said to be extremely intelligent, using its sharp eyes to see everything. They can also signal their companions by using their claws to leave mysterious markings on the surfaces of trees and ice."

Yoshi rolled her eyes. "Sounds like a sweet Pokemon for Rento to marry..."

Thomas chuckled. "Well, what's more interesting is the behavioral patterns of Luxrays and Weaviles. Would you like to hear them?"

"No thanks!" Marcus said. "I think we've heard enough. Any more of this and my head might explode..."

"Go ahead and tell us about their behavioral patterns, Thomas," Yoshi grinned.

Marcus fumed. "Very funny..."

Thomas smirked. "Well, to be honest, they remind me a lot of Marcus."

"What?! Why?!" Marcus snapped. "Wait... don't answer that!!!"

Yoshi and Thomas laughed.

"Do you think we might help this Takana find her missing fiancee?" Keenan asked.

Thomas shrugged. "That I don't know. It all depends on what we'll be doing when we get to Gran Elysium..."

"What makes you think we'll be involved with the kidnapping?" Yoshi asked.

"When we got involved with the Unholy Beast, we didn't imagine we would also get involved with the history of the Aura Kingdom," Thomas said. "So, judging by our past experiences, I wouldn't be surprised if we got involved in this mystery, too."

Yoshi sweatdropped. "Point..."

Marcus glanced out the window and sighed. "Come on, you guys..." He picked up the crystal and put it in his backpack. "Let's go and enjoy the rest of the party..."

Thomas nodded, shutting his computer down again. "Very well..."

Yoshi placed the newspaper back on the rack. "And tonight, we're off!"

"Yeah..." Keenan muttered.

"Marcus, I'd like to know one thing...why didn't you show us the crystal until now?" Gaomon asked.

Marcus smirked. "What? And ruin all the celebration by bringing out a doom and gloom jewel?"

Gaomon frowned. "You could have shown it to us after you and ShineGreymon came out of the chamber..."

"Again, ruin all the celebration by bringing out a doom and gloom jewel?" Marcus repeated.

Gaomon sighed. "Never mind..."

"You guys ready?" Keenan asked.

Thomas placed his computer away and nodded. "Ready..."

"OK... Let's go!" Marcus said, walking to the stairs.

"I wonder how our journey will go...?" Lalamon wondered.

Falcomon frowned. "I just wonder why Rento was kidnapped."

"Do you think we'll find out?" Agumon asked.

Gaomon sighed. "Knowing our luck, probably."

Agumon nodded. "Probably, yeah. And I have a feeling we won't like the answer..."

"Yo!" DarkPegasusmon called out, entering a chamber. "Valmar-dude! Are you in here?"

Don, who was leaning against a wall, sweatdropped. "Nice way to greet a digital deity..."

"It is, isn't it?" DarkPegasusmon smiled.

Don sighed and pointed to Valmarmon, who was sitting on a nearby boulder, his back turned to his minions as he worked on something. "He's busy at the moment..."

DarkPegasusmon cocked his head slightly. "What's he doing?"

Don pointed to Rento, who was lying on a makeshift bed, staring at the celing with glazed eyes. "Building a Digivice for him..."

"Oh, the cloned Spirits of Thunder are complete?" DarkPegasusmon asked. "That was quick... Madoudramon only brought back the data on RhinoKabuterimon and Beowolfmon before Valmarmon sent him off on two more missions with Nightshroud."

"Valmarmon was able to replicate the Human Spirit of Thunder pretty easily," Don said. "According to him, the Beast Spirits take a lot more time to duplicate. He's going to test the cloned Human Thunder Warrior Spirit once he finishes Rento's Digivice."

"And the Spirits of Light and Darkness?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

Don glanced at DarkPegasusmon. "He says he'll make the Spirits of Chaos from them when he's ready..."

DarkPegasusmon nodded. "I see... So, why bother creating a new Digivice for Rento in the first place? Why not base the Digivice on the D-Tectors? Unless those remind him of his painful defeats at their hands?"

Don shook his head. "Nope, that's not it. He said he wanted the Spirit Evolution pose to look more dramatic, so he's going to design a better version...or so he says."

DarkPegasusmon frowned. "Sounds like he's been busy."

Don nodded. "Yes, by viewing other worlds to gain inspiration. First he saw a world full of anthromorphic animals and watched one of them design a lot of devices for adventuring...all of them broke."

"This inventor... what was his name?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

"Bert Raccoon," Don replied.

DarkPegasusmon sweatdropped. "OK... I won't get his number if I won't get his number."

"Then he spotted a world where he saw a bunch of kids dancing with Barney the Dinosaur," Don continued. "He vowed to save those children from a purple dinosaur. I have no idea why."

"That's because he's evil!" DarkPegasusmon cried dramatically. "EEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIILLLLLLL!!!!!!!!"

Don stared at DarkPegasusmon.

DarkPegasusmon grinned. "I always wanted to do something like that."

Don sweatdropped. "Riiiiiight... Anyway, he saw a world full of Teletubbies. He vowed to fix the monitors on their chest to get better reception..."

DarkPegasusmon considered that for a moment. "Hmm... I could have Dipsy's TV tune into WWE while change Lala's name to something less stupid."

Don rubbed his eyes. "Give me strength..."

DarkPegasusmon snickered.

"Valmarmon said that seeing Barney and the Teletubbies frightened him, oddly enough," Don continued. "And then, he got another fright by viewing the world of Beyblade."

DarkPegasusmon blinked. " It certainly is a stupid game. A tournament of spinning tops? What's so scary about that?"

"The sheer stupidity was enough to terrify him," Don muttered.

"What? And a children's card game like Duel Monsters doesn't frighten him?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

"I don't get it either," Don confessed. "He tried explaining it to me, but basically, I think he's just a card game fanboy. Weird, huh?"

DarkPegasusmon nodded. "I agree...." He was silent for a moment. "DUEL MONSTER RULES!!!"

Don facepalmed.

After DarkPegasusmon finished laughing, he glanced at Don. "So, he found nothing left to see?"

"After looking at a few more worlds, he checked out some inspirational ones he'd been saving," Don continued. "The worlds of the Power Rangers, Super Sentai and Kamen Riders."

"So the Spirit Digidestined are Digimon versions of Rangers and Riders, huh?" DarkPegasusmon muttered.

Don shrugged. "Guess so... After a couple of hours of looking at the Ranger worlds, he decided to look at the worlds of Kamen Riders. He started off with Kamen Rider Ryuki, because he was interested in their Decks."

DarkPegasusmon smirked. "We could make our own Ryuki-styled Kamen Rider by using Synchro Duel Monsters. And if the Kamen Rider went into Survive Mode, the Synchro monster will change into Assault Mode! Say, that means Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas must be Kamen Riders! They ride bikes, their Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend have Assualt Mode upgrades and... why are you looking at me like that?"

Don gave DarkPegasusmon an exasperated look. "Valmarmon said the exact same thing..."

DarkPegasusmon chuckled. "Looks like great minds think alike!"

"Great minds?!" Don groaned. "More like crazy minds!"

DarkPegasusmon smirked. "So, he's not going to make Kamen Riders based on Ryuki, right?"

"Yes and no," Don muttered. "He's planning to make a few Digital Kamen Riders in the future. He wants to have Ryuga on his side. He said he looked cool."

"Ryuga," DarkPegasusmon repeated. "Otherwise known as Kamen Rider Onyx!"

Don stood up. "Look! Why don't I cut to the chase...he checked out the world of Kamen Rider Kabuto!"

DarkPegasusmon smirked. "This should be good."

Don groaned. "Where do I start...?"

"How do you know so much about Kamen Riders anyway?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

"Valmarmon, who else?" Don muttered.

DarkPegasusmon laughed. "Oh yeah... that WAS a stupid question! Anyway, I hope the new Digivice is like the transformation devices from Kabuto. The voices on those things are cool! HENSHIN! CAST OFF! CHANGE BEETLE!"

Don sweatdropped. "So, Valmarmon is a bit of a card game fanboy and you're a Rider fan...horse?"

"Nope, I'm a Rider fanunicorn!" DarkPegasusmon smirked.

Don stared at DarkPegasusmon. "You can't be a unicorn! Valmarmon showed me what unicorns looked like! They have horns, just like Rapidashes! And they can purify things.... which is like Suicune! And they can only be ridden by virgins, which...um..." he coughed awkwardly. "Yeah...um...and you have wings, so you're a pegasus, not a unicorn! It's even in your name! So you're a fanpegasus, not a fanunicorn!"

DarkPegasusmon shrugged. "Eh... whatever... but I look like I Digivolved from a Rapidash, and they have horns."

"But they don't have unicorn powers, do they?" Don asked.

"No, but I do have another horn somewhere," DarkPegasusmon said with a straight face.

Don blinked. "Is that so? Where is--DON'T YOU DARE ANSWER THAT!!!"

DarkPegasusmon fell to the ground, laughing hysterically.

Don facepalmed. "How Madoudramon puts up with you, I'll never know!"

DarkPegasusmon got up. "Heheheh. I was waiting for that, and it was SO worth it!"

"Oh joy..." Don muttered.

"So, is it the Kabuto transformation devices?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

Don shook his head. "No... it's that phone thing from Kamen Rider 555."

"Five hundred and fifty five?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

"Let me repeat myself..." Don muttered. "Kamen Rider.... Why did I fall for that again...?"

"SCORE!" DarkPegasusmon laughed.

Don rubbed his eyes. "Kamen Rider 555, otherwise known as Kamen Rider Faiz. Valmarmon chose their transformation devices as the base for Rento's Digivice. I don't know what he'll call it... D-Phone, D-Mobile, D-Something!"

"Kamen Rider Faiz's henshin device..." DarkPegasusmon muttered. "I wonder when he'll be..."

Valmarmon laughed. "DONE AND DONE!!!"

"....finished..." DarkPegasusmon muttered.

Valmarmon stood up, holding two a strange holder for a buckle, while the other resembled a mobile phone. He chuckled. "Kamen Rider Faiz, thank you very much!"

Don turned to glance at Valmarmon. "So, what does Rento have to do to Spirit Evolve? Whenever someone transforms into Faiz, they press 5-5-5 on the phone."

"8-5-9," Valmarmon replied, walking over to Rento. "I can't wait any longer! I've got to try it out!"

Don sighed. "DarkPegasusmon is here. He has something to report."

Valmarmon frowned. "Is that so?"

"Can we save it for later?" DarkPegasusmon asked. "I wanna see the new Spirit Evolution!"

"No, we can't," Valmarmon said. DarkPegasusmon pouted. Valmarmon grinned. "Just kidding! RENTO!!!"

Don sweatdropped. "I'm dealing with TWO tricksters now..."

"There'll be three soon enough!" DarkPegasusmon said. "We're inviting the Riddler to join our group."

Don facepalmed. "Please tell me you're kidding..."

DarkPegasusmon looked innocent. "Hmmmm... maybe..."

Rento arose, staring forward blankly.

"Look at that!" DarkPegasusmon grinned. "We have a Pokemon Frankenstein!"

Don rubbed his eyes. "Good thing we wouldn't have one of those if they used an Electric-type's body parts. They'd just absorb all the electricity..."

"What if it were part Magneton?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

"Forget it..." Don groaned.

Valmarmon walked over to Rento. "Stand up!"

Rento got off his bed and stood to attention.

Valmarmon held the belt out to Rento. "Put this on."

Rento complied, taking the belt and closing it around his waist...with the strange holder on his backside.

Don and DarkPegasusmon snickered.

Valmarmon rolled his eyes. "Move the belt until the buckle is on your front, idiot."

Rento did so. "Sorry, Valmarmon-sama..."

"No worries..." Valmarmon smirked, holding the device out to Rento. "Press 8-5-9, close it and slot it into your belt, then utter the words...Dark Spirit Evolution!"

Rento took the device and opened it like a mobile phone. He pressed the buttons...


Rento closed it and clenched it in his fist. "Dark Spirit Evolution." He put it into the holder in his belt, slotting it in place.


Rento's body was covered in a cocoon of white and blue Digicode. It swirled rapidly around him before vanishing to reveal his new form.

Rento's new Digimon form looked like Beetlemon, except the colors were much darker than J.P.'s usual standby. The new Digimon looked at his hands for a moment, then clenched his fists and looked up at Valmarmon.

Valmarmon smirked. "Well...? What is your new Digimon form called?"

The Digimon bowed his head, slamming his fists together to generate dark electricity.



NAME: ShadowBlitzmon

LEVEL: Hybrid (Champion-Class/Ultimate-Class)

TYPE: Variable

Cyborg Digimon

ATTACKS: Thor Hammer, Lightning Blitz, Lightning Topper, Mjolnir Thunder

A darker version of the Legendary Warrior of Thunder, Beetlemon. Normally, it's a Champion-Class Hybrid, but thanks to Rento's status as an Electric-type Pokemon, it's powers have increased to the Ultimate level. Its electrical attacks are powerful, and its defenses are just as strong. His signature attack is Thor Hammer.

"SUCCESS!!!" Valmarmon cheered. "IT WORKED!!! IT WORKED!!!"

Don looked impressed. "How ironic... the Spirit Digidestined will be fighting a darker version of themselves once more..."

DarkPegasusmon frowned. "Hey... what's with his eyes? They don't have the look of someone who's being mind-controlled."

Valmarmon grinned. "It's a disguise, to prevent anyone from seeing that Rento is my slave..."

"Just so long as he doesn't get knocked out of his Digimon form," Don noted. "As long as that doesn't happen, he's yours forever."

"Exactly..." Valmarmon hissed. "Rento, how are you feeling?"

ShadowBlitzmon flexed his muscles. "It'll take some time to get used to, Lord Valmarmon... but rest assured, I'll fight for you!"

Valmarmon grinned. "Excellent! I'll give you your first order as a Digimon soon enough, Rento! But first..." He turned around. "All right, DarkPegasusmon... what do you have to report?"

DarkPegasusmon coughed. "Well, my lord... I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I've received word from Nightshroud. He and Madoudramon were able to make contact with Morpheus. They're now going to Foodin for a meeting."

Valmarmon smirked. "Is that so? That's excellent news!"

"Something I don't get," Don muttered. "Foodin's Artes have been sealed for 2000 years, right? So how come Morpheus and the others still see Foodin as their leader? Can't they overthrow them?"

Valmarmon shook his head. "No."

Don, DarkPegasusmon and ShadowBlitzmon looked at Valmarmon in surprise. ShadowBlitzmon took a step forward. "No? Why not?"

"Whenever Foodin's Beginner-level Followers have been upgraded to the Advanced-level, they're supposed to touch an amulet that only Foodin can control that grants them hidden power, so that they can use the Forbidden Artes with ease, along with many other evil Artes that no one should use," Valmarmon explained. "However, in the process, an unremovable seal is put into their skulls that Foodin can use in case they betray or disappoint him!"

"A seal?" Don muttered.

"Yes... by using a Psychic-type attack, he can trigger the seal," Valmarmon said. "To torture the minds of his Followers in an incredibly painful way... So painful, their brains sometimes explode! He only uses it to kill a Follower who has abandoned him or failed too many times."

DarkPegasusmon blinked. "But they're immortal now. Their brains can't explode, can they?"

Valmarmon grinned evilly and shook his head. "Nope."

"Which makes the torture even more painful," ShadowBlitzmon muttered. "They serve him out of fear, not respect..."

"Which is different from what we've got going here how?" Don asked.

Valmarmon blinked. "I haven't placed any torture seals in your skulls."

Don nodded. "I know, but with all the insanity you've showed me so far... it feels like you have."

Valmarmon grinned. "Then my work here is done! Heheh... Anyway, it doesn't matter. Foodin and his followers will be working for me once again. After all, I know a secret of Foodin's relating to Inferna..."

"They're in love?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

Valmarmon shook his head. "Nope. Much worse than that. In fact, all I can say is, it was rather unintentional. Never meant to happen..."

"And that's all we're going to get out of you?" Don asked.

Valmarmon nodded cheerfully. "Yep!"

Don sighed. "OK... Let's leave it at that. We'll find out sooner or later..."

"Good!" Valmarmon smiled. "So, DarkPegasusmon... what's the bad news?"

DarkPegasusmon flinched. "Madoudramon was unable to get Raviel's Crystal from the ruins..."

"Is that all?" Valmarmon chuckled. "I thought it would be something worse, like a TV station not airing the last two episodes of a hit show."

Don sweatdropped. "You're not upset?"

Valmarmon shook his head. "No, no... It wasn't the right time for RavielPhantomon to be released from his seal. It was supposed to be a month after UriaSeadramon was released. The power of Raviel's Crystal is about as strong as a Magikarp using Splash. Uria's Crystal, on the other hand, is powerful enough to deflect an attack from a Burst Mode Digimon."

"I see..." Don murmured.

"Why was it supposed to happen a month from now?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

"I had a reason at the time," Valmarmon said. "The problem is... I can't remember what that reason was..."

Don rubbed his forehead. "Gee, what a surprise..."

ShadowBlitzmon glanced at DarkPegasusmon. "So, how come Madoudramon coudn't get this crystal? Was it destroyed?"

DarkPegasusmon scoffed. "Destroyed?! Ha! The crystals of the Unholy Beasts are strong enough to withstand a meteor shower! No, Madoudramon's best guess was that it was either buried or..."

"Stolen..." Don finished.

Valmarmon smirked. "I guess Marcus Damon isn't a stupid ape. Very well, I'll let them keep Raviel's Crystal. I'll come for it when I remember how to recharge its power..."

Don sighed. "We're doomed..."

"What about the final Unholy Beast?" ShadowBlitzmon asked. "Because Foodin woke RavielPhantomon early, your timing's been ruined!"

"Not exactly," Valmarmon smirked. "The last Unholy Beast's power will be fully recovered in three months. He will take the longest to regain his power, because he's the strongest of them all."

Don scratched his head. "Really? So, does this mean the Unholy Beasts were close to waking up already, and would have done so even if Madoudramon and Foodin hadn't interfered?"

Valmarmon scratched his chin. "That's not how it works, actually. It's all a little complicated...shall I try to explain?"

"And have my brain explode like one of Foodin's followers? No way!" Don cried.

"Suit yourself!" Valmarmon shrugged. "Anyway, in three months' time, the final Unholy Beast will be unleashed, with or without my help!"

"Your help doing what?" DarkPegasusmon asked.

"As an alarm clock," Valmarmon joked.

DarkPegasusmon smirked. "So, is this last Unholy Beast really that powerful?"

Valmarmon nodded. "Yes...strong enough to defeat even Gallantmon Shining Mode!"

Don's eyes widened. "Is that so? Where is this thing anyway?"

Valmarmon grinned. "It's not in Chuuten or any other Digital World...except..."

Don leaned closer. "Except...?"

"Find out in three months' time!" Valmarmon said like a TV announcer.

Don facefaulted.

ShadowBlitzmon crossed his arms. "So, if this Beast is powerful enough to defeat Gallantmon Shining Mode... how will you get his crystal?"

"Gallantmon Shining Mode won't be able to defeat the final Unholy Beast on his own," Valmarmon said, closing his eyes and imagining how the fight would play out.

ShineGreymon Burst Mode stood ready to fight, sword in his hands and wings burning brightly as he stood with three shadowys and Gallantmon Crimson Mode.

One of the shadows was holding a glowing yellow mace, his enormous pauldrons flaring with yellow-white energy, his eyes glowing red. Another was a a feminine figure with a long cape, flowing hair, and glowing white orbs floating around her. The last one looked like some kind of ninja with glowing purple feathers growing from his arms.

Gallantmon Crimson Mode stepped forward, raising a long, thin sword with a gaping golden dragon's maw in place of a crossguard. The silver blade extended from that mouth, shining with a strange light that came from within.

The weapon glowed and floated into the air. Gallantmon closed his eyes, allowing the transformation to happen. His form began to change as light engulfed his body. His build remained the same besides the fact that his Crimson armour was replaced by heavenly pearly armor. The Hazard sign on his chest had been replaced by a Crest of Light with a pair of angel's wings. His hands turned from silver-white to black. His limbs became enclosed inside bulkier white armour. Sprouting from his back were two pairs of pairs of wings. Each wing opened up to reveal hook extensions at the top and seven feather-like blades in place of real feathers. The blades spread out and emitted a beautiful, white aura of purifying light. Also attached to his back were two white lances. His eyes opened to reveal glittering golden orbs. The Dragon Saber lowered into his right hand. He spread his arms, releasing a massive column of holy white light.

He had become Gallantmon Shining Mode.

Facing them was a large winged creature, covered in a yellow aura and sparkling with electricity. With a silent roar, it unleashed a blast of lightning.

ShiningGallantmon responded by creating a ball of light in his hands and throwing it at the beast, while ShineGreymon BM spun his swords to shoot fire bullets. The other three shadows unleashed white, pink and purple energies of their own that overcame their foe's attack and engulfed him in a tremendous explosion.

Valmarmon opened his eyes and smirked. "With Gallantmon Shining Mode and four Burst Modes fighting together, the final Unholy Beast will be overwhelmed and defeated!"

Don frowned. "Are you sure?"

"No," Valmarmon chuckled. "But, I wouldn't hold my breath..."

Don blinked. "Huh?! You'll think they'll lose?!"

Valmarmon shook his head. "On the contary, I think they'll win if they work together. No, no... I'm just saying that I wouldn't be surprised if it were more than Shining and Burst fighting the last Beast..."

DarkPegasusmon cocked his head. "You mean... in the future, the other Digimon could surpass the power of their current strongest forms, like Imperialdramon Paladin Mode or Susanoomon?"

Valmarmon nodded. "Yes... exactly! The world of Chuuten Elysia has new challenges for those meddling heroes to face! Ancient powerful Digimon of great danger, sealed away for millennia, shall be unleashed! They won't be as dangerous as RavielPhantomon, but..."

"You do realize that the stronger these guys are, the harder it will be for you to defeat them, right?" Don pointed out.

Valmarmon smirked. "Sounds like a challenge... I like it! Besides, I want them to get stronger! Not only will it entertain me, but it'll make them the perfect tool to use to eliminate Lucemon once and for all!"

Don groaned. "Perfect tool? Valmarmon, they're a double-edged sword! They may destroy Lucemon, but then they'll turn on you!"

"How very true," Valmarmon mused. "Maybe they're a double-edged tool then."

Don facepaled. "I give up!"

"In any case, there are a few things I still need to do," Valmarmon said. "Finish the Spirits of Chaos, speak to Foodin, create Kamen Rider Ryuga..."

"Also known as Kamen Rider Oynx," DarkPegasusmon added.

Valmarmon nodded. "Yes..."

"You're serious about making that guy?" Don asked. He thought about it for a moment, then facepalmed. "I just remembered who I was talking to..."

"I might make him, I might not," Valmarmon smirked. "But, if I wanted to make a digital Kamen Rider to fight for me, I'd use Onyx."

Don sighed. "Why?"

Valmarmon grinned. "Because he looks so cool!"

"You're doing this to annoy me..." Don muttered to himself. "I just know it..."

Valmarmon snickered. "Anyway... where was I? Oh yes.... Kamen Rider Ryuga/Oynx, Rento's Beast Spirit, getting Don's Rhydon and Dusclops to evolve, maybe make a new battle form for Madoudramon... not as powerful as his Titan Mode, but not as big as well..."

Don shrugged. "Do what you want, Valmarmon... no one knows that you're here. You have all the time you need to work on your crazy plans."

Valmarmon chuckled. "All right... DarkPegasusmon, return to Madoudramon and Nightshroud. Report back to me if anything interesting happens!"

DarkPegasusmon nodded. "OK!"

"As for you, Rento..." Valmarmon turned to his new Digimon warrior. "About that task I mentioned earlier...something to do with your new Digimon form..."

ShadowBlitzmon nodded. "I'm ready for anything, Lord Valmarmon!"

Valmarmon grinned. "Good. I'm going to have you do a small kidnapping... in the capital city of Noctis, Umbrakan."

"My... old home?" ShadowBlitzmon blinked. "Who am I going to kidnap?"

Don smirked. "I can see what's coming..."

DarkPegasusmon chuckled. "So do I..."

Valmarmon smiled. "Someone who should join us before she's out of our reach..." He chuckled. "Tanata Shapko, your pregnant fiancee... Will you do it?"

ShadowBlitzmon nodded. "Yes, Lord Valmarmon!"

"Good..." Valmarmon laughed. "Very good."



Thomas and the others watched in amusement as Marcus tried very hard to keep Agumon from jumping onto a table laden with food and drink and consuming it all.

"Boss, I'm hungry!" Agumon cried.

"You're always hungry!" Marcus grunted.

Lalamon giggled. "They're fighting, which means things are back to normal."

Yoshi nodded. "Agreed!"

Thomas chuckled. "Marcus, why don't you distract Agumon with a sad story?"

Marcus glanced at Thomas while keeping Agumon pinned to the ground. "Like what? 'Don't eat all the food, Agumon, or all those poor children will starve to death?'"

Agumon burst into tears. "Boss, that's heartbreaking! Oh, the poor children... the poooooor children!!!"


Marcus got up, fuming. "Give me a break..."

Agumon stood up, a huge bump on his head. "They have Kit-Kats?"


Gaomon closed his eyes and smirked. His ears perked up as he heard the sounds of eating from the nearby table. He looked up to see someone munching away. "Hmm?"

Agumon shot to his feet, a bigger bump on his head. "HEY! GET OFF! THAT'S MINE!!!"

Keenan walked over and picked up a small Digimon. "Hmm?"

Falcomon blinked. "It's a Popomon!"

Marcus rubbed his fist and glanced around. "Huh? One of the Ice Climbers is a Digimon?"

Yoshi sweatdropped. "No, Marcus..."

Keenan held up the Digimon. "This is Popomon, a Baby-level Digimon."

"Popo," Said the Digimon. Popomon resembled the circular head of a sunflower but without the petals. He had red eyes and a single jagged leaf growing from his back.

Lalamon smiled. "Aw, how cute!"

Agumon blinked at Popomon. "Hmm..."

"Something wrong?" Gaomon asked.

"It's just... something is familiar about that Popomon... I don't know why..." Agumon muttered.

Butterflymon hovered over, giggling when she saw the Popomon's predicament. "There you are, Popomon..."

"Popo!" The small Digimon hopped out of Keenan's arms into Butterflymon's.

Butterflymon giggled. "Hello to you too..."

"Butterflymon," Thomas said. "You're looking after that Digimon?"

Butterflymon nodded. "Yes... he just hatched last night."

Marcus blinked. "That Popomon... is he...?"

Butterflymon nodded. "Yes. This is TyrantKabuterimon's Baby form."

Agumon smiled. "Ah, so that's why he felt familiar! I'm glad he's back!"

"Too bad his memories are gone," Gaomon muttered. "But, it might be for the best. Now he doesn't have to agonize over the things he did when he was leader of the Insectoids..."

Butterflymon sighed. "Agreed..."

"So, are you going to be okay as their new leader?" Yoshi asked.

"Yes," Butterflymon replied. "At the moment, it feels like I have to make up for the mistakes TyrantKabuterimon has made...while giving him another chance, unlike the Brothers."

Keenan lowered his head. "I'm sorry..."

Butterflymon shook her head. "Don't be... it's not your fault. In fact, you saved so many lives... Marcus, Agumon, Thomas, Gaomon, Yoshi, Lalamon, Keenan, Falcomon...thank you. Thank you so much."

Marcus smirked. "Enough of that already... you've thanked us a thousand times now!"

"I thought it was a billion," Falcomon said.

Butterflymon giggled. "I know your arrival in this region was a mistake, but it was one that gave us hope."

Thomas nodded. "And since Rogamine is now safe, we'll head for Gran Elysium tonight. We'd better enjoy our last day of celebration before we leave..."

Yoshi smiled. "Good idea."

"GREAT idea!" Agumon corrected, already leaping towards the table of food...

...only for Marcus to grab him in midair. "NO!!! YOU'RE NOT GAINING A NEW FORM CALLED ROUND MODE!!!"

" But booooooooooss!!" Agumon moaned.

"Popo! Popo!" Squeaked Popomon, hopping out of Butterflymon's arms and into the food, where he started munching away.

"HEY!!!" Marcus yelled, dropping Agumon. "GET OUT OF THERE!!!"


Gaomon rubbed his ears. "You're sharing your loud voice, Agumon... ugh..."

Thomas, Lalamon, Falcomon, Yoshi and Butterflymon laughed while Marcus and Agumon tried to stop a hungry Popomon from eating their food. It didn't work too well.

A few hours later...

"All right!" Kazama yelled from the deck of his ship. "Everything is set! You can come aboard when you're ready!"

"Thanks!" Thomas called back as he, Gaomon, Marcus, Agumon, Yoshi, Lalamon, Keenan, Falcomon, Honou and Nazca started walking up the boarding ramp to Kazama's airship. A small crowd was gathered to see them off.

Dusknoir hovered forward, shaking Thomas' hand. "Once again, thank you for saving everything, my friends. I wish your journey will be successful!"

Thomas smiled. "Thank you..."

Jijimon chuckled at Honou. "So, going to honour your family's legacy, hmm?"

"That is my mission," Honou replied. "I must find out the truth about my ancestor's fate. The world must learn the truth about what we've discovered here."

Nazca nodded. "Indeed. We shall return once we've made contact with the Councilors of Gran Elysium..."

Jijimon sighed. "Very well...I won't stop you. I wish you luck, Lady Honou!"

Honou stomped over to Jijimon and lifted him up by his cloak. "I'M A GUY, YOU MORON!!!" He hit Jijimon on the head and stomped back to the ramp, shaking his fist in pain while some of the crowd snickered.

"Good luck with your bra!" Jijimon added.

Honou facefaulted.

Nazca turned away, trying hard not to laugh.

"I never thought it would be possible for Jijimon to gain a new form," Arika muttered.

"I hardly think Senile Mode is new for him," Shifty said.

Sweeney giggled. "I don't think Jijimon Getting-Genders-Wrongs-And-Annoying-Sage-Honou-A-Lot Mode will work..."

Shifty sweatdropped. "Point..."

Kiri waved with her parents, smiling. "Marcus! Everyone! Take care!"

Cadee waved alongside her family--her father Thun-Kar, a female Houndoom, and her Houndour and Eevee siblings. "Good luck with your journey!"

"Go for it!" Labramon cheered.

Leormon smirked. "Show those bad guys how sweet those Burst Modes are!"

Rai-Fan smiled with the mayors of Jazubuki and Kuchagi. "Good luck, and thank you!"

Marcus glanced at Spydramon. "So, you and Cyndramon will be guarding this region?"

Spydramon nodded. "Yes..."

"With the Insectoids, the three towns, and our team working together, we'll be sure to rally the towns on the other two islands and protect the region from any future danger," Cyndramon added.

Falcomon snickered. "For a moment, I thought Marcus was going to say that you two were engaged..."

Spydramon and Cyndramon's faces flushed. "H-Hey... I... I mean... we... we aren't... ready yet... erm..."

"You sure?" Falcomon asked. "You two are blushing and I wouldn't be surprised if you started holding claws affectionately."

Cyndramon giggled sheepishly. "Yes, well... unlike Spydramon... I have... been thinking... about it..."

"You have?!" Spydramon asked, his face turning even redder.

Cyndramon nodded.

Spydramon gulped slightly. "C-Can we talk about this later?"

"Of course..." Cyndramon replied.

Falcomon rubbed his chin. "You know... we never did learn how Digimon made babies..."

Cyndramon's face went even redder and Spydramon cringed and sweatdropped.

Yoshi nudged Keenan. "He's your Digimon... stop him!"

"As long as he doesn't tease me about being friends with Kristy, I'm fine with it," Keenan muttered.

Honou turned to Marcus. "Shall we go?"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah!"

Spydramon coughed. "Excellent... I mean, we'll miss you...except for... I mean..."

Falcomon snickered.

"Marcus," Dusknoir said. "We've learned that Silesia hailed the Legendary Warriors as their great heroes for saving their world twice from Valmarmon. I'm sure that the Rogamine region will hail you, the Data Squad, as great heroes as well for saving us from RavielPhantomon."

The crowd nodded and cheered.

Thomas bowed. "Thank you... it's been an honor."

"Sir, we should leave right now," Gaomon said. "Before this overinflates Marcus' ego."

Marcus sweatdropped. "Hey..."

Yoshi smirked. "You sure about that, Gaomon? If it overinflates, then Marcus' ego must be bigger than the Solar System."

Marcus glared at Yoshi. "Double hey!"

"Not as big as Agumon's stomach," Gaomon noted. "That must be bigger than the whole universe."

"That's true," Agumon nodded.

Marcus whacked Agumon on the head. "Wrong reaction!"

Agumon blinked. "That's true..." He glared at Gaomon. "Hey..."

Marcus sweatdropped and waved to the amused crowd. "Goodbye..."

Nazca giggled as she followed the Data Squad and Honou onto the airship. "This should be an eventful trip..."

Honou sighed. "Just as long as we get some sleep..."

Kazama smirked as the group got on before raising the ramp. "You ready?"

Marcus glanced at the others. One by one, they nodded. With a smirk, the street fighter turned back to the Staraptor. "We're ready!"

"OK!" Kazama said, walking away. "We're off to Gran Elysium!"

A few minutes later , the airship came to life and started to glide out of Kuchagi's port.

The passengers stood on the deck, waving to the crowd. The townspeople waved back, watching their heroes and their companions leave Rogamine for their next adventure

"Marcus! Thomas! Keenan! Yoshi!" Spydramon yelled. "Good luck!"

"Agumon! Gaomon! Lalamon! Take care of your partners!" Cyndramon added. "Falcomon, spare any loving couples your teasing!"

Spydramon nodded. "Yeah!" He paused, then flushed. "Loving couples?!"

Cyndramon giggled. Spydramon groaned. He had forgotten that Cyndramon had a cheeky side as well...

"Honou-sama! Nazca!" Akira yelled. "Be careful!"

"See you soon!" Sweeney added.

"Good luck!" Shifty cried.

"Goodbye, everyone!" Marcus yelled as he waved back. "And thank you!"

Soon after that, the airship was out of eyesight from the town. The heroes were on their way to Gran Elysia, and the new adventure waiting for them there.

The mayor of Kuchagi Port coughed and turned to the crowd. "People of Kuchagi, this will be our last night of celebrations! Let's toast our heroes, the Data Squad!"

The crowd cheered and headed out to party, leaving only a few behind.

"So, you evolved into a Pokemon called Mamoswine?" Butterflymon asked, hovering over with Popomon in her arms.

Sweeney nodded. "Yes. Thomas said that by learning Ancientpower, I was able to evolve into Mamoswine. He said that Piloswine was one of five Pokemon that evolves from learning a new move."

Akira sighed. "I remember that... I fell asleep..."

Shifty frowned. "You fell asleep?! Arika, one of the great heroes was sharing his knowledge and you fell asleep?!"

Sweeney shrugged. "It wasn't as bad as you wearing cotton wool, Shifty..."

Shifty sweatdropped. "How did you... I mean... Cotton rule?! What cotton rule?!"

"Cotton wool," Butterflymon corrected.

Shifty sweatdropped even more. "Erm... slip of the tounge..."

"Did it hurt?" Akira smirked.


"I'm not here!!!" Shouted a male Zangoose as he hid behind a bunch of crates...

His Luxray wife blinked as she turned to the Zangoose's friends, a male Pidgeot and Weavile. "What did you guys tell him?"

"We told him we bumped into that Seviper that has the hots for him," The Pidgeot replied.

The Weavile nodded. "And he ran off before we could tell him that he found an Arbok to be his lover."

The Zangoose popped his head up. "He's married now?!"

"I guess so..." The Pidgeot said. "Although, I can't tell if he married a male or female Arbok..."

The Weavile smirked. "It's best not to think about it."

The Zangoose sighed. "That's good... Now I don't have to worry about him ever again..." He turned to his Luxray wife. "So, I was wondering... are you ready to have another child?"

The Luxray got into a mock thinking pose. "Hmm...Maybe... but you'll have to deal with that male Rapidash who has that crush on you first."

"MALE RAPIDASH!?" The Zangoose screeched, hiding behind the crates again. "STAY AWAY!!! STAY AWAY!!!"

The Luxray sweatdropped. "I was kidding, dear..."

The Pidgeot and Weavile looked at each other and sweatdropped.

"So, Jijimon," Leormon said. "Do you have any idea where the last Unholy Beast is?"

Labramon nodded. "Yeah! UriaSeadramon and RavielPhantomon are both dead, so maybe we could send a huge army to keep watch on the last Beast's home?"

Jijimon sighed. "What makes you think I would know? I never knew that RavielPhantomon was in those ruins..."

"Well, I'm sure you must have some clue where it is!" Leormon said.

"Remember, young ones..." Jijimon said. "Valmarmon didn't seal the Unholy Beasts in the same world... RavielPhantomon was sealed here, while UriaSeadramon was sealed in Zhuqiaomon's Digital World."

Labramon hopped onto Jijimon's back. "But, didn't you once say that there were clues about the Unholy Beasts' locations?"

Jijimon shook his head. "It won't help us. It's a very weak clue..."

"Why?" Leormon asked.

Jijimon glanced at Leormon. "Where it all began... that's it."

"Where it all began?!" Leormon repeated. "What sort of clue is that?!"

Labramon groaned. "It might have been talking about RavielPhantomon! That chamber was where he and the othere were created!"

"Which is why I wouldn't rely on it," Jijimon said. "However, let's not dwell on this...now is a time for celebration!"

"I guess you're right," Labramon said.

Leormon grinned. "Yeah! Let's chow down!"

Jijimon nodded before turning to Sweeney. "Good sir, please join us..."

Sweeney sweatdropped. "I'm a girl..."

"And we're guys before you get any ideas!" Shifty snapped.

Jijimon pointed at Akira. "Are you sure he's a boy? Maybe if she revealed her face..."

Akira grabbed his skull helmet. "No way!"

Sweeney grabbed Akira and Shifty. "Run! Run! Run!"

Jijimon watched as the three Sages ran off. "My, my... that large male sure knows how to run quickly..."

Labramon and Leormon looked at each other and shrugged.

Butterflymon stood with Spydramon, Cyndramon and Dusknoir as the sky slowly darkened into night.

"Do you think they'll be okay?" Cyndramon asked.

Spydramon smirked. "After seeing their power, I'm sure they'll be okay..."

Dusknoir chuckled. "Lord Granasmon chose them to help a group of heroes on their journey. After witnessing what they did here, I think he made the right choice."

Butterflymon nodded. "Yes... if it wasn't for them... I dread to think what would have happened."

"It's best not to think about it then," Dusknoir said. "The disaster had been stopped and RavielPhantomon will never return to threaten us again. Morpheus is trapped in the canyon and Foodin will surely be captured soon."

Spydramon smiled. "So, I guess we can say things worked out okay." He gently took Cyndramon's claws. "We can finally rest..."

Cyndramon blushed. "Yes... we can..."

"Popo! Popo!" Popomon chirped.

Butterflymon giggled. "Yeah... for a new future..."

On board the airship, Kazama stepped out onto the deck.

"According to my calculations, we'll be arriving at Gran Elysium in four days," Kazama said. "However, we need to stop at some ports along the way to refuel. We'll arrive at Frozaton Port in the Infernice region tomorrow at noon."

Thomas nodded. "Thank you, Kazama. That's fine with us."

"You guys have spent all day partying so you can have a light supper," Kazama continued. "When you're ready for bed, I'll direct you to your rooms."

Gaomon bowed. "Thank you, Kazama."

"No, thank you..." Kazama smirked before walking back to the bridge.

Agumon scratched his head. "How was the ship still moving when Kazama came out to see us?"

"Have youever heard of a crew, Agumon?" Marcus asked.

"A crew?" Agumon repeated. "Are they Pokemon or food?"

Marcus sweatdropped. "Never mind..."

Nazca yawned. "Oh, I'm sorry... I've tired myself out from all the celebrations."

Agumon nodded. "I know. You must have drank a lot... you were dancing and flipping your skirt."

Nazca blinked. "I did?!"

"No, she didn't," Gaomon muttered. "Those were other Xatu."

"I thought they were Jynx..." Nazca said.

Yoshi rolled his eyes. "No, that's Marcus and Agumon..."

"HEY!!!" Marcus and Agumon snapped.

"But they're a human and Digimon," Nazca said, looking confused.

Yoshi sighed. "I know they are, but they're still a jinx to us..."

"DOUBLE HEY!!!" Marcus and Agumon snapped.

Lalamon sighed. "Oh boy..."

Honou chuckled. "Very well... it's best we see to our rooms and get some rest..." He led Nazca to the guest quarters. "Come along, Nazca."

Nazca nodded. "All right, Honou-sama..."

"We'd better get some sleep too, Yoshi," Lalamon said.

Yoshi smiled. "OK..."

"Come on, Falcomon," Keenan said. "Let's check out our rooms!"

Falcomon chuckled. "Very well, Keenan."

"Sir?" Gaomon glanced at Thomas.

Thomas smirked. "I guess I can see if it's good enough to do my research in this world..."

"What about you two?" Keenan asked, looking at Marcus and Agumon.

Marcus smirked. "Don't worry about us. We wanna check out the stars!"

Agumon nodded. "Yeah!"

"All right then," Thomas said as he and the others walked to the guest quarters. "We'll see you later then."

"Yeah, see ya!" Marcus waved.

And then the street fighter and his loyal partner were alone on the deck, staring up at the night sky...

"Hey, boss," Agumon spoke up.

Marcus blinked. "Yeah, Agumon?"

"Do you remember back home when you told me to listen to the peace and quiet?" Agumon asked. "You said that's what we're fighting for..."

Marcus nodded. "Yeah, that's right..."

Agumon glanced at his partner. "There are other things that we're fighting for, right? The countless worlds, this world, our home... we're fighting for them! For their future! For their own peace..."

Marcus smiled. "That's right... One day, we'll be going home, Agumon. Right now, we should enjoy the experience..."

"You got it, boss!" Agumon smiled.

Marcus turned back to look at the sky. "This is our adventure, Agumon... and it's only just begun!"

Granasmon watched all of this in his viewing void.

Yindramon glanced at his sister Yangdramon as they stood behind Granasmon. He turned back to his commander. "Are you worried about them, Lord Granasmon?"

Granasmon smiled. "No, Yindramon... I think they'll be just fine."

Yangdramon smirked. "That's good news, my lord."

"Indeed," Granasmon said. "In any case, you two better return to your missions. I know you came back after sensing the troubles RavielPhantomon had caused when he was released."

Yindramon sighed. "I'm sorry, my lord... it was hard to make contact with the people of Kingdom Hearts. Wild Digimon were coming out of nowhere..."

"They're making the wormholes bigger," Yangdramon whispered.

Granasmon smiled. "Don't worry about it... I'm going to help you... Let's go."

Yindramon and Yangdramon nodded. "Yes, Lord Granasmon!"

Granasmon smiled as he and his dragon knights left the void...

The adventure in the Rogamine region had come to an end...

However, when one adventure ends, a new one begins...

Mysteries have been answered, but many more are awaiting to be revealed...

Marcus, Thomas, Yoshi and Keenan...

Agumon, Gaomon, Lalamon and Falcomon...

Their adventure... continues!



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