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"There you are. We have had some difficultly trying to locate you. Are you hurt my dear?"

Rogue peeped out from behind her folded arms. She thought she had hidden her self well. She had crouched down into a tight ball between a large green bin, over flowing with cardboard and rubbish and a mosey red brick wall. She had been there for some time waiting, she was not sure what for but she knew that if she left the sanctuary of her hiding place she would be in very real danger. Again.

She blinked away the tears from her eyes and looked up. Crouched by her side was a women Rogue could only describe as a goddess. She was looking at her with great concern "hunny are you hurt?" she asked again, smiling kindly. Rogue couldn't speak, the trauma from the past few hours had shocked her badly and she was shaking uncontrollably, but this women standing in front of her gave her reassurance that she was now safe and if she kept on focusing on her, the pain she was in would be pushed to the back of her mind. The goddess had sparkling blue eyes as clear as the sky on a mid summer's day, surrounded by thick black lashes. Her skin was flawless and dark, but the most attractive feature about this unique woman was her beautifully long, think white hair. It hung down her shoulders like a cape and shined in the darkness of the ally way. The women stood up and turned to speak to some one behind her. "Logan can you give me a hand, we need to get her to the professor" she moved to one side so a very muscular, unshaven man with jet black hair that was greased back could get through. He quickly smiled at Rogue before scooping her up in his arms. The pain she was in was unbearable and the sudden movement made her eyes slowly darken until she could see no more and then she passed out.

"Hey storm. She's fainted" Logan said looking down into the unconscious figure in his arms. "What'd we do?"

"I think its better she has, at least she won't feel any more pain until we get her to the mansion. Look at her leg, and arm for that matter, poor love what have they done to her?" Storm said quietly, looking down into Rouge's tormented face.

She woke from her deep sleep with a start, quickly opening her tired eyes, all she could she above her was plain white ceiling tiles and florescent strip lights. Her back was sore from the hard bed she was lying on. With a great amount of difficulty she found she could just about manage to push her self up so she was resting on her elbows and could have a look around. It was obvious she was in some sort a medical room, may be an infirmary of some sort, all painted white with shiny surfaces which all looked immaculately clean. There were other beds down one edge of the room, all looked as hard as the one she was currently lay on but hers was in the centre of the room. Along the other wall was various amounts of equipment Rogue couldn't ever try and guess they were called or what they were used for, then in the corner was a raised work station with a desk full of papers and swivel chair. This was a sight Rogue had seen many times before and as her foggy head began to clear the icy panic suddenly set in. Rogue pushed away the light cover that was over her and swung her legs off the bed, she had a splitting head ache and thinking clearly was proving difficult. All she knew was that she needed to get away from here and try to escape again while she still had a small amount of strength left in her. She noticed the bandages around both of her legs and wondered who put then on, she must have been injured. But she couldn't just sit here waiting for the people to come back. She put her bare feet onto the cold metal floor of the infirmary and pushed her self off the bed. "Arghh!" she collapsed to the floor in agony. At that moment the heavy metal door slid open and a tall graceful women in a white doctors coat walked in. She stopped when she saw Rogue on the floor by the side of the bed.

"How the…what are you doing, you shouldn't be up" she was quickly running over to her and helping her back into the bed. "You could have done your self more damage" she was telling her off but in a kind caring way.

"But…stay away…. from me" Rogue shouted, struggling to get out her words, her throat was to dry and the panic had taken hold in her chest.

"Let me get you some water" the women said as she moved across the metal floor, her heels clicking as she walked over to the desk and poured a large glass of water from a clear jug sat on the side, while she was there she picked up a brown paper file that had been placed on top of the rest of paper. When she walked back over to Rogue she was reading the front paper frowning.

"There you go" she said holding out the glass for Rogue to take but she refused. " please calm down, no ones going to hurt you." she said quietly the glass still out stretched. "please take it" she said firmly. Rogue did but very reluctantly. "It says when you came in that you had a large graze to your fore head, a deep cut on your left arm, that your right arm was broken and that you leg had been fractured and broken in three places." she carefully looked her up and down, noting that there was no grazes, or cuts and she was holding the glass with her right arm. The women looked puzzled. "I take it your legs still broken, seeing as you had difficulty standing?" Rogue looked down at the glass of water in her hand, she was so thirsty but she couldn't take a chance on this water not being drugged, even if the women that had given it to her looked and seemed nice. She could feel the women's eyes on her, but she didn't look up. Rogue knew what she was thinking, 'how can some one heal so quickly' but she wasn't about to tell a stranger about her mutation, what if she was like every one else, what if she judged her , attacked her, experimented on her!.

"Where am I?" she asked warily

" your at the Xavier school for mutants, I'm jean grey and we're here to help you, not judge, attack or experiment on you, the only people here are mutants so you are with people who know how it feels."

Rogue looked at her with shock, how did she know what she was thinking.

"I'm telepathic, I can read your mind" she smiled answering the question "don't worry I don't dig up all your deep dark secrets, that's not fair and won't dream of doing any thing of the sort." she said trying to reassure her, taking the fearful look off her face.

Rogue felt her self relax a tiny bit, but was still on her guard.

"Our team recovered you from New York about three days ago, and you've been out cold since" she said smiling down at her.

Rogue looked up and met the gaze of the lady, her eyes where deep brown and have a kind glow in them, her chestnut hair was tied back out of her face, which it's self was very beautiful.

"three days" Rogue asked weakly

"yep, you had us worried for a while" she looked down at the untouched water in her hand "please drink, don't worry it's perfectly fine"

After thinking for a minute she came to the conclusion that this women was no threat, and she was ever so thirsty, so she drank the water greedily.

"there, feel better?" she asked

"yes thank you" she replied

They both looked at each other for a few seconds weighting each other up.

"so how do you feel, you had some pretty terrible injury's" she asked

"fine, well sort of, my leg. It's still hurting me" she said touching her painful leg.

"right I'll have to take of the temporary bandages and replace then with a hard cast" jean replied

"no, it's ok" Rogue began

" well if it's broken then it may not heal straight and could cause you problems in the future" jean said kindly.

By now Rogue's leg was giving her a great deal of pain so she couldn't care if this jean watched her or not, she had to do some thing or she was going to pass out again.

"really, it's ok. I can manage" Rogue began rubbing her hands together very quickly until a beautiful white glow began in the centre of her palms, it started to get stronger and stronger, once it was powerful enough she placed her palms over her broken leg. Stood next to her jean could feel the heat escaping from underneath her hands, she watched in anticipation. Rogue was grimacing with the pain and tears sprang from her eyes. She squeezed them shut tight and bit her bottom lip the entire colour disappeared from her face, then the light went out and she slumped forward, Jean was just in time to catch her before she hit the floor.

She carefully placed her back down onto the bed.

"You ok?" Jean asked worried

"Yeah just give me a minute and I'll be fine" Rogue grinned, already the colour was returning to her lips and cheeks.

"What did you do?" Jean asked anxious to know what she just did.

"One of my mutant abilities, to heal bone and tissue. That's why I have none of those injuries on that file." she smiled weakly at jean "see all better"

"wow that would explain why you where out cold for three days" jean smiled.

"yeah" she replied

The doors to the infirmary opened and a man in a wheel chair entered. "Nice to see you are awake Rogue, are you feeling better?" he asked

Rouge looked at him from the bed, he was a powerful man she sensed, he was broad of frame with no hair and grey eyes, she felt peaceful with him, but how did he know her name? "Yes thank you" she replied shyly, not knowing what else to say.

"Good, good, then if you are feeling up too it could I have a word with you in my office?" he smiled

"But professor she's has only just woken up, she shouldn't really leave the medical wing just yet" jean said respectfully but firm.

"Rogue do you feel up to it?" he asked in a way that already suggests he knew the answer

"office? Why? What am I doing here? " she whispered frighten

"I know that you are feeling unsure and wary, it is only expected with what you've been through but we are here to help you and you can trust me" he said.

Rogue looked carefully at him, there was something about him that made her feel at ease, and that all he said could be trusted. "ok" she said sitting up.

"are you sure your up to this" jean asked

"yeah" she smiled at jean who was quite taken back by her beautiful and honest smile

"Ok, if you are sure,. You know you're very much like wolverine…"

"Who?" Rogue asked

"You'll meet him later, he has a similar mutation to you"

"I doubt it miss grey," Rogue said seriously

"Please call me jean" she said ignoring Rogue's tone

"Ok, jean. I'll see you later then" she said trying to sound a bit happier.

"Yes but promise me that if you feel tried go lie down" she called after her as she slowly walked out the infirmary behind the professor

"Will do, and thank you" she said over her shoulder as she left the medical room with the professor, quickly smiling at her.